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W-592 "A long fall from the top"

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This is part of the story that happened to me. I was the WORLD CHAMPION of the intergender wrestling league. As Champion I had held the title for over 18 months. Far longer than anyone before me. I was a huge fan favorite. I had a massive following among the female fans, but also had a very large male fan base. I was the first wrestler in league to do that.   

Moving on this story is not about greatness, it is about defeat. I am in the ring and wrestling the number one contender. Her name is Julie Carpenter, she is 22yrs old and has defeated almost everyone in the league. YES!!, I admit I was trying to avoid her for a little longer. I’m 41yrs old and I like being champion. I wanted to hold on to the title for one more year. I did not want to lose the title to her.    

Well we’re in the ring and the match is just about ready to start. The ref gives us her instructions and we return to our corners. Let me describe what my ring gear looks like. First a shiny black wet look jockstrap. Over that shiny black pantyhose with sparkling gem stones all over them. They sparkle in the ring lights and are sheer to the waist. Finally I wear shiny black wrestling boots. Oh, one more thing I also have on my world championship title belt. It too sparkles and shins. 

Across the ring, there she is Julie Carpenter, 22 years of power and fighting skill. Undefeated in all her matches and now the number one contender. Julie is beyond gorgeous. Tall, blond, great figure and fantastic legs. More of a movie star or a high fashion model that a professional wrestler. The only thing that sets Julie apart from models and movie stars is her visible power, she has great muscles. Standing in her corner she is staring at me, like she knows that she can beat  me. She’s wearing a skin tight white leotard along with very shiny tan pantyhose and white boots. Not sure what is in her mind, but I know she wants to leave me beaten and battered on the mat when this is over.  

BONG!!!! there’s the bell to start the match. I move out of my corner and WHAM!!! BAM!!! I’m caught in a HAMMER-LOCK!!! I never had a chance, she was on me instantly. OH NO!! NO!! I’m on the mat face down with Julie on my back wrenching my arm up as hard as she can. I’ve never felt anything like it. She is immensely strong and it feels as though she is going to break my arm.

A quick look at the ring clock tells me we have been wrestling 17seconds. 17seconds and she has me face down on the mat and in tremendous pain. I stretch my arm out as far as it will go trying to grab the bottom rope. It’s no use the rope is several inches away from my hand. 

My opponent Julie is taking no chances that I will escape from her. She is quickly on her feet and drags me away from the ropes and into the center of the ring. With my arm still stretched out as far as it will go all I can do scream in frustration and pain. NO-NO, OH PLEASE NO!!! MY ARM, YOU’RE BREAKING MY ARM!!! 

Suddenly she releases my arm and gets to her feet. I am so relieved that the pain is gone that I make no effort to get to my feet. Quickly Julie takes advantage of me and drops onto my back. Grabbing my arms one at a time she hooks them over her thighs. With my arms hooked and immobile she reaches forward and cups her hands under my chin. With 1 minute and 24 seconds gone in the match, I am still face down on the canvas. Only now she has me in a COBRA CLUTCH.     

I can’t cope with Julie’s strength, she is just too strong for me. I can’t think, I can’t act, I can’t fight back. My mind races “She’s got me, I can’t get free. Oh god my back!! It feels like she’s breaking my back!! I’m losing this match!! 

At 2 minutes and 3 seconds of the match, I’m still caught in Julie’s COBRA CLUTCH already my manhood has begun to swell and stiffen into a defeat boner. The 22yr old female wrestler leans down and talks in my ear, “You getting hard yet? You know I’ve got you. You can’t get away. I’m going to submit you. Soon you will be giving up to me. Then we’ll see how hard you get. 

There is nothing I can do or say, she has got me, I’m trapped and soon I may be forced to submit to her. I’m desperate, I slowly look around the ring for any help I might find. My eyes fall on my beautiful wife standing at ringside. The look on her face is one of fear and hopelessness. She knows I am in serious trouble. She knows that I am close to losing the match and my title. She knows that I will soon be forced to submit to my young opponent. 

Suddenly I’m free. My arms fall the the mat. My head pitches forward as Julie releases it. I’m out, the pain in my back, shoulders and arms disappears. What happened, where’s Julie? Why did she let me go? I was beaten, she had me, I could not escape. I shake my head and tell myself “get it together, get up of the mat. You still may be able to win this!! Wishful thinking I’m afraid. 

Slowly, painfully I struggle to get off the mat and on my feet. One would never guess that just standing up would be so difficult.  At last I’m on my feet but I am very shaky. I stumble backward into me corner. I feel weak and my back and shoulders ache. I need time to recoup and get myself together. Holding tightly to the top rope I breathe deeply. With my manhood stiffing I need to adjust my jockstrap as it has begun to hurt. I also take a second or two to pull up my shiny black pantyhose. 

Well there it is, my jock adjusted and my pantyhose tightened and smoothed. I am ready to face my opponent once again. Julie must feel the same way for here she comes. BOOM!!! Her knee impacts my midsection just below the waistband of my pantyhose. Well so much for adjusting my jockstrap. The air rushes out of my lungs and begin to gasp. I stagger forward a few steps and collapse to my knees. 

With 4 minutes and 34seconds gone in the match I am back on the mat clutching at my mid-section and gasping for air. On my knees, breathless and in pain, I am no match for Julie. She rushes into my corner, grabs me by my hair and one of my arms and pulls me to my feet. 

My legs are wobbly and my knees begin to buckle instantly. Julie has no intention of letting fall back to the mat. She forcefully jams her arm between my legs. I scream as her arm impacts my swollen manhood. “Oh god my balls. She’s smashing my balls.” With her free arm she hooks my head and lifts me off the mat. Holding me waist high she struts around the ring with me. The pain between my legs is excruciating. I have begun to sob from the pain. “My manhood, you’re crushing my manhood. Please Julie put me down, you’re crushing me. 

That is exactly what she does. After lifting high above her head she power slams me to the mat. The impact stuns me and I come close to losing consciousness. As I struggle to stay awake Julie again grabs my hair and begins to pull me to my feet. I am terrified at being slammed again and I cry out to her. “NO-NO, please Julie not again. Please don’t slam me again. It hurts too bad. Pin me, Please just pin me, I won’t fight you just pin me.” 

Julie has no interest in pinning me. Again she grabs my hair and one of my arms. She again forcefully jams her arm between my legs. She seems to purposely place her arm directly across my jockstrap, crushing my manhood. She then lifts me off the canvas with ease. Up I go over her head. She holds me there for a few seconds then she runs to the center of the ring and SLAM!!! She throws me down. 

That’s it I’m finished. I can’t move, I can hardly breath and I am dazed. All I can do is lie there in the center of the ring unmoving. Julie stands over me, she and everyone else in the arena know I am finished, all she needs to do is fall on me. I just can’t stop her from pinning me. But  as I said before Julie has no intention of just pinning me. 

Julie wants to win big. She wants to demonstrate her total superiority over me. Grabbing me by my boots she rolls me face down. She then steps on the back of my thighs and hooks my boots around her legs. My legs are trapped, I can’t move them. She then reaches forward and grabs one of my arms, then grabs the other. She twists both of my arms up behind my back and stretches them up. Slowly at first Julie begins to rock back and forth. There is nothing I can do to stop her, she is just too strong. On about the third rock, Julie pulls back as hard as she can. She lifts me off the canvas, up and over into a MEXICAN CEILING HOLD. 

There I am in the middle of the ring trapped in one of the most devastating and painful holds in all of wrestling. It is inescapable and always end in a submission from the trapped wrestler. Tonight and for the very first time in my career I am that wrestler. Julie has me locked up tight and I can’t escape. 

Here is the picture of what is happening in the ring. I am looking up at the ring lights, with my back toward the mat and my front arched up toward the ceiling. My legs are bent under me and my arms are out straight behind me. The only part of my body I can move is my head. My pantyhose are stretched tight over my legs and my jockstrap is straining to contain my swollen and now rock hard manhood. The bulge in my hose is huge. 

My mind is racing, I’m trapped and in pain. I am also a little dazed and confused. I’m trapped. She’s got me, I can’t get free. Oh god, she’s going to submit me!!! I’m going to lose the title. She’s going to defeat me. As my mind races Julie has called for the ref. “REF-Ref, come on ask him. Ask him if her submits? Has he had enough, does he give up? 

The ref nods and comes close to me:

"How bout it Champ, have you had enough? Do you want to quit? Are you ready to submit to her?" 

With my wife standing at ringside, tears streaming down her face I admit my surrender to Julie. She has defeated me and taken my title. All I can do now is call the ref and tell her I’m finished, Julie has won the match. 

"Ref-ref, I'm finished, I'm finished!! I can’t take any more!! I submit!! OH god, I submit!!!"

Having surrendered and given up the match I expect to hear the bell and be released from this hold. However, it does not happen. The bell rings, but I’m still in the hold. The pain is more than I can stand. I begin to scream and thrash wildly. 

"Let me go, let me go!! I've given up, it's over The match is over!! Let me go Julie, let me go!! You’ve beaten me!! I give up, I give up, I give up!!! Oh god please. I GIVE UP!!!"

Finally it’s over Julie has released me from the Ceiling Hold. I lie on my back in the center of the ring. She has gotten to her feet and is standing over me, with her arms in the air. 

As I lay there, battered and defeated Julie looks down on me. Her arm then points to me lying on the mat “I’ve beaten you!! I knew I could and I have. I’m the Champion now. You’re finished, defeated by a younger and better wrestler.”   

Well she’s right about that, I was defeated by a young wrestler. I can’t concern myself with that now. The pain in my back, arms, shoulders and legs is overwhelming. I can’t mover, I can’t stand and now the rears of loss and pain are running down my cheeks. 

My wife Cathy has entered the ring and is now kneeling down beside me. My god sweetie, are you OK? What happened to you? How could she do this to you? I don’t answer her right away. With the tears flowing and me sobbing I can’t talk. With a handkerchief she begins to wipe my tears. She tries to comfort me, “It’s OK honey. You’ll be OK. Just lie hear and rest. You’ll be just fine soon. 

We both know that is not true, I won’t be OK. In between sobs I try to answer, “She beat me Cathy, she beat me!! I never had a chance. So much pain, I just couldn’t take it. So strong, she’s so strong. She defeated me. 

Holding my head Cathy tells me “Yes-Yes, I know honey. You’ll get another chance. You’ll beat her next time.” Instantly the terror of the match comes back to me, “NO-NO, there is no next time!!! Don’t want to wrestler her again. She hurt me, Can’t face her again, she could kill me next time. I’m afraid of her she too good for me, I can’t beat her!! 

At last I am able to get off the mat with Cathy’s help. With me arm draped over her shoulder I stagger back to my corner. For the moment I sit on the middle rope. Then here she comes a smile on her face her hand held out for me to shake. I take it and she bows and smiles at me. She then tells me:

"Very good match, you fought well. You will get another chance to fight me"

All I can do is look up at her and say: "I fought well? You think I fought well? You crushed me. I never got a single hold on you. I never want to wrestle you again"

I ask my wife to help me back to my dressing room so I can get out of my gear. It takes us several minutes to get to the dressing room. I enter and sit on the bench. “PLEASE help me get out of this gear. She kneels in front of me and unties my boots. She then pulls them off. I stand and she pulls down my pantyhose to just below my knees. I sit and remove them the rest of the way. Cathy tells me to take it easy. "Take it easy honey. Just sit for a minute or two"

I shake my head no: "No-NO, I’ve got to get my jockstrap off. I’m still stiff and hard and it hurts bad. I need to shower"

After a minute or two I slowly make my way to the shower. I stand there and let the hot water run over me. It’s been 20 minutes since I submitted to her and I’m still hard and stiff. I wounder how long this humiliation will last.