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Update: 16.04.2021

F-672 "Brad's challenge"

Gallery size: 200 Full HD pictures

M/M and mixed wrestling, 200 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Brad was at home when the phone rang. He had been home a lot since his second loss to Leah, a young girl half his age (Story 623).

Nobody wanted him to wrestle anymore. His Manager Linda left.

He picked up the phone. An upstart internet wrestling show was recruiting new talent and invited him to try out.

They weren't offering much money if he made the cut, but he wasn't earning anything at all right now.

He accepted the offer and got the date. and directions to the tryouts.

Steve was home too when the phone rang. Similar story. Humiliated twice by girls in the ring. (Stories 443 & 487).

He also accepted the same offer. Next Saturday at a high school gym of all places. They sure were on a strict budget.

Steve arrived and signed some forms. Then he went to a locker room and changed. There were other men in there.

That's where he met Brad. He was an intimidating man with a chip on his shoulder. "Hope I don't have to fight that guy." he thought.

When he came out he saw that there were a few women gathered around the wresting mats. Some in street clothes, some in wrestling costumes.

They had their own dressing room.

Once the paperwork was taken care of and things settled down the try outs were ready to begin. Steve's name was called and he went out on the mat. He wore his usual

Grey trunks and no shoes. "I hope I can keep them on this time" he thought remembering how he was stripped naked in his last 2 matches.

His opponent's name was called. Brad! "Great" thought Steve. Brad came charging onto the mat. He was pumped full of adrenalin and looked angry.

Steve gulped. "Maybe just a show" he thought. Brad was dressed in a blue one piece singlet. A little high cut. Kind of old school Villan look. Black lace up boots topped it off.

A young girl referee came out to the middle of the mat. She introduced herself. She was a student of this high school. She also made a little money

as a ref for wrestling tournaments. She was available to officiate today. She called the two men into the centre of the mat.

"This is different than the freestyle wrestling that I usually ref. This is a no holds barred exhibition for the WXX Wrestling league." she said

You see that young woman over there?" She motioned to a beautiful young girl standing at the edge of the mat "She is the recruiter for the the WXX.

She has a limited number of contracts to hand out so you better impress her. Each match is 20 minutes. I will keep track of the time, points and call any submissions."

With that she motioned to two men together and said "Wrestle!"

Brad came at Steve and grabbed his hair. He yanked his head around this way and that. Steve flailed away with his fists but didn't connect with anything. The ref looked startled by the violence but did nothing to stop it. The girl recruiter just stood there taking it all in. She didn't seem alarmed. She was just there to evaluate.

Brad yanked Steve's head down and brought his knee up into his face. Steve flew backwards onto the mat. Before he could get up Brad stood over him, bent down and yanked his trunks off in one violent motion. He threw them off into sparsely populated gym. That caught the attention of a few cheerleaders working out on the other side of the gym.

They stopped and looked over to see what all the commotion was about.

Steve was mortified. "Not this again!" he thought. He started to get up keeping one hand over his groin to hide his balls from the people around.

Steve got as far as a kneeling position and Brad grabbed his hair again and held him in that awkward half up half down position. Steve didn't want to uncover himself in front of the recruiter so he kept his hand where it was and just stayed put with Brad holding his head down pressed against Brad's balls.

Brad was pleased at his advantage. It's like fighting a one armed man. Brad held Steve in that humiliating position in front of the recruiter a little longer to show his complete dominance. The ref was looking at him with disgust. This wasn't real wrestling, but it was the kind of show the WXX seemed to be asking for So she kept her mouth shut.

Brad finally tired of this and led Steve by his hair to the centre of the mat. He kept his head down low at groin level and Steve was force to follow on his hand and knees, still trying to cover himself but failing. Brad pulled Steve's head through his legs and yanked his head up into his crotch and clamped on a headscissors. Steve was still on his knees with his head sticking through Brad's legs from behind. Brad's balls resting on the back of his head. Brad finally let go of the hair and laced his fingers over Steve's face. His fingers covered Steve's nose and mouth and his thumbs were positioned over his eyes. His upper thighs were  pressed against Steve's ears. Steve was in his own little world of hell. He couldn't see or hear or really breath. It took all of his effort to force some kind of wheezing  breath through the interlocked fingers covering his face. He felt a small hand on his shoulder. It was the ref trying to see if he was okay. Did he want to submit? He was cut off from her help. He couldn't hear her or answer. He was about to pass out so modesty didn't matter anymore. He stopped trying to cover his genitals with one hand and attacked Brad with both hands. He pried at the fingers that were torturing him. and slowly was able to take in some more air. He then got his feet into a crouch and exploded forward. Brad had no choice but to release his hands from Steve's face to use them to protect himself from hitting the mat face first. Steve had escaped that hold but only partially. Brad's thighs were still clamped tightly around his head. His face was pushed into the mat. Hard to see, hard to breathe again. His ass up in the air for all to see. He tried to use his hands and knees to pry Brad's legs apart so he could escape. It seemed like he might finally be getting somewhere because suddenly the pressure was off and he was free gulping in the fresh air. It was short lived. Just as he opened his eyes he saw Brad's crotch in his face and the legs clamped his head again. Brad had felt he was losing control of Steve so he did a quick reversal of the hold and clamped Steve's head face first into his balls. He then crossed one leg and locked it in with another in a triangle submission hold. He propped himself up on his elbows and looked down at the top off Steve's head and then up at the ref. He even looked at the recruiter girl. He was in complete control, Meanwhile Steve was back in hell. His ears were covered and his face was buried in Brad's groin. Breathing was hard and nothing to see but darkness. His naked body was sprawled on the mat face down. It seemed like he had been like this the whole match. Brad had taken control of his head right from the first second and it had been one humiliation after the next. This had to stop. After a few minutes of this torture Steve suddenly got on his knees, then got his feet under him and pushed forward and upward. Now he was standing with Brad's legs still clamped on his face. Brad was upside down and losing control, but he kept punishing Steve with his hold. Steve was desperate for escape. He dug deep down for strength and spun Brads body around so he was face down on the mat. Then he sat down forcefully on Brad's back. Brad's legs popped open just enough for Steve to extract his head. Fresh air filled Steve's lungs but the light was too bright for him to see very well. He had spent most of the match entombed in scissorholds. He immediately put Brad in a boston crab. Finally an advantage. Although the ref was supposed to be impartial, she looked at him with a very slight smile. Brad wasn't done yet. He reached up behind himself and managed to grab Steve's hair. He yanked him down and Steve had to give up the boston crab. Brad Hauled Steve down so he was on his back beside him. Then, still holding Steve flat on his back by his hair he sat up he got on his knees and positioned himself over Steve's head. Then he released Steve's hair and took a straddle position over Steve's face. Once again Steve was in a world of sensory deprivation as Brad's balls descended on his face. He kept his mouth clamped shut and just tried to beath through his nose. Because it was a straddle hold more than a scissor he could actually hear a little of what was going on outside. There seemed to be more people around than he remembered being there when this thing started. He guessed they must have come over to see the spectacle. He tried to turn his head sideways to avoid Brad's balls so he could open his mouth to breath more air but the hold was too tight. Brad had Steve's arms pinned down with his hands and Steve didn't have the energy or the air to fight back. This wasn't a submission hold and pins didn't count. It seemed Like Brad was just going to run out the clock by humiliating him. Get a job at the WXX as a professional heel. Then he felt a small hand on his shoulder and could smell perfume. The ref was close. This time he could hear her. "Do you want to submit?". He didn't want to submit. Must be only a couple minutes left. He would deny Brad his victory. She asked again. If I don't hear from you I'll have to call the match in Brad's favour. Steve didn't want to answer but had to.

"No!" was all he got out before Brad's balls dropped into his mouth. Now he was gagging, gasping for air. His arms were still pinned but he stated bucking and kicking his legs. Brad was like a cowboy on a bucking bronco so he did the only natural thing. He grabbed Steve's balls for balance and hung on. The more Steve gagged, the harder he squirmed and buck and the harder Brad yanked on his balls eventually pulling Steve's ass up off the mat. The ref had seen enough. "I'm calling this match!" She clicked her timer.

It read 2 seconds left. Brad kept riding Steve. "The match is over! Let him go!". She tried prying Brad's hand off Steve's balls. Brad looked up at the recruiter and realized that he had gone too far. He released Steve's balls. He backed off the straddle position just enough so that Steve's face was visible. Steve was out of danger, flat on his back and breathing heavily. Brad was still straddling his face from behind but close enough so his balls rested on Steve's forehead. He stayed like that long enough to have some pictures taken for his portfolio for the new company. The ref reluctantly held up his hand for winning the match.


The recruiter Kim stepped up and spoke to Brad who was standing over the defeated Steve.

"I think we can use you as a Villan or heel character in our company Brad. Go see my assistant and sign a contract."

After Brad leaves Kim looks down at Steve and says to the referee "Help him up Tammy."

Tammy helps Steve to his feet and remains by his side holding his one arm. He is using his other hand to cover his genitals and is clearly embarrassed.

"You took a lot of abuse but never gave up Steve" Kim started. "We can use a jobber or loser character in our new federation."

Steve was insulted. "No! I can do better than that!"

Kim replied "Okay, prove it! Wrestle me now and if you win you can have it your way. If I win, you are my jobber or you can just go home. Find work somewhere else."

"I'll need my trunks" Steve said.

Tammy the ref said "Brad ripped them when he pulled them off. They're trash"

"Well, find me something else." said Steve.

"Look" interrupted Kim. "Other people are waiting their turn for this mat. It's now or never! Besides it's a little too late to be worried about your appearance now."

Steve had to think for a minute but finally agreed.

Tammy let go of his arm and Kim pulled off her sweat pants to reveal her one piece swim suit.

Tammy stood between them and said "Same as before. 20 minute time limit. Okay, Wrestle!"

Steve surprised Kim with his speed and aggressiveness. He got her in a headlock and paraded around the mat towing her with him.

He flipped her over his hip and landed on top of her still maintaining the headlock.

Kim showed incredible agility and flipped her lower body up and clamped her legs around Steve's head.

He had no choice but to release his hold and was now trapped flat on his back in Kim's head scissors.

Tammy knelt down to check on his breathing. The hold was extremely tight and painful but he was enduring it.

Kim switched the hold to an upright straddle trapping Steve's head under her bum and twisting and bending his one arm.

She was trying for an early submission, but Steve stubbornly endured the pain.

Kim looked up at Tammy "See what I mean about this guy? He's tough. I'll have submit him some other way."

She suddenly released his arm and stood up still straddling his head.

Steve flipped around to his hands and knees and started to get up.

Kim clamped her legs around his head and then dropped to her knees mashing his face into the mat.

She kept his head clamped with Steve face down in front of her. Steve got his knees under him to try to get up but his head was still trapped.

Kim kept his head face down between her legs and flopped forward on top of Steve's back and wrapped her arms around his stomach.

At first she clamped her hands together and tried to squeeze the air out of him.

He endured that so she switched to an abdominal claw hold. He was clearly in agony but would not submit.

Tammy was kneeling down beside them monitoring Steve's condition. "Why won't he just give up!!" she thought.

Kim was frustrated. Her double claw hold on his stomach started inching down lower towards his genitals.

She hoped that fear off what was about to happen would make Steve submit but he just struggled on.

Finally, she reached her objective and took a firm grasp of his balls with both hands.

She started by just holding them. Then she started kneading them. Her grip very slowly became tighter and tighter. 

Steve finally screamed his submission and Kim relaxed her hold but didn't release him completely.

She opened her legs to release his head and shifted over beside him still on her knees.

Then she used her hold on his balls to pull him over on his back.

She took one hand off his balls and raised it in victory but kept the other hand on his balls just holding them.

Her one knee went on his neck and she held this pose for the cameras.

These pictures were for Steve's portfolio should he decide to take the job offer.

Once again the ref had no choice but to hold Kim's hand up to declare her victory.

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