japanese femdom mixed wrestling leotard fighting

Update: 28.04.2017

W-459 "Star vs two wrestlers"

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Mixed wrestling, 260 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

The American action actress has traveled abroad to get a big paycheck for a kind of entertainment that doesn’t exist back home. Her opponents are a father-son wrestling team from Japan. They came expecting a tag team match, but Star has arrived without her partner. There’s no rule against that. The father sends his son out to start the match.

The three fighters are standing in the middle of the ring. Star says to the two men, “You never should have agreed to a real fight. There aren’t enough of you and you aren’t big enough.” In the center of the ring, Star smacks the young man on his chest with both of her palms. The younger man is standing with his back to his original corner. His father is behind the ringpost. Star is holding the young man’s face with both her hands and kissing him full on the lips. His father is behind the ropes. The young man stumbles back to his corner, being smacked the same way two more times on the way: The palms of Stars hands to his chest. Still holding his face, Star head-butts him, bringing her forehead hard onto the bridge of his nose. With the man stunned, Star rips his trunks down to his ankles. Star, standing now, has him in a bear hug.

Star falls to her back and throws the young man over her. Here she is lying on her back, his head is on her body and his legs are straight up in the air, halfway through the move. Sitting on him triumphantly with one hand on the young man’s face, gripping it in a claw hold, she looks back at his father and throws a kiss to him with her other hand. The young man’s trunks are around one of his feet. Now lying atop him, Star has the man’s legs spread to an extreme degree with her legs, her ankles being wrapped around his. And she has her face buried in his neck, as if giving him a hickey. The young man is sitting on the mat putting his trunks back on. Star is at the guys’ corner saying to the father, “Your son is my toy. Now I’m going to take his little trunks again. It’ll be easy. Then I’m going to load him upside down on my shoulder and parade him around. There’s nothing he can do to stop me.”

Having turned back to the young man, who is standing, she points at his crotch. She says, “You might as well just give them to me, Junior. They’re mine now.” She has one hand on his wrist and her other hand holding his same hand. His arm is extending in front of his body, as if she is ready to whip him to the corner his father is standing in. The young man is in the corner, his back to the ringpost. He is bent over, his face facing the mat. Star is holding him in that position. Her arm is over the back of his neck and wrapping under his throat in a choke. Her other arm is making its way down the back of his trunks. She is looking at the father and says, “How humiliating this must be for you.” The young man’s trunks are off. Star has pushed his head all the way down to the mat, but he is still standing – bent over – and his butt is against the ringpost. She is applying pressure so that his face is almost touching his ankles.

Star is standing. She has the young man completely off his feet. The back of his neck is resting on her shoulder, and he extends upward from there, upside down. She is holding him in place with her hand (the one on the opposite side from the shoulder he is on) behind one of his knees. She parades him around like that. She stands right in front of the father, holding the son like that. She says, “I’d give him back to you, but I want to put him to sleep so you and I can play for a while.” The young man is standing in front of his father. Star has her hands locked behind her head. Standing in front of him, she says, “I’m going to stuff your face into the pit now, Junior. There’s not a thing in the world you can do to stop me. By the time you wake up, I’ll probably be doing the same thing to your father.”

Star and the young man are locked in a standing wrestler’s grip, each with a hand on the back of the other’s neck. Now the man’s face is, indeed, stuck in her armpit. They are standing. The man is leaning backwards, under her control. His hands are trying to pull her off him. She is looking at the father and saying, “I hope this looks like fun to you, because you’re next.” The young man is flat on his back, his nose and mouth still covered by her armpit. Star is mainly next to him. The picture shows her bosom swelling because of the position they’re in. She is holding him with one hand and patting her hair into place with the other. She is not straining, but, if possible, the picture should indicate that he is struggling to get free. The young man is now limp, and Star is kissing him on the forehead. She is standing and, with her feet, pushing the unconscious young man toward the edge of the ring.

She now is facing the father, with her hands behind her head again, and saying, “Ready for yours, Daddy? Or are you smart enough to just run away now?” The bigger man is now in the ring. He dwarfs Star. She is pointing at his crotch and saying, “First I’m going to take your shorts. See if you can stop me.” She kicks him in the face in either of two ways. Either she is standing right in front of him, and one of her feet never leaves the mat, while the other circles through his face. This would have her kicking leg coming straight up, forming a 90-degree angle with the mat. Or – if he is too tall for this to work - she has jumped and is turning in a circle and actually looking away from him when her foot connects with his face. He has back up a little, she has thrown her body sideways into his. Her feet are off the floor as she rams her shoulder into his chest. He has fallen back against the ropes. Her hands are at his shorts as she is beginning to pull them down. He is standing there with his shorts at his ankles. She has taken a step back and is saying, “I can’t believe how easy that was. You’re no match for me either, are you, Papa”

He is squatting to pull his shorts up. She has turned her back on him. As is about halfway up, she slams her butt into his midsection and the back of her head into his head. He has slunk to the mat. She is standing from of him with her hands on her hips. He is looking straight at her butt. One of her bare feet comes up and slaps him across his cheek. She stands above him with her hands on her hips, facing him. “You’re pathetic,” she says. “Sexy, but pathetic.” She is on her hands knees in front of him, her cleavage being dramatically displayed. We see her from his perspective. She says, “I’m coming for them again, Big Guy. They’re not yours anymore. They’re mine.”


She is in on him, with her hands at her crotch. His hands are his crotch, too, and she is saying, “Let’s see if your big, strong man hands can fight off me little girly, girly fingers with their pretty red polish.” She has pulled his shorts to his knees. She is standing above him with his shorts, holding them in the air. She says, “I don’t think your pants could come off any faster if you thought we were going to have sex.” She has turned her back to the man, who is still seated. He is looking straight at her ass again. She is dropping the shorts a foot or two in front of her. She is bending over forward and saying, “See anything you like, Mr. Man?” He is up and moving to wrap his arms around her from behind.


Still facing away from him, her hands are on the mat and her feet have come up and grabbed his head between them. She has thrown her head back to between his legs and, with her feet, has thrown the man forward in a somersault. The man is flat on his hands and knees, with his trunks lying on the mat in front of him. Star is standing with her foot on his butt. She is saying, “I own you now, Big Fella. Now I’m just going to torment you.” Star has landed two kicks to his stomach. She sits on his crotch facing him. She is saying, “This is the part before your face goes in my armpit. I think you’ll like it, or part of it.” The man starts to turn around to face her. She is leaning toward him, her face next to his. His arms are starting to close around her amorously. She slaps his face. “Uh uh, Pal,” she says. “You’re not nearly man enough.” He is flat on his back as she says, “There is one part of me I will let you kiss.”


She has scooted over and taken his face into her armpit. Her legs are out an angle to his body. His mouth and nose are covered by her flesh. He is struggling. Holding him effortlessly, she looks around and says, “OK, where’s the kid?” We see him stirring behind her, putting on his trunks. As their eyes meet and she continues to hold the father in her armpit, she says, “I dare you to try to help your old man, Junior. I’d love to work you both over at the same time. Scared, huh? That a good idea. Be very, very afraid.” She is now standing toe-to-toe with the young man. We see his father is on his back, unconscious. She is saying to the young man, “Take off your trunks and give them to me. Otherwise I’ll take them very painfully, and you’ll go back up on my shoulder. You want that?”


Both men are on their feet, naked. They are hanging their heads in shame. She is standing between them for applause, holding one pair of trunks in each hand, her arms raised above her head. Both men are on their knees, each with his head leaning against one of her legs and his arms holding the leg. Her hands are gently cupping each of their faces, with their trunks hanging from her hands.