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mixed wrestling leotard ballbusting karate groin kick woman beats man

Update: 12.05.2023        W-780 "Road to the tiltle blocked!!!"

Mixed wrestling, 240 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

This is how it started, that's me hanging from the shoulder of my opponent. That's me with my shiny white jockstrap swelling up with a hard DEFEAT BONER. Yes, that's me hanging there, with my shiny white boots dangling in the air, my jockstrap stretching to it's limit with my swelling manhood. 

Before tonight I was well on my way to the World Wrestling Championship. I was undefeated with a record of 32 wins and no defeats. In less than 2 minutes all that will change. My opponent has battered me for more that 12 minutes. She has forced me into a corner were she hit me with about 10 or 12 very hard punch's, fore-arms and knee strikes. 

She followed that up by getting me in a head lock between her knees. I was trapped I couldn't get free. She then wrapped her arms around my middle. Lifting me off the mat she flipped me onto her shoulder getting me in an OVER THE SHOULDER-Back Breaker. The ref is just about to ask me if I want to give up. The truth is, I've wanted to surrender to her since she had me in the corner. 

Have you had enough yet? Are you ready to submit to her?" 

Ready is she kidding? I've been ready since she got my in that head lock. 

"YES!!! YES!!! I'm ready, I submit to her!!! She's beaten me!!! I Give up!!! I give up!!! Let me go!!!! Please, let me go! I SUBMIT, I SUBMIT!!!!"

With that she drops me to the mat and raises her arms in VICTORY!!!! OK, so now I'm 32 & 1 everybody loses some time. Dear god this is embarrassing, lying here with a huge DEFEAT BONER between my legs. She is standing over me with a very big smile on her face. OH DAM, THIS IS EMBARRASSING!!!!! 

Well ok it's 4 mounts later I am now 46 & 1, no matter what I do I can not get rid of that 1. It is the only thing keeping me from a title shot. The woman that gave me that 1 has already had her title shoot. It took the Champion less that 7 minutes to defeat her via submission. 

To night I will be facing the number 5 contender. As I am number 3 it is my ranking that is on the line tonight. I need to beat her to keep my ranking and she needs to beat me to get ahead. This type of match is always a desperate struggle for both wrestlers.  

In my dressing room I am getting ready to wrestle. I slip off my street cloths and reach into my gear bag. I pull out a brand new pair of shiny white pantyhose. I slip them over my feet and pull them up wiggling as I do. After a minute or two I get them on and smoothed out. I lace up my shiny white boots and I am ready to wrestle. 

Across the hall my opponent is also getting ready, she pulls her pantyhose on and stretches a gold metallic leotard. Them comes shiny gold boots. She is now ready to head to the ring. With both of us in the ring the match is just moments away. There it is the bell to start the match. I race across the ring leap into the air and land a huge DROP KICK on my opponents chest. 

They say chest, but in reality my boots slammed into her tits. She is driven back into her corner by the kick. I am quickly back to my feet and follow her into the corner. My left hand grabs her around her neck. I make a fist with my right hand a slam a hard punch into her left tit. 

I can hear the air rush out of her lungs. My next punch lands low at her abdomen. Holding tightly to her neck I can hear he moan with every punch. I quickly land about 5 more punches. I release her neck and she slumps to the mat. I am cretin that I have my 47th victory. 

I am almost ready to pull her out to the center of the ring. I see it about to happen, but I can't stop it. WHAM!!! She lands her closed fist between my legs. The punch slams into my manhood like an ATOMIC explosion. I look down with a look of horror on my face. My mouth is open as if to scream. My eyes are wide at the sight of my manhood being smashed. 

I am frozen in place unable to move. She's got me, I can't defend myself. I can't stop her next move!!!! Here it comes, "Oh god no!!!! Not again, PLEASE not again!!" The bomb has gone off!!! Her fist has slammed into my already badly injured manhood. The second punch sends me staggering backward out of the corner. My hands are tightly cupped around my injured manhood. 

After only a very few steps I fall backward to the mat. All I can do is lie there unmoving. Strangely enough, my female opponent can not take advantage of my predicament. As she too is on the mat. Back in the corner she is on her knees in the corner. After landing her two hard punches to my manhood, she then slumped to the mat. 

Here we both are, her with her hands cupped tightly around her tits. And me, flat on my back in the middle of the ring with my hands cupping my manhood tightly.  I roll across the mat to the ropes. Reaching up. I pull myself to my feet. Across the ring my opponent is doing the same thing. 

She beats me to her feet by a few seconds. That is all the time she needs to attack me. With my hands still wrapped around the top rope, She sends a side kick into my mid-section. It knocks the wind out of me and sends me lying on the top ropes holding on tightly. 

Facing the ring wile holding tightly to the top rope I am a wide open target. The tip of her boot slams into me inches below the elastic waist band of my shiny white pantyhose. The kick devastates me. I lose my grip on the rope and drop to my knees, then fall face first to the mat. 

I'm done, I have no strength left. More that that I no longer have the will to fight. Pulling me away from the ropes as I lie face down, my opponent steps on the back of my thighs. She then grabs my arms and pulls them behind me. I instantly know what she is going for. She is trying to get me into a MEXICAN CEILING HOLD. This is the most painful hold in all of Pro-wrestling. If you can't escape within just a few seconds you'll be forced to surrender to your opponent. 

Slowly at first she begins to rock back and forth. Faster and faster now she suddenly pulls me off the mat. Up and over I go, One minute, I'm lying on the mat and the next minute I'm locked into an excruciatingly painful hold!!! I jerk my body around trying to escape. It's no use, she has me!!! I can't get free. 

Within seconds I am overwhelmed by the pain. I have no choice, I have to surrender to her.

"I give up, I give up!!!! Let me go, please let me go!!!! You've got me, I can't escape!!!! I submit!!!! I submit!!!! You win, you've beaten me!!!! I submit!!!!"

There goes any hope I had of a title match. She drops me to the mat and raises her arms in victory. My career lies in ruin, there will be no title match for me. I lie there gasping for air and still in tremendous pain. I will need help to stand and get back to my dressing room. 

As my victorious opponent moves around the ring with her arms raised, I remain on the mat in pain. I've lost my ranking and don't know were I will fall to. My opponent is now the number 3 contender. 

The ring staff comes to me and slowly and carefully get me to my feet. Every movement is painful. They finally get me back to my dressing room. They help me onto the padded table and exit the room. 

At much as I want to remove my wrestling gear I just can't, it hurts to much. All I can do is lie there hopping that the huge DEFEAT BONER between my legs will quickly soften.

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