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mixed wrestling holds bearhug falling down leotard woman beats man

Latest update: 13.11.2020

W-650 "Senior league #2"

Gallery size: 390 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 390 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It looks like it is going to be another big night for the Senior Wrestling League. For the second month in a row there will be a championship match. This time it will be for The World Senior Tag-Team Championship. The current champions are Barry and Bernadette Levinson. They will be taking on the number one contenders, Keith and Julia James. 

The champions Barry and Bernadette have been married for almost 35 yrs and have been wrestling for most of that time. Both have held individual titles and they have been tag-teams champs before. Barry is 57 yrs old and his wife Bernadette is 55.

As for the challengers, Keith is 54 and his wife Julia is 52. They have been married for 29 yrs, but have only been Wrestling for the last 10 yrs. Neither has ever held ant type of title before. With just minutes before the start of the match the challengers have entered the ring. They stand quietly in their corner. The fans welcomed them with polite applause. 

Now here comes the the World Champions. As they walk down the aisle they are met with loud cheering and thunderous applause. They are a real fan favorite. Both are extremely good looking and are considered to be very good wrestlers. The Champions will wrestle in their white outfits. Bernadette has on a very tight white high cut thong leotard, with black pantyhose and white boots. Barry has on his very tight shiny white tights and white boots. Both are wearing their World title belts around their waists. 

As for Keith and Julia they are dressed all in tan. Keith wears tan tights and boots and Julia has on a tight, thong cut leotard in tan with tan boots. They hope to soon have title belts  to wear. The ref gives her instructions and all four wrestlers return to their corners. 

It is only a few seconds before the bell. Both Bernadette and Julia step out of the ring as the men will begin the match for both teams. BONG!!! The match is on. Both men charge at each other. Keith scores first getting Barry in a HAMMER-LOCK. Barry’s arm is bent up behind his back and he is quickly up on his toes. Instantly Barry learns that Keith is very strong, as he has a tight grip on Barry’s arm. 

Barry struggles in the HAMMER-LOCK for over a minute before he can get to the ropes. Keith is forced to release Barry. With his back to the ropes, Barry shakes his arm trying to get some feeling back into it. Keith again acts swiftly, he plants his boot into Barry’s mid-section grabs him around his neck and flips him off the ropes and into the center of the ring. 

Barry lands with a hard crash onto his back. Instantly Keith is on the champion. He grabs one of Barry’s legs by hooking his knee. He lifts the leg off the mat, rolls Barry’s onto the canvas pinning his shoulders. The ref is there and starts the count: "ONE-TWO-THR". Barry kicks out just before the count of three. He was very close to being pinned. 

Getting to his feet, Barry races to his corner and tags in Bernadette. She quickly jumps into the ring getting after Keith. Keith tries to make the tag to his wife Julia but is a little too slow. Bernadette grabs him from behind, wrapping her arm around his neck. Keith is jerked to a halt and drops to the mat on his bottom. Bernadette now has a choke hold on Keith. Keith begins to struggle in the choke. He pulls at Bernadette’s arms trying to get free. It is a vain effort, Bernadette has him held tight. 

After several minutes of struggling, Keith is able to reach the ropes and drapes his boot over the bottom one. The ref moves in telling Bernadette to break the hold. "Let him go Bernadette, he’s in the ropes. Let him go!!" Bernadette does as the ref tells her and steps back away from Keith. He falls over backward into his back. 

It takes Keith all of the 20 second count to get to his feet. The choke hold has dazed him and weakened him. This is just what Bernadette needs, a weakened Keith will be easier to handle. She is on him very quickly. 

Pulling him of the ropes, she jams her arm between his legs, hooks his head then lifts and slams him. Keith is badly dazed by the choke and slam. He is very slow getting to his feet. Waiting from him as he does is Bernadette. Once more Keith is lifted off the mat and brutally slammed down. He arches up his back just after hitting the mat. He grabs his back in pain. 

Two things are happening now. One Keith is in big trouble. He needs  to tag out, but Bernadette stands between him and his partner. In their corner Julia is crying out to her dazed husband, "Tag me Keith, tag me!! Come on honey you’ve got to get out!! Please tag me!!" In his condition the tag might as well be 10 miles away. He is in no shape to reach his wife’s out stretched hand. 

The second thing that is happening is that Keith is getting a huge DEFEAT BONER. He has almost had it. He seems not to know what to do. It does not matter, because Bernadette knows exactly what to do. She pulls the dazed wrestler to his feet. She then twists his arm as hard as she can. With his arm twisted, he is then whipped across the ring and into the ropes. As he is shot back at her Bernadette drives her knee into his mid-section. 

However, her knee misses his abdomen , but crashes into his hard, stiff manhood. Both of his hands fly to his manhood, grabbing himself between the legs. A look of terror comes to Keith’s face. He has lost the ability to think and the match. He stumbles forward and then turns completely around facing Bernadette. She is ready for him. She sends a crushing forearm into to his upper chest. The blow is like a sledge hammer. Keith, drops to the mat stunned. 

In their corner, his wife is yelling to him "Get up Keith, get up!! She’s going to pin you, you must get up!!" Her words fall on depth ears. Still holding desperately to his manhood with both hands Keith can’t defend himself. Bernadette drops across his chest, hooks his leg and rolls his shoulders into the mat. The ref begins "ONE-TWO-THREE!!!" Keith has been pinned, by Bernadette. The first fall is over. 

As the ref raises Bernadette’s hand in victory, Julia races to her downed husband. Keith is barely conscious. She lifts his head off the mat and onto her lap. "Keith, Keith honey, are you ok? Can you get up? Oh god Keith we’ve lost the first fall!!" Keith nods his head, "I know, I know. She pinned me. I got pinned by Bernadette. I’m so  sorry, I let you down." 

"WRESTLING FANS THE WINNERS OF THE FIRST FALL The World Tag-Team Champions Barry and Bernadette Levinson"

It takes Keith all of the two minutes between falls to recover from the beating he took in the first fall. The bell for the second fall is just seconds away. BONG!!!! Keith causally comes out of his corner to start the fall. Again he will face Bernadette who had just pinned him in the first fall. 

Bernadette attacks first. She slips in behind Keith and wraps her arms around his waist. She lifts him off the mat and drops him face down to the canvas. Immediately she is on him and has his arm twisted up behind his back. As she holds his arm she reaches back and grabs one of his boots. She then pulls his leg forward and down. She now has one of his and one of his legs caught. 15 seconds into the fall and Keith is in trouble again. 

With his one free arm he reaches out as far as he can trying to tag Julia. For her part, Julia stretches out her arm as far as it can go. Even with both wrestlers reaching as far as they can, the tag is still at least a foot away. Grabbing at the canvas mat, Keith tries to pull himself closer to Julia and the tag. It’s just too far and he is just too weak. 

Seeing that there is no hope for her husband, Julia leaps into the ring and kicks Bernadette in the back of the head knocking her off Keith. Now freed from the arm and leg hold Keith crawls to his corner and tags Julia. 

Julia leaps over the top rope and goes at Bernadette. Catching the female champion from behind Julia hooks Bernadette’s arms over her thighs, she then grabs Bernadette by her chin and pulls up and back as hard as she can. Julia has the tag-team champion trapped in a CHAMEL-CLUTCH. 

Pain shoots up and down Bernadette’s body. Suddenly her back is on fire and she begins to scream. "My back, oh god my back!! AAAAAAAUU, OOOOOHH!!! It hurts, it really hurts!!!" Julia knows that she is hurting the champion and asks her if she wants to submit. "Give up, Bernadette. Give up now and I’ll let you go!! Don’t make me hurt you more, give up!!"

However, Bernadette has the heart of a champion and refuses "NO-NO, I’m not giving up!! You can’t make me submit!!" Bernadette knows that she must escape this hold or Julia will in fact be able to make her submit. Slowly she is able to inch her way close to her corner. She reaches out desperate to tag her husband into the ring. With her arm stretched out as far as it will go, Bernadette is at last able to tag Barry.   

Julia releases Bernadette quickly and stands up. Before Barry can enter the ring, Julia grabs him by his head and flips him over the top rope and into the ring. Barry lands hard at Julia’s feet. She grabs Barry by his boots and pulls him to the center of the ring. 

Dropping his legs, Julia leaps up and lands an elbow on Barry. The point of her elbow slams into his mid-section very hard. Barry, pulls his knees up to his cheat and grabs at his belly. Reaching down Julia pulls the male half of the tag team champions to his feet. Twisting his arm she flings him into the corner turnbuckle. 

Barry’s back explodes against the turn buckle, knocking the wind out of the champion. Barry is stunned and gasping for breath. Julia follows him into the corner and begins to pound him without mercy. Her forearms slam into him over and over. Barry raises his hands and arms trying to cover his face. Julia just lowers her punches to his exposed belly.  After almost 15 hard shots to his head and body, Barry slides down the turnbuckle to the mat. He lies with his legs stretched out in front of him and his head resting on the middle rope. 

Julia pulls the just barely conscious champion out of the corner and to his feet. Now in the center of the ring, Julia moves behind Barry slipping her arms around his head. With one arm over top and one arm around his head Julia has locked on a SLEEPER HOLD. She quickly begins to squeeze him as hard as she can. 

Suddenly Barry is terrified, his face reflects his terror. His eyes are wide and his mouth is open. From his corner, Bernadette can see the fear on her husband’s face and she calls out to him. Barry, Barry, don’t let her knock you out. Fight it Barry, you have to fight it!!!" Easy for her to say, not so easy for him to do. 

The badly frightened champion struggles to get free. He grabs at Julia’s arms trying to pull them away from his head. No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t get her arms away. He just can’t escape. Slowly Barry slips farther and farther into unconsciousness. His eyes slowly close and his arms fall uselessly to his sides. Soon his knees buckle and he slumps to the mat. 

Barry is again stretched out on the canvas. His legs spread out in front of him. His arms hanging at his sides. The ref moves in to check on the downed champion. He lifts Barry’s arm once, twice, three times and lets it fall back to his side. The world tag-team champion has been knocked out by Julia. 

AS the ref calls for the bell to end the fall, Bernadette runs to her unconscious husband. Patting his cheek she tries to awaken him. "Barry wake up please, Barry wake up. Come on sweetie, you’ve got to wake up!!   Barry has taken a very bad beating from Julia and is having trouble waking up. 

As he lies on the mat the ring announcer standing over the downed wrestler begins:  

"Wrestling fans, the winners of the second fall with a SLEEPER knock out the team of Keith and Julia James!!!" 

After having a hard time wreaking Barry up, both she and Barry have returned to their corner. Barry has both hands on the top rope helping to hold him up. Bernadette knows that her husband and tag-team partner is in very bad shape. "Please Barry please, you’ve got to get it together!! They’re going to beat us!! We’re are going to lose our titles!! Please honey, you have to get it together!!

As for the challengers, they seem to have the match going their way. The bell to begin the third and final fall for both teams. BONG!!!! Julia is out of her corner and ready to face Barry. Barry on the other hand is very slow exiting his corner and seems to be afraid to face his opponent  Julia. That seems fine with Julia, she has enough confidence on her own. 

She starts almost were she left off in the second fall. Grabbing Barry she whips the champion into the corner and follows him in. Again she begins to pound him hard. After several hard blows she pulls him out and to the middle of the ring. 

Jamming her arm between his legs she grabs the back of his tights. Hooking his head she lifts him off the mat and as high as she can. Then SLAM!!!! She sends him crashing to the mat at her feet. Barry cries out in pain as he hits the mat. OOOOOOUU!! My back, oh god my back!!" Hr arches up trying to ease the pain. 

Julia gives him no time to rest. She is on the champion instantly. Grabbing one of his boots she lifts his leg. Holding it tightly she steps on his other leg pinning it to the mat. Then she begins to split his legs apart. Inch by inch his legs are slit wider and wider. Barry twists and turns trying to get free. His hands grab at his manhood, between his legs. 

Holding his manhood Barry cries out "she’s hurting me!! Oh god she’s hurting me!! She’s going to tear me apart!! Barry’s face is a mask of pain. His eyes are wide and his look is a mix of both pain and fear. Still holding his manhood Barry cries out to his wife. "Help me Bernadette, please help me!! She’s going to tear me apart. Oh god, I can’t take any more. Help me please help me!!!" 

Bernadette can no longer take seeing her partner, husband and lover being tortured like this. She leaps into the ring and races toward him. She never makes it. Before she can get to Barry, she is intercepted by Keith. Using what is clearly an illegal move, Keith kick Bernadette between her legs. 

Bernadette’s hand fly between her legs and she drops to  her knees. She is no longer in any condition to help her husband. Keith sends a kick to Bernadette’s head, he has her stretched out on the mat. Grabbing her boots Keith pulls her to the middle of the ring. Julia and Keith position Barry and Bernadette so their boots are touching each other. They drop the the mat and each one grabs one of their opponents boots in their hands. Julia has one of Barry’s boots and one of Julia’s. Bernadette has the same thing in her hands. 

Slowly the challengers begin to pull the champions leg apart. In just a matter of seconds both champions are screaming in pain. Barry cries out "They’ve got us. Oh god they’ve got us!!! OOOOOOUUUU!!! It hurts. Their ripping me apart!! Barry is very close to the breaking point. He knows he can’t take much more of this. Between his legs his manhood has grown very stiff, the Tag-Team Champion has a huge BEFEAT BONER!! 

Bernadette is also in big trouble. Her beautiful, pantyhosed legs are being spread wide apart. She feels as though she may be broken in half at any moment. Dazed and frantic, Bernadette cries out to her husband for help. She does not seem to realize that he is also trapped and can do nothing to help her. 

"Help me Barry, please help me!! She’s tearing me apart!! It hurts Barry, oh my god it hurts!! She’s going to beat me!! Help me, please help me!! Sadly for the world champions no can help them now. They are both trapped and can’t escape. 

At this time Julia calls for the ref "Ask them ref, go on and ask them!! Do they submit to us? Have we beaten them? Are we the new Champions?" Everyone in the jam packed arena knows the answer. The World Tag-Team Champions have no choice. They have to submit!!

Not waiting for his wife, Barry screams out his surrender: 

"I submit, oh god I submit!! They’ve beaten me!! PLEASE-PLEASE!! Let me go!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!! They win!! They’re the new Champions I GIVE UP!!! However with both wrestlers in the ring, both must submit. The ref now asks Bernadette if she also gives up.

"YES-YES!! I give up!! Make them stop!! I’ve had enough!! Oh my god, I’ve had enough!! I GIVE UP-I GIVE UP!!" 

The ref quickly calls for the bell ending the third fall and the match. The world champions have been defeated. There are new champions now. 

Both Bernadette and Barry lie on the mat moaning in pain. "They hurt me oh god they hurt me!! Says Barry as he lies on the mat. As for Bernadette she also is in great pain "Oh Barry I’m sorry!! I just couldn’t take any more pain. They had me Barry, they had me!! I had to submit. She still does not know that her husband has also submitted. "I know Bernie I know. They had me too! I also had to give up. They beat is both. We’ve been defeated and we’ve lost out titles!!" 

With the now former champions still lying on the mat. The ref wraps the title belts around Julia’s and Keith’s waists. The new champions stand over the defeated ex-champions with their arms in the air. The ring announcer begins:

"Wrestling fans, the winners of the third fall and the match 2 falls to 1 and now the new Tag-Team Champions of the world Julia and Keith James!!!"

Julia and Keith stand with their arms in the air and the title belts around their waists. Barry and Bernadette remain on the mat. Beaten and humiliated the former champions are unable to get to their feet.

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