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leotard ballbusting mixed wrestling straddle position woman wins

Update: 16.12.2022        W-759 "Three bad nights"

Mixed wrestling, 380 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

Tonight I am booked in a "Contenders Match" as the number 2 ranked contender I am obliged to face a lower ranked contender every ninety days. It’s the only way I can keep my ranking. So tonight I will be facing the number 7 contender for the title. 

In my dressing room I begin to prepare for the match. I strip out of my street cloths. Then I step into a shiny white jockstrap and lace up shiny white boots. At 28 yrs old I am in the prime of my wrestling career. I am in great physical shape. The only problem I have is I hurt my shoulder a week ago in another match. Although I won easily, I still sustained a minor injury. However, I still must wrestle tonight. 

Across the hall my opponent is also getting ready. She is 22 yrs old and risen in the rankings very quickly. I head to the ring as ready as ever. My opponent is already in the ring. WOW!!!! She is absolutely gorgeous. She is wearing a light purple shiny metallic leotard. Black pantyhose and shiny purple boots. Did I mention that she is gorgeous? 

The announcer begins: "Wrestling fans, this is a Contenders Match. In the blue corner at 22 years old she is the number 7 ranked Contender, please welcome Grace Davenport. And her opponent, he is ranked the number 2 Contender, He is undefeated in his last 23 matches, welcome Dillion Roberts." 

Here we go, the bell sounds to start the match. We both exit our corners and come at each other. Before I know what has happened, Grace is behind me and has my arm bent up behind my back in a HAMMER LOCK. Two things I know instantly, she is very fast and very strong!!! A few seconds into the match and my arm and shoulder are on fire with pain. 

Grace has got me and I know she is aware of my injured shoulder. As she bends it up even farther. I can’t help but scream in pain. OOOOOOOUUU!!! My arm, oh god my arm!!" As soon as it comes out of my mouth, I know I’ve made a huge mistake. In just the first few minutes of the match she knows she can hurt me. 

Still holding on to me arm she pulls it out straight. Twist it into an ARM WRINGER she whips me into the ropes and sling shot back at her, With almost perfect timing she does a SPINNING BACK KICK on me. The bottom of her boot slams into my midsection. I drop to the mat on my back, like I was shot with a cannon. 

After 5 minutes, I’m in pretty bad shape. I’ve been hurt and have had much of my strength drained away. Grace has figured out that there is something wrong with my arm or shoulder. And has been working on it almost steadily. 

As of now she has just pulled me off the mat and whipped me into a corner. I slammed very hard into the turnbuckles. She was very quick to follow me in. She then sent two very hard punches into me. The first slammed into my chin, the second into my very low on my mid-section. The second punch knocked the air out of my lungs leaving me gasping for breath. 

In my weakened condition I did not have the strength to fight her off. I am in big trouble and she knows it. Oh god, here come the punches. One after another, her punches slam into my head and body. It’s an onslaught of punishment. 

Two things are happening to me, one she is very close to defeating me. The second is that I am getting a stiff DEFEAT BONER in my jockstrap. I can feel my manhood getting stiffer and my jockstrap stretching to it’s limit. I know that my long winning streak is coming to an end. 23 matches in a row, will not become 24. 

Well my manhood is as stiff as it has ever been. I quickly try to adjust it in my jockstrap. Grace is not going to wait wile I do it. She grabs my arm and pulls me out of the corner. She jams her arm between my legs grabs my head and lifts me off the mat. She then lifts me chest high and slams me down to the mat. It feels as though I have been slammed into a brick wall. 

Changing tactics she reaches down and grabs the elastic waist band of my shiny white jockstrap. Pulling up on it she lifts my middle off the mat. She then stomps me back down to the mat. Once again her hand grabs my jockstrap and again she stomps me. At this point I am almost completely finished. There is no fight left in me. 

Dropping down Grace drapes her legs across my neck and chest. She has my arm in her hands. She then places me in a Rousey arm lock. that’s it I’m finished, there will be no victory for me tonight. The pain in my arm and shoulder is forcing me to surrender the match. I’m finished. 

"That’s it I’m finished!!!! You win, you’ve beaten me Grace!!!! I give up, I give up!!!! Let me go, PLEASE let me go!!!! I submit, I submit!!" 

After about another 15 or 20 seconds Grace lets me go. She gets to her feet and stands over me looking down. "Tuff match Dillion, I was lucky to beat you. I guess I’m the number 2 contender now. I’ll remember you when I wrestle for the title!!" Bad enough she beat me. Now she wants to gloat over her victory. It’s a long walk back to my dressing room. I peel down my jockstrap and standing in just my boots look at the damage she caused me. A rock hard stiff DEFEAT BONER. I’ll remember this when I wrestle her again. 

Three weeks have passed since my defeat at the hands of Grace Davenport. That night Grace had it all and defeated me easily. I am hopping tonight will be different. I need to get another winning streak started. As we are both dressed in our wrestling gear we head to the ring. As I enter the ring I am stunned looking at my opponent. It seems I will be facing the youngest wrestler in the league. My opponent for the evening will be 18 yr old Kelly Ann Pinto. We will be 10 yrs apart in age. Even though I am only 28 her youth gives her an advantage. I may have difficulty keeping up with her. My last match the lose to Grace Davenport did my shoulder no good at all. If anything it was injured even further.

Well no matter I have to keep wrestling according to my contract. The longer I look at her the less I believe it, Something is wrong. There is no way a girl this young should be in the ring with me. I think I am being set up again. Rumor has it that Grace was tipped off about my shoulder injury. I wonder if I can expect same tonight. 

Well no matter the match must go on. I entered the ring wearing my very shiny Metallic gray jockstrap and metallic gray boots. Across thr ring my opponent is wearing a fantastic two piece wrestling outfit. It consists of very short, boy shorts. And a top piece that covers her from her neck down to well below her breasts. it is the latest look in female wrestling attire. 

Wrestling fans, this is the main event. It is a contenders match, in this corner Loser of his last match and now the number 7 contender Dillion Roberts. And in the opposite corner his opponent, winner of her last 6 matches the number 11 contender, Amber Oswald this match is one fall, pin or submission." 

Well that ends the intros and we return to our corners. I make a quick adjustment to my jockstrap and I ready. The bell sounds and I move out of my corner. Amber comes toward me, as she gets close WHAM!!!! She hits me with a spinning side kick. Her aim is prefect, her wrestling boot hits me right on the point of my shoulder. 

5 seconds into the match and I’m down on the mat in terrible pain. Amber rolls me onto my side placing my injured shoulder on the mat. She grabs that arm and pulls it back, She grabs my shiny gray boot and pulls my leg back. She now has my right arm and my left boots pulled back, She now places her boot into my lower back at the elastic waist band of my jockstrap. She has me locked into a BOW& ARROW hold. 

26 seconds into the match and I am trapped in a painful submission hold. At 31 seconds into the match Amber has me lock in tightly in the hold. At 36 seconds into the match I scream my surrender to her. 

"I give up, I give up!!!!! You win Amber, you win!!! Let me go I’m finished I submit, oh dear god, I submit!!!" 

Amber releases me and I roll onto my back. I have just suffered the quickest defeat in my career. It is also the quickest in league history and may be the quickest in all of wrestling history. My arm and shoulder are in very intense pain. Her kick has reinjured it. It takes almost 10 minutes for me to get to my feet. Those still in the arena can easily two things. One, are the tears running down my cheeks. Two, is the large DEFEAT BONER in my jockstrap. As I make my way back to my dressing room, my arms hangs uselessly at my side. 

I meet Amber in the hall heading to my dressing room. She sees my arm hanging uselessly from my shoulder. "You going to need some help getting you jock off big guy? I’m here, I can help you." Not waiting for an answer Amber follows me into my dressing room. "Lie down on the table. I do as I’m told but I’m not sure why. Amber takes the waist band of my jockstrap and slowly pulls it down my legs and off. She then unties my boots and peel them off. I am left on the table with my stiff and rock hard manhood standing up. 

It’s now been five weeks since my last match. I have seen a specialist for my shoulder and am now very much improved. So much so that he has cleared my to start wrestling again. I am very glad to be getting back in the ring. I am on a two match losing streak, that I need to end. I have fallen from the number 2 contender all the way down to the number 11 contender. 

I am no longer a main event wrestler, as the number 11 contender I will be wrestling third on a 7 event card. I need this match very much, I can’t afford to lose any more matches. Another lose would move my down to just an "Opponent". 

I begin to get ready. I remove my street cloths and reach into my gear bag. I pull out my light green jockstrap and slid it up my legs. I adjust my manhood in the pouch. I then lace on my matching light green wrestling boots. I am now ready for the ring. 

Across the hall my opponent is also getting ready. 34 yr old Renee Miller pulls on her dark tan pantyhose. They are so dark that are almost brown. She pulls on a dark green leotard that is very high cut. It is so high cut you can often see the elastic waistband of her pantyhose. She then puts on dark green wrestling boots. Renee is now ready to wrestle. 

We are now both in the ring. The announcer starts : wrestling fans, this is a contenders match. In the green corner, she is currently unranked Renee Miller. And in the red corner he is now ranked the number 11 contender Dillion Roberts. His ranking is on the line in one fall match. 

With the intro’s over I return to my corner to await the bell. BONG!!!! the match is underway. As I exit my corner Renee is just a few feet away. Before I can react She lowers her shoulder and drives into me. It is a devastating blow. I am forced back against the turnbuckle and the air is knocked out of my lungs. 

Just seconds into the match and I am already finished. Renee could easily pin me right now. Surpassingly she makes no effort to take me down and force my shoulders to the mat. Instead she attacks me viciously. Trapped in my corner she begins to pound my. Punch after punch comes flying at me. I try to block them, but there are just to many. 

At any time now she can pin me. She can easily take my ranking by just pinning me, there is nothing I could do to stop her. As the pounding continues I slid into semi-consciousness. In an effort to stay on my feet, I drape my arms over the top rope. This opens me up for more of her punches. 

After several more minutes of this she pulls me out of my corner. She delivers a SIDE-KICK to my chest that drops me to the mat. Rolling me face down with her foot she grabs one of my boots and tucks it under her arm. Pulling up and back, she gets me in a SINGLE LEG CRAB. 

My hip and back are on fire with pain. As she pulls back on my leg, she also reaches between my legs and grabs my manhood. She now has both a half crab and a penis claw on me. I struggle wildly but I can’t escape the hold. 

Suddenly I’m free, she has released the hold. I just lie on the mat unable to move. Renee rolls me onto my back. There is nothing I can do to stop her. I just lie there waiting to be pinned or placed into an inescapable submission hold. 

Instead she seams to want to humiliate me. Reaching down she grabs the waist band of my jockstrap and pulls it down my legs and over my boots and off. This unranked female wrestler has me on the mat and has pulled my jockstrap off. 

I now have a rock hard boner the is standing straight out. She then rolls me back face down. Grabbing my boots she again puts me in a SINGLE LEG CRAB. She once again grabs my manhood and locks on a PENIS CLAW. 

The pain of the combination of holds is overwhelming. In only a few seconds she has me screaming my surrender. 


That’s it, the match is finished and so am I. I’ve lost again and have slid out of the rankings. Renee has taken over my number 11 ranking and I am now just an unranked opponent. 

I spend several minutes just lying on the mat stripped of my jockstrap. I lie there wearing only my green boots and nothing else. My rock hard manhood stands up straight like a flag pool. I’ve not only been beaten, but forced to submit. A very humiliating way for an experienced wrestler to be defeated. 

After several minutes of struggle, I slowly get to my feet. Looking down between my legs, I see that I have a huge rock hard DEFEAT BONER. I exit the ring and make my way back to my dressing room. As I enter there she stands. Renee the woman that defeated me. What do you want? Looking at my boner she tells me "I came to check on you and see if you are all right." 

"All right!!!! No I’m not all right. You just defeated me, forced me into a submission!! This was a must win for me and I lost. I’ve got nothing left. You’ve taken my ranking You’ve left me out of the rankings, I have nothing left!!" 

Well hear, I saved this for you. Now you have something." Saying that she hands me my green jockstrap.

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