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Update: 10.03.2017

W-452 "Adele vs Sam"

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Mixed wrestling, Ballbusting, 240 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Adele, the female fighter, says: "I am a woman and I definitely enjoy hitting guys in the balls. It is definitely a sexual turn on for me whenever I get into a no holds barred fight with some well-built cocky guy. I learned long ago that a woman trained to fight has a much better than even chance of winning a no holds barred fight with a man. While men have more muscular bodies, they are also more vulnerable to injury. A man's genitals are the great equalizer in a fight between men and women. I said, "You are my problem and I intend to beat the shit out of you." He laughed again as he said, "Give it up. You wouldn't have a chance." I nailed him again with another hard right that really knocked his head back. Now he knew I was serious. He put up his fists and took a fighter's stance. I already had my fists up and as we started to circle each other I realized my tits were still hanging out of my leotard and Sam was looking right at them. I put my hands under my boobs and said he could have them if he could beat me in a fistfight. The thought of fighting this stud sent a shiver of excitement through my body and I saw noticeable increase in the size of the bulge between Sam's legs so I knew the thought excited him as well. Sam wasted no time in hitting me with a solid shot to my firm belly. He must have been afraid to hit me too hard because I was a girl. The blow didn't hurt me much. We sparred back and forth looking for an opening. I was watching his muscles ripple in his chest and arms as we moved and punched. He kept looking at my firm tits bobbing on my chest as I danced around him. His distraction with my tits gave me an opening. I hit him with a combination of a left to his washboard stomach and as he bent over a followed with hard right to his jaw. His head snapped back and he fell straight back, landing on his ass with his legs spread apart. I was standing between his legs looking down at his hulking form. A shiver of excitement ran through my body as I looked at this powerful stud lying so vulnerable at my feet. It would have been so easy to finish the fight right there with a swift kick in the gonads. It was then I realized how easy I could beat a boy in a fight. In a fight with no rules a girl has a natural advantage over a boy. A boy's testicles are vulnerable and easily attacked in fight. Twice in as many minutes I could have finished Sam off with a shot to his nuts. No guy, no matter how big or strong, can continue to fight with his balls smashed. I restrained myself, however, because I was having fun hitting this guy. Sam got up and came at me with his fists up. He was obviously angry now. He took a wild swing at my head. I ducked and drove a fist into his muscular body. A whoosh of air escaped from Sam's mouth as my fist connected. I danced back and waited for him to catch his breath. He straightened and came at me a little more cautiously. He took two more swings at me and missed each time. He took another swing that grazed the right side of my face. I immediately followed with a combination into his body. My blows landed with a solid thud as my fists connected with his body. I could see that Sam was hurting from all the hits he had taken. He must have realized that this was for real and he was in trouble because he suddenly came at me like a wild man. He was angry at having the shit kicked out of him by a girl. He rammed his fist into my unprotected stomach and just missed me with an uppercut that might have finished me. I was hurting now and backed away to catch my breath. He didn't back off though and he hit me with a solid punch that landed on my already sore right tit. His fist connected with my nipple flattening my boob against my chest. Sam had apparently realized he could win this fight fairly to have done what he did, but he was about to regret it. I was feeling real pain now as the nerve endings in my tit radiated the agony to my brain. I put my hands to my chest and pressed trying to stop the pain. I had bent over and fell to one knee. Sam was standing in front of me and his groin was at eye level. This stud was not very smart because he was doing nothing to protect himself. I felt like ending it right there. A fist in his balls would have been so satisfying right then but I wanted to take him fair and square. I slowly got up. Sam was standing there with his hands on his hips laughing at me. He turned his head toward his friends and said, "I told her a girl's body is too vulnerable to injury. Look at her holding her tits." That was the final straw. I came at him, driving my right fist right into his ignorant mouth. His head flew back from the blow and as he started to fall back, his legs spread to try to gain his balance. I looked again at the exposed, unprotected bulge of Sam's gonads between his widely spread legs and the opportunity was just too great to pass up this time. He was going to regret that he didn't wear his cup today. I stepped back a little and then, like I was kicking a field goal, I drove my right foot up between Sam's legs. I heard a loud slap as the top of my foot connected squarely with his balls. He bent forward forcefully as his hands flew to his crotch. There was a sudden look of shock and disbelief on Sam's face as his eyes bulged and a silent scream came from his mouth. The tightly packed nerve endings in his nuts screamed their agony to his brain and he slowly fell forward landing on his face. He was out cold. I looked down at Sam's inert muscular body and calmly said, "So much for who has the vulnerable body."" 


Sam, the male fighter, says: "First time I have been busted by my cousin a few times the first was when we were 15 we were mocking around and she got annoyed so she kneed me in the balls fairly hard I was on the ground and she stood over the top of me and giggled. Adele busted me so hard and I was forced to submit again!"