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amazon vs gladiator mixed wrestling she kills him

Update: 10.11.2017

A-489 "Gladiators vs Amazons"

Gallery size: 270 Full HD pictures

Armed mixed fighting, 270 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, bloody action.

In the center of Rome the arena was quiet, there were no Games posted for preview. All though out Rome the people were restless. They wanted some new entertainment. Hundreds of miles away the answer to their restlessness was just about to happen.

On a small island the Roman Legion was storming the beaches. The population of the island was about to be shaken to it’s very core. Less than 4 hours later it was over. The island inhabitants had dropped their weapons and been taken captive.

Three months later the arena is once again full. The emperor sits in his private box and listens to the cheers of the crowd. Under the great coliseum back out of sight of the fans the two sides are getting ready for the fight. 15 of the emperor’s finest gladiators are reading them self’s. On the other side of the coliseum there opponents are also preparing for the grand spectacle.

The Gladiators begin their preparations. First a string thong covers their manhood, next a front and rear leather loin cloth. This leather loin cloth just barely covers their manhood. Most of the male fighters wear a metal arm covering on their sward arm. It covers one shoulder and their arm down to their wrists. There wear leather sandals that lace up to just below their knees. A metal helmet, a shield and a large broad sward finishes their preparations.

Across the arena the captured Amazons also ready themselves for battle. This they believe is their chance for revenge. They are dressed almost like the Gladiators. They have on a thong and loin cloth just as the men do. They wear a metal arm cover and laced up leather sandals. The only difference is that across their chest and breasts they wear a leather leotard.

The trumpets announce the start of the contest. First out the their tunnel come the captured Amazons. The large crowd hoots and hollers as 15 of the most beautiful women they have ever seen enter the arena. Suddenly the trumpets sound again and 15 magnificent males march out of their tunnel. Many women in the arena swoon as the males appear, they are all very good looking and all have magnificent bodies.

The time has come for the contests to begin. The men move to one side of the arena and the women to the other. One by one the fighters are called to the center of the circle. The first two called are the youngest of the fighters of both sides. A young blond girl only in her teens steps forward with sword in hand. From the male side steps a fantastic looking man in his very early 20’s.

Both fighters come to the center of the arena and look up at the Emperor, he gives them the signal to begin. They lung and parry, advance and retreat. The sound of steel on steel echoes across the arena. It is a very fast and a very furious fight between two fine young athletes.

The very partisan crowd had expected a swift victory for their young male gladiator. However after 5 minutes of fighting the teenaged Amazon is still in the fight and is unmarked by her opponents sword. Suddenly the crowd gasps as one. The young Amazon has pierced the upper chest of her male opponent.

The young Gladiator is stunned. He screams in pain and looks down in horror at his wound. In the second that he is distracted the teenaged Amazon strikes a second blow on him. She slices his sword arm forcing him to drop his sword. Although neither blow is fatal The young gladiator is terrified that he is about to die. The look on his face is one of intense fear. He drops to his knees folds his hands in front of him and begs for his life “Don’t kill me. PLEASE don’t kill me!! I surrender!! The Emperor looks on in disgust. He is angry that one of his best Gladiators is begging for his life.

As the young male looks up the Emperor gives the “THUMS DOWN” sign. Not wanting to kill an unarmed man the Amazon teen uses the point of her sward to flip the defenseless Gladiator his sword. Slowly the young Gladiator gets to his feet and lifts his sword to defend himself. Clang, clang the crash of steel on steel. A third wound to the Gladiator’s chest causes him to stumble backward, he trips and fall to the ground looking up at his opponent.

This time there is no mercy in her. She drives her sword into him just below his chest and a few inches above his naval. The young Gladiator’s head rolls to his side, he is dead. The crowd is completely silent. They had not expected the fight to go this way. One of the Emperor’s best young Gladiators lies dead at the feet of a teenaged Amazon.

An angry and embarrassed Emperor orders the dead man’s body removed from the arena. He also orders that the contest continue. Next up is another young Gladiator, not as young as the first but almost. He must face an older Amazon. A woman in her 40’s. This time the crowd is sure that their young fighter will be victorious.

Those in the arena are once again stunned as the older Amazon quickly finishes off her male opponent. Two of the Emperor’s best young fighters are now dead. And so it goes for the next three contests. The powerful male Gladiators are defeated by their female Amazon opponents. Thus far the Amazons have beaten and killed 5 of the country’s best Gladiators.

At this point in the contest the leader of the Gladiators stands before the Emperor’s box and asks for the fights to be stopped. “PLEASE Caesar stop this contest. My men are dying. These women are killing my best Gladiators”. Caesar will hear none of this. He orders the fights to continue. However, trying to give his male fighters an advantage he orders hand to hand combat to the death.

Both the Gladiators and the Amazons remove their metal arm covers. They will hinder movement in hand to hand combat. The next two fighters come to the center of the arena. She is a brown haired Amazon with a very well developed body. He is also very well developed. They are of about the same size and age.

The two fighters engage each other and struggle for superiority. A sudden move by the Amazon takes the Gladiator to the ground. The female is quickly on him and rains punches down on his face and body. Blood begins to sprout from his face around one eye. Soon a second flow of blood comes from his lips. As the Amazon continues to pound the helpless Gladiator his head flips from side to side as her punches impact his face.

Unable to fight off his female opponent the Gladiator spends his energy trying to protect himself from her attack. He cannot mount any type of offence against her. After several minutes of intense pounding it is obvious that the Gladiator has been knocked out.

The Amazon gets to her feet and looks up at the Emperor and asks “PLEASE Caesar, let me spare his life. Don’t make me kill him!” Having been embarrassed by the very poor showing of his Gladiators the Emperor give the thumbs down sign. Sadly the Amazon returns to her still unconscious male opponent. She bends down and almost effortlessly pucks his off the ground. She raises him to chest high level. Then in a powerful slam she drops his back across her her out stretched thigh. There is a loud audible “KRACK!!!” as his back impacts her thigh. The Gladiator is dead. The Amazon rolls his lifeless body off her leg and he lands face up on the ground.

She stands and looks down on his for a few seconds. Then with her head bowed she move toward the Emperors box looks up and raises her arms in victory. A sixth Gladiator has meet his fate. As the contest continues male after male Gladiator falls before the Amazons. One by one they are defeated and killed by their female opponents. Soon the crowd grows restless and angry by how easily the men are defeated. They begin to boo the male fights and soon begin to boo the Emperor himself. This day of combat has turned into a disaster for the male Gladiators.

Finally the days combat has come to the last contest. This is the premier fight of the day. It matches the Queen of all the Amazons against the Empires very best Gladiator. The Emperor himself has come to the Gladiator’s room beneath the arena to encourage his best fighter. The Gladiator assures the Emperor that he will not only defeat the Queen of the Amazons but he will make her death very painful.

The trumpets call the last of the fighters to the center of the arena. The Amazon Queen is very beautiful and looks very powerful. As for the Gladiator he is the picture of manhood in all ways. Stunningly handsome, muscular and very well endowed. His male bulge is huge. On a signal from the Emperor the fight begins. The Gladiator strikes first as he lands a hard punch to the Amazon’s face. He follows that up with a punch to her gut. The Amazon Queen grabs at her stomach and drops to her knees.

The crowd cheers wildly as the Amazon goes down. It is the first good thing that has happened in all the fights. A hard kick to the side of her head sends the Amazon sprawling onto her back. The male fighter moves in trying to stomp on her chest. He lifts his foot and as he does the Amazon kicks his other leg sending him onto his back. Both fighters are down and on their backs.

The Queen is back to her feet first. She charges at her male opponent dropping across his chest. As she pins him to the ground she begins to pummel his face and head. After several hard blows a small trickle of blood comes from his cheek. Several more punches starts a trickle from his lip. He knows he must get back to his feet or he will be knocked out.

Raising his leg he drives his knee into the Amazon’s back. Two, three, four knees slam into her before she is dislodged. The two fighters get back to their feet and once again face each other. Again the Gladiator strikes first. A powerful punch lands on her cheek and sends her backward falling to the ground on her back. Now it is her cheek that is bleeding.

Both fighters land punishing blows on each other. One time it’s the Amazon who has been knocked down. The next it is the Gladiator. The fight goes back and forth between the two fighters. Punch after punch lands and rocks one or the other.

The crowd is on its feet cheering wildly as the two exchange pinches. It has now become difficult to tell who the crowd is rooting for. Another hard punch from the Gladiator sends the Amazon Queen down to the ground again. The Gladiator rushes it her, his arms wide apart knowing he needs to finish her off before he is exhausted.

As he nears her the Queen raises her leg. He continues to rush toward her. Suddenly he screams in pain, AAAAAAHHH!!!! His hands grasp his manhood and he falls to the ground. He rolls around moaning in pain. “OH, OH, AAAAH!!! I’m hurt!! This is the opening the Amazon has been waiting for. She grabs the Gladiator by his hair and pulls him to a sitting position. With his hands still cupping his manhood he cannot stop her.

The Amazon slips in behind the Gladiator and wraps her legs around him. She locks her ankles together and squeezes. The Gladiator realizes that he is trapped and begins to struggle to get free. He pounds on the Amazon’s legs. He twists back and forth, but the harder he tries to escape the tighter her legs squeeze him. He struggles a bit more then cries out She’s got me!! She’s got me, I don’t want to die!!”

After he cries out in fear and angry Emperor shouts at his best Gladiator “fight her you coward. Fight her!!” There is however very little fight left in the Gladiator. All that is left is fear.

Wanting to end the fight now the Amazon Queen wraps her arms around the Gladiator’s head she begins to twist it slowly. Knowing his end is near the Gladiator only hope it to beg for his life.

"PLEASE-PLEASE, I surrender to you. Don’t kill me please don’t kill me!! I surrender - I surrender!!!"


The Amazon Queen takes pity on her defeated opponent. She tell him “If your Emperor lets me I will let you live”.

Desperate to save his life the Gladiator begs the Emperor to let him live:

“PLEASE Caesar I don’t want to die. Let me surrender, don’t make her kill me!!! I beg you please let me live!!!”

An angry, embarrassed and merciless Emperor slowly gives his best Gladiator the “Thumbs Down” now the Amazon Queen has no choice Inch by inch she slowly twists the Gladiators head. All the while this is happening he is screaming his surrender over and over again.

“No-no, I don’t want to die. I surrender, don’t kill me!! Please I beg you, don’t kill me. I surrender!!"


As the last of his word leave his throat there is a loud KRACK!! The Gladiators neck has broken and he is dead. The Amazon releases her dead opponent and gets to her feet. She looks up at the Emperor. He stands and slow raises his arm. As his hand curls into a fist the “thumbs up” sign is given. The Amazon Queen and her people shall be freed.

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