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mixed wrestling high cut leotard ballbusting femdom fight

Update: 12.07.2019

W-580 "The Tournament"

Gallery size: 400 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 400 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

“I’m not sure I understand Ms. Gellar, you want to what?” the large man said with hesitantly.

“I want to compete. What is so hard to understand about that? I’m here for the tournament. I saw your flier and I want to enter.”

The man glanced with unease at the other two standing next to him. “I don’t think you understand what this is. This is a full contact, no holds-barred, no pads kickboxing competition.”

“I understand completely. I’ve been studying kickboxing for years. I want to enter.”

“It’s just that we don’t usually get any…”

“Any what?” the petite blonde girl said with an air of indignity. “Huh, what? Finish your sentence! But if you’re going to say ‘any girls’, I’d suggest you don’t or I will sue your ass off and make your life miserable.”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean anything by it. It’s just we have to be concerned for the safety of our entrants. If you were to get hurt, we’d be in big trouble.”

“You’ll be in big trouble if you don’t let me in. Do you know what an angry celebrity can do to you in front of a news camera?” Sarah poked him in the chest as she finished her threat.

“Um, give us a minute to discuss this.” The three men walked a few feet away and murmured to each other.

Sarah stood silently and waited. She had heard about these quasi-legal tournaments for a good while. When she had been told by a crewmember of the location of this one she jumped at the chance to kick some ass. The fact that few people knew about these was what attracted her. She had to maintain her sweet image to the public but she loved to fight and especially to hurt people and especially to hurt guys. 

By coming here, there wouldn’t be any press. Sure, there’d be rumors and maybe a few out of focus pictures that resembled her, but so what. No one would believe it. She hoped they didn’t call her bluff about suing them. She’d never want to admit she was even here much less go public.

As she waited, she took a look around at her surroundings. The fights were being held in on old sheet metal warehouse. A ring was set up in the center, like a boxing ring but a few feet smaller. There were rickety bleachers set up all around and about a hundred people were milling about. She didn’t think anyone had recognized her as she had pulled the baseball cap she was wearing down low on her head. 

As she sized up the five or so fighters she saw limbering up near the ring, the large man wearing a black gi (a loose fitting karate outfit) came back over to her.

“Okay, against our better judgment we’re going to let you in. We have one slot left and it’s yours if you still want it. But please reconsider. These guys are for real. Most of them will outweigh you by seventy-five to a hundred pounds. There are no pads. Every time we hold one of these, someone gets carried out of the ring. I mean we get broken noses, knocked out teeth, and worse. This is no rules fighting. You sure you’re up for that?”

Sarah was giddy, “You bet your ass I am.”

“Okay, we’ll need you to sign a waver. Jim will do that and show you to a separate dressing room. You’ll go last of the four preliminary fights.” A big bearded man with a beer gut led her towards the back of the warehouse.

After signing several pages promising she wouldn’t sue if she got hurt, she was alone in the dingy locker room. Opening her duffle bag, she pulled out her gi and stripped down to her leotard. She stopped for a moment to admire her body in the mirror bolted to the wall. 

She was small, standing just over five feet tall without heels on. The man was right about the weight disadvantage. At barely a hundred pounds, she would give up a lot to the guys in the ring. That was okay, she knew how to hurt ’em where it counted.

She mockingly curled her arms down and inward like a body builder and laughed at herself. She had a tight lean body that she got from years of working out and eating as little as possible. Turning around and looking over her shoulder, she admired her small round ass cheeks in the mirror. Extending her arms up above her head, she watched the lean muscles of her stomach and legs stretch to their limit. Cocking her head to the side, she playfully cupped her breasts and wondered if she should get those implants.

"Time to think about that later," she told herself. The second two fighters were being announced and she needed to get ready. Dressing a black boxing boots, she then sat down to wrap her hands. She listened as the crowd cheered as the fighters were announced and get louder as the fight started. To pass the time, she stretched, practiced kicks, and shadow boxed to keep limber and pass the time.

Forty-five minutes later, a knock at the door told her it was time. She walked out into the warehouse to nothing but silence. It was obvious that word of her being there had spread but most people seemed as if they still couldn’t believe it. 

As she walked up the steps to the ring, she heard whispers – “Is it really her.” “I can’t believe it.” “I love her show.” “She’s not all that great.” “Is that that Buffy chick?” “She’s so tiny.” Sarah ignored them as she climbed through the ropes. 

The crowd had grown to about three hundred and all of sudden the shock wore off and they started cheering. The man in the center waited for a lull in the roar and started announcing the fight about to begin. 

“Please, can I have your attention? We have had three great fights and now for our last and most interesting fight of the night to say the least. In this corner, we have Darren White, standing 6 feet-four inches and weighing in at a solid 220 pounds. And in this corner…” he paused as if asking himself if this was for real, “…we have a young woman making her first appearance in the ring with us. Standing just over five feet tall and of unknown weight, you all know her, you all love her, Sarah Michelle Gellar.” A loud cheer went up. Sarah couldn’t help but smile, as she was clearly the favorite.

The two fighters approached in the center with the announcer between them. “You know the rules; there aren’t any. Protect yourselves at all times and make it a good fight.”

The large man standing opposite her spoke up, “Nice outfit little girl.” He laughed while he said that.

He was referring to her bright red leotard that looked like it was right out of the box. Obviously, she had not chosen her dress to instill fear. Her foe was wearing only small trunks that left little to the imagination, like those most professional wrestlers wear. He had kneepads on, thin boots that came up to his shins and his hands were wrapped as well, like Sarah’s. He was heavily muscled and had a buzz cut.

“I’ll try not to hurt you too bad, little girl. Wouldn’t want to mess up that pretty face.” He mockingly blew her a big kiss. Sarah scrunched her face up into a fake smile like she had heard a bad joke.

“To your corners.” The announcer told them. Everyone else climbed out and left the small girl and the man alone. A bell rang and the fight began.

Sarah edged her way out towards the center; her hands were up in front of her, her small hands clenched into tiny fists. Darren, on the other hand was totally confident. He was striding around the outside of the ring, “You ready little girl?” he yelled at her.

After a minute or so of posing, he came into the center and Sarah braced herself. Suddenly, charging her, he tried to catch her off balance and tackle her. Sarah dropped to her rear and rolled backwards, kicking her bare foot straight up. He wasn’t expecting to miss and was unable to stop himself as he charged past. Her foot struck home between his legs and grazed his nuts. 

He fell forward and landed in the ropes on his knees. Sarah threw her legs up and out and snapped her body up and back to her feet. Darren was holding onto the rope with one hand and his balls with the other. The blow wasn’t a hard one and was more surprising than painful. Darren climbed to his feet and turned back to face the small girl with a smile on her face. The crowd was roaring.

He advanced on her with his hands up like a boxer. After jabbing a few times and missing, he took a full swing at her head with his right hand just as she had hoped he would. As he stepped forward, she dropped to her side and kicked her leg straight out locking her knee. He ran right into the heel of her foot, his nuts crunched satisfyingly. 

He hunched forward as she rolled back the other way and swung her other leg hitting him just behind the knee, sweeping his leg out from under him. He fell straight down to the mat, his legs flailing wide. Pointing her foot straight to the ceiling she brought it down hard and fast and slammed her heel into his balls again. A loud “Ohhhhhh” came from the crowd as he rolled to the side holding his nut-sack.

Whispers came from the audience, “She kicked him in the nuts.” “She did that on purpose.” “Man, that’s got to hurt.” “That’s one mean little bitch.”

“Foul!” the man standing at ringside yelled and climbed into the ring, it was the same man who she had spoken to about competing. “That was a foul, you can’t do that,” he told her. “Yeah, that was on purpose,” Darren piped in, still lying on the mat.

“What do you mean, foul. This is no holds-barred. You said so,” Sarah told the referee. The crowd was booing loudly and throwing things into the ring. “There aren’t any fouls.”

“Yeah but, we never thought. It’s just that, no one ever did that before.”

“Well, too bad. Rules are rules and no rules means NO rules. If Darren can’t handle one little girl, then maybe he should put his dress back on and leave.” She said the last part loud so that everyone in the audience could hear her. A roar of laughter at her male foe’s expense went up. Darren was obviously embarrassed as he stood up.

“I guess you’re right,” the announcer was uncertain what to do. 

“Get out,” Darren yelled at him, “I’m going to kick her ass.” The referee climbed out and the fight resumed.

Darren was obviously angry. ‘Perfect,’ Sarah thought to herself. She wanted him mad so he’d make mistakes. He charged her again, swinging wildly and she easily ducked under his arm. Driving a small fist into his solar plexus, he made a loud “Huuuuuu” sound as the wind was knocked from his lungs.

Kicking her leg to the side, she hit him on the side of the knee, knocking it out from under him. As he fell to a kneeling position, she brought her knee up, connecting solidly with his chin, flipping his head back and loosening several teeth in his mouth. She wasn’t strong enough to totally knock him out and she didn’t want to anyway. She was only setting him up for what came next. 

Setting her kicking leg down behind her, she immediately swung it up as far as she could between his legs, striking his balls cleanly. The tight trunks provided no protection whatsoever and, in fact, held him tightly and made his orbs perfect targets. The large man screamed loudly as she blasted her foot upward into his nut-sack.

Not letting up her attack, she swung a forearm and hit him cleanly in the face. Since his hands were wrapped around his crotch, he had no defense. This blow made him stagger backward and he fell on his butt in the corner, sitting up against the ring post. 

Following him, she threw a punch at his face. He was forced to choose and lifted his hands from his groin to block. At the last second though, she let her hand slip past him and grabbed the ring rope above his head with both hands. 

Using the ropes for leverage, she jumped up and put her feet on the top rope. Crouching there for a second, she looked down at her targets. Pushing off, she swung her feet up and almost to a handstand position. Gravity took hold and as she fell, Sarah bent her body at the waist and allowed her legs to come down, pointing her small feet at his now expose groin. 

Realizing that his hands were now protecting his face from a blow that was not going to land, he started to try to cover up, but wasn’t fast enough. About a half second before his hands got into position, the balls of her feet drove into his nuts, pinning them to the mat.

The crunch she felt below her was far better than the other shots she had landed so far. This large, strong man who had been so full of bluster a minute ago, burst into tears and a high-pitched wail filled the arena as his balls were compressed almost to the breaking point. The entire crowd winced in pain as she did her best to grind her foot into his soft spheres that felt like they were about to explode. 

“STOP!” he screamed as loud as he could, “YOU’RE CRUSHING THEM!” She punched him in the throat to shut him up.

Grabbing his hand, she dragged him out from the corner to the middle of the ring, him crawling along with her so as to not be pulled onto his face. “I give, I give,” he pleaded. The bell rang at ringside, indicating that the match was over and the referee started to climb through the ring ropes.

“Wait a minute, no rules means no submissions either and I don’t accept it.” The crowd cheered her as she refused his concession. Darren looked up in disbelief, his balls aching intensely. He watched the referee climb back down to the floor and indicate the fight would continue. 

“Good,” she snarled at him, “Now I can really work on those things.” As she spoke she punched her fist into her other hand. Realizing he had no choice, Darren attempted to stand, his legs still shaky from the pain. Sarah was up on the balls of her feet, bouncing lightly back and forth. Darren was hunched over and barely able to walk.

Sarah shot forward, swinging her limber leg up over her head; she brought it down on the back of his neck. As he took the blow, she swung her fist up between his hands, landing an uppercut to his nuts again. Darren’s face twisted into one of pain, showing how much it hurt. Small noises, barely audible, were coming from his mouth. Sarah had a satisfied look on her face.

She threw three hard punches into his jaw and another into his kidney. Darren was barely standing, his hands still trying to protect what he knew to be her real target. Stepping right next to him, she slipped her arm under his, pushed her shoulder under his and grabbed his hair with her small hand. By doing this, she blocked his arm with her body. Turning into him, she lifted her knee into his groin again and again. Two hard knees made his legs finally buckle. She let him go and he slumped to the floor on all fours.

Stepping behind him, she prepared to finish the fight. Sliding her fingers between his rear and his tights, she followed the edge of his trunks, slipped her hand between his legs and took hold of his balls. Darren was already crying out before she even did anything to him.

Pulling her hand out of his trunks, his balls came with it. She ignored his pleads and wrapped both hands around his nut-sack. As she did, she planted her feet in the crux behind his knees, standing there with her weight holding them down. Setting herself, she gritted her teeth and squeezed with all the might her tiny lean body could muster. While comparatively not a lot, it was more than enough to send intense pain surging through her male target.

“OH GOD NO!” he screamed as she applied more and more pressure. He tried to reach around behind him to grab her, but his thick arms were not limber enough to reach that far back and she had his legs pinned as well. All he could do was kneel and suffer.

Squeezing even harder, she leaned back away from him allowing her back to arch. She was pulling at his sack with all her might, leaning back like a water skier, being held up only by his sex organs. His screams could barely be heard over the roar of the crowd. The spectators loved the show. Sarah loved it too. She had never had the chance to work a guy over this hard. She always had to hold back when she did this at home, always afraid of unwanted publicity. 

Darren was pounding the mat, tapping out; indicating that he wanted to give up. Sarah gave his balls a twist, her way of refusing his concession. She continued to pull and wrench until he passed out a minute later from the pain. As he slowly lowered himself to the mat, gradually losing consciousness she continued the pressure, forcing him to go under. 

Only after his body showed no more reaction did she let go. Standing up, she gave his nuts a good stomp to make sure he was totally out. Nodding her head in approval, she raised her arms in victory, extremely pleased. The crowd rose to its feet in approval of her methods.

About forty-five minutes later, Sarah was walking back out of her locker room where she had been resting since the first fight. The other fight had started about twenty minutes ago and finished five after that. Sarah climbed into the ring and eyed her new opponent. He was quite a bit smaller than the first man was. He stood about 5’10” and she guessed his weight to be about 165 pounds. The announcer confirmed her guess with his introductions.

He was naked. He had short brown hair and his name was John. They waited in their corners, the bell rang after a few seconds and the fight began. 

This foe was much more cautious and not foolhardy like the first. He danced on the balls of his feet and watched her as they circled the other. Each threw a few half-hearted kicks and jabs to measure the other. The crowd started to boo; they wanted action.

Sarah changed her tactics from the first fight to take him by surprise. She rushed him, leaping and tackled him. The two fell backwards with Sarah on top, lying across him. She quickly scrambled to her knees, straddling his chest.

She punched him hard in the side of the face with her right hand and then her left. Then with her right again. She managed to pin one of his arms under her knee and held it in place. She threw another two punches into him and blood began trickling from his mouth. 

He wrenched his arm and pulled it free from under her. Grabbing her by the collar of her leotard he went the throw her off him. Her punches had been sharp but not strong enough to do any real damage. She rolled with his throw and onto her side, pulling him with her, rolling him to his side as well. They were lying on the mat facing each other.

As they looked into each other’s eyes, a small smile crossed Sarah’s lips as she kicked her leg between his. The top of her foot caught his balls flush. He tried to reach down the protect himself but Sarah grabbed his hands and held them against her chest, his fingers still wrapped in the fabric of the top. She kicked out again, this time with a knee, driving it into the space between his thighs. He cried out as the bone covering the tip of her knee compressed his nuts painfully. 

Realizing he couldn’t break her grip from his current position, he sat up, lifting her small frame with him. Pushing with all his might, he threw her across the ring. Sarah rolled and sprang to her feet lithely. John, on the other hand, crawled to his feet, his balls aching.

He shook his legs out, trying to loosen his nuts from their housing and walk off the pain. Sarah came at him with a leaping front kick and he stepped to the side. As she landed, she kicked straight back hitting him in the gut with her foot. He grimaced as he lost his breath from the blow. 

Spinning quickly, she snapped her foot up and into his nuts again. He had seen it coming but was too slow with pain to stop her. “AAAhhhhhhhh,” he screamed out as a second fast, sharp kick snapped upward into him.

Stepping to his side, she grabbed him by the wrist and twisted his arm over and down, wrenching it painfully. She kept twisting it until she thought it might pop from the shoulder socket, then she twisted it another turn or two. 

He has hunched over from the pressure. She kicked him in the stomach several times, completely knocking the wind from him. Twisting her body, she yanked his arm backwards, pulling him over and onto his back. 

Letting go, she did a front handspring, her lead foot landing right between his legs. It caught one of his testicles, crushing it. John screamed, grabbing his nuts, he lurched up and to the side. The pain was wracking his body and he flopped around the ring, rolling over and over uncontrollably as the pain took over his muscles. He finally settled, lying on his side in a fetal position and crying hysterically. 

The crowd waited to see if she would continue her attack or accept the win, as he was defenseless. Sarah thought it over and motioned to the referee. He rang the bell and the crowd cheered. 

When the referee tried to show her to the locker room, “I don’t want to wait. Let’s start the next fight now!” she told him in return. The crowd cheered her eagerness. “I’m ready,” her new opponent announced as he climbed into the ring. 

He was about 6 feet even and around 180 pounds. He wore loose pants and no shirt, showing off his hard torso.

As soon as the announcements were over, the two fighters came to the center of the ring. Paul extended his hand to Sarah. As she reached for it, he swung his opposite hand and slapped her hard across the face. It caught her totally by surprise and made her eyes water, a red mark appeared almost immediately on her cheek. The bell rang and the announcer climbed out of the ring.

Sarah stepped back to regain her balance as a foot was kicked into her chest and sent her into the ropes. She bounced back towards her opponent and he grabbed her by the leotard and drove a knee into her stomach. “Unnnnhhhhhh,” came out of her with her breath. 

Driving his knee up again, he slammed it between her legs, “How do you like it, bitch?” He let her go and she slumped to her knees, her hands clutching her crotch. Tears were streaming down her face and she was whimpering. Paul didn’t give her a chance to recover. He kicked her in the gut as hard as he could. He heard and she felt one of her ribs crack from the blow.

Lifting her by the leotard, he threw Sarah’s small body into the corner of the ring and followed it up with a punch to her gut. Grabbing her again by the shirt, he flipped Sarah over his back and slammed her body to the ground. 

Climbing on top of her, he grabbed her by the throat and started choking her. Sarah was thrashing side-to-side and pulling at his arms but was unable to free herself. She was starting to pass out and let fly with a right across his chin. His grip loosened enough to allow her to breath.

Paul made the mistake of raising his body up slightly to reset his grip. This allowed Sarah enough room to slam her knee up into his groin. “Unnnggggg,” came from Paul as she kicked him several more times as he tried to choke her. His grip was getting lighter as the pain sapped his strength. 

With a quick motion, she yanked his hands from her throat. He fell forward slightly as he lost his support. Sarah wrapped her arms around his chest, right under his arms and locked her hands behind his back. She continued kneeing him as hard and fast as she could, ramming her knee into his balls over and over.

Paul tried to pry her off him but she held fast. They two of them rolled back and forth, with her continuing to knee his nuts and him trying to free himself. After a few long minutes of her kneeing his nuts over and over, at least thirty times, his strength was sapped from him. Finally, he was unable to push her at all. The two forms came to a rest, he on his back and her on top, still kneeing him repeatedly. 

When she was confident that he wasn’t faking, she let go and rolled off him. He was conscious but weak and dazed from the pounding Sarah had given his balls. Sarah, for her part, wasn’t much better. She was soaked with sweat and also quite weak. Intense pain was coming from her ribs and blood was dripping from the corner of her mouth. She knew she had to end this before he recovered.

Rising to her knees next to him, her right hand grabbed him around the throat while her left hand found its way to his crotch and into his loose pants. She dug her fingers into the flesh of his neck and sank them into his throat. Closing her fingers as much as she could, she wrapped her fingers around his windpipe, cutting off the air almost completely.

Her left hand was no less brutal. Grabbing his testicles, she squeezed and yanked them as hard as she could. Paul’s body tensed and he tried to pull her hands away, but by this time she had a good grip and her fingers were embedded in his meat, at both ends. The more he pulled the worse it was for him. 

The pressure on his already swollen and beaten balls was unbearable and he could barely get any air. His head was swimming and his eyes rolled back in his head, revealing the white of his eyeballs only. Sarah realized that he was finished but she was pissed and decided to brutalize him even more.

Letting go just before he passed out, she slid down between his legs and spread them even wider. Grabbing his pants around the waist, she pulled them down about, revealing his swollen and red scrotum and penis. The crowd was on its feet but totally silent watching the small sadistic girl work him over and wondering what more she could do. Sarah slid one of his legs out of his pants and pushed it out wide.

Standing up she turned and walked away from his helpless form and towards the ring ropes. Climbing up past the first two, she stood on the third and top rope, balancing herself in the corner. Turning around to face the ring and steadying herself, she paused and looked down at the man lying on the mat about 10 feet from the corner, legs spread eagle. He was just beginning to come around and was looking up, still a bit glassy eyed. As he looked at her and before he could quite figure out what was going on, Sarah leaped up and out from the rope. The crowd gasped at the risky maneuver and Paul let out a scream as he saw her falling towards him and realized what was going to happen, “No, Wait, Don’t!!!!” Sarah folded her legs under her at the height of her leap and then fell the 12 or so feet to the mat. 

She had aimed her attack perfectly. Her knees landed square between his wide spread legs. All her weight came down on his testicles. Paul’s face contorted into a silent scream, like he wanted to make a sound but nothing would come out. He sat up sharply, his body tensing. Sarah was kneeling between his legs, her knees still on his balls, or what was left of them, her weight providing even more pressure. Once sitting upright, their two faces were no more than 6 inches apart, his twisted in agony and hers with a huge smile at what she had done to him.

After 20 or so long seconds, Pal finally found his voice and half screamed, half squealed at the terrible pain emanating from his nuts. Still not satisfied, Sarah decided to finish him off cruelly.

Reaching down between his nuts, Sarah felt his nut-sack and was pleased to find that his right ball was gone, crushed by her last attack. She then took his left nut in her hands, closing them around the small orb. Quickly and harshly she squeezed, slowly increasing the pressure. Paul’s body began shaking and convulsing, but he was unable to even lift a finger to stop her. The two of them were looking each other eye to eye. He was trying to beg for her to stop but couldn’t form any words, just noises. As she increased the pressure, she dug her nails into his nut. “Just a bit more,” she told him with a smile. After another few seconds, she gave one final squeeze and felt his only remaining nut explode in her hand. 

Paul fell back, lying on them mat. His arms and legs stiffened and shot out to his sides and his torso began flopping up and down as his body tried to deal with the violation. He was only partly aware of what she had done, but his body resisted it as best it could.

Sarah then grabbed his limp cock and wrenched it several times side to side as hard as she could. Letting it go, she could tell that the meat had been torn inside and it began to swell. ‘Good,’ she thought, ‘He’ll never use that again.’

Standing up, she half walked and half limped out of the ring, holding her ribs. The entire audience was shocked by the brutality of what they had seen. Paul’s limp form was being drug out of the ring and to a waiting stretcher as she disappeared into the locker room. A few seconds later, the crowd erupted with applause and a chant of “Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!”

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