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headscissors mixed wrestling femdom leotard assassin

Update: 08.09.2017

W-479 "A Champion's retirement!"

Gallery size: 150 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 150 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

I am the "All American Hero" Geo. I am the current and long standing world champion of the IWF.

That stands for the International Wrestling Federation. I've been champion for over 7 years now and I am retiring at the end of the year.  I'm just about ? of the way thru me grand retirement tour. It consists of about 14 matches designed for me to say farewell to all my fans. 

The matched are booked because they are against very easy opponents. Most are either very young just starting out of old and over the hill. In either case they are supposed to be easy for me to beat. I don't mean this to say that they don't make a real effort, they do. It's just they are past the time or the time has not yet come when they pose a danger to me winning the match and retaining my title.  
At 45 years old I am still a very capable wrestler. 


Tonight should be a fairly easy night for me. My opponent is a 19yr old up and comer. She is the daughter of two wrestlers, both former champions. Wresting me is an honor to both her and her parents both of whom will be in the crowd tonight.

Time now to get ready. I slip out of my street clothes and grab my gear bag. First I slid on shiny black pantyhose. My legs look great in them. Then comes shiny satin wrestling trunks. Even at my age I still look good in these trunks. They form my manhood into a large masculine bulge. Next comes shiny white wrestling boots. I love the way they look on me. 

Now comes the final piece of my wrestling gear. My pride and joy, my world title belt. I wrap it around my waist were it has been for over seven years now. In all those years no one has come close to taking it away from me.   

With both of us in the ring the announcer begins: "Wrestling fans, this is a one fall to a finish pin or submission match. It is for the world wrestling championship!!!? In this corner making her first attempt at Winning a world title. At only 19 years old, she is the current Regional Champion Allison Monarch. And in the opposite corner. He is the long reigning World Champion "The All American Hero" Geo!!!"


This in my 7th match on my retirement tour. I only have 3 more after tonight. It has been grueling and very tiring. Every wrestler I have faced no matter how good gives it everything they have, they all want to beat the champion.

A couple of deep breaths and I'm ready. There's the bell "GONG!!!" the match starts. POW!!! A boot slams into my head just were my neck starts. It is a tremendous kick. I stumble sideways a few steps and drop to the mat face down. My feet are inches from the ropes and my head is pointed to the center of the ring. To say I'm stunned is an understatement.  "What happened? I can't get up. What did she do to me?" 

The ref comes over to me and looks at me closely. Suddenly she has started counting over me. 



Why is she count me? The bell just rang. I've got to get to my feet!! 




I grab the ropes and pull myself up. I'm dazed and my vision is blurred. I stagger off the ropes and right into a Front Head Lock Almost instantly I'm gasping for air, this is the tightest head lock I have ever been in.  


Just outside the ring the announcers are going crazy. "I can' believe this!! Allison has landed a tremendous side kick to the Champion's head!! 

"Yes she has Roberta and the Champion is in big trouble. He staggers sideways, HE'S DOWN!! The Champion is down. He has dropped to his knees and appears to be badly dazed."

He's on the mat, he has just toppled over face down on the mat. The ref has started the count, he may not get up."

He's got the ropes and is getting to his feet. He's up but he looks to be in serious trouble." 

She HIP-Tosses to the mat still hold me in the head lock. I kick my legs wildly, I twist back and forth trying to escape the hold. I can feel my strength slowly draining away. Releasing the head lock she mounts my back and sits on my buttocks. Grabbing both my arms she pulls them up behind me and then twists them. 

I'm writhing in pain as my arms are twisted. I kick my legs trying to dislodge her from my back. 

"Oh god this hurts!! She's so strong. She's tearing my arms loose. I've got to get free!!" She stands up still holding my arms and plants one of her boots into the small of my back. In a display of power she pulls me to my knees. She moves her boot up between my shoulder blades and continues pulling on my arms. After only a few seconds she has me screaming in pain. "My arms, oh god my arms!! You're breaking my arms!!  AAAAAAH! It hurts!! OOOOOOHHHH!!!"

Allison calls to the ref: "Ask him ref. Is he ready to submit? Go on ask him!!"  

The ref kneels down in front of me How bout it champ? You ready to submit? Do you want me to stop it?" I shake my head no then tell her "NO - NOOOO! Not giving up!! Won't submit!!" 

From out at the announcers table Roberta and Nicole Baker former world tag team champions as stunned by what is happening in the ring. "Allison has just told the ref to ask the Champion if he wants to submit. This match is only a few minutes old and already Allison is asking for his submission. 

Yes she is Nicole and rightfully so. The World Champion is in terrible condition. He is very close to defeat. I can't see how he can last much longer!!" 

Allison works her boots down the Champions spine. They now are at the lower part of his back. Still holding his arms tightly she lifts his feet off the mat. The World Champion is trapped in a BACK BREAKER and ARM STRETCH.  

With his arms stretched and twisted, with Allison's boots digging into his lower spine and his legs hanging uselessly in the air The World Champion is in serious trouble. "My back, she's going to break my back. I've got to get free, I can't let her beat me. OH god it hurts, I don't want to submit. I can't let her beat me. I've to get free." 

The World Champion has a pained expression on his face. Looking closely the fans can see tears forming in his eyes and running down his cheeks. He kicks his legs but the power from earlier in the match is gone. He twists his shoulders and tries to pull his arms free but he no longer has enough strength to break the hold.

"I can't take much more of this. Just too much pain. She's so strong!! I can't get free, she's going to defeat me, I'm going to lose my title. After only a few more seconds The World Champion cries out to the ref: 



Both the ref and Allison Monarch are both stunned by The All American Hero's quick submission. 


Allison has not yet released the now former champion. The ref comes close as asks Geo if he's given up. 

"Geo, is that it have you given up? Did you submit?"


The defeated ex-champion again screams his surrender:




Allison lowers the beaten ex-champ to the mat. He lies in the center of the ring face up staring into the ring lights. 


His mind cannot believe what has just happened to him She beat me, How was she able to defeat me so quickly? I've lost my title, what about the rest of my farewell matches. What am I going to do.
Lying on his back in the center of the ring Geo can't move. He can neither get up or roll out of the ring. He must just lie there as the announcer stands over him. 


"Wrestling fans, in a stunning up set in only 3minutes and 17 seconds the winner of the match via submission and now THE NEW CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!! ALLISON MONARCH!!!!"


As the announcement is made the former champion breaks down in tears. He covers his face with his hands to hide his humiliation. The ref wraps the world title belt around Allison's waist and buckles it tight. With the title belt around her waist she stands in the center of the ring directly over the beaten former champ. She raises her arms in the air as the fans cheer her. 


After a minute or two Allison kneels down beside the the beaten All American Hero.  Are you OK champ? Geo looks up at her Not champion any more. You defeated me and took my title. You're the champion now. Allison nods her head at the male wrestler lying at her feet. "Can you get up? I'll help you if you want. All Geo can do is shake his head. No-no I can't get up. It hurts too much. Can't feel my legs. You beat me real bad. Made me submit. No one ever did that before. 


After several more minutes Geo is able to get to his feet and slowly limp back to his dressing room.

He staggers over to the wall and leans his head against it. Out wrestled, out powered and defeated. How could she do that to me. I was the world champion. Slowly geo steps out of his trunks. Sitting he removes his boots. Going over to the mirror he stands looking at himself in just his pantyhose. Defeated by a teenager. I lost the match, I lost my title all to a 19yr old girl. 

How could she defeat me so easily. Slowly Geo strips out of his shiny black pantyhose and heads to the shower.

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