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amazon vs gladiator sword fight ballbusting

Update: 07.12.2018

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Gallery size: 270 Full HD pictures

Swordplay, 270 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, bloody action.


Part I: Melousa the Amazon versus the gladiator Marcus Attilius

In the Coliseum of Rome, Melousa the Amazon stared out of her cell, as she had every days since she was captured four months previously. She had a good view of the arena and she spent her days watching the fights. Seeing the violence of the ring was supposed to intimidate the captured, but not her. She was a professional warrior and this was a opportunity to evaluate the fighting skills taught in the Roman army and the weapons they used.  

She knew she was scheduled to fight and she looked forward to it. It was said that a slave who fought well was sometimes offered their freedom. If not, well, most of the fights were not to the death and she would use the opportunity to hone her skills. If she did die in the arena that was not so bad. There were worse ways to die. 


Today she would fight Marcus Attilius and she was apprehensive. She had seen him fight and he was good. He was also popular with the crowds and it was said that the Caesar regarded him highly. She put on her red leather armour and her shield and marched into the arena. The crowd cheered as Marcus and Melousa raised theirs swords in salute. The fight began.


They squared off against each other and Melousa make the first attack. Marcus parried it with ease. He tried to force her back with his sword against hers, but seh surprised him by swinging low. She knew from watching him in action before that he was stronger than her, but she also knew that she was faster. She swung up and attacked him again. Again he blocked her blow but he was now on the defensive. She struck again. He blocked he sword but she swung her shield at him, catching him off guard. While he was reacting to that she launched a high kick that caught him in the abdomen. That blow would have put many men on the ground, but Marcus Attilius was tough, very tough. He backed off, keeping some distance between himself and this extraordinary woman who had him fighting defensively for the first time in months. Who were these Amazons? Their training must be the most rigorous.

They battled on, thrust and parry, strike and block, swing and deflect with the Amazon setting the tempo. Sometimes she struck high and sometimes she struck low, and he could not guess from which direction the blow would come next. She raised her sword high to swing down and he raised his sword and shield high to block her, only to find that it was a feint, as her long leg flicked up and her foot caught him in the testicles. He staggered back, in great pain, but still he managed to keep his sword and shield up for defence. 


His shield was on his left side when her right leg came out again, this time a high kick to the side of his head. She had realised weeks ago, watching the gladiators work out, that none of them could do high kicks. They never trained for it, and as she suspected, they never expected such a blow. 


Strike and parry, blow and block. He forced her back, or so he thought, as he came nearer and nearer. When their bodies were almost touching her knee came up and delivered another surprise blow to his testicles. He reeled back and was on the ground at one point but he somehow found the strength to get back to his feet. 


They fought on and she landed another kick in his balls. The pain was now excruciating. He stepped back, his sword arm outstretched to fend her off. She saw the opportunity and she took it. He watched in horror as her sword came swiftly down and sliced straight through his arm, lopping it off at the elbow. He stared at the sight of his arm, still cluctching the sword, lying on the ground in front of him. He suddenly realised that blood was pouring out of him. He quickly threw away his shield and grasped the wound with his left hand to staunch the blood. 


He knew his life would be over in a matter of minutes. he was defenceless and completely at her mercy. The Caesar had spoken to him beforehand and mentioned how much he had wagered on him. He would be furious to lose money. Marcus did not have to look over to the Caesar's stand to know that his face was stern and his outstretched hand was showing the 'thumbs down' that would order her to finish him off. Would she stab him in the stomach and spill his guts? Would she twist the sword to make it as painful as possible? 


Melousa stood back and looked at her handiwork. The man had fought well, but he had never come across an Amazon before and he was simply outclassed. She would give him a quick honourable death. 


She ordered him to kneel. Head now bowed, he knelt before her. She ordered him to take off his helmet. He hoped that meant what he thought it meant. He hoped she knew how to do this cleanly. He heard her voice - surprisingly soft. "You have fought with honour - I will make this quick". He stretched his head forward, exposing his neck as much as possible. His last thought was that he would never have thought he would die by a woman's sword. The blade came down and the single stroke took off his head. The head bounced once then stopped. His headless torso flopped forward, gushing blood. 


Melousa reached forward and picked up his head. She held it high with her left hand and her bloody sword in her right. A jubilant victory pose. The crowd was clapping furiously - most had been rooting for Marcus, but the skill of the young Amazon had amazed them all. Caesar looked around and did not like what he saw. Young women were openly cheering. He did not like it at all. It was against the natural order. The woman does not kill the man. He decided he would put her up against another fighter and see how she fared.

Part II: Melousa the Amazon versus the gladiator Crixtus 


Melousa faced off against the big gladiator. She swung her shield with her left hand to cover the swing of her sword with her right. He brought his shield to block her, and shield clashed against shield. Over the three months since she was captured she had watched the gladiatorial fights from her cell. She had realised that gladiators could not perform, and did not expect high kicks. They didn't train to defend themselves against kicks to the groin and Melousa loved to kick men there. For some, it ended the fight right there, but it always hurt her opponent and made them less preprared for the next blow. Melousa spun away from Crixtus and as she moved towards her her left leg flicked out suddenly in a kick that caught him in the testicles. He reeled back, obviously in pain. She swung her sword but he just managed to block it with his own.


She kicked out again, a high kick this time aimed at his head. He blocked it with his shield. The leg moved back and he turned toward her again, but his shield was now out of position. her knee came up and a snap-kick caught him squarely on the chin. He fell backwards, onto the ground. He sprung back up immediately and swung his sword towards her.  She blocked it with her sword and swung her shield around, striking his sword arm a painful Sheblow at the elbow. He stumbled backwards but manages to regain his balance once again. He swung his shield towards her, she blocked it with her own shield and her left leg swung up. The sole of her foot connects with his testicles one again. Writhing in pain he stepped  back, as she steps forward to press her advantage.  She thanked the gods she was not born a man. Those absurd genitals were a huge weakness in close-quarter battle. Pivoting around, she tried another kick to his balls. He was expecting it now and blocked her with his shield. He swung his sword again, it clanged loudly as it harmlessly struck her shield.


And so they fought on, in the hot sun, trading blow for blow. Both were fit individuals but the blonde Amazon had more stamina and Crixtus began to tire. Melousa swung her sword and Crixtus blocked it just as she had expected. She swung her shield and cuaght him hard on the jaw. He was stunned - he hadn't seen that coming at all. While he was staggering back her leg flashed out and the sole of her foot smacked into his face helmet and sent him reeling. Another snap-kick to his abdomen and he was down and defenceless. She kicked him again with a massive kick to the head and he was knocked out cold. She kicked his sword and shield away and an attendant came and removed them. 


Melousa turned away and looked over to the Caesar for the judgement. Was she to slay him or let him live? The crowd were cheering - especially the women - but Caesar was still making up his mind. Suddenly, the mood changed. The crowd gasped in shock. Melousa turned to find Crixtus was almost upon her. He had a knife and had been about to stab her in the back. He must have had the knife hidden the whole. This was strictly against the rules and she was furious. Her anger gave her superhuman speed as she turned, blocked his knife with her left handand stabbed him in the breast with her sword. A swift kick knocked teh knife from his grasp and he was on his back on the ground. She grabbed the knife and straddled him. He was hurting from the stab woud and putting up no resistence but Melousa didn't care. Never, in all her years of training and combat had she seen such dishonourable behaviour. "You are a man without honour!" she screamed. She glanced briefly to see that Caesar was indeed showing the 'thumbs down' signal that meant she could execute this deceitful bastard. the crowd were going wild as she cut the straps of his armour and stripped him naked.  He would not wear the garments of a warrior when she put him down. Not only was he not worthy of the honour of the gladiator, he was a disgrace to all men. There was only one fitting punishment. "You showed me no honour, so now I'll take your manhood". Spoke quietly, and he looked down in horror as she grasped his penis. She pulled on the penis and slashed. His severed testicles and penis were displayed in front of him as he began to bleed to death. Melousa was in no mood to wait. She slashed his throat then thrust her sword into his heart. She stood up and took up the victory pose, her opponents genitals in one hand and her raised sword in the other. The crowd roared their approval.

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