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Update: 03.12.2021

W-705 "She seeks revenge!"

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It’s a very big night in the National Wrestling League. Tonight is the big match for the world wrestling championship It will feature the two best wrestlers in the entire world. First is the current world champion, he is undefeated in over 63 matches, Edward Fontain. He will be face off against the number one contender Hans Detter who is also the European champion. 

The crowd is full of celebrities, including the Champions wife herself an excellent wrestler. Back in their dressing the wrestlers are getting ready for the match. The champion strips off his street cloths and grabs his gear bag. He wiggles into shiny black fishnet pantyhose. He then pulls on a black shiny wet look thong. He adjusts his very large manhood in the thong and laces up shiny white boots. And last but not least he buckles on the world title belt. 

Across the hall the challenger also gets ready. He pulls on a string jockstrap. Then very light blue tights. He also must adjust his manhood in the jock and tights. He then laces up his light blue boots. With both wrestlers in the ring the match is ready to start. The bell sends both men at each other. As they draw close Hans Detter the German, moves first. Grabbing the champion by his shoulders Hans pulls Edward toward him and drives his knee into the champs mid-section. 

The Champion cries out in pain "AAAAAAAUUUU!!" and grabs at his stomach with both hands. With his hands down Edward is wide open to the huge punch throne by Hans. Edward’s head snaps back he stumbles forward two steps and falls to his knees. The crowd is stunned as the champion is knocked down in just a few seconds of the opening bell. 

The announcer go wild: "He’s down, the champion has been knocked down. With just one punch and only 8 seconds into the match Edward Fontaine is on his knees and looks like he is in trouble." 

The announcer is correct, the champion is in trouble. He is dazed and is struggling to understand what has happened to him. The German challenger now shows his mean streak. Hans kicks the helpless champion very hard right in his throat. Edward instantly releases his stomach and grabs at his throat. He is simultaneously sent flying backward landing on his back. The champion is on his back, he is grabbing at his throat. It looks as if he is trying to scream but not much is coming out, "UUGG! AaaaaGG!"  

Hans is very quickly on Edward , he grabs his boot and lifts his leg off the mat. Holding tightly to Edward’s boot, Hans begins to twist is wildly. Back and forth he twists the Champions leg. Finally the champion is able to let out a scream, "My leg, my leg!!! Oh god he’s going to break my leg!!! OOOOOHHHH!!!! It hurts!!!" 

After working over his leg for about two minutes, Hans drops it back to the mat. Edward goes to grab it, before he can his German opponent has his other boot and is now twisting that leg. Once again Edward screams in pain, "AAAAAAAOOOO!!! My leg, oh god you’re going to cripple me!!!! Oh please stop!!!! My god, my leg!!!! 

The match is now just over four minutes old. Edward is on his back in the middle of the ring crying out in great pain. Two things are very noticeable, Edward seems to be completely out of it and he now has a huge DEFEAT BONER inside his fishnets and thong. 

Those at ringside as well as the announcer can all hear Edward moaning in pain. He is also talking to his opponent "Please, Hans, pin me!!!! I can’t take any more. My legs hurt too much to get up. Pin me, please just pin me!!!! However, Hans has no intention of pinning the champion. "Pin you? Why would I want to pin you? I’m going to make you submit to me, I’m going to hurt you!!!"   The champion is now not only hurt but he is terrified. His eyes grow very wide and he begins to scream "NO NO NO!!!! PLEASE DON"T!!! OH GOD DON"T HURT ME ANY MORE!!!!" 

Lying on his back in the middle of the ring the World wrestling Champion, Edward Fontain is begging for his life. Hans grabs on of Edwards boot and wraps it around his he bends the other leg forcing the champion into a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!! Edward struggles but it is no use, he is in too much pain. He quickly calls out for the ref: 

"REF-REF, STOP THE MATCH, OH GOD PLEASE STOP THE MATCH. I GIVE UP, I GIVE UP!!! He’s too powerful for me!!!! I can’t break the hold!!" 

At this point the ref confronts Edward, "How about it champ, have you had enough? Are you willing to surrender? Do you want the submit the match." Sadly this once proud champion has no choice, the pain is just too great for him to stand.


And that ends the match, the Champion’s reign and possibly his wrestling career. Edward Fontain now lies stretched out on the mat, on his back defeated, stripped of his title and in tremendous pain. His defeat has left him with nothing but a huge DEFEAT BONER inside is fishnets and thong. 

It is now over eight months later, the former champion is heading to his seat in the arena. He walks with crutches and a brace on his legs. He will never wrestle again. In the back of the arena two people are getting ready to wrestle. They will be appearing in the World Title Match. One is the world champion Hans Detter. The other is the wife, lover and mother of his 3 children the wife of the former world champion, she is Catharine "Cathy" Fontain. She is a top challenger and would have been wrestling her husband for the title had he not been defeated. Now she has vowed to avenge her husband’s defeat.   

In her dressing room Cathy is getting ready. She slips out of her street cloths and reaches into her gear bag. Out comes a new pair of shiny black fishnet pantyhose. She very carefully step into them and pulls them up her fantastic legs. Next comes her shiny orange leotard. It is thong cut and very tight. Her leotard is also very reveling, it stretches over everything. Her nipples stand out as if she were naked. It also reveals her "camel toe", Cathy is the sexiest female wrestler in the world. She quickly slips on her orange boots and is now ready to wrestle.

In his dressing room the World Champion is also getting ready. He slips into shiny very tight light blue tights. He has decided not to wear a jockstrap, he’s been told the female fans like him that way. He laces on light blue boots and buckles on the world title belt. He now heads to the ring. 

Both wrestlers are back in their corners after the introductions. There is just a few seconds before the rings. Cathy quickly smoothes her pantyhose and adjust her leotard. The champion does about the same thing pulling up his tights and adjusting his manhood in them. The wrestlers are ready to fight.

BONG!! The bell sends both wrestlers out of their corners. Hans attacks first he grabs Cathy and pulls her close. Wrapping his arms around her at the waist he squeezes with all his power. The World champion is an extremely strong man. His bear hug soon has his female opponent gasping for breath and screaming in pain. "YYYYEEEEEOOOOUUU!. Oh god I can’t breathe!!! I can’t breathe!!!!" 

Just seconds into the match, it looks as though Cathy’s dreams of revenge are in trouble. If she can’t soon escape from this bear hug, this match will be over. Cathy is struggling hard trying to escape. However, Hans has her locked up tight. There seems to be a smile on his face as he squeezes her tightly. Hans has his arms wrapped around Cathy’s chest, squeezing her tits. Again she cries out in pain "Oh god, he’s crushing me!!! My tits, he’s squeezing my tits." 

After what seemed like a hour, Cathy is finally able to grab the ropes and the hold is broken. Hans drops her to the mat. Cathy is breathing deeply trying to get oxygen back into her system. She is on her knees with her legs tucked up under her. She is also holding tightly to the ropes for support. The ref moves close to her and tells her, "Come on Cathy, you have to get off the ropes. You need to get up and wrestle, or I’m going to count you out". 

Cathy slowly struggles to her feet. Just as the ref steps back Hans charges toward her. At the last minute Cathy manages to get her foot up, as she does she also kicks out. The bottom of her boot slams into the on rushing Hans just below the waist band of his light blur tights. Almost instantly Hans knows it was a huge mistake not to wear his jockstrap. 

He instantly drops to his knees, then falls over onto his side and ends up on his back. It is quite obvious that the champion is in a huge amount of pain. He is on his back, stretched out with both hands cupping his aching manhood. "AAAAAAAAAA!!!! OOOOOHHHH!!!! My manhood, she kicked me in my manhood. Oh, my dick, my balls, my manhood. She kicked me, she kicked me!!!"

A close up reveals just how much pain Hans is in. His eyes are wide, his mouth is open and he is screaming in pain. "OOOOOOOUUU!!!! OOOOOOOOOHH! I’m hurt!!! Dear god, I’m hurt!!!!" The ref moves in and now she is telling Hans that is he that needs to get to his feet and wrestle. Slowly Hans moves on of his hands away from his injured manhood and grabs the ropes. He then moves his other hand to the ropes and slowly pulls himself to his feet.

From being in total control, Hans is now facing a refreshed opponent. Cathy has gotten her breath back and is ready to go. Over the next 10 minutes Cathy and The World Champion battle back and forth. Cathy starts quickly after Hans has pulled himself off the mat. She works over his arms moving from one to the other. She twists them, she bends them into HAMMER LOCKS, she gets ARM BARS on them. 

Hans escapes and takes Cathy to the mat. He then starts working on her legs. Grabbing her boots he twists her legs, he flips her face down on the mat and folds one of her legs over the other and applies great pressure to them.

Back and forth it goes, first one wrestler them the other is in control and causing pain to the other. They go from hold to hold, escape to escape. First one then the other in control. Then it happens, Hans has Cathy in a HAMMER LOCK. She is screaming in pain "My arm. Dear god my!!! Please Hans, please don’t break my arm!!!!" In desperation Cathy reaches behind her and wraps her arm around the champions head. Dropping to her knees she flips him over her head and onto the mat. 

The sudden move has stunned Hans. He is stretched out on the mat unmoving. Cathy is very quickly back to her feet. See her opponent lying before her, Cathy leaps in the air and crashes down landing a brutal ELBOW DROP on Hans. The point of Cathy’s elbow slams into her male opponent well below the elastic waist band of his shiny blue tights. 

Her elbow has smashed into the champions groin area, just barely an inch above his manhood. Hans screams in pain. "OOOOOOUUUU!!!! It hurts, she’s hurt me!!! Oh dear god, I’m in pain!!!!" Cathy wastes no time, getting to her feet, she stomps on Hans with her boot. ONE-TWO-THREE times her boot crashes into the champions lower groin area. Hans now lies on the mat his legs apart. His arms wide out from his shoulders. His face is a complete and total picture of both pain and fear. Slowly he moves his arms and hands back to his aching groin area. Again he cups his hands over his manhood in a belated attempt to protect his painful and injured manhood. 

With his hands covering his manhood Hans looks up at his female opponent. "PLEASE-PLEASE, you’ve hurt me!!! I’m begging you, no more. Oh please Cathy? please no more!!!!" But just like he did when her husband was begging for mercy, Hans pleas for the same mercy falls on deaf ears. 

Cathy kicks her opponents hands away for his manhood. Standing over his she forms her hand into the shape of a claw. Seeing this all the battered champion can do is cry out in fear. NO-NO, oh dear god no!!!! Please Cathy, don’t do this to me. I’m begging you, please don’t do it." Everyone in the arena is aware that the world champion is terrified. Those at ringside can see the fear on his face as he cries out for mercy. Inside his cupped hands and his tights his manhood has swollen into a huge DEFEAT BONER. A boner that he can no longer hide. 

As for the challenger, Cathy, her time to finish her revenge has come. She drops to her knees beside the downed champion. With her hand as a claw she digs it deep into her opponents lower groin The pain shoots thru the champion like lighting. He screams them begs "AAAAAAAAUUU!!!! Oh god it hurts, stop please stop!!!! You win you win!!!! Oh god please let me go!!" 

Looking down on Hans Cathy asks him, "Is that what my husband said to you when you had him trapped. Did you make him beg like a sissy? Did you? By this time the ref is aware that Hans is trapped and can’t escape. "How about it Champ? Have you had enough? Are you ready to submit the match to her?" 

His answer is swift in coming.


With his surrender to her, the match is over. The announcer quickly makes it official: 

"Wrestling fans, with an AB CLAW hold, forcing the now former world champion to submit the match to her and losing his title in his very first defiance. The winner of this match and now THE NEW WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPION Cathy Fontaine!!!" 

The crowd cheers wildly for the new champion. It takes almost five minutes for the cheers to die down. Up in the ring she stands with her arms in the air smiling at the crowd. For all this time the former champion has been lying on the mat unmoving, it is as though no notices and no one cares. Beaten and completely humiliated Hans lies there unable to get up. All he has to show for his efforts tonight is a huge lose and a very large DEFEAT BONER inside his shiny blue tights.