CFNM basement mixed boxing femdom leotard combat

Update: 20.10.2017

B-485 "Challenged by girlfriend"

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Mixed boxing, 190 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

My gf started to take boxercise a few years ago. She also sparred with a few men at the gym. I used to box a bit when I was in my teens but stoppes since I was quite skinny and couldn't really take a punch. My gf found my boxing gloves at my apartment once and was surprised that I had boxed. She said she wanted to go a match with me for fun. She wore a black gymnastics leotard and matching boxing boots and her requirement was my nudity. She used a trash talk to capture a psychological advantage before fight, mocked on my weak vulnerable body - I was confused and she knew that, that sexy arousing combat outfit made her a superior but she is a girl so I thought I could take her.

We agreed to go five rounds with a minuted break between. I was shocked how hard she could hit and how strong she looked when we for the first time competed at something physical. She hit me in the stomach several times, I could take the first punches but started to feel tired and it hurt. I also had diffculties to hit a girl, I was owned by image of her beautiful gymnast body clad in provocative tight leotard.


But that changed in the second round. Haughtily mocking on my naked balls hanging defenceless under mercy of her combat boots, sexy gymnast playfully kicked me in the groin, not very hard but enough to anger me. I started to box her like I should have with a male. She liked that. After two rounds I was quite tired, and I hadn't really hurt her once. Third round she decided to show me who was the better boxer. She attacked me again and again. She hot me with a left hook to the head and I went down. She counted but I was up at 7. Saved by the bell. Forth round she played with me and decided to stop the torture. One really hard punch to my stomach made my double over and she followed up with an upper cut that sent me to the floor, almost unconcious and bleeding.