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high school onepiece swimsuit japanese CFNM mixed wrestling camel clutch

Update: 09.08.2019

W-584 "CFNM Tag-Team match"

Gallery size: 330 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 330 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

The new tag-team champions are making their very first defense of their newly won titles. Kimi Osaka and Malia Osami both 24 yrs old and both born in Japan are the current CFNM wrestling league champions. They won the titles in a tag-team tournament just 3 weeks ago. They will be taking on the team that finished 3rd in the tournament. 

That team is the wildly popular team of Aaron Wiseman and Jacob Roth. Both 18 yrs old. Aaron and Jacob have been close friends since elementary school. They have been wrestling since the 6th grade, and all thru high school. They currently use their wrestling winnings to pay for their college tuition.  

Aaron and Jacob who are both Israelis now living and going to school in the United States have . made their way to the ring and are standing in their corner. Then the excitement begins to build here comes the Champions, Kimi and Malika begin to make their way the the ring. The champions receive a courteous welcome from the fans. It is no were near as loud as the challengers received. 

Aaron and Jacob are wearing light blue lace up boots, much the same color as the star on the Israeli flag. They also wear long blue gloves that come up the several inches above their elbows. The Champions are wearing Skintight White leotards with the red circle on the front, like the Japanese flag. Their leotards are high cut and thong backed. Along with their white and red leotards they also wear shiny black pantyhose and shiny white lace up boots.   

The announcer explains that this is a World Championship match. It is two out of three falls, pin or submission. Then the ref calls both tag-teams to the center of the ring for her instructions. With all the preliminaries finished both teams return to their corners. The 24yr old Japanese Champions take a moment to adjust their leotards and pull up their pantyhose. The bell is just seconds away.

BONG!! The bell sounds for the first fall. Kimi starts for the Champions and 18 yr old Jacob starts for the challengers.  Both wrestlers begin to circle each other. Kimi makes the first move, grabbing Jacob’s arm and twisting it up behind his back in a HAMMER LOCK. Jacob is quickly up on the toes of his shiny blue boots. The 24yr old Japanese champion demonstrates amazing power as she has Jacob crying out in pain this early in the match. “AAAAAAAA!!! My arm, she’s breaking my arm!!!” Although Jacob’s arm is in no danger or breaking, at least yet, Kimi has him in a very painful hold. 

Jacob twists and turns looking for a way out of the hold. The very first hold of the match demonstrates the inexperience of the teen aged challengers. After several minutes Jacob is able to get to the ropes and grab the top one. Kimi releases him and steps back. As for Jacob, he has one arm wrapped around the rope and is working the kinks out of the other.

After a few seconds the ref points at Jacob, "Come on son, you have to wrestler her or I’ll have to count you out." Jacob nods his head and moves off the ropes. Kimi is on the teenager instantly. She moves in close and drives the tip of her shiny white boot into Jacob’s mid-section. Jacob’s eyes grow wide with fear and pain. He instantly grabs at his abdomen, staggers back a few steps and falls backward into the mat. 

18 yr old Jacob is down on the mat, on his back. His knees are drawn up and he is holding his stomach very tightly. Kimi stands over him looking down at the young male wrestler. Before Jacob can even try to get to his feet, Kimi drops down behind his head and locks on a FIGURE-FOUR HEAD LOCK.

Jacob begins to kick his legs wildly. He twists and turns from side to side trying to break free. From the outside of the ropes Aaron is stretching as far as he can, trying to tag Jacob, “tag me Jacob, tag me!!! Don’t let her beat you, tag me please tag me!! Jacob hears Aaron calling to his him and stretches his arm out as far as it will go. Again and again he tries to tap Aarons hand, it’s no use Aaron is just inches out of his reach. 

Kimi continues to keep the FIGURE-FOUR on Jacob. However, having seen how close he came to tagging his partner and escaping the hold, Kimi now reaches down and grabs Jacob’s right arm. Stretching it back behind his head Kimi also applies an ARM-LOCK AND STRETCH to Jacob. The 18yr old male wrestler in now trapped in two very painful holds at once. 

Indicating his terrible predicament, Jacob has begun to scream in pain as well as call out to his partner for help. “She’s got me!!!! Oh god she’s got me!! Help me Aaron, PLEASE help me!!! As for Aaron he would like nothing better than to be able to help Jacob. Once again Aaron stretches out his arm as far as he possablely can. Now however the tag that will save Jacob is farther away than before.

Seeing how much pain Jacob is in Aaron calls out to his partner. “I’m trying Aaron, I’m trying!! You’re just too far away, I can’t reach you. Hold on, please hold on. Don’t submit to her. Keep fighting!!! 

Jacob knows the Aaron is trying his best to reach him, it’s just taking too long. As Jacob continues to cry out in pain he suddenly notices a now feeling. He can see that between his legs his manhood has begun to stiffen and swell in size. Jacob, Aaron, both of their female opponents as well as many of the fans understand that Jacob is beginning to get a boner. As many of the male wrestlers along with everyone else, calls is a DEFEAT BONER, Jacob has begun to believe that he is going to lose the fall. 

Jacob again cries out to his partner. “I’m trying Aaron, I’m trying. OH god it hurts so bad, she’s got me I can’t take much more of this!!! Those of coarse are the worst words a trapped wrestler can say. Kimi now knows she has him in a very bad way. She knows that her opponent is very close to surrender. 

“Hold on Jacob, hold on!! Don’t give up!! PLEASE don’t give up!! Aaron calls out to his friend and partner. Aaron knows that it’s too late for him to save Jacob. Jacob is almost at the end of his ability to fight her. Between his legs his manhood is stiff and hard, a sure sign of defeat. 

Kimi, knows the she has won the first fall and that Jacob has been defeated, all she needs now is for him to admit his defeat. She calls out to the ref Ask him ref, go on and ask him!! I’ve got him trapped, he can’t escape. I’ve beaten him. Ask him to submit!!” 

The ref knows she is right, Aaron knows she is right and Jacob knows she is right. He has no other option except to surrender the fall to Kimi. So the ref asks:

“How about it Jacob? Are you ready to submit to Kimi? Do you want to give up??"

The answer is very quick in coming:


With Jacob’s surrender the first fall is over and the ref calls for the bell.

Aaron races to were his friend and partner is lying on the mat moaning in pain. “It hurts Aaron it hurts!! She really hurt me!! I tried to fight her, just to strong and too fast for me. Aaron looks down on his beaten partner and understands. “I know Jacob, I know. You did your best. You tried hard. She’s just tougher than we are. We’ll get them next fall. We can still win, you’ll see!” 

Aaron then grabs his friend under the arms and helps him off the mat. They slowly return to their corner to plain for the next fall. The 18yr old male wrestler is in tremendous pain after his crushing defeat in the first fall. Even after almost 3 minutes Jacob still is hard and stiff with his DEFEAT BONER. It seems he will have to wrestle in that condition in the next fall. 

BONG!!! There it is the sound that Jacob has been dreading. As Aaron exits the ring Jacob moves out of the corner and with his back tight against the ropes slides to his left. He makes no effort to leave the ropes or to lock up with Kimi. For everyone at ringside the look on Jacob’s face is obvious, that look is fear. Jacob is afraid to lock up with Kimi. 

After about 30 seconds the ref moves close to Jacob, “come on Jacob, you have to get off the ropes and fight her!! If you don’t I count you out!!” Slowly Jacob moves off the ropes and toward Kimi. She wastes no time at all. Her plain is to finish off Jacob as fast as she can before he can make a tag off to Aaron. 

So, Kimi charges straight at Jacob. Knowing the he is afraid of her, she hopes to catch him off guard. 2 seconds later she does just that. Kimi’s shoulder slams into Jacob’s stomach driving him backwards  till he falls to the mat. 

Jacob has wound up on his back face up on the mat. His arms are out stretch at his sides and his manhood is standing stiffly erect. Jacob is stunned, he makes no move to get back to his feet. Kimi moves in on him quickly and grabs his shiny light blue boots. Lifting them off the mat she tucks them under her arms. Using overwhelming strength she easily flips Jacob onto his front. With his boots tucked under her arms Kimi has him in a BOSTOM CRAB. Jacob is now caught in a second painful submission hold. 

Less than 40 seconds into the second fall Jacob is back in trouble. Kimi has the CRAB lock on him tightly. His back is bent at a very sever angle and he is pounding the mat in pain. “OOOOOOOHH!! My back!! She’s got me again!! She’s going to beat again!! What do I do Aaron, she’s got me what do I do??” 

In their corner Aaron can see that his partner is once again in deep trouble. He calls out to Jacob to try to reach him and make the tag, “Tag me Jacob, you have to tag me. Crawl to me and tag me.” 

With what little strength he has left Jacob pulls on the mat canvas and begins to inch toward Aaron. What Kimi does not realize is that Jacob is much closer than she thinks. Gaining only a few inches gets Jacob just close enough to tag his partner and escape the ring. 

Kimi is surprised when the ref taps her on the shoulder and tells her to break the hold. Her first though is that Jacob had again submitted to her and the match was over. Quickly understanding that was not the case, Kimi ran to her corner and tagged in her partner Malia. 

With two fresh wrestlers in the ring the action starts a new. This time Aaron is first to attack and grabs Malia from behind around her waist. Using all his strength Aaron gets a BEAR HUG on Malia. As he squeezes her tightly Malia begins to groan in pain. For the very first time in this match it is the 24yr old Japanese woman that are feeling the pain. 

As Malia struggles to get free, Aaron lifts her off the mat and over top of his head. He then slams her down in a suplex onto her shoulders. The ref is there very quickly and begins to count:


Malia is just able to get her shoulder up in time. 

Aaron releases Malia and she flops to the mat on her back. Aaron swiftly moves to grab her arm, drops to his bottom and placing his boots against her head and under her arm locks on an ARM STRETCH. Malia instantly begins to scream in pain. “AAAAAAA!!! OOOOOOHHH!! 

Working as hard as she can she slowly gets to her feet pulling Aaron along with her. As she pulls him up she is also bending him backward. Suddenly he realizes that his shoulders are flat on the mat and he is being pinned. 


He lets go of her arm and kicks out of the pin attempt. 

He also now realizes that his hurry to win the fall almost got him pinned losing the fall and the  match. Back on their feet both wrestlers circle each other. Aaron faints a move to Malia’s head, but quickly gets behind her. A kick to the back of her knee sends Malia to the mat. Grabbing her arms, Aaron pulls them back behind her. A boot to her back sends her face down on the canvas. 

Dropping onto her back Aaron reaches forward and grabs Malia under her chin. He pulls her head back, hooks both of her arms over his knees lock her into a CAMAL-CLUTCH. Malia instantly begins to cry out in pain. “OOOOOHH!!! OOOOHHH! MY BACK!! YOU BREAKING MY BACK!!!” 

On the outside of the ropes Jacob can’t help but smile as one of the Japanese’s Champion is in pain. He hopes she knows how it feels. In the ring Malia’s face leaves no doubt that she knows how it feels, the pain is easy to see on her face. 

Having been held in the CLUTCH for several minutes, the ref asks Malia if she is ready to submit. “are you ready to submit Malia? She looks up at the ref shaking her head no: “NO-NO!! I no submit!! No submit!!” After about another minute Malia finally makes to the ropes and grabs the bottom one. The ref taps Aaron on the shoulder and tells him “Let her go Aaron, she’s got the ropes. Break the hold, let her go.” 

Aaron breaks the hold and lets go of Malia. At this time both wrestlers tag in their partners. Kimi and Jacob re-enter the ring to face off with each other again. Jacob is determined to do a better job of handling Kimi this time. Moving in on each other, Jacob gets behind Kimi and reaching around her head, gets a DRAGON NECK BREAKER on her. 

Kimi is stunned by Jacob’s sudden move. After defeating him so easily in the first fall she expected the same now. As for Jacob for the first time in this match he has a smile on his face. Bending her back, Jacob forces Kimi to her knees. At every opportunity he bends or twists her head and neck. The 24 yr old Japanese beauty is in trouble for the first time. 

As she is bent back, her shiny white leotard stretches over her body. The Spandex fabric reveals her every curve and bulge. Kimi’s breasts are large by Japanese standards as are Malia’s and they are pressed hard by the Spandex.    

Kimi struggles for several minutes before being able to reach out and grab the middle rope. Jacob is slow to break the hold as the ref has instructed. Kimi cries out for the ref to help her. “Let me go!! You must let me go. In ropes. I’m in ropes!! Break hold, let me go!!” The ref again tells Jacob to release Kimi and this time he does.  Jacob back off and Kimi slowly get to her feet. She rubs her neck and tries to stretch out the muscles. 

Jacob has no mercy for Kimi. He is one her very quickly. Grabbing her arm he twists it hard and then  whips her into a neutral corner. Kimi slams against the turnbuckle and must grab the top rope to stay on her feet. Two seconds later Jacob’s knee comes smashing into Kimi just below the elastic waistband of her black pantyhose. 

The air rushes out of her lungs, she staggers forward a few steps and drops to her knees and falls forward into to her face. The only movement from the Japanese wrestler is her chest expanding and contracting. She seems to be out cold. 

Lying face down on the mat Kimi offers no fight as Jacob drags her by her arms to the center of the ring. There he flips her on her back and drops across her chest. Reaching behind her knee he pulls her leg off the mat and rolls her shoulders down on to it. At this point everyone in the arena except Kimi hears the fatal sound, the ref’s hand slapping the mat counting for the pin.


It’s over, Jacob has pinned Kimi and won the second fall.  He jumps to his feet with his arms in the air. He has his revenge, he has defeated the 24 yr old champion.

Malia leaps into the ring and runs to her downed partner. She instantly discovers that Kimi is in fact unconscious. Jacob’s knee to her mid-section knocked her out. Malia must find a way to revive her if they are to retain their titles. If Kimi can not start the third fall she will be counted out and the American teenage boys will be the new Champions.  

In their corner the American teens are ecstatic they high five each other and raise their arms in the air in a sign of victory. Across the ring in the opposite corner things are not so happy. Malia has pulled Kimi back to their corner and is trying desperately to revive the young wrestler. After a minute and a half, Kimi’s eyes open and she begins to respond. With only 90 seconds before the bell sounds for the third and final fall Kimi is on her feet. It is very clear that she is still dazed and shaken. 

With only 10 seconds before the bell Kimi straightens her leotard and pulls up her pantyhose. She is as ready as she can be. BONG!!! The bell starts the third and final fall the winner of this fall will be the World Tag-Team Champions. A newly confident Jacob makes his way out of the corner ready to take on Kimi.   

The two wrestlers approach each other looking for an opening to strike. Suddenly Kimi lands a powerful fore-arm smash on Jacob’s chin. Jacob’s knees buckle and he staggers back against the ropes. He must drape his arms over the top rope to keep from falling to the mat. Jacob is stunned and hurt. 

Kimi moves in on him and pounds Jacob with a series of very hard for-arms. Jacob’s head is pounded from both sides and now falls onto his chest. Although she was briefly knocked out, Kimi quickly recovered and is not hurt at all. 

Jacob is now caught on the ropes, his arms are draped over the top rope holding him up. However, no one is sure that he is doing that himself. His eyes are closed  and his body seem limp. A quick look would tell you he has been knocked out and is just hanging from the ropes. His manhood that had gone back to limp and normal, has once again begun to stiffen and rise. 

The ref moves in and pushes Kimi back. Then takes a close look at Jacob. Jacob’s eyes open and he tells the ref that he is OK to continue to fight. As the ref signals the match to continue Jacob quickly leaves the ropes and tags in Aaron. 

Aaron enters the ring as Jacob leaves it. Make no mistake, Jacob is hurt and is not “faking it”. He was very close to being knocked out by Kimi. However, now it is Aaron who is in the ring and facing Kimi. Kimi starts were she left off with Jacob. She grabs Aaron’s arm and twists it very hard. She then pulls him back against the ropes and whips him across the ring.  Aaron slams into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and is shoot back toward Kimi.

At the center point of the ring Kimi is waiting for Aaron. As he gets close to her she raises her black nylon covered leg and drives her knee into Aaron’s mid-section. Aaron doubles over and grabs his stomach. He stumbles forward a few steps but does not go down. Kimi is on him instantly. She grabs his arm and whips him into a neutral corner. Aaron slams into the turnbuckle extremely hard. 

At this point Aaron is completely dazed. He grabs the ropes holding himself up so he does not fall. This is a huge mistake. Kimi is directly behind him and as he holds on she slams into the 18yr old wrestler driving her knee into his abdomen once again. 

Aaron’s knees buckle and the only thing hold him up is that his arms over the top rope. His legs are bent and his knees are off to his side. There is one other important fact about Aaron, his manhood has begun to swell and stiffen. Now it’s Aaron that is getting a DEFEAT BONER.   

Taking full advantage of Aaron’s weakened condition Kimi begins to pound her 18yr old male opponent. Over and over she pounds her fore-arm into him. When she is done with that she then begins to drive her knee into his mid-section over and over. 

Unable to escape the corner, Aarons head slumps forward on his chest. The only reason he is still standing is because his arms are hooked over the top rope holding him up. Although his body mat be limp, his manhood is not. The entire time he was taking this beating his manhood was slowly getting stiff and swollen, now it is rock hard and standing out stiff. Aaron has a huge DEFEAT BONER. 

Now that she is no longer pounding her male opponent, Kimi unhooks Aaron’s arms from the top rope. Unable to stand on his own Aaron drops to the mat. He lands on his knees, but instantly slumps to one side. The 18 yr old boy lies in a heap at Kimi’s feet. 

Kimi grabs Aaron’s arms and drags him out of the corner. She twists one of his arms and along with his hair pulls the teenager to his feet. Still twisting his arm she pulls him back against the ropes. Using all her strength she whips Aaron across the ring into the ropes. Unable to control his body the groggy young wrestler is flung back toward Kimi. She stands in the center of the ring waiting for him. 

As Aaron gets close to her Kimi ducks under his arm and then locks her leg around his. She reaches across his chest and grabs his arm. Kimi now has Aaron tied up in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH!!!  The sudden crushing pain of the stretch instantly revives Aaron. His eyes open wide and an expression of both great pain and fear is now on his face. 

Twisting right and left, bending back and forth are no help to his, all that does is to help tighten the stretch on him the more he struggles the tighter the hold gets. Aaron is hopelessly trapped and there is no escape. Even as he realizes that his movement tightens the hold, Aaron continues to struggle. Suddenly he screams out in pain and fear: “she’s got me!!! She’s got me!! Oh god it hurts!! So much pain, I can’t take this pain!!” 

Across the ring as far away as he can be Jacob sees and hears his friend and tag team partner screaming and crying out in pain. Jacob calls out to his friend:  “hold on Aaron, hold on!! Try and get to me, we have to make a tag!! Both men know that it’s just too far. 

As Aaron continues to struggle, he begins to call out to Jacob: “Help me Jacob, help me!! I Can’t take much more!! PLEASE-PLEASE help me!!!  It’s very clear that Aaron is fading fast, he won’t last much longer. It’s also clear that his cries for help are killing Jacob, he knows he must do something to help Aaron. 

Waiting no longer Jacob leaps into the ring and races toward Aaron. It’s a shame for both of these young boys that he never makes it. As he is about to reach his struggling partner, Jacob is intercepted by Malia. Both of her shiny white boots slam into Jacob’s face and he staggers backward then falls to the mat on his back. 

Malia swiftly grabs Jacob’s shiny blue boots and lifts the off the mat. She tucks his boot under her arms then flips him over onto his front. Pulling up and bending back, Malia locks Jacob into a BOSTON CRAB. The Japanese Champions have both of the American boys locked into painful submission holds.  

Across the ring from were Jacob is struggling in the BOSTON CRAB, Aaron is still trapped in the ABDOMINAL STRETCH. Racked with pain his mind is struggling with the thought that his long time friend and tag partner is not helping him. “Jacob, were are you? She’s got me, I need help. She’s going to submit me!!! HELP ME, PLEASE HELP ME. Aaron does not know that Jacob is also trapped and suffering.  

Now the he is trapped and in great pain Jacob knows that they are just about finished. Unless they can get free they will lose the match. With his back bent at a terrible angle Jacob tries to reach the ropes, it’s no use they are just too far away. With his manhood again beginning to stiffen, Jacob knows the he is finished, he can take no more punishment. His only choice is to surrender to Malia. So he screams his submission.

"You’re breaking my back!! Let me go Malia, PLEASE Let me go!!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!!"

There is only one problem with Jacob’s submission, he is not the legal man in the ring, Aaron is. Aaron is the only one who can submit the match. 

Having heard Jacob, Aaron looks across the ring and sees his partner trapped in the BOSTON CRAB. He now knows that there is no hope of escape and they have lost the match. The ref then asks Aaron: “Are you ready to submit Aaron? Has she beaten you? Do you want to give up yet?  Aaron is more than ready to submit. The ABDOMINAL STRETCH has caused him more pain than he has ever endured. His back aces his abdomen aces and his manhood is stiff and hard as a rock. Yes, Aaron is ready to give up.

"YES-YES!!! She’s beaten me!! I can’t take any more! I SUBMIT!! Get her off me, PLEASE get her off me!! I GIVE UP!!!"

The ref tells Kimi that Aaron has submitted to her and she releases him. Finally free of the ABDOMINAL STRETCH Aaron collapses to the mat on his back. Too weak to get up or even move he can’t help Jacob. The ref moves to were Jacob is in the BOSTOM CRAB, do you also wish to submit Jacob? Are you also beaten? Jacob’s answer comes instantly

"YES-YES!!! I’m beaten too, I submit!! Make her stop, oh god, please make her stop!!! I submit! I submit! Oh god, I submit!!!!"

Kimi lets go of Jacob and he drops to the mat. As he hits it he screams as his manhood has struck first and the pain has caused him to roll onto his back. 

The bell ring signaling the end of the match. Here now is the picture of that ending. Standing in one corner the two Japanese woman are celebrating their victory. They are both holding their Championship Belts high in the air. 

Just a few feet from where this celebration is taking place, two 18yr old American male wrestlers lie in broken defeat. They have failed in their quest to win the worlds tag-team titles. They lie on their backs unable to get to their feet. It will be some time before the two young boys can get up and out of the ring. They both have large DEFEAT BONERS, that attest to how badly they were beaten.

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