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cfnm mixed wrestling leotard young teen asian female domination fighing

Update: 30.09.2016

W-428 "A new kind of match"


Gallery size: 170 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 170 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

I'm back at wrestling again. This is a new type of wrestling. It's the only work I can get. It's called strip wrestling. It is a regular wrestling match however you can get a large bonus if you are able to strip your opponent. In my dressing room before my match I slowly get ready. Nothing fancy in this league I'll wear a very tight thing and wrestling boots, nothing else. The object of this kind of match is to first pin or submit your opponent. That lets you win the match just like always. After that you can win extra money by stripping you opponent in the ring. It sounds strange but the fans love it and the vast majority of the fans are women. Tonight I will be wearing my very light blue thong and my matching light blue boots.

My opponent for the match is from Japan she is Akira Nagayo. All I know is that she is 18 y.o. and this is her first match in the US. I don't know what she will be wearing in the ring. The standard gear is a a tight thong cut leotard and boots. Some of the women wear shiny pantyhose and some don't, I don't know what she prefers. Up in the ring and there she is. I don't know what's going on here. If that is Akira in the opposite corner this is going to be a very short night. This 18 y.o. girl looks about 14 yrs old at most. She is dressed in a dark red thong leotard and she's wearing black pantyhose and dark red boots.

I smile and nod to her across the ring. Not only does she look 14, but she is very small. She can't be over 5ft 3ins tall and she can't weigh more than 100 pounds. How is she going to wrestle me. I'm 6 feet tall and I weigh 167 pounds, I'm going to crush this little girl. After all the intros and stuff we stand in our corners waiting for the bell. I adjust my thong and lean against the turnbuckles.

BONG!! The matches starts and I move out of my corner. I am very tentative about locking up and getting a hold on this very little girl. On the other hand she has no such concerns. She leaps to the top rope and shoots herself off it and at me. Her arm connects with my throat in a clothes line and I am sent crash to the mat on my back. As I lie there she again climbs the ropes launches herself and lands a flying elbow right on the pit of my stomach. I gasp for air and actually begin to turn blue before I can suck in a breath.

I've lost all awareness of what's happening in the ring. My effort to breath is all consuming. I am about to pay dearly for that mistake. Grabbing me by my head Akira lifts me to a sitting position. Instantly her legs are around my head. I can feel the nylon of her black pantyhose rubbing against my face. I feel her boots locking me up. One of her boots is under my chin and across my throat. She is slowly choking me, cutting off the air from me. With what little air I have left I call for the ref "Ref-ref, she's choking me. I can't breathe she's choking me!!"

The ref moves in and tells her to break the hold. She releases me and I fall back to the mat. Stretched out on the mat I struggle to get air back into my lungs. Akira quickly climbs the ropes and leaps toward me. She lands a flying elbow on my mid-section. I'm just barely able to get to my feet after the flying elbow. I'm dazed and very disoriented, I don't see Akira creeping up behind me. Suddenly she's on me. Her black pantyhosed legs are wrapped around my middle. The heel of her red wrestling boots is digging into my abdomen. Her arm snakes under mine pulling my arm. She wraps her arms along with one of my own around my head. She has me in a Manchurian Clutch. I can't believe what is happening to me. This tiny little Japanese girl is battering me around the ring. How can this be? She is 7 inches shorter that I am and weighs almost 70 pounds less than I do, and she's killing me. I'm stumbling around the ring while I try to dislodge her. I must get her off me soon or I will be submitted by her. The harder I struggle the tighter the hold gets. Her legs are crushing my middle and her arms are crushing my head. I won't be able to last much longer. I'll have no choice but to surrender to her soon. That's it, it's over for me I'm finished. She's got me I can't escape. I have to surrender.

"I GIVE UP-I GIVE UP! Stop the match, I'm finished! She's got me I submit!"

The ref wants to make sure I Submitted to her

"Is that it Geo? Has she beaten you? Are you submitting the match?"

"YES-YES!! She's beaten me! I SUBMIT!! Get her off me, PLEASE GET HER OFF ME!! I SUBMIT!!!!"

Akira unwinds herself from me and I drop the the mat on my knees. Forgetting about the strip part of the match, I'm stunned when Akira kicks me in the side. "What are you doing? The match is over, you've defeated me." She looks down at me and says "Yes, I did. Now I'm going to strip you for the bonus" With that she stomps me in my middle. "OOOOOOH!!!" The pain is terrible as her boots crashes into me. She quickly grabs my shiny blue boots and lifts my legs off the mat. Dropping down she puts her shoulders behind my knees and doubles me over. She's got me in a MATCH-BOOK hold. My back and shoulders are firmly pinned to the mat. I try to power out, but I am just too weak to escape. I wiggle my legs but only from the knees down. I'm held tightly and can't move. Soon I feel her hands grabbing the waistband of my thong. "I'm going to strip you now and make all that extra money. I instantly feel my thong being pulled down. My butt is off the mat and only my back and shoulders are pinned. Almost instantly I feel my manhood slide free of my thong. "NO-NO, DON'T STRIP ME. PLEASE DON'T STRIP ME!!!!" I try to get my hands on my thong to hold it up but I just can't. She continues working down my thighs. Releasing me from the MATCH-BOOK she pulls my boots off the mat and tucks them under her arms. With my thong half way between my manhood and my knees Akira again gets hold of my thong. Slowly inch by inch she pulls my thong down my thighs. Still holding my legs up my thong is now at my knees. "STOP PLEASE STOP!!! PLEASE!! Don't strip me. Don't pull my jockstrap off."

I manage to get both my hands on my jockstrap and pull it back up almost to my manhood. I twist and turn back and forth trying to get free. I must hold on tightly to my jock or Akira will pull it off me. Frustrated that I have been able to my thong part way back up Akira leaps onto my chest. Her hands lock onto my head and she begins to squeeze. She has me in a BRAIN CLAW. I am in big trouble. Akira has me locked up and in terrible pain. She is sitting on my chest and I can't dislodge her. My thong is well below my manhood leaving me exposed and no one can help me, I am totally on my own. I am losing control and I cry out for her to stop. "Let me go!! PLEASE LET ME GO!!
I roll from side to side trying to break her hold. My vision is beginning to blur as my eyes flutter. "Please-Please, no more!! I'm finished!! I begin to moan softly as I slide toward unconsciousness. "AAH, AAH. I give up, you win. Take my thong I won't fight you."

I now have completely surrendered to Akira. "So, now I have defeated you and you wish me to strip off you thong?" I have nothing left to fight with the end has come for me. "YES-YES!! You've beaten me. No more, please no more. Take my thong I'm done. Let me go and strip me. Two seconds later I slip into unconsciousness. Akira strips me of my light blue thong, sliding it down my legs and over my boots. She gets to her feet and stands over me holding my thong high in the air. As the ref comes to raise her hand again, Akira speaks into the microphone. "I've done it, I have defeated him and stripped him of his thong. No man can beat me. I am Queen of the ring."

She parades around the ring with my thong in the air. I am lying on my back wearing only my light blue wrestling boots. Several minutes later I awaken in the empty ring. I slowly get to my feet and stumble to my corner. I hold the ropes for support as I try to get my strength back. "Another defeat!! I've been beaten again. When will the losing stop?" Slowly I climb out of the ring and head back to my dressing room.

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