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W-569 "Suzanne vs Craig"

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Yes I wrestled naked against a clothed girl once and it's kind of act of dare.

I love camping and wrestling. What I done like is constraining clothes. I had a pair of Jean cutoffs that got so fraied over the years that by the time I was 28, that the only thing keeping them from being a skirt instead of pants was the seam at the crotch. At the time I loved them for hiking and wrestling. If it wasn't for the jockey under wear I wore everything would fall out when I squatted or knelt down.

One day I was preparing myself to wrestling match in my locker room. So no fear of anyone seeing anything. I thought. So here I heard somebody behind. Twisting my head back I could when I heard this girl, who lived next door and was my next opponent. As I looked to her, I then realized she was staring straight down at my exposed dick which was lying on my leg and my nuts which were hanging out the other side. With my jockey shorts pushed out of the way. I quickly apologized and attempted to reach down and put everything back in place. 

She asked me when I was going to the ring. Which I told her was going to be immediately. She smiled and said good. Then as we were getting ready to separate, she asked me if I was going to wear my current shorts in the ring.

She told me sarcastically “don't you feel shy to wrestle in this underwear?”

I replied “why should I?”

She replied nothing. I further told her “I don't feel shy”, she replied sarcastically “then why don't you wrestle nude like a real man?”.

I replied “I can wrestle nude now, if you are challenging me”.

At this point of time getting nude in front of her was sparking in my mind. She laughed on me and told “really? Then go nude”. I told her “OK, what you will do if I go nude right now”. She told “OK what you want me to do?”. My naughty mind quickly replied “ if I go nude in front of you, you also have to be nude in front of me” She laughed and denied to comply with me and told me if I'll defeat her in the wrestling match she will be naked too, then went away.

I was quite mature that time, 28 yrs. Of course I used to know much about sex, but thinking of being nude in front of clothed female or saw a defeated female nude, was giving me erection that time. Overall I was quite shy and being nude in front of female was very embarrassing for me, but I was sure that I can defeat and undress my female opponent.

Finally I entered in the ring naked and honestly I was feeling very much embarrassed and was having goose bumps. It was a mix of embarrassment and excitement. She was continuesly laughing on me.

Suzanne and I joined in battle, her firm young body in black gym leotard feeling surprisingly muscular for an 18 year old, she was on the school gymnastic team but did not realize how hard she had trained her body, and soon I was down on the mat. Suzanne smiled at her opponent this 28 year old naked man who was  heavier and taller, but she was proud of her body, a body that was much lusted after by any man who espied her, but a body that she had complete faith in and believed she could get the better of any man with it and now here she could prove that. I rose awkwardly and avoided her gaze and superior smile playing on her face, I moved in and attempted to use my bulk to overpower the girl but she easily resisted my efforts and I found myself once again staring up at the smiling schoolgirl. However from the floor I tackled her and brought her to the ground as well, Suzanne recovered quickly and put her leg accross my body and as we strained muscle to muscle I felt my arms slowly being forced back against their volition, indeed soon Suzanne had strongarmed my arms to the ground and had overpowered me. Quickly she gained complete control by sitting astraddle me and for all my bucking and frenetic struggling she rode down my efforts and slowly weakened me  and as my escape plans came to nought so the realisation swept over me that I was now her prisoner. Suzanne smiled triumphantly down at me "shall I give you a chance and let you out my little sissy?" I remained silent but using all my remaining energy I did free myself from the predicament, but I was exhausted by my efforts and Suzanne was on her feet first and stood astride me as I lay breathing heavily from my exertions. "Get up," she purred "I thought you men fancied yourselves as the stronger sex, get up and fight on or admit that women are the stronger sex and you are my slave." the final vestige of machismo spurred me on and I stagered to my feet, Suzanne greeted me with a hard kick to my naked balls and I went limp an open naked target for the lithe, athletic girl in leotard  to hit at will and I fell to the ground under a volley of blows, Suzanne followed me down and enveloped my neck with her thighs, she squeezed and i flapped my arms and vainly tried to claw at those unforgiving thighs, but i could do nothing. "A schoolgirl crush I think" laughed Suzanne. She claimed my arms as well and then the muscles in her thighs bukled quite gloriously as the schoolgirl crush was applied with no mercy and no hope for her male opponent, as her legs tightened about my neck I felt unconsciousness rolling over me and begged for mercy. She offered her terms of submission and servitude and eagerly I took the chance to avoid any further punishment. Defeat had been total the gymnast had humiliated me abjectly, this proud example of a sixth former had demonstrated the secret power that lies within a well-trained female athlete's thighs. On my release I obeyed her imperious commands to kiss her feet. Eventually she pushed me onto my back and stuck her foot in my face and said "poor little sissyboy this is a beating which your battered male ego will take some recovering from, if it ever does because whenever you see me you will quiver with fear and dread of the prospect of what I can do to you." I had to agree that this attractive, athletic gymnast was indeed my better and now my mistress, Suzanne had a schoolgirl crush of quite a different meaning from what we normally understand.