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mixed wrestling backbreaker leotard fighting femdom pictures

Update: 04.06.2021

W-679 "Fathers vs daughters"

Gallery size: 390 Full HD pictures


Mixed wrestling, 390 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

XAs the author of this story, I attest that there is no one under the age of 18 yrs old in this story. Although some ages may be stated as as lower and under 18 yrs old. All violence in this story is scripted and no one was hurt during its writing. Also it violates no known community standards of any kind.

Father vs daughter tournament. 

The previous two tournaments held by the league were huge successes. They each sold out and ticket prices have been raised. The third league tournament sold out in only an hour at 3 times the price for each ticket. 

Announcer #1 "This is totally unbelievable, these tournaments are getting bigger and bigger". 

Announcer #2 "This one however is by far the biggest. Tonight is will be Fathers vs. their Daughters. And to make the matches more even, it will feature male wrestlers of the light weight division". 

The opening match is just about to start. It will feature 142 lb, 38 yr old Allen Merrymen Vs his daughter 18 yr old Arleen. The wrestlers are just entering the ring. Allen is dressed in tan, almost flesh colored tights and tan boots. His daughter is wearing an orange thong cut leotard, with black pantyhose and orange boots. 

At the bell both wrestlers exit their corners and close in on each other. Instantly Arleen, slips behind her father and grabbing his arm, she locks him in a very tight HAMMER LOCK. Allen is stunned by both the speed and power of his 18 yr old daughter. 

Using a move learned from experience, Allen ducks under Arleen’s arm and reverses the hold. It is now Allen that has Arleen trapped in THE HAMMER LOCK. Arleen reaching across, paws at her shoulder and her father applies pressure to her arm. 

For the next seven minutes, father and daughter exchange holds. Arms are twisted, bent and pulled. Father takes daughter to the mat and works on her pantyhose covered legs. After a few minutes Arleen is able to land a very strong kick on her father and reverse the situation. 

Now it is Arleen that is on her feet and her father that is on his back. Grabbing up his tan boots, Arleen begins to work over Allen’s legs. After just a few minutes, there is a change in the match. Allen has grown tired and is now breathing very hard. His attempts to escape the hold have weakened noticeably. 

Another thing Allen has begun to cry out as Arleen applies greater pressure to his legs. Holding on of Allen’s tan boots Arleen begins to twist it as hard as she can, forcing her father to cry out in pain. "My leg, my leg!!! Oh god it hurts, it hurts!!! You’re breaking my leg Arleen!!! OOOOOOOHHH!! My leg OOOOOOOUUU!!!! 

All Allen can do is reach up and hold his aching leg. He tries pulling on it but he just can’t get it free. Again Allen is forced to cry out. "It hurts, it hurts!!! Oh dear god, it hurts!!! OOOOOOOUUU!!" At this point Arleen can feel her father weakening. He no longer has the strength to escape from her. 

Announcer #1: "It looks as though Allen is in very big trouble. He’s down and does not appear to be able to break the hold Arleen has on him". 

Announcer #2: "There is no doubt about, 18 yr old Arleen has her father in very big trouble. It looks as though she could pin him at any time".

Hearing her father cry out in pain, Arleen knows he is in trouble. Hold on to his boot, she drags him to the center of the ring. Bending his leg, she wraps it around hers. Grabbing his free leg, she drops to the mat and pulls her father’s free leg out straight. 18 yr old Arleen has 38 yr old Allen Merrymen locked tightly in a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. 

Instantly Arleen’s father cries out in pain. "My legs, oh god you’re breaking my legs Arleen!! Let me go sweetie, please let me go!!" However Arleen has no intention of letting her father go. She knows she has him and that she is about to beat him 

Arleen calls out to her trapped father "Come on dad. Submit to me!! I’ve got you, you can’t get free submit to me!!!!" At this point in the match, Allen is stunned by his daughters actions. He also knows however, that she is correct, she does have him and he must submit the match to her.   

The ref moves in close to Allen, "How bout it Allen, you ready to call it quits? Do you want to submit to Arleen." Allen answers instantly:

"YES-YES, I SUBMIT TO HER!! SHE’S BEATEN ME!!! I GIVE UP!! I GIVE UP!!! Arleen wins. I’m finished!! I SUBMIT- I SUBMIT!!" 

Hearing her father’s submission Arleen quickly lets him go. Allen is now stretched out on the mat. He is holding his head with his hands softly moaning in pain. "My legs, oh god my legs, how could she do this to me? I thought she was going to break my legs."

With the match over, Arleen kneels beside her beaten father. Still covering his face with his hands he asks her "you beat me Arleen, you beat me!! How could you do that to me? I’m your father !!! 

"I know daddy I know. But I’m a professional too. And I wanted to win, I’m sorry if I hurt you. But I’m not sorry I defeated you!" 

Arleen helps her father off the mat and with his arm around her for support they both leave the ring.

Announcer #1: "That was an unbelievable match. It’s hard to believe that 18 yr old Arleen was able to defeat her dad like that." 

Announcer #2: "For her to be able to trap such an experienced wrestler like her father and to be able to force him to submit to her. I wonder if we are seeing what is to come in this tournament. 

The second match is ready to start. It will feature 41 yr old Nick De Santo wrestling against his daughter 19 yr old Carmella. Nick has been the league champion before and has a very strong winning record. His daughter Carmella is also a top contender among the women wrestlers. 

Nick enters first wearing a light blue thong and matching boots. Carmella wears a white thong cut leotard, white pantyhose and white boots. Only seconds after the bell sounds the fans are on their feet cheering both wrestlers. The crowd seems almost evenly divided between father and daughter. The action is fast and furious. First Nick has Carmella in trouble but seconds later Carmella has reversed things and has her father shouting in pain. 

After 12 minutes of very hard wrestling it’s clear the 41 yr old Nick De Santo is winded and slowing down. He is backed into his corner and is sitting on the center turnbuckle. It’s obvious he is trying to rest and regain his strength. His daughter Carmella will have none of it. She grabs her father’s arm and pulls him out of the corner.

Nick is in serious trouble. Carmella jams her arm between her father’s legs grabs the back of his thong, hooks his head and lifts him off the mat. Lifting him in the air she then slams him as hard as she can to the mat. The 41 yr old male wrestler crashes down on his back and lies there with his legs spread wide apart unmoving. 

Carmella wastes no time she drops beside her father. She grabs one of his shiny white boots and lifts his leg off the mat. Hooking his other leg with hers, Carmella locks her dad into a spaddle hold. Rolling his shoulders onto the mat, Carmella has her father pinned. 

Nick kicks his legs wildly, he tries to rock from side to side. It’s no use, his 19 yr old daughter has him firmly pinned to the mat, Nick can’ can’t get free. The ref moves in quickly checking Nick’s shoulders. The fans at ringside can hear Nick screaming: "She’s got me. She’s got me. She’s pinning me, I can’t break the hold. She’s going to pin me!!" with the ref checking his shoulders it is just a matter of seconds.


Nick has been pinned. 

Announcer #1: "It’s over, the match is over!! He’s been pinned, Nick De Santo has been pinned!!!! Oh my god, he’s been pinned by his daughter Carmella". 

Announcer #2: "This is the second big upset of the night. 19 yr old Carmella pinning her father for the three count". 

In the ring Nick is splayed out on the mat. He aperies to be more stunned that hurt. He is just lying there with his legs wide apart staring up into the ring lights. Carmella kneels down beside her father.: are you ok daddy? I didn’t hurt you did I. Please daddy talk to me."    "No Carmella I’m not hurt. I’m just humiliated!!! You pinned me Carmella, you pinned me!! I got pinned by my 19 yr old daughter." Nick looks down between his legs, seeing his hard stiff DEFEAT BONER. "You gave me this!! You pinned me and gave me a DEFEAT BONER!!! A very sad looking Carmella tells her father "I’m sorry daddy, I’m really sorry. Not that I pinned you, but that I gave you a DEFEAT BONER. 

Announcer#1: This is a very sad sight. Nick De Santo leaving the ring in defeat. Beaten by his own daughter. Walking across the ring with a rock hard DEFEAT BONER in his thong.

Match#3 is just about to start. This match will feature 44 yr old Zane Holder Vs his daughter 20 yr old Peggy Ann Holder. Zane is the senior league champion. He has held the title for over a year and a half. Zane is every bit a man. He has a great body and all the things a real man needs. Even at 44 he is still very athletic. 20 yr old Peggy Ann is a fantastic looking young woman. She is the number 3 contender for the overall title. 

Zane comes to the ring in very light gray tights and black boots. Even at his age he still gets wolf whistles from the women in the crowd. His tights leave nothing to the imagination. His huge manhood is easy to see. Peggy Ann comes in a red skin tight spandex thong black pantyhose and red boots. Every bit of her womanhood is there to be seen. From the nipples of her breasts to the camel toe between her legs. Standing in his corner Zane is wearing his league title belt. He looks at his daughter and smiles. He knows she is showing off her body in that skin tight leotard. 

With the bell ready, both wrestlers are in their corners. BONG!!! The match has started. Both wrestlers exit their corners and circle cautiously. Peggy Ann is the first to make a move. She races in and snares her father is a side head lock. Zane is quickly struggling trying to escape. To say he is shocked by his daughters power is a huge understatement. As she squeezes his head he quickly becomes dizzy. 

Peggy Ann instinctively senses that her father is struggling. Within seconds Zane is breathing hard and gasping for air. She uses her power to tighten the head lock. His eyes go blurry and it becomes difficult to see. 

With only 18 seconds of the match gone, Zane is in trouble. The power of his daughter is beginning to overwhelm him. His legs buckle and his knees give out. Slowly the Seniors Champion sags to the mat on his knees. In a frenzy Zane struggles to reach the ropes. This task is made more difficult by the fact the he can’t see very well and that he is having feelings of dizziness. Finally Zane is able to reach the ropes and Peggy Ann if forced to break the hold. 

Announcer #1: "Oh my god, Zane holder, the Senior Champion is down on the mat and in very big trouble!!" 

Announcer #2: "Yes he is. The match is less than a minute old and he seems dazed. He’s stretched out on the mat just waiting to be pinned". 

Up in the ring Zane is in fact stretched out on the mat. He is lying there with his legs spread apart and a blank look on his face. Peggy Ann is not waiting for her father to get it together and get to his feet. She grabs his black boots and drags him to the center of the ring. She then drops hid boots and he is once again spread out on the mat. 

Announcer #1: "She’s got him now. Peggy Ann has her father in the center of the ring and down on the mat. It looks as if this will be a easy pin for her". 

Announcer #2: "Yes it would be if she were going to pin him. I don’t think that is what she has in mind for him. Peggy Ann has just pulled her father of the mat". 

The announcers are correct, Peggy Ann has no intention of pinning her father. She has him back on his feet and is holding him up. She quickly wraps her arms around his head. The Announcers are shouting "She’s got him on his feet. She’s not going to pin, she’s going for a SLEEPER HOLD!!!" 

A now terrified Zane Holder is in fact trapped in a SLEEPER HOLD by his daughter. Already dazed from the powerful head lock, Zane is madly trying to escape from this hold. He claws at his daughters arm. He twists and turns trying to get free. It doesn’t take him long to realize that he is hopelessly trapped by Peggy Ann. 

His light gray tights begin to show the signs of defeat. Zane’s manhood has begun to swell and stiffen. The now frightened male wrestler begins to cry out to his daughter. "No Peggy Ann, don’t do this to me. Please, don’t knock me out!!! I GIVE UP!! YOU WIN, you’ve beaten me!! I submit, oh please Peggy Ann, let me submit!! Don’t knock me out. I SUBMIT, I SUBMIT!!! 

However her father’s pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears. Peggy Ann maintains her hold on her father. Slowly Zane sitcoms to her sleeper hold. His knees buckle and he begins to sink to the mat. His clawing at her arms slows and Zane’s arms slowly drop to his sides. He continues to sink to the mat. After just a few seconds Zane is stretched out on the mat unmoving. It’s clear that the Senior Champion is out cold. His eyes are closed and he is on his back facing up toward the ceiling. With her now defeated father lying on the mat at her feet, Peggy Ann places her boot on her father’s chest and raises her arms in Victory!!!!  

After a few minutes the cheers have died down and Peggy Ann returns her attention to her beaten father. Kneeling beside him she pats his cheek and rubs his neck. Slowly Zane begins to wake up. "What happened Peggy Ann, is the match over? Which one of won? Did I win, Peggy Ann. Did I win? With surprising sadness Peggy Ann tells her father what has happened. "Yes, Dad the match is over. And no you didn’t win I won Dad, I got you in a SLEEPER HOLD and knocked you out. I beat you Dad. You lost the match to me." After a few more minutes lying on the mat, Peggy Ann helps her father up and out of the ring. It is a very sad sight to see a proud male wrestler walking out of the arena with a huge DEFEAT BONER in his tights. 

It is now time for Match # 4 to get started. This pits one of the oldest wrestlers Jerry "THE DISTROYER" Marten at 45 yrs old. Jerry is in his last year of wrestling having already announced his retirement. He will be wrestling one of the youngest wrestlers 18 yr old Melody Marten. Jerry comes to the ring in white tights and shiny white boots. Melody is wearing a very light blue thing cut leotard, dark pantyhose and light blue boots. 

This match is a sentimental favorite of all the fans, Jerry is still a very popular wrestler and his daughter Melody has a growing reputation and fan base, she is an up and coming future super star. 

The match is very spirited if short. The two wrestlers exchange hold, but it is obvious from the start that Melody is faster, stronger and far more skilled that her father. 

Announcer #1: "This match is both exciting and sad at the same time. It is exciting to see both of wrestlers in the ring. Sad because it’s very clear that Melody is the much better of the two". 

Announcer #2: "Yes it is!!! Sad to see such a great wrestle and champion at the very end of his career. Sad to say that Jerry has almost no chance against his daughter Melody". 

Up in the ring that has become painfully clear. Although he is trying his best, Jerry THE DISTROYER has been and is in big trouble. At 7 minutes and 12 seconds of the match Jerry is on his back in the center of the ring. Melody comes to where her father is lying. She grabs his shiny white boots and lifts them off the mat. The 18 yr old the bends her father into a MATCH BOOK PIN. Holding both of his boots Melody forces her father’s legs back over his head and locks them there. Jerry is bent completely in half. He struggles as hard as he can trying to get his shoulders up. It’s just no use. Melody is way too strong for her father to kick out. As the ref moves into position Jerry’s arms fall to the mat spread out from his shoulders. He just can’t escape from Melody’s pin attempt. The ref begins ONE-TWO-THREE in only 7 minutes and 53 seconds Jerry has been pinned. 

It is a very sad sight to see, Jerry laid out on the mat his legs spread apart, his arms out straight from his shoulders and a DEFEAT BONER in his tights. After this match Jerry "the destroyer" Marten will never wrestle again. 

The 5th and final match will be 41 yr old Shamus Reilly Vs his daughter 18 yr old Bridget. Both of these red headed wrestlers seem to be ready for a tuff fight. Shamus enters the ring wearing a shiny white thong and boots. His daughter Bridget enters in a thong cut dark green leotard, dark tan pantyhose and shiny green boot.  

In just seconds the bell is going to ring. Bong!!! The match starts and both wrestlers exit their corners. Shamus expects his daughter to be tentative at the start of their match, he is stunned when she charges straight at and drives her knee into his mid-section. His eyes grow wide and his mouth opens. The air rushes out of his lungs and he is now breathless. His hands fly to his lower abdomen and he drops to his knees. In truth, Bridget’s knee slammed into her father very low. It struck him below the waist line of his shiny white tong. With the match just 12 sections old Shamus is already in trouble. 

With her father on his knees in front of her, Bridget delivers a spinning heel kick to the back of his head. Shamus is sent crashing to the mat face first. With her father face down on the mat, Bridget leaps into the air and drives a FLYING ELBOW DROP to Shamus’s back. The 41 yr old male wrestler screams in pain. "My back, oh god my back!!!!"!! The words no sooner leave his mouth when a second ELBOW DROP slams into him. AAAAAAAAUUUU!!!!! My back, my back!!!!"

Announcer #1: "Shamus is in real trouble, he has been elbow dropped several times now by Bridget. And his back is really hurting!!"

Announcer #2: "This has been a very bad night for the men. Thus far not a single male wrestler has been able to win a match. It has been a clean sweep for the girls". 

The announcers are correct, Shamus is in trouble. In fact he is in more trouble that he has ever been in. He has nothing left, his strength is all but gone and he is in intense pain at this point he just wants the match over so he can get out of the ring. 

"Bridget, I’m done. I can’t take any more. Pin me, please just pin me. I can’t continue I’m finished"    

However Bridget has no intention of just pinning her father, she wants to win big. As of now Shamus is lying on his back in the middle of the ring. He has begun to show the signs of losing. His manhood has begun to stretch his shiny white thong. 

Bridget has seen it also. She believes the time has come to finish her father off. Grabbing his hair and one of his arms Bridget pulls Shamus off the mat. She jams her arm between his legs grabbing the back of his thong. She hooks his head with her free arm and lifts her father off the mat. Holding him chest high she pauses for just a second or two. Then lifting him even higher, she them slams him down across her outstretched thigh. 

Shamus screams in pain "AAAAAAAAAAUUU!! My back, dear god my back!!!" Bridget then speaks to her father. "I’ve got you dad. You can’t get free. Submit to me and I’ll let you go don’t make me hurt even more, submit dad, come on submit to me!!" 

When she doesn’t submit right away, Bridget slides her hand up her father’s thigh and slips it over his swollen manhood. She then just gives it a little squeeze. " Oh no. no-no, please don’t do that to me!!! Let me go!! Please Bridget let my manhood go, please don’t squeeze it please"’         

Bridget has only one answer for her father, "Give up daddy, I’ve got you. You can’t get free. Give up, come on dad, give up!!! Shamus knows he has no choice, he has to surrender to his daughter. The pain is just too much for him to bear. He cries out to the ref:

"Ref-Ref, stop the match!!! I’m done, she’s beaten me!!! I give up!!! I give up!!!" 

Bridget has moved her hand off her father’s manhood and back onto his thigh. The ref has move in close to shamus. 

"Is that it Shamus? Are you done Lad? Has she got you, are you submitting the match to her? Has Bridget beaten you?" 

Shamus’s thong is stretched tight as his swollen manhood strains at the spandex. It only takes his a second to answer the ref. 


The terrified male wrestler is finally let go and drops to the mat on his back. He can’t move and makes no effort to get to his feet. As for his daughter, Bridget she stands just 2 feet away from her downed father with her arms in the air and smile on her face. 

Announcer #1: "That wraps it all up. It has 1 Well that wraps been a horrible for the men and a horrible night for the men and a great night for their daughters". 

Announcer #2: "That sums it all up. The young girls have won every match, some by almost total domination of their father’s. It’s been a very bad night for the male wrestlers. 

Bridget Reilly has exited the ring and gone back to her dressing room. As for Shamus, he remains on the mat unable to move or stand. He is on his back, with his legs apart. His face reflects the pain he has suffered in the match. He has a stiff and swollen BONER in his thong. As reminder of his total and complete defeat at the hands of his daughter.

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