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cfnm erotic mixed wrestling wife vs husband suplex leotard femdom fight

Update: 06.03.2020

W-614 "Wedding night"

Gallery size: 350 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 350 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

Manipulation and Domination bother use forms of power in order to subdue a weaker individual.

Manipulation is usually a clever and cunning way that one person deliberately seeks to use someone else’s insecurities to their benefit. I almost describe it as a sneaky way of identifying someone’s weaknesses and twisting words in a way the other won’t understand or pick up on, in order to gain something from them. A very controlling way of puppeteering someone else’s innocence and emotions to gain sorts of advantages. The other person is usually unaware and easily fooled/tricked. It’s used to get control over weaker minds.

Domination implies a power relationship, with one person taking on a superior, “dominant” role such that they exert substantial control over many aspects of the other person’s behaviour, and the other person is going to be be aware of being dominated.

Being a captain of school wrestling team, I was confident in my power over any male, so I decided to establish my dominant status in our marriage before my husband will try to argue. I have used some manipulations to make him marry me without having a sex before, now it's time for my open dominance!

For the first time in bed together, me and my husband were just rolling around, tussling, trying to gain the upper hand and show dominance. Pretty soon I got the upper hand and has him in a schoolgirl pin with his arms pinned down and me sitting on top of him showing my dominance. I was in my white bridal leotard. I decided to change courses and go for a facesit. As I was about to he blocked it.


I was like: "you wanna go??"


He was all: "bring it bitch!"

We quickly decided we'd make the match 2/3 falls, no holds barred, and the match started. I dove at him and we started rolling around trying to gain the advantage. We soon locked up and I pushed him back and smirked, but he was able to shove me down. I was pissed and quickly ran and armdragged him and monkeyflipped him.


"How do you like that?"


I dove at him but he caught me but I was able to use my weight and strength and fall on him for two. Test of strength went my way.


"Damn - this is getting a bit easy."


He was able to take me down and we did some mat wrestling. That was pretty even and he tried to punch me but I ducked and kicked him. We fought over a suplex and we were both grunting heavily. I won but he blocked a gordbuster so we brawled a bit more with each jawing back and forth. I hiptossed him and threw him around a bit but he caught me and took control for a moment. He went up for a crossbody, but missed. I hit one of my own but he rolled through and got on top. I reversed it, he reversed that and I reversed THAT and laid on top for the pin.


I said: "One for me!"

Fall 2

We were ready for our second fall. I was still in my leotard and he was naked but we were both sweating heavily. He approached me hesitantly and I used his hesitance to quickly take control with some armdrags and hiptosses. I got a waistlock suplex and did some suplexes and basically worked him over. He was lying there and I flexed a bit and posed as he groaned in pain. I went for a splash but missed probably caused I paused too long. I maintained the offensive but he blocked a ballshot by grabbing my foot and ducking when I went for an enziguri. He pointed to his brain and said: I guess men are better. He got an anklelock which I quickly broke and then I powered out of a figure four. His smirk turned to dismay and my dismay turned to a smirk but he was able to quickly slam me. He says I'm an annoying little bugger to wrestler since I'm like a worm and am always moving. He went for an armdrag but I blocked it and challenged him to a punch war. This was my way of telling him I'm in control - you're toast asshole. I punched him out, then won a test of strength and then quickly went on the offensive. He was in pain and was moaning especially after being out brawled by a girl. I knew I'd be able to win this match. I beat his ass for a couple minutes and then power slammed him, pressed him and then hit the flying elbow. I headscissored him. I was lying on my side with his head trapped between my powerful legs.


I was taunting him. "Looks like I'm the real man here. Come on - the facesit won't be too bad. I've out punched you, I've shown I'm stronger than you - just tap!"

All this time he was lying there straining trying to break the hold. He was in tons of pain and I then saw the look of defeat on his face.


Me: "Say it! Say it!"


Him: "I.I. I give. You win".


I released it and said: "Honey - this facesit could've been given with you in a lot less pain".


I then gave him a wicked good facesitting and he couldn't protest.

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