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W-537 "Brett's first session"

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Brett sat nervously on his knees, idly examining the details and features of the empty room in which he sat. There wasn't much to look at. It was a white walled room with no windows and a soft, blue gymnastics mat that covered the floor like carpet. The room seemed to be a re-purposed bedroom with own bathroom and closet that was now inaccessible from the mat jamming against the bottom of its folding doors. His eyes caught shadows dancing in the light coming from under the bathroom door and his muscles immediately tensed. The lump in his throat stiffened as the door swung open and out walked a beauty clad in only a jet black one-piece high-leg swimsuit.


As she stepped out of the doorway Brett stammered, "Looks good Jane." trying not to sound anxious, though his eyes that darted to Jane's figure and away in embarrassment told otherwise. She giggled and politely replied, "The customer is responsible for picking out an outfit. You shouldn't be so shy about it, I would have worn whatever you chose as long as it wasn't my birthday suit." Jane was a session wrestler, although a fairly new one. It was Brett's first time hiring someone, though he had wanted to for quite some time. When he saw Jane added to the session wrestler list, it was a perfect opportunity to finally go through with it. He knew Jane from back in high school, although he was already a senior when she entered the freshman class. He knew she was a good looking girl, and it was a dream come true to see her listed as a wrestler. Brett was never comfortable around girls, and Jane could already tell as he struggled to avert his eyes from her figure and nervously rubbed his legs. She reassured him, "I'm wearing this so you can see, don't feel bad about peeking."

The smirk on her face made him feel worse, and he realized he had just been scolded by someone four to five years younger than him. It would be hard to tell she was a few years younger than Brett, she had a tall voluptuous body that was toned from years of gymnastics, dancing and running. She worked out often, but didn't build muscle in order to stay flexible which was important for all her activities. She slid down slowly to the floor, spreading her legs into a split and stretching in various positions. As she bent over to reach her toes, she looked up at Brett, smiling and laughing at his still obvious embarrassment. She sat up and tossed her long, golden-brown hair behind her head saying, "Well, you paid for an hour, if you want to just sit there, that's fine." She continued to tie her hair into a pony tail. Brett wore nothing but a white pair of baggy basketball shorts. "Fine." he said, and shuffled on his knees towards Jane. She put her hands on her hips and watched him advance.


As he got within reach of her, he awkwardly wrapped his arms around her and pressed the side of his face against her shoulder trying to push her onto her back. There was a lot less give than he though there would be despite Jane keeping her hands on her hips. She mockingly laughed as he began to push, half-heartedly. "You need to learn to man up." she mocked. Brett felt a sharp pain right in his groin and his hands slipped into his crotch to caress the pain in his privates. Jane's knee had been planted firmly into his balls and she continued to laugh as he fell to his side in pain. "Come on sweetie." She rolled him onto his back and straddled his chest, pinning his arms under her legs. He was astounded by her aggressiveness, and almost angered by the blindside attack to such a sensitive area. But as the pain subsided and he looked up to her mocking smile, his face flushed with heat. He felt helpless beneath her, a feeling that excited him and had hoped a woman could provide.


She said, "Don't worry, I know what you want." almost as if she had read his mind. She leaned over his head, propping herself with her arms, so that he was staring directly into her taught stomach. She looked down to see his face and smiled as she saw the complacency taking hold of him. She slid up his shoulders to sit on his neck and sat up so she could still see his face beneath her crotch. He instincitly grabbed at her thighs folded up on either side of his head. The cotton of her leotard crotch brushed his neck and chin, a feeling which shot pleasure into his nervous system. His boner throbbed painfully despite deflating just a moment ago from the knee he took to his groin. She looked down with a giddy expression at his struggle to keep her weight off of his airway. As their eyes met she teased him more by grinding her hips across his neck and slowly up his face. "Do you like that?" she asked in a teasing voice. He remained silent as she continued to grind her crotch further and further up his face, until the lips of her pussy traced the tip of his nose and her ass covered his mouth. His hands went limp at his side as he watched her gently sway up and down, pressing her crotch harder and harder into his nose. His strength slowly drained from lack of air and dizzying ecstasy. Suddenly a rush of cold air filled his lungs as Jane lifted herself onto her knees, still standing directly above Brett's face. His eyes refocused and studied her underside.


She looked down at his now sweaty face, reveling in his disorientation and submissiveness. "Don't faint on me now." she said while chuckling. She stood up and adjusted her leotard correcting a wedgie above his head and ran to the side of the room to fetch a drink of water. He slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes to get rid of a slight blur smearing his vision. As he sat up he noticed his dick peeking out from the elastic waistband of his shorts. He stood up with his back turned to Jane and attempted to tuck his member back into his shorts. Trying to hide his intentions from her proved to be useless, though, and in the middle of a swig of her water bottle she laughed. "Aww, don't hide it, it's cute! At least it's big enough to see."


He kept his back turned to her and said nothing, pulling up his shorts abnormally high to cover up. Jane wasn't fond of his attitude and threw the water bottle down, running over to Brett before he had a chance to see it coming. She wrapped her arms around his head, putting him in a headlock. She easily tossed him to the floor in a violent motion that sent him onto his back. He was still surprised at the unrestricted force she used, or perhaps didn't know a girl could generate such force. She quickly jumped onto him, sitting directly on his neck, this time facing the other way. His nose jammed up the crack of her ass into her leotard, her legs pinning his shoulders to the floor. Her back disappeared from sight as she bent over, laying her body on his.


"Let's bring him out again." she said as she clawed at his waistband. She pulled his shorts down to reveal his hard cock. Brett grabbed her ass cheeks in each hand, enjoying the view from below. Jane teased, "You have nothing to be ashamed of." as she examined his piece. She grabbed at it gently bending her hips over even further. The stump of her pussy emerged and sat right on his mouth as she continued to arch her back into 69 with Brett. She toyed with his erection like a joystick, not pumping it but bending it in different directions. After playing with it she wrapped her arms around his waist, hugging his torso, and laying the side of her head on his dick. "This must feel awful." she teased again. Brett continued to squeeze and feel her ass, hovering just over his face, occasionally sliding his prying fingers over the camel toe covering his mouth and down the soft, plump skin of her thighs. She was completely in control, despite not having him in a formal wrestling move. Her hips began to sway again, and his eyes were drawn to the gentle bouncing of the fat on her butt. She moaned and closed her eyes, squeezing her hug tighter. "You can have it if you obey me." His throat was too dry to reply, but he already knew she was in control. She unwrapped her arms from around him and slipped them under her stomach, between them. Her hands dove into her leotard bottom and pushed the material covering her pussy to the side. She slid her hands back up and used one to grab his throbbing dick waving in front of her face. Her bare pussy was put back onto his mouth while she rocked her hips, back and forth, up and down so that his nose traced the crevice of her ass and Brett's tongue massaged her clit.


Her hand began to beat his stick slowly in rhythm with her hip grinding. As he continued to stick his tongue further and further into her twat, she moaned louder and louder. First, she quivered as her breathing became deep, quietly whimpering with every exhale, until she began to cry out in pleasure as her body twitched in pleasure from Brett's curious hands. She continued to hold his now moist and erect cock slipping her hand up and down the full length of his shaft. She began to pump faster and faster until, in an urge of pleasure, she cried out loudly and took his dick into her hand. Pleasure overtook Brett as her hand enveloped his cock and her loud moans became muffled. She slurped the juices lubricating Brett's dick in loud exhales as she continued to work it down her throat. Neither of them could resist any longer, he slipped his fingers deep into her pussy. Her body shook as they sunk in, and she let out an exasperated moan and sigh with his cock deep in her hand. Her arms clawed at his torso like eagle claws and pleasure prevented her from being able to focus on the dick in her hand. Her body writhed as Brett began massaging the inner walls of her pussy, fast and hard.


The soft, plump skin on her ass bounced back and forth as his fingers penetrated her repeatedly. Sweat and pussy juices dripped across his tongue that continued to massage her clit. Jane began to moan and cry out constantly, unable to work the dick still stuck in her hand due to the uncontrollable pleasure shooting down her spine and erupting from her groin. Her hips pushed her crotch harder and harder onto his face, desperately wringing out every ounce of pleasure as her muffled yells continued to sound. When he began to move his hips, reflexively, she masturbated him. She savored the sensuality of each movement of his tongue inside her and delighted in the feel of her pleasure. 


"Even the most in-control guy will gladly obey when you tell him,


"Lie down, honey. It's time for a massage." As you straddle him in the superior position, all he has to do is receive your orders, and that's bound to usher in feelings of being subdued for. I'm wearing a leotard and hold you naked, to arouse you but leave you without sex as an act of my domination." says Jane. "It's a time to submit, Brett!"


Jane's sweet hand milked his cock with firm, agonizing strokes, when she began to scream in pleasure from orgasm in one big exhale.  Her body shook as her arms went limp, though her legs tightened around his head. Her convulsions continued for a minute, though it felt like an eternity to Jane. He could feel her firm thigh muscles beating in rhythmic pleasure to the movements his tongue made inside her.

Submission is defined as yielding oneself to the power or authority of another.


She knew he wanted her to jerk him off. He had made her cum; now it was his turn.


Jane relaxed straddling his face, taking comfort in her dominant strength and his complete submission.


He moaned as she tugged on his rod as she returned to squeezing and massaging his throbbing cock. She loved tugging on his dick and seeing how much he squirmed and moaned as she did, satisfied with how good she made him feel as she jerked him off.


She stroked him from base to tip and it felt amazing, squeezing his thick hardened shaft just right and at just the right speed to drive him wild. He couldn't stop squirming and he couldn't stop moaning; she knew what she was doing and it certainly showed. Her soft experienced hand gripped the length of his cock and sent a wave of ecstasy through his body as she jerked his throbbing cock with a sly toothy smile on her face.


He ate her pussy and licked her asshole driving her to multiple orgasms again and again when she jerked his rigid cock with her slender, elegant fingers.


He panted as she jerked his pulsating erection, alleviating the throbbing that had grown to a painful crescendo of unsated arousal.

Brett was a huge fan of Xenia Onatopp. Xenia kills her lover while having multiple orgasms and the male is denied any release at all. He absolutely loved this kind of scenario; Women cumming at the expense and denial of men. Most likely this scene is also what caused him to have a proclivity for this kind of thing.


Denied orgasms and ruined orgasms because it is one of ultimate ways a woman can assert her superiority over a man sexually.


Multiple times Jane edged him towards climax and then stopped like she was shy of the stimulation Brett needed for release. She finally granted him a release and jerked him off all the way through the scene but it didn’t matter. His cock yielded an impressive payload but it didn’t fire out with conviction or vigor the way he thought it would after having waited what felt like an eternity. His seed slowly flowed out of him without any alleviation of his agony.


They lost themselves to each other as they passionately made love in their kinky way. He continued to lick her mercilessly and she in turn was even cruller towards his penis. Brett didnt knew how many time has passed but he gave her another two orgasms with his mouth. Her last orgasm took the longest and she even helped him by rubbing her clit as he licked her. After that she got off of the now wet Brett who lay at an even wetter mat. Brett panted as Jane walked away. 


It took an hour or so for him to feel normal again. The thing that was really funny about the whole situation was… HE HAD ASKED HER TO DO THIS TO HIM!!! Brett thought that edging him over and over would lead to the greatest orgasm ever known to mankind! Only after the fact did he learn that this is something that dommes do to their slaves to destroy them. Lessons of his youth…