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mother vs son femdom mixed wrestling ball stomping leather boots high heels fetish

Update: 15.03.2019

W-563 "Adele vs Dale"

Gallery size: 320 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 320 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

I'm 18 y.o. Me and my mom love to wrestle. Sometimes when no ones home, we decide to clear out the living room and have a playfull tussle. I wanna say she beats me because she likes to wear a one piece bathing suit when we wrestle, and I think it makes her more agile. But then again, its also game over if she squeezes me inbetween her thighs. Her reverse headscissor is a killer, and so are her grapevine pins. Her headscissor sucks because I'll be moaning in pain begging to get out, but she just giggles and squeezes harder.

Also, the feeling of the skin tight lycra fabric of her swimsuit does distract me a bit when she's wrestling me... like when she puts me in a bearhug, the material feels nice, and I think thats a factor as to why I'm usually losing. 

She may be in her 40's but she is VERY strong, and I'm pretty skinny. But there have been a FEW times when I was able to make her submit; times when I managed to wrap my legs around her waist and squeeze, and put her in a choke at the same time. But unfortunately she usually gets out of this by flipping me over her shoulder and puting me is a straddle pin. So yeah fun stuff.

This time we decided to wrestle each other in the ring. We trading with different painful wrestling holds: camel clutches, armbars, headlocks, abdominal stratches. Lift and carry, backbreakers, dragon neck breakers, full nelsons, figure 4 leglocks and all kinds of headscissors.

I try to get hold of her head but with no luck... she just pushed me down. I tried to get up she got hold of my right leg and got me down and started to twist it. I try to kick her off but with no luck... in the end I had to submit. I was not very happy submiting so quickly as we had only been wrestling a short while. I was not going to give into a women so I had a little rest then we restarted again. We both came to the middle of the ring and again Mom said to me, "what are you waiting for... a bus or something?" I tried to get hold of her head again and I did manage to get her into a head lock walking around the ring and feeling happy with myself. It did not last very long... she got out of the hold very easily and got me into the same hold - a head lock. She started to squeeze my head and I could feel my head going round and I could also see stars in front of my eyes. She asked, "do you want to submit?" I did not say anything. "Did you hear me Dale? Do you want to submit before I squeeze you to death?" I said, "yes! yes!" and she let go of my head. I fell down holding my head and again Mom came over to me and asked, "so do you still think women can't wrestle?". I was in bad shape and could see stars in front of my eyes. I could not say anything so again I though to myself I can't give into a woman. 

After having a rest again, we restarted in the middle of the ring. What do you think Mom said to me?, "what are you waiting for Dale?" I managed to get hold of her right leg and got her down and started to twist her leg as hard as I could. But she has very strong legs. As I was doing this, I could see Mom was getting mad and the more I twisted her leg she got agnrier. It sure did seem that Mom getting madder and if she got out of the hold she was going to kill me. After a little while of this, Mom kicked out and I knew I was in trouble. I tried to escape out of the ring but with no luck. She caught me by the hair and throw me back into the ring. When I got up she lifted me up and gave me a body slam and then did a splash on me. I coud not get up so I was countd out. As I layed in the middle of the ring Mom came over to me again and said, "do you still think women can't wrestle?". After a few mins Mom came over to me and said do you went to give up now and my answer was no way as I though to myself again I can't give up to a women.

Luckly I had not broken any ribs so after a very long rest this time I decide to go on. I got hold of Mom right arm and startesd to twist it then I put it in a back hammer and some how manage to get her down. Now as I had her down in a back hammer, I was plaesed with myself and I was thinking this was the best chance I had of getting a submit out of Mom. But I was only dreaming and as she was a lot stronger than me. She managed to break out of the hold and she got hold of my right arm twisted it and then gave me a posting. Then she got me by the hair and got me to my feet and then threw me across the ring. As I tried to get up, she got hold of my two legs and turn me over and got me into a boston crab. I submitted straight away. Mom did finally broke the hold then lifted me on her shoulders and sent me down with full force. I lay in the middle of the ring. I was totally defeated. Both she and I knew it. 

I laid down on the floor once looking up at a mom standing over me. She used her foot to spread my legs then placed her foot on my groin. Using the high heel of her boot she started feeling around for my testicles.It felt wonderful, I was turned on instantly.

After she found them, she rested her heel right on top of them. The weight of her leg resting on one of balls was getting to be painful, it felt like it was ready to explode and that was with no effort. It was hurting more and more. I didnt know how much longer I could stand it. I thought to myself, if she adds just ounce of pressure it was going to burst and the pain would be unbearable.

I was told to close my eyes and keep them closed. When I did she lifted her foot off of them. As I laid there unable to see anything, not knowing where she was, My heart was racing a hundred miles an hour.

They suddenly her heel came crashing down right on top of my testicles with every bit of energy she could muster up it was a tremendous amount of force. I thought I was going to die.

Yes, it hurt like hell, but I enjoyed it at the same time. And I have had a fetish for it ever since.

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