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swordplay duel woman vs man leotard girl CFNM femdom fight

Update: 12.08.2016

F-420 "The Crystal of Power"

Gallery size: 180 Full HD pictures

Armed mixed fighting, 180 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), CFNM, some blood shown.

Lady Inessa decided to own a Crystal of Power, a magical thing with lot of features. But she must defeat a big muscle male guardian who protects a cauldron with magical crystals. He is too strong for her but she uses her feminine skills to deceive and defeat him.

48 y.o. Lady Inessa looked at mirror. Her beauty mostly was in the past, it's terrible - she doesn't want to be old! Her last chance to return a youthfulness and goodliness is Crystal of Power, but how to receive it? She knew about invincible guardian who saves a cauldron with magical crystals in old chateau. A lot of warriors tried to defeat him - but nobody stayed alive. "Death is better than senility!" - she thought - "I must defeat that big piece of muscles using his natural weakness!". Lady Inessa refreshed the memory of the one old witch council: "There isn't a man alive that doesn't love a woman who can take control of him sexually. He has already been trained since the time he was a little boy to take orders from women: his mother, big sister, aunt, grandmother, baby-sitter, the lady next door, kindergarten teacher, etc. When he had his first crush on a sexy teacher he became familiar with an authoritative, no-nonsense woman in high heels. But about the time he finished a school, he got rebellious, and began to resist the natural sexual authority of women. But its still there, laying dormant just under the surface. You can quickly reawaken those submissive tendencies in him, and get him right back where he belongs -- at your feet! Remember, sexual submission to a dominant and sexually confident woman is part of his very nature. Wear a tight leotards, but always make it black and sexy. The purpose of your attire is not just to arouse him and focus his sexual attention, but to "COMMAND" his sexual attention and keep it riveted on you. A man's greatest sexual weakness is that he is very visual, and you must use that to your advantage. Harness his weakness to "dominate" him. As his tiny male brain becomes aroused by the visual image of his Goddess, the blood flow in his brain is diverted away from his anterior cingulate cortex, the decision-making part of his brain. And as his decision-making powers become increasingly impaired, he will become more compliant, acquiescent, obedient and submissive to your commands. Woman's sexual power over man is absolute. However, only few can skillfully harness it. When the male is aroused and actively anticipating sex as the ultimate target, he usually cannot focus properly on other required tasks. You must begin teasing and stimulating him physically with the purpose of arousing him to an intoxicating level. Although he may decide it's time for intercourse, you are not to allow him to change his position. Take the lead and put him in a situation where he will be passively enjoying your touch. As you bring him close to orgasm, when his attention and care would be decreased, attack him instantly, suddenly, cruelly! And you'll win!".

Lady Inessa has attached her long sword to the waistband. She knew, that male guardian was most experienced in fencing - but she has another strategy of their future fight. A little knife attached to her right leg, her treacherous weapon would be used in right moment. Deceiving and killing that man, she will own a key to youth, power and magical skills!


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