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Update: 18.02.2022        W-716 "New guy in the area"

Mixed wrestling, 310 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

He hadn’t lived here very long. He and his fiancee Ashley moved here for her job. They bought a house and had finally got settled in. Now there was time to plain the wedding. It was also time for him to get back to work. He being Stone Carter. He had spent the last few hours in the local promoters office. They had worked out all of the details for Stone to join the league. 

They had agreed that he would come in as the 4th rated contender. It was also agreed that is he won his first three matches he would get a title shot. Stone was very happy with that arrangement, he could not wait to tell Barbara, his Fiancee. He also could not wait to get into the gym to work out. 

He spent the next three weeks unpacking and painting and fixing things up. He had begun to worry when the phone finally rang. He would be wrestling his first match this Saturday. He did not know who his opponent is, but t  that did not matter. As he did not know any of the other wrestlers in the league. The promoter assured him that his first match would be against a mid to lower ranked wrestler. 

Match night came and Stone and his fiancee arrived at the arena. They were both very excited. First they went to Stone’s dressing room. He then began to get ready to wrestle. First he removed his street cloths. Reaching in his gear bag. He pulled out His white thong, next came a pair of white pantyhose and finally his shiny white boots. Ashley loved to watch his get dressed in his gear. First he pulls on his shiny white pantyhose. Then comes his shiny white thong and finally his white boots. 

After getting dressed, Ashley thru her arms around his neck and kissed him hard. She just could not stop herself. He looked so sexy in his wrestling outfit she wanted to make love to him right there in the dressing room.  

Instead, he walked her to her ring side seat and returned to his dressing room. Across the hall, and fantastic looking young lady was just getting started changing into her wrestling gear. Tall, blond hair and blue eyes. She looked a lot more like a "Beauty Queen" than a pro wrestler, in fact that is just what see is, she was "Miss Ohio before she became a wrestler. 

Chrystal Young began to get ready. Unlike Stone, she knew exactly who her opponent was and almost every thing about him. She was quickly out of her street cloths. Out of her gear bag she pulled and light blue pair of pantyhose and slipped her fantastic legs into them. Then came a light blue thong cut leotard. Then her light blue boots. Chrystal was now ready to head to the ring. 

After several preliminary matches it was time for the co-main event. Stone Vs Chrystal. First to head to the ring was Stone. He was met buy cheers, whistles and cat-calls. It was most of the women doing the cheering. Stone is a very good looking young man. Next came Chrystal. Her welcome was not so nice. There were several loud "Boos" when she entered the ring. 

With the intros and the instructions complete both wrestlers returned to their corners. Stone looking very strong and masculine in his all white outfit. And Chrystal looking fantastic in her all blue. Then it starts, BONG!!! Sends both wrestlers out of their corners and at each other.  Stone using his experience quickly gets Chrystal in a  HAMMER LOCK. He holds her in it for about 30 seconds. 

Stone is quite suddenly surprised as Chrystal reverses him and now has a HAMMER LOCK on him. He is stunned by how strong she is. She has managed to bend his arm up high behind his back. Only seconds into the match and he is struggling to get free. At this point, Chrystal seems happy to just hold the HAMMER LOCK on him and let him struggle. 

Stone is quickly aware of two things, he needs to get free and his female opponent is very strong. Maybe even stronger than he is. Slowly he has worked his way close to the ropes, he is now stretching out his free arm trying to grab them. She very quickly ends any chance of that as she pulls him back to the center of the ring.  

She now changes holds on him. Moving very quickly she jams’ her arm between his legs and grabs a handful of both his thong and his pantyhose. She then hooks his head and lifts him off the mat. BAM!!! Stone has been slammed down to the mat. The power of the slam has stunned the male wrestler. He lies on the mat dazed. 

Before he can recover, Chrystal is on him. She grabs his arms and pulls him up off the mat into a sitting position. She then sits across from him. Using her legs, she begins to split Stone’s legs apart. Inch by inch she spreads them farther and farther apart.  Stone is now in big trouble, the pain in his legs and hips is almost unbearable. 

He has lost control of his ability to withstand the pain. Like all wrestlers he has a very high tolerance for pain but this is slowly exceeding that. At last he screams out from the pain. "My god Chrystal you’re splitting me in half!!! It hurts oh jeeze it hurts !!!!! 

As of right now, Stone is a wreck. His face is contorted in pain. Looking down at himself he can see that he now has a very large DEFEAT BONER between his legs. He just can’t believe that a mid-level wrestler is able to do this to him. 

Stone is not the only one that is having trouble with how this match is going. Out in the arena his fiancee is almost in a panic. From her front row seat she is screaming at Stone to fight. Come on Stone, you have to fight her!!! Please honey, you have to fight her!!!! Don’t let her beat you sweet hart, fight her!! 

As much as he would to do just that, she is draining the fight out of him. He is still trapped in the leg split. Chrystal has let go of his hands and he has fallen onto his back. He is desperately holding tightly to his swollen manhood as well as trying to pull his legs free. 

After several minutes Chrystal pulls Stone to his feet. He is on very wobbly legs. She then whips him into a corner. Stone slams hard into the turnbuckle. The pain shows on his face as his back` slams into the buckle. Quickly Stone wraps his arms over the top rope holding himself up. Chrystal is only a second behind him. BAM!!!! Her fore-arm explodes into his upper chest.  

For the next several minutes Chrystal pounds on Stone. He takes punches to his face, chest and his lower mid-section. Punch after punch slams into the young male  wrestler. Chrystal now decides it’s time for her to mock her male opponent. Stone, that’s what they call you? Well it look’s to me like I’m breaking your stones." Chrystal continues her assault on Stone. 

In a seat at ring side sits a very beautiful young woman. She is very distraught, her face shows her anguish. Up in the ring, the man she loves more that anything is getting beat. He is taking a huge amount of punishment from his female opponent. She finally screams out to him. "Fight, Stone, fight!!!! Don’t let her beat you honey!!! You have to fight back!!!" what she does not know is that her lover, soul mate and fiancee has very little fight left in him. 

Still holding tightly to  the top rope, Stone is taking some very hard punches from Chrystal. Her punches have slipped lower and lower. He is now taking punches that slam into him at or even lower than the waist of his thong and pantyhose. 

It’s then that she lands a punch that is very low. It slams into him right at the pouch of his thong. Stone’s hands fly off the top rope and cup themselves around hid manhood. That is followed instantly by Stone slumping to the mat on his knees. Chrystal quickly puts a SIDE HEAD LOCK on him. Using the head lock she pulls him to the center of the ring. 

Taking his arm she twists it forcing Stone to the mat on his back. Her tactics now change, with her opponent now stretched out on the mat she returns to using wrestling holds and not punches. Very quickly she takes his arm and locks on an ARM LOCK AND STRETCH. Those at ring side can quickly tell that Stone is in enormous pain by the look on his face. He twists from side to side trying to get free. The bulge in his thong grows larger as she works on his arm. 

Maintaining her control of her opponent, Chrystal movers from hold to hold. She works over his arms and both his legs. In only about 7 minutes Stone has been battered by his female opponent. His arms and legs have all been twisted, bent and stretched. He is in pain every where. Stone lies stretched out on the mat. He makes no effort to get to his feet. Chrystal stands over him looking down on him. It is very clear to everyone in the arena, that Stone is a beaten wrestler. He has nothing left to fight with. Even his fiancee Barbara knows that he is beaten. 

Chrystal kneels down beside her opponent. Almost breathlessly Stone looks at her with an expression of great pain. "Pin me Chrystal, please just pin me!!! I’m done, you’ve beaten me, I can’t take any more!!!" Sadly for Stone, Chrystal wants a big finish. She rolls Stone face down. She then mounts him.  Standing on the back of his thighs, she wraps his shiny white boots around her. Leaning forward, she punches him in his side. This causes his arm to come back toward her. She first grabs one arm then the other. 

Chrystal is now in complete control of her opponent Stone. There is nothing he can do. He can’t move, he can’t fight free and he can’t get away. He is completely trapped. Out at ring side Stone’s fiancee has covered her face to hide her tears. It has been very difficult for her to see the man she loves taking a severe beating for a woman in the ring. She wants to run away, but can’t abandon the love of her life.  All Ashley can do is cry out to him, "Give up Stone, oh please give up!!!! Don’t let her hurt you any more. You have to give up!!! 

Up in the ring Stone has remained trapped by Chrystal. She has had him locked up for over two minutes. She now makes her move to finish him off. Slowly she begins to rock back and forth. After building up her momentum, she lifts Stone off the mat. He goes up and over her head. 

Chrystal now has her male opponent trapped in a MEXICAN CEILING HOLD. Almost all wrestling fans know that this is the most painful hold in wrestling. Almost no wrestler, man or woman ever escapes from this hold. Stone is no different. In just a few seconds he has had enough. "Enough, enough I’ve had enough!!!! I’m ready to submit!!!! Ref-ref, I’m finished!! Hearing her opponent screaming, Chrystal calls out the ref. "Hay ref, ask him!!! Go on and ask him, I think he’s finished!!! 

Moving in close to Stone, the ref asks "How about it Stone, are you ready to submit? Do you want to give it up?" Stone instantly gives the ref his surrender. 

"She’s got She’s got me ref, dear god she’s got me!!!! Yes ref yes!!!! I’ve had enough!!!! I’m ready to submit to her!!! I’m finished!!! I give up!!!! I give up, I give up, oh dear god!!! I give up!!! Break the hold I submit!!!"

Stone’s submission ends the match. Chrystal drops the beaten male wrestler to the mat. Stone lands on his back stretched out, beaten. His total defeat is obvious for all to see. Inside his shiny white pantyhose and thong he has a rock hard, huge DEFEAT BONER. 

As soon as he hit the mat his fiancee got up and ran to his dressing room. It takes several minutes to get Stone off the mat. For most of that time he lies stretched out, face up staring at the ring lights. Chrystal comes over to him looking down on the beaten male wrestler. "this is exactly what I’m going to do to the champion when I wrestle him"   

One of the league trainers enters the ring and helps the badly beaten Stone Carter to his feet. Slowly and painfully Stone exits the ring and with the help of the trainer makes his way back to his dressing room. Waiting for him is his Fiancee Ashley. "My god, sweetie  what happened to you?"  Stone wishes he had an answer "I got beat, I got beat by a middle rated wrestler. She crushed me!!! I never had a chance!!

The trainer has a strange look on his face. "Middle of the pack wrestler, who told you that?" It’s then that Stone finds out he was facing the undefeated number 3 contender. And she was using Stone as a warm up before the title match. 

With Stone now lying on the table, Ashley tells him. "You’ve got to get her back Stone. You just can’t leave it like this. You have to have a rematch with her!!! She then begins to help him out of his wrestling gear. She unties his shiny white boots and pulls them off. Next she pulls down his white pantyhose, Leaving him wearing just his white thong. As soon as she pulls it below his waist his huge DEFEAT BONER pops out standing up stiff as a pole. 

"You have to pay her back for doing that to you!! Stone struggles to his feet and heads toward the shower.

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