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Update: 04.02.2022        W-714 "Interceder league card II"

Mixed wrestling, 370 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

The first match is up for tonight. It futures two of the youngest wrestlers in the league. Aaron Robinski and Melony Adams. Aaron is 18 yrs old and is appearing in his first match. Melony is also 18 and this is also her first match.  Both young wrestlers are very excited about getting into the ring. 

Aaron is first to enter the ring. He is wearing light gray tights and shiny black boots. Melony enters wearing a light blue leotard, shiny tan pantyhose and light blue boots. Both Aaron and Melony are accompanied to the ring by their mothers who will stay thru the entire match. 

Both wrestlers are called to the center of the ring. "Melony, Aaron this is your first match. It is a one fall match to a pin or a submission. Let me explain a submission to you. If you are trapped in a very painful hold and can't escape and if the pain becomes too much for you. You should quickly give you submission and I will stop the match. Do both of you understand?" Both young wrestlers nod that they understand and the ref sends them back to their corners. 

BONG!!!!  The bell sends both young wrestlers out of their corners. The first thing you might notice, is that the mothers look more nervous than the wrestlers. The second thing is that Melony is all over Aaron. She races across the ring getting a side head lock on Aaron. Very quickly she begins to wrench his head back and forth. Instantly Aaron cries out in pain. "OOOOOOOUUUUU!!!! OOOOOOHHH!!, my neck. She's twisting my neck!!!" 

Melony, then gives Aaron a HIP TOSS taking him to the mat. With amazing speed, she exchanges the head lock, for a head scissors. She now has Aaron's head between her nylon covered thighs. Aaron is doing everything he can do to kick out of the hold. It seems to be of little use, Melony has the HEAD SCISSORS lock on tight. 

For over a minute Melony has her young male opponent trapped in the scissors. It is obvious to the fans that Aaron is very quickly weakening. His legs have stop kicking trying to free himself. They are now stretched out on the mat. One other thing everyone notices is that Aaron now has  DEFEAT BONER between his legs. 

In another lighting fast move, Melony switches the head scissors for an ARM STRETCH AND WRINGER. One of melonys boots is now under Aaron's arm pit. Her other boots is up against his face. She is pulling and twisting it at the same time. Aaron again screams in pain. "OOOOOOHHHH!!!!! MY ARM, OH GOD MY ARM." 

With only 2 minutes and 17 seconds gone in the match Aaron has enough and surrenders to Melony. 

"Enough, enough!!! I've had enough!!! I give up, I give up!!!! You win Melony, you win!!! I submit !!!! No more please, I SUBMIT!!!" 

The ref calls for the bell and says to Melony.  "That's it Melony, let him go, Aaron has given up, you've beaten him. The match is over. Melony quickly releases Aaron's arm and gets to her feet.  Both mothers enter the ring, but with two different feeling. Melonys mother gives her victorious daughter a big hug. In the center Aaron's mother knees down beside her beaten son. "Oh Aaron, I'm so sorry you lost. Maybe now you'll give up wrestling."  Still in pain and showing that by the look on his face, he tells his mother. "No way Mom, I love wrestling beside I have to get revenge on Melony. Aarons mother helps him to his feet and out of the ring.   

The second match of the night is between 32 yr old Donny love and 28 yr old Francine La banc  Donny enters the ring in an orange thong and orange boots. He is a fan favorite, he is very good looking and quite athletic. He is also very well endowed. Francine is also very popular with the fans. She enters wearing a pale green thong cut leotard. Shiny tan pantyhose and pale green boots. 

The bell sounds sending both wrestlers at one another. Francine scores the first big shot of the match. She manages to land a powerful drop kick on Donny's chin. Donny staggers back into the ropes. He hooks his arms over the top ropes to keep from dropping to the mat. Less than 10 seconds into the match and Donny looks dazed and almost out. 

Francine moves in fast. She begins to pound Donny as he holds on to the ropes. She hits him with 5 or 6 very hard Fore-arms to his chest. She then lands a powerful closed fist punch to his lower abdomen. To tell the truth, the punch crashes into the 32 yr old male wrestler well below the waistband of his orange thong. 

The air rushes out of Donny's lungs, he loses his grip on the top rope and drops to his knees. Seconds later he falls face first on the mat. Francine is on him instantly. She grabs his arm and pulls him to the center of the ring. Dropping onto his back, she hooks his arms over her thighs. She then cups her hands under his chin. Francine now has him trapped in a CAMEL CLUTCH. 

Donny begins to scream in pain as Francine pulls up on his chin. "OOOOOOO, MY NECK, MY NECK. " There is a very pained expression on his face. Francine uses all her strength pulling up on Donny's chin. After almost two minutes of this the ref asks Donny, "How about it Donny? Have you had enough? Do you wish to submit to Francine?" Almost instantly the 32 yr old wrestler refuses to give up.  No-no, I won't submit. Not going to submit to her!!!!"   

With that, Francine wrenches his neck back even farther. Danny again screams loudly, "Dear god, my neck. She's going to break my neck!!! " In a swift move, Francine lets go of the CLUTCH. She spins around taking Danny with her. They end up with Francine on the mat, but with Danny trapped in a scissors. Danny now has Francine's legs wrapped around his middle squeezing as hard as she can. She quickly adds a COBRA CLUTCH to the scissors hold..

It's clear to everyone in the arena that Francine has Danny in huge trouble. He twists and turns and pulls at her arms. However, he can not dislodge  either her arms or her legs. Danny is hopelessly trapped and can't escape. 

Even Danny knows he is in big trouble. He now has a large DEFEAT BONER between his legs. His manhood has grown stiff and hard, inside his orange thong. Unable to suffer any more pain, Danny calls out to the ref "Ref-ref, I'm ready now she's got me. I can't get free, I'm ready to give up!"  The ref moves close to both wrestlers. "Is that it, Danny? Has she got you? Are you finished?"  Now exhausted and in tremendous pain, Danny surrenders the match to Francine. 


Francine quickly lets Danny go and he rolls onto the mat. Lying on his back Danny is gasping for breath. It takes him several minutes to get to his feet. He then walks across the ring and shakes Francine's hand. "Nice match, Francine, you really put it to me!!!"  Even humiliated by the huge DEFEAT BONER she gave him, Danny still gave her credit for her win. Walking with that between you legs is extremely difficult. 

Now comes the match everyone is waiting for it is for the WORLD INTERGENDER WRESTLING TITLE !!!!  First is the world champion. He is 29 yr old Caleb Gottfried. He will be defending his title for the 13th time. His opponent for this match is the number one contender. 24 yr old Sally Quinlin. She is making her first try to win the title.  

Caleb enters the ring wearing His buckled thong with a wet shiny look to it and him. Along with his world title belt. Sally enters wearing a tan, flesh colored thong cut leotard. Shiny tan pantyhose and tan boots. With both wrestlers in the ring the match for the title is ready to start. Caleb unbuckles his gold title belt and drapes it across the corner turnbuckle. Both contestants are now ready to wrestle. 

BONG!!!! Both wrestlers come at each other. Sally with her arms outstretched moves quickly toward the champion. In a very swift motion, Caleb grabs her arm twists it up behind her back and lifts up on it. Just seconds into the match, the number 1 contender is in a punishing HAMMER LOCK.   

Using the HAMMER LOCK as leverage Caleb pushes Sally into a corner. Turning her around he instantly begins to pound on her. In as much as he weights 25 lbs more than his female opponent, his punches and fore-arms have a crippling effect on her. Caleb lands several punches and two very powerful fore-arm smashes on Sally. The punches land on her mid-section and lower body. The fore-arms however were aimed and landed right on her chest, slamming into her breasts. 

The ref finally gets between the wrestlers and forces Caleb to let Sally out of the corner. She is very slow to exit, when she does she has both of her hands cupping her breasts. Caleb moves in quickly hopping to catch Sally before she can recover. He races toward her and as he gets close he feels an explosion between legs. Sally has driven her knee into Caleb's manhood. 

He instantly grabs at his manhood and falls to his knees. In the space of less that ten seconds, the momentum has changed from one wrestler to the other, now it's Sally in charge. A hard kick to the back of Caleb's neck sends him face first down to the mat. 

With Caleb lying at her feet, Sally begins to work on the 29 yr old male champion. Stomps rain down on him causing him to try to crawl away. However, Sally won't let that happen. He only gets a few feet when she grabs his boots and pulls him to the center of the ring. Once again the stomp storm begins.  Sally's boot rains down on Caleb with great ferocity.

After 8 or 10 very hard stomps Sally pulls Caleb to his feet. Two things are quickly evident Caleb is badly dazed and he now has a huge DEFEAT BONER inside his thong. Jamming her arm between the champions legs, Sally hooks his head and lifts him off the mat. Raising him as high as she can, Sally slams him dawn as hard as she can. 

The world champion crashes to the mat as if he were dropped from a roof top. Sally scopes his boots of the mat and flips him face down. Stepping over his sally locks on a BOSTON CRAB. Instantly Caleb starts screaming "My back, jazzes' she's breaking my back!!!" Hearing Caleb scream, the ref asks him: "Have you had enough Caleb? Do you want to submit?"  Instantly the world champion says: "No no, I'm not going to submit to her!!!!"  

Sally accepts Caleb's refusal to submit and returns to punishing the champion. Dropping his legs releasing the BOSTON CRAB, she had on him Sally once again pulls Caleb to his feet. Again she lifts him off the mat and as high as she can. Dropping to one knee she then slams Caleb down across her out stretched thigh. 

Once again, Sally has forced Caleb to scream in pain "Oh dear god, not again!!! Oh please Sally not again!!!" With his back on fire, Caleb begs his opponent not to slam him again. The champion's screams fall on deaf ears. Sally has the world champion in big trouble and she intends to him there.  

She now continues her attack on Caleb by grabbing his head and his now stiff and rock hard manhood and pushing down on both. She is now applying great pressure to the champion's back. His beck is arched over her knee. His head is almost touching the mat and his manhood is being crushed. 

"You're crushing me!!!! Dear god, you're crushing my manhood Sally, you have to stop!!!! Come on Sally, stop!!!! You have to stop!!! Sally knows very well that she does not have to stop. "No, I don't Caleb!!! I don't have to stop. If you want me to stop, you have to submit!!!! Come on champ, give up!!! I've got you give up!!!   

All Caleb can do is shake his head no. It's his refusal to submit to her that gets Sally angry. It's when she decides to hurt the champion and make him submit to her. Sally gives the Champion's rock hard manhood one last powerful squeeze. Caleb screams loudly then suddenly slumps over Sally's leg. 

Caleb is now just an unmoving lump of flesh. Sally rolls him off her thigh back onto the mat. She then rolls him face down. She then steps on the back of his thighs, reaching forward she grabs the champions arms, pulls them back and twists them. She then begins to rock back and forth. Caleb offers her no resistance. He is only semi conscious. 

As she pulls on his arms, Caleb comes off the mat, up and over. Sally has him trapped in a MEXICAN CEILING HOLD. The intense pain brings the champion back to full consciousness. The pain hits him hard as if a knife has plunged into his back. He instantly screams loudly. "My back, my back!!!!! AAAAAAAUUU!!!!!! Oh god my back. At this point Sally knows two things, She is the new world champion and she has defeated Caleb. His submission is now just a formality. 

The ref moves close to the trapped world champion. "How about it champ, you ready to give it up? Do you want me to stop it for you? Have you had enough?" at this point Caleb also knows that he is beaten and he must surrender to Sally. 


And with those words, Caleb admits his defeat and his reign as the World Intergender Wrestling Champion comes to an end.  Sally lets him go and Caleb drops to the mat on his back. The pain is etched on his face and also between his legs. 

The ref presents the winner of the match with the world title belt. Sally wraps it around her waist moves to were Caleb is lying and stands over the former champion. She raises her arms in the air and then points to the title belt around her waist. Looking down on Caleb she says. "Well, I'm the champion now Caleb. I knew I could defeat you and I did. Now you're just the former champion. I beat you Caleb, I beat you. 

As for Caleb he remains stretched out on the mat. Unable to get to his feet or even move. It's doubtful he even herd Sally speak as he is unconscious from the pain. Defeated, striped of his title and with a huge DEFEAT BONER in his thong, Caleb Gottfried is a beaten man.

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