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tag team mixed wrestling femdom leotard grappling

Update: 25.03.2022        W-721 "Seniors' wrestling night"

Mixed wrestling, 320 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

It has not happened in a wile but it’s now the night for senior retired wrestlers to return to the ring. First up is a tag-team match. This is a match that lots of fans would have loved too have seen many years ago. It will feature Two former championship teams In a men Vs women match. 

For the men it will be former World tag team Champions Jake Watson and his long time partner Matt Nelson. They will be taking on The former Women’s World Champions Christy Harrison and her partner Nancy York. They all wrestled in the age before inter gender wrestling. These two teams have never wrestled each other before. 

In their dressing room Jake and Matt are getting ready, they are mildly amused by all the fuss. Jake is 61 yrs old and his partner Matt has just turner 60. They expect a very easy night of it. Certain they will easily defeat the women’s team. They strip off their street cloths and grab their gear. Both men have new gear just for this match. They step into and pull up shiny metallic dark red thongs. Both men adjust there manhood’s in the new thongs. Next come shiny dark red boots and as a final item they both wear their old world championship title belts. 

In another dressing room the Women’s world champions are also getting ready. Even though they are older now they both have maintained fantastic bodies. As such they have agreed to wear up to date ring attire. Both woman pull on shiny tan pantyhose. These are followed by white thong cut leotard, shiny white boots and of coarse their world title belts. The women’s champions 63 yr old Nancy and her partner 59 yr old Christy are ready to wrestle. 

With all four wrestlers in the ring the match is close to starting. The announcer advises the fans that as a special stipulation this will be a title for title match. The winners will take both titles. With that out of the way the wrestlers return to their corners. All four wrestler unbuckle their title belts and drape them over the turnbuckles. 

Starting for his team will be Jake Watson and starting for her team will be Nancy York. The bell sends Jake and Nancy at each other. As the close in on each other Nancy attacks first. She moves behind Jake and wraps her arms around his mid-section. She holds him very tightly, making it very hard for the 61 yr old male wrestler to breath properly. 

After several seconds Nancy brings Jake to the mat. As she is behind him, she wraps her legs around his middle. Jake is doing every thing he can to escape this scissors hold. Being unable to breath very well he is very rapidly losing his strength. As the minutes pass Jake learns two things, first his opponent Nancy is very fast and she is unbelievably strong . \

The older male wrestler, just can’t cope with her power. Nancy now takes total control of Jake. She grabs both his arms and bends them up behind his back. He very quickly screams in pain. "AAAAAAUUU!! SHE’S HURTING ME!!!! OH GOD IT HURTS. Jake still on the mat continues to struggle, trying to escape the hold. One, two, three minutes pass and Jake is still trapped. His tag team partner calls out to his "Jake, Jake what the heck is wrong with you? She’s just a woman for god’s sake. Get free and take her out!!!" The problem with that is that if Jake could do it, he would have done it. 

Four, Five minutes! Jake has been trapped in this combination hold. Jake is stunned and now frightened. In his entire career he has never been trapped like this. No wrestler has ever been able to control him like Nancy is controlling him. He wants the fall and the match to be over. He is really frightened of these women. There is one other thing about wrestling them, when they’ve beaten you, They give you a rock hard DEFEAT BONER. Just ask Jake, he has one now. 

"Matt-Matt, you’ve got to help me!!!! She’s going to submit me!!!! I can’t get free I’m going to lose the fall. PLEASE Matt help me!!!!" Matt is well aware there is little to nothing he can do to help his long time partner and good friend. Jake is on his own. It seems that Jake is being crushed by this women wrestler. He again cries out to his partner. Jake is now in tears, they are running down his cheeks. "Matt please, I can’t very much more!! She’s really hurting me!!!! I’m going to have to give up!! She’s going to beat me, Matt she’s going to submit me"!!! 

Jake has now been trapped for over seven minutes. He is just seconds away from surrender. Looking into his partners face, seeing him with tears running down his cheeks Matt has no choice. He leaps into the ring. He also leaps into the hands of Christy Harrison. Christy lands a powerful fore-arm that smashes into Matt’s chin. The 61 yr old male wrestler drops to the mat as if he’d been shot. Christy bends down and slaps Matt on the face to bring him to. She also grabs on of his shiny dark red boots. As Matt slowly comes to, he instantly feels the pain. In seconds it is overwhelming him. He discovers that he is trapped in a FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK. 

This is an unbelievable turn of events, both male tag team champions are hopelessly trapped in painful submission holds. Matt is screaming in pain and his partner is now openly crying hysterically completely overwhelmed by the pain he is in. Both men share several things They are both trapped, they are both ready to give up and finally they both have swollen and rock hard DEFEAT BONERS. 

The ref sees that the match is over and both men have been defeated. She goes to Jake first, "Is that it Jake, are you ready to submit?" It takes Jake Watson, the former world tag team champion less than a second to answer.

"Yes-Yes!!!! I’m ready. I submit!!!! PLEASE make her stop, I’m done, I give up!!! Oh god Nancy, you’ve beaten me!!!!!!! I submit to you, you win!!!! I give up, I give up!!!"

Even though her male opponent has submitted to her, She continues to hold him tightly. On the other side of the ring Matt Nelson lies trapped in a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. The ref makes her way to were Matt is struggling in the leg lock. "Matt, you’ re partner has surrendered do you wish to submit also? You have to tell me what you want to do." It also does not take Matt to long to decide. 

"I GIVE UP-I GIVE!!! No MORE, PLEASE NO MORE!!! I SUBMIT-I SUBMIT!!!! OH GOD, I’VE BEEN DEFEATED TOO!! SHE WINS I SUBMIT!!! We’ve both been defeated!!! The Woman’s team has beaten us both!!" 

Finally the match is over. Both men have given up and been released from the submission holds they were in. Jake Watson lies on his back a few feet form his Tag Team partner. He is completely spent. He does not have the energy to get to his feet. He just lies there in his shiny dark red boots and his stretched out thong covering his rock hard DEFEAT BONER. 

Matt Nelson lies only a foot or so from his long time partner. Matt is softly moaning in pain. His legs useless for the moment. He too has a stiff DEFEAT BONER in his shiny red thong. Neither man can believe that they were beaten so badly and so easily by the female team. Matt whispers softly, How could they beat us like this? They are only women. We are men, we should have beaten them easily,"  What Matt does not realize is that if the two teams had met years ago, Matt and Jake would have lost then too. 

The announcer has just finished telling everyone the Ladies Tag-Team Champions has beaten the men’s Tag Team Champions by Double Submission. Winning both title belts. With both men stretch out on the mat Matt Nelson begins to shout. "Our belts, our title belts!!! We’ve lost our world title belts!!" The last thing for Jake and Matt is to see Nancy and Christy standing over them wearing their Women’s world title belts around their waists and their newly won, men’s World title belts draped over their shoulders. 

Next on the list is the American National Champion Vs The Women’s Continental Champion this match is also a double title belt match the winner of the match wins both titles. Enter the ring first is the Continental Champion Vivian Lord. She is 62 yrs old and fantastic looking. She has on a shiny brown thong cut leotard, brown pantyhose, and shiny brown boots and her title belt. . Next to enter is Wade Buttler the American National Champion. Wade is wearing a shiny metallic white thong and white boots and his championship title belt.

The bell sends Wade and Vivian out of their corners to do battle. The first to attack is Vivian. She walks up to Wade and drives her knee very low into his mid section. This a surprise tactic she has used against many female opponents. She is surprised how well it works against male opponents. Her knee has slammed into the tip of Wade’s manhood and dropped him to his knees.

Vivian moves in on the male champion and delivers a second knee to Wade’s face. The knee has sent him crashing to the mat on his back. From what people at ring side can tell it looks as though Wade is out cold. Vivian drops beside him to find out. She has a very strange way of finding out if he is out cold. 

Making her hands claw like, she digs them into Wade’s mid section. One hand high on his stomach. The other dug into him well below the belt line of his shiny white thong. It is obvious she has both his lower abdomen as well as a small amount of his manhood. No matter what, Vivian has Wade screaming wildly. "AAHH!! AAHH!! Oh my god, my abdomen!!! She ripping me apart!!!" With the match only 42 seconds old Wade is hopelessly trapped in an ABDOMINAL CLAW. The ref moves in. "Wade, can you go on? Do you want to continue? Can you keep wrestling?" His answer comes very quickly.


In a stunning defeat for one wrestler and a stunning victory of the other, the match ends. Vivian releases Wade and he lies on the mat moaning softly. 62 yr old Vivian Lord has just won her easiest match ever, Defeating Wade Buttler. 

As she stands over the beaten male wrestler. She buckles on her Women’s Continental Championship belt. She also takes Wade’s title belt and drapes it over her shoulder. She now has both belts. As for Wade he has just suffered the quickest defeat in his entire career. 

The look on his face is very saddening for all of his fans that have come to see him wrestle. The amazingly fast defeat of the once great champion is sad for everyone. Wade dazed and beaten, with his hands holding tightly to his stomach Wade lies on the mat beaten and humiliated. With a rock hard BONER In side his shiny white thong. Defeat will do that to a male wrestler. Wade finally gets to his feet. He is very shaky as he stumbles to his corner. He has a very difficult time exiting the ring with that huge boner between his legs. 

The next match pits the 60 yr old World Women’s Champion. She will be taking on the Men’s World Champion. Back in those days the men’s champion was always called the World Champion. No mention of gender. That is completely different from today were Women wrestle and beat men all the time. In his dressing room 62 yr old Jimmy Starr is getting for his match. Jimmy is completely confident in his ability to not only handle the Women’s Champion, but easily defeat her. After all she’s only a woman. With his street cloths off Jimmy stands in front of the mirror admiring his body, he is in very good shape. 

He begins by wiggling into very tight and very shiny white tights. His tights hug every curve and bulge of his body. He lace on Shiny white boots, then wraps the World Champion title belt around his waist. Across the hall his opponent, Penny Birdsong is also getting ready. She pulls on shiny tan pantyhose she then wiggles into a thong cut Dark red leotard and laces up her dark red boots. Finally Penny buckles on the world women’s championship belt. Penny is ready to take on Jimmy Starr. 

As Penny enters the ring she can’t help thinking that she wished she had the opportunity to wrestle Jimmy years ago. She believes she could have beaten him back then, just like she’s going to beat him to tonight. As for Jimmy he has a look of distain on his face as if Penny offers no challenge to him at all. As with all of the matches this is a BELT for Belt match. The winner will get both belts. 

Jimmy finds this very funny, he asks the ref if he will be the women’s champion when he wins. The ref answers just a little annoyed at Jimmy. No but you will get Penny’s most prized possession, her world title belt. Penny’s Women’s World Championship. The ref explains that this is a belt for belt match. Jimmy just shakes his head and looks at Penny almost disgustedly. The bell sends both world Champions go at each other Penny attacks first and fast. She races across the ring and gets Jimmy in a STANDING HEAD LOCK. He is stunned by both her speed and her power. The head lock she has on him is very painful. Jimmy quickly struggles to get free. He pulls on her arms and tries to bend her hands to escape. It’s no use She has it locked on him very tightly . 

After about two minutes in the head lock, The former World Champion slumps to the mat on his knees. The lack of air wile in the head lock has weakened the men’s Champion. Desperate to escape the hold and get some air into his lungs, Jimmy send a punch between Penny’s legs. She instantly lets go of his head and grabs at her privet area and screams, "Oh god, he punched me!!! He punched me!!!" Jimmy wraps his hands around Penny’s neck and forces her into a corner. He then begins to pummel her with both hands. A hard punch crashes into her mid-section. The next punch slams into her right breast. Her head flops forward and she drops to the mat, with her arms crossed over her breasts. 

Penny slowly gets to her feet with the help of the ropes. Wade sees her rise off the mat and comes charging across the ring at her. As he closes in on her she turns out of the way. As she does she manages to drive her elbow that slams into Jimmy’s chin. His head snaps back and he stumbles forward falling onto to Penny. 

She manages to spin him around and push him into the corner. Their rolls are now reversed. It’s the Women’s Champion that is pounding on the men’s. Penny’s returns the favor as her very first punch slams into the bulge in Jimmy’s shiny white tights. Jimmy screams loudly "My manhood, she punched me in my manhood!!" 

For his trouble, Penny delivers a second punch in the same spot. Jimmy’s head flops back and there is a look of great pain on his face. He also now has a large DEFEAT BONER inside his tights. Penny pulls him out of the corner and drives a punch into his mid section. Jimmy drops to his knees. A very hard kick sends him falling face first onto the mat. 

At this point all Penny has to do is roll him onto his back and fall across his chest. There is no way that Jimmy could kick out of a pin. It is very clear that Penny has a different plain. She steps on the back of his thighs and wraps his shiny white boots around hers. She reaches forward and grabs his arms. She then begins to rock back and forth. She then pulls Jimmy off the mat, up and over into a painful MEXICAN CEILING HOLD. This is the most painful hold in wrestling, almost no one escapes from it. 

Jimmy is no different. The intense pain snaps him awake. And he instantly begins to scream. "My back, she’s going to break my back!!! The ref moves in on the trapped Champion. "Is that it Champ? You ready to submit to her ?" The crowd is absolutely stunned. The former World Wrestling Champion trapped by his female opponent in a crushing submission hold. His manhood swollen and rock hard inside his shiny white tights. Being asked if he wants to submit to the former World’s Woman’s Champion. Male Vs Female with the female winning. 

Jimmy is ready with his answer: 

"I’m done I submit!!! She’s got me!!! Get her off me ref!!!! Please get her off me!!!!! She’s wins, she’s beaten me!! I give up-I give up!!!! No more, please no more!!!! I give up!!!! Oh my god, I’ve lost to a woman!!! Please, Penny, you’ve beaten me!!!! I submit, you’ve beaten me!!!! I submit I submit!!!"

That’s it, with his submission, Jimmy Starr has been beaten by Penny Birdsong. The former World Wrestling Champion has lost to the Woman’s World Wrestling Champion. 

Penny drops Jimmy in the center of the ring flat on his back. This is the first time he has been on his back. It looks and feels strange to see the male Champion lying at the feet of the female Champion. However, it’s a fact that he has been beaten. He lies there in pain for several minutes before trying to get up. He actually needs help to get too his feet. The crowd cheers both the winner and the loser. Two great Champions fighting it out to see who is best. 

The ref raises Penny’s arm in victory. As she does, Jimmy comes to Penny With tears running down his cheeks, Jimmy Starr the former World Champion hands Penny his World title belt. He shakes her hand and tells her "You’ve defeated me. Here is my title belt it’s yours now. You are the only World Wrestling Champion." The sad and humiliated ex-champion turns and walks back to his corner Stiff, hard and beaten.

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