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mixed wrestling girl straddled defeated man

Update: 20.04.2018

W-514 "Battles of Adonis"

Gallery size: 280 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 3 fights in 1 gallery, 280 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Match number 9

Things have been going well for me as of late. After getting off to a slow start losing my first two matches, I am now on a 6 match winning streak. I have beaten 4 men and two women in the streak. My only two losses have come against women. I think I was little timid against my first to female opponents.

I enter the ring wearing dark toast almost brown pantyhose, white wrestling trunks and shiny white boots. Across the ring in the opposite corner is my opponent. Once again she is a large woman, but has a fantastic figure. She is as tall as I am but 20lbs lighter. That should give me an advantage.

The bell sounds and we begin. At the center of the ring we lock up and begin to struggle for dominance. Almost instantly dominance is obtained by one wrestler. WHAM!!! I’m on my back looking up at her. 4 seconds into the match and I’m down on my back. She may be lighter, but she is also stronger. In fact she is much stronger.


Wasting no time what so ever she grabs my shiny white boots lifts them off the mat and them flips me face down. Tucking my boots under her arms she sits down getting me in a BOSTON CRAB. 8 seconds into the match and I’m caught in a submission hold. I am instantly in trouble. As she pulls up on my legs, she also sits down bending my back as far as she can.


12 seconds into the match and the ref is asking me if I want to submit. “NO-NO, won’t submit!!”. 13, 14, 15, 16 seconds she holds me tightly in the crab. At 23 seconds into this match the ref again asks “come on Adonis she got you, you’ve got to get free or submit!!” again I say No.


All the while she has me locked up, I’ve been trying to claw my way to the ropes. I have made some progress but not close enough to grab them. She has seen it to and she drags me back to the center of the ring. The ropes and freedom are now too far away.


I’m pretty well finished now. The pain in my back is almost overwhelming. I am very close to submission. My winning streak is over. I’m going to lose this match. 28 seconds into the match, she has held me in one hold the entire time. I have not be able to get her in any holds. The ref again asks, “Have you had enough Adonis? Do you want to submit? Tell me and I’ll get you out of this!!”


31 seconds into the match and it’s over. I’ve had enough and can take no more pain. I have no choice but to surrender to my opponent. She has completely defeated me. It must be one of her easiest victories.

“YES-YES!! I want to submit!! She’s beaten me!! I’m finished!! Get her off me!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!!"


And that’s it, I’ve lost the match. Not only have I been defeat, but it is the worst lose I have suffered.  31 seconds from the sound of the bell to my submission. I didn’t even last a full minute.


She lets me go and I drop to the mat. I can’t move, I can’t stand. I’m not even sweating, it was over too quickly. The ref stands in the center of the ring and makes the announcement.

“In the time of just 31 seconds, the winner of the match with a BOSTON CRAB submission. Penelope Mc Masters!!"

Penelope raises her arm in the air as a sign of victory. She then comes and kneels down beside me. “Are you all right? I hope I didn’t hurt you too much.” I slowly struggle to my hands and knees, then Penelope helps me too my feet and back to my corner. “Sorry I wasn’t much competition for you. You really beat me easily. I just couldn’t get out of that crab. She nods her understanding. “Yea, I know. Nobody has ever gotten out of it, man or woman. That’s why I’m undefeated.” “Well you beat me easily enough!”


After that I left the ring and headed back to the dressing room. Slipped out of my trunks, peeled off my pantyhose and boots and tried to wash away the humiliation of this defeat.


Match # 13

Today I will be back In the ring for my 13th match. My record thru 12 matches is 9 & 3, having lose my last match I need a win today to keep me near the top of the contenders list. As of now I am ranked 9th on the top ten list. I am pretty sure that a loss will knock me out of contention.


After changing into my wrestling gear I am ready to head to the ring. I’m wearing silver trunks, black pantyhose and very shiny black boots. As is the custom of this league I do not know who my opponent will be, or whether it will a man or a woman. A shout from the hall calls me to the ring.


I climb the stairs to enter the ring, my opponent has yet to make an entrance. I spend a few minutes pulling my pantyhose up tight and adjusting my manhood. A murmur from the crowd and then a loud cheer. They know who my opponent is. As I look up the isle I see a very lager person heading to the ring. This guy looks enormous. As he comes closer to the ring I finally see that he is not a man, but a huge woman.


The announcer begins and tells the fans about us. He states my record as 9 wins and 3 losses. As he gets to her, he tells everyone that she is undefeated and has 19 wins and no losses. I’m wrestling an undefeated wrestle. Yes, I’m a little nervous, I don’t want to lose again. I want a title shot soon.


As the preliminaries end we each stand in our corners looking at each other. She has a very sweet smile on her face. As too mine I hope I don’t look too scared. She is in a bright shiny yellow leotard, with back fishnet pantyhose and shiny yellow boots. The bell rings and we begin.


I come out of my corner and approach her. As we lock up the difference in our sizes is quite obvious. She is taller that I and she has a weight advantage on me. The only thing I don’t know is how strong she is. That question is quickly answered. We lock up and she quickly shifts her position in behind me. She wraps her arms around my middle. First she just holds me. I start to think that maybe she is not as strong as she looks.


I couldn’t be more wrong. Suddenly she begins to squeeze me. In just seconds she has me gasping for air and in a lot of pain. “Air-air, I can’t breathe!!! PLEASE, let me breath, I’m begging you. LET ME BREATH!!!” Her answer to me plea is to pick me up and slam me to the mat.


Free from her squeezing me, I gulp in some air. Then take several very deep breaths. As I begin to get off the mat and onto my knees she moves in behind me. Grabbing my arm she applies a COBRA-CLUTCH to me. Having never been in a Cobra-Clutch before I am shocked by the pain it causes.


“NO-NO, it hurts!! OH god it hurts!!! My mind races “I’ve got to get free. Got to escape this hold. She’s fucking killing me.” I begin to struggle and find a way to escape. She’s so strong. I can’t pull her arms away for my neck. The crowd is beginning to cheer her and to chant “Knock him out!! Knock him out!! Knock him out!!!” If I don’t get free soon they are going to have their wish.


Slowly, inch by inch I have managed to get to the ropes and forced her to break the hold. Right now I am on my knees holding the top rope for support. My chest is heaving up and down as I try to get air into my lungs. The ref has told me to get to my feet and wrestle.


As slowly as I can I get to my feet and stand. With almost blinding speed she gets around the ref and slams her shoulder into my mid-section. The air is again driven from my lungs. Once again I drop the my knees still holding the rope.


Not waiting for the ref, she grabs my free arm and pulls me off the ropes. Stretched out she drags me to the middle of the ring. Using my arm and grabbing my leg she flips me onto my back. Standing over me she forms her hand into a claw and locks it onto my abdomen.


4 minutes and 17 seconds into the match and she has me on my back in the center of the ring clawing my stomach muscles. I almost instantly begin to scream from the pain. “AAAAAAAA!!! OOOOOOOOOUUU!! I kick my legs wildly as I twist and turn from side to side trying to get free. AAAAAAWWWOOOUUU!! Again I scream out from pain.


The ref comes to where I am on my back. “How bout it Adonis, you had enough?? You ready to submit? You have to tell me, do you want to give up?” Barely audible I whisper “NO-NO, won’t give up!!” Having heard me say no, he then checks my shoulders to see if I’m pinned. There is no question that she has my shoulders down. All I can concentrate on is the pain in my stomach.


“ONE – TWO – THRE!!” I have just barely beaten the count. My energy is slowly ebbing away. With the pain in my middle and trying to keep my shoulders up I am facing exhaustion. “ONE-TWO-THRE!!” Once again I just beat the count.


My opponent leans down as far as she can. “Come on Adonis, give up. Don’t make me hurt you anymore. I’ve got you, you can’t escape and you can’t win!!! Submit the match to me. Once again I am close to defeat. I don’t want to submit! I’ve got to try and win the match!!” With what little I have left I scream out “NO-NO-NO!! Not going to submit!!”


Once again I could not be more wrong. “OK, I tried to make easy on you!!” After that she releases my abdomen and pulls me to my feet. 6 minutes and 41 seconds into the match she has me on my feet and is twisting my arm into a WRINGER!! Backing me into the ropes she pulls on me as hard as she can and sends me flying toward the opposite side of the ring. I slam into the ropes and am catapulted back toward her. There she is waiting for me in the center of the ring.


Ducking under my arm she locks her leg around mine. The nylon of my pantyhose and hers scratch as they rub together. Pulling my body sideways she locks me into an Abdominal-Stretch. Instantly I am overcome by pain. It fills my head and my brain that I can’t think. All I can do is scream. “My SB’s, my AB’s she’s tarring me apart!! OH DAM, it hurts it hurts!! PLEASE STOP!!! Let me go, please let me go!!.


Getting close to me she whispers in my ear. “I told you it was going to hurt. You should have given up when I gave you the chance. She was right I should have given up. Pulling as hard as she can she tightens the STRETCH on me second by second. “OK-OK. You win, let me go. I’m finished!!” Wanting to make my defeat official she calls to the ref. “Come on ref, ask him. Ask him if he’s had enough and wants to submit"

Before the ref can say anything he sees tears running down my cheeks. The pain has overwhelmed me and I have begun to cry. “What do you say Adonis, have you had enough? Do you want to submit?” There is no doubt that I’ve had enough. I am going to lose again to a woman.


“YES-YES, I’ve had enough. I’m done. I give up!!! LET ME GO!! PLEASE LET ME GO!! I SUBMIT!! YOU’VE BEATEN ME!! I GIVE UP!! I GIVE UP!!!”


The ref calls for the bell and tells her to let me go. She does and I drop the the mat on my knees bent over at the waist holding my stomach. I have now been beaten for the fourth time, all by women. My record falls to 9 and 4 and I will probably drop out of the top ten.


My opponent makes no effort to help me up. She still has that sweet face and that lovely smile. She is however a vicious opponent and a very tough wrestle, much tougher that I am. After several minutes I manage to get to my feet. Still bent over from the pain I struggle back to my dressing room.


Waiting there is the opponent that had just defeated me. “Why did you make me hurt you? I gave you a chance to submit, why didn’t you take it.” Answering her I tell her “I didn’t want to lose another match. I still thought I could beat you. I guess I was wrong.” Then there comes that smile again “Why don’t you get out of your boots and tights, get dressed and lets have some dinner.” 




Match # 21


Well things have been going very nicely for me as late. This is my 21 match and my record stands at 16 and 4. I’ve moved up from 9th ranked to now being the third ranked wrestler in the league. I have been told that I am in line for a title match very soon. In fact the promoter of the league has told me that this match is just a tune up for my title match. He says my opponent is young and inexperienced. This being only their third match. He has also said that he wants to see me as soon as the match is over and I get out of the ring. I am so excited, I’m going to get a title match very soon.

I quickly get out of my street cloths and grab my gear. First, dark toast pantyhose, white trunks and very shiny white boots. I am hoping that very soon I will also have to buckle on a world title belt. Across the hall my opponent is also getting ready. As is the custom in our league, I don’t know who my opponent is. I don’t if it is a man or a woman. I don’t care. All I have to do is defeat whoever is in front of me.

It’s time and I head to the ring. As I enter I look across at my opponent. “What is this, some kind of a joke? This kid can’t be more than 18 yrs old.” I call the ref over “What’s going on here? That’s only a kid, maybe 18 yrs old.” The ref seems as confused as I am. “Yea, she is 18 yrs old and just turned that three weeks ago. I’ve seen her wrestle in the junior division sever times. Be careful, don’t take her lightly, she’s a killer.”

“She’s a killer ha!! Well I am killer too.” The introductions come next.


“Wrestling fans, this is the main event. In this corner, he is well known to all fans. He is ranked the number 3 contender. The Powerful Adonis!! And his opponent. Making her first appearance In the pro-division PLEASE WELCOME Barbara Jean!!"


Her first appearance? Are they nuts, are they trying to get her killed. She’s no match for me. I however don’t make the matches. Well OK if that is what they want. We both take a few seconds to adjust our gear. I pull up and smooth out my pantyhose. She does much the same. She is wearing a light blue thong cut leotard. Black fish net pantyhose and light blue boots. To tell the truth she is gorgeous. Blond, blue eyed and a great figure for someone so young.


The bell sends us both out of our corners. As I close in on her it is easy to see the difference between us. I am much bigger and I look to be much stronger. Well here we go. I lung and grab her around her middle. I squeeze her tightly and she screams in pain. It’s clear that she has never wrestled someone as strong as I am. She grabs at my arms but can’t dislodge them. This is going to be a very short match.


I take her to the mat and begin to work on her. Over the next 6 minutes I am in control of the match and dominating her. The surprising thing is she has managed to escape from many of my holds. Although not getting me into anything painful, she has tapped into my strength and stamina. At the end of the 6 minutes I have begun to breath hard. I know I need to finish her off quickly. To my surprise I can’t understand how I have not yet beaten her.


After working her leg in a STEP OVER TOE HOLD, she manages to escape, then takes me down to the mat. I am completely shocked by her ability to do this to me. It is the first time in this match that I’ve been taken down. Wasting no time she instantly begins to work over my legs. Standing on one of my boots she splits me and twists my leg at the same time. I can’t quite believe it but she seems stronger now that when we started. Back and forth she twists my leg. The pain in my knee grows as she twists.


Dealing with the leg hold I momentarily forget that I am on my back. While twisting she is also lifting my leg and this forces my shoulders onto the mat. I am stunned as I hear the ref counting for a pin. ONE-TWO-THRE!!” I just manage to get one shoulder up off the mat in time. 8 minutes into the match and I’m on my back and have almost been pinned. I am breathing hard and quickly tiring.

Quickly changing holds on me, she grabs my leg at the knee and flips me over. As she locks down on me she’s got me in a ONE LEG, HALF CRAB. Pain shoots up my leg and into me back. Quickly I cry out in pain, “AAAAAAAHH!!! OOOOOOUUU!!! My back. It hurts, OMG it hurts!!” 18 yr old Barbara Jean has completely turned the momentum around on me. She is now in control of this match and in control of me.

11 minutes into the match and I’m very near exhausted. Barbara Jean has held me in this half crab for almost 3 minutes. The pain in my leg and back is horrible. How the hell is this teenage girl doing this to me? I’m the 3rd ranked contender. How can she be this strong?


Finally she drops my leg and moves away from me. On the mat I grab my leg and hold it tightly. My knee is throbbing and my back really hurts. Rolling from side to side I can’t get up. My leg won’t hold my weight.


As for Barbara Jean she seems content to strut around the ring with her arms in the air. The ref goes to her and tells her, “Come on Barbara Jean, get back to wrestling. You’ve got him, you need to finish him off.” The ref seems to think I’m already beaten. I’ve got to get it together quickly.

Now 13 minutes into this match here she comes. I was unable to get off the mat. I tried to stand but my leg would not hold me. I see her coming and I try to crawl toward the ropes. If I can grab them I can gain a few more minutes.


Just as I am about to reach out and grab a rope, Barbara Jean grabs me. Getting hold of my shiny white boots she lifts them off the mat and drags me back to the middle of the mat. Frustration and pain overcome me and I pound the mat in anger “NO-NO!!! I can’t take any more!”


Everyone in the arena has heard me cry out. Almost no one can believe what is happening to me. They are stunned by this teenage girl beating me so easily.


15 minutes into the match and I am face down in the center of the ring. The ropes and any hope I have of winning this match are too far away. Barbara Jean grabs both of my boots and turns me over. Once again I’m on my back and can’t get free. Dropping one boot she twists the other one around her leg. Dropping to the mat she grabs my free boot and pulls it out straight. Locking down my other leg Barbara Jean gets me in a FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK!!!


16 minutes into the match and I am trapped in a terrifying and painful submission hold. I twist violently from side to side. I pound on my 18yr old opponents legs trying to break her hold. It’s no use, I’m trapped. This teenager has me locked up tight. Every second the pain in my legs and knees increases. “MY LEGS!!!! MY LEGS!!!! She’s breaking my legs. OH god, I can’t take any more. She going to break my legs!!!"

17 minutes into the match and the ref kneels down and asks “What do you say? She’s got you Adonis, are you ready to submit? Want me to stop it? I have absolutely no choice, I must surrender to this young girl.

“YES-YES!! STOP THE MATCH!! She’s got me, I can’t get free. I SUBMIT!!! I SUBMIT!!! OH PLEASE LET ME GO!!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!!! YOU WIN!!!"

And so it comes, my fifth defeat, all to women. That is if you call Barbara Jean a women. For most of the fans she is a teenage girl.

Lie in the center of the ring holding both me legs. Those close to ring side can hear me moaning. “My legs, oh god the hurt. How did she beat me so easily? I’ve been defeated by a teenage girl. I can’t believe what happened to me. I’ve lost again.”

Barbara Jean comes to where I am lying on the mat. She knees down and asks “I hope I didn’t hurt you too much. You put up a good fight. Maybe we can have a rematch. Wouldn’t that be fun?” she pats me on the head and walks away. Fun? She was having fun? She destroyed me. She made me submit to her. Yea, some fun.


After while several med people enter the ring and help me to my feet. Back in my dressing room the promoter is waiting for me. “What the hell happened to you out there? You let a 18yr old girl defeat you. You got the crap beat out of you.” Then he gives me the really bad news. I fallen from the number 3 contender all the way down to the number 15 contender. There will be no title shot in my future.

As I pull off my boots and peel down my pantyhose I begin to wonder If I will ever wrestle in this league again.

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