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CFNM mixed wrestling leotard femdom fighting

Update: 16.12.2016

F-440 "Minx vs Jake"

Gallery size: 270 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, 270 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

The two wrestlers are in opposite corners. Woman announcer: "We've got a no-referee match now. It ends when the winner wants it to end." Male announcer: "Everybody in the building knows Minx's plan. It's to put Jake in a corner and strip him. Despite her size, we haven't yet seen a guy she can't strip once she has cornered him." Woman announcer: "We also haven't seen a guy she can't corner. But Jake is the biggest guy we've seen her take on, and he knows her plan. So we'll just have to see." As the wrestlers come toward the center of the ring, Minx has an unusual posture. Her hand are locked behind her head, so that both her armpits are exposed. Suddenly she launches her right hip at Jake's torso, leaving her feet and hitting him hard. He staggers back into his corner. Minx comes at him, then suddenly turns her back on him and jumps at him butt first. Her butt hits him smack in the face. She steps away from him a few feet, then does the same thing again. This time he starts slumping toward the floor. She does it again. And now he s seated. Female announcer: "Wow! Three of Minx's butt bumps will take over just about any guy." Male announcer: "She landed them all perfectly." Minx stands directly in front of the man and waves for the crowd. His face is right about at her crotch. She grabs the ropes on both sides of him and thrusts her mid-section at his head and holds him there, pulling hard on the ropes. She slams him with her mid-section twice. Then she puts her arms under his armpits and lifts him to his feet. She arranges him so that one of his shoulders is against the ringpost, and the other is against her body. She presses into him, controlling both his arms by wrapping her left arm over them, across his front. She rams her body into. Her right hand is resting on his butt. The big difference in the heights is very apparent. Minx says, I can take your little trunks away from you now, Big Fella, just like I've already taken some of your strength. I can do it easily, and there s not a thing in the world you can do to stop me. She sticks her hand down inside his trunks. She says, "That's it: Struggle, Big Fella. I love it when they struggle. It turns me on!" Then she jerks his trunks down to his knees. And she steps on them with her right foot, bringing them to the floor. Then, as he reaches for his trunks, she puts an unusual headlock on him. She steps into him in such a way that he finds his nose and mouth smack in her right armpit. She holds him like that, bending him over backwards. She takes him to the mat like that, his face squished near her ample cleavage. His legs kick as he struggles for air. But she holds him easily. She holds him a while longer, and he passes out. She lets him go and takes his trunks all the way off, as he lies there unconscious. Then she drags him by his feet out to the middle of the ring. Minx picks up the trunks and waves them at his face to wake him up. "You want these, Big Guy?" she asks. Finally, he grabs for them. But she jerks them away. Then she suddenly drops next to him and grabs him in another headlock, sticking his face back in her armpit, with him on his back. When he passes out again, she lets him go and, still seated next to him, looks down at him. She gets up and retrieves the trunks and puts them on the head of the still unconscious man. And she turns her back on him and sashays to a corner. She leans on the ringpost, looking out to the crowd, and, with her back to him as he wakes up, says, "Feel free to put em back on if you want to, Big Guy. But there s really no point. I ll just take them again. Like candy from a baby." She lets him look at her partially exposed ass. He puts them on. Then he charges at her from behind, planning to ram her into the ringpost. But she knows his plan, and she steadies herself against his charge. In fact, without looking at him, she thrusts herself back at him, and he is shaken up perhaps more than she is by the collision. She is able to turn reach around toward him and grab him in another armpit smother. She stands looking out over the crowd, as holds him as he loses consciousness again. She scoops him up in her arms and lifts him over her head, where he wakes up. She carries him around the ring, showing off. Then she pushes him into the air with one hand, and pulls his head down with the other causing him to flip flat onto his back on the mat hard and bounce. She parades around him, with her arms high in the air, accepting the cheers of the crowd. As he starts to rise, she puts her hand under his chin and pulls him up into another body slam. Then, kneeling next to him, with the man on his side facing her, she throws a punch into his mid-section. He curls up tighter. She says, "There's nothing you can do against me, Big Guy. I own you. You're just my bitch now." She puts her hand on his forehead and flattens him to the mat and, on her knees, she leans over to kiss him on the mouth, her ample backside displayed for the audience. Then, as he is just getting into it, she punches him again in the stomach. She stands and looks down at him as he moans and clutches his gut.

Then she lifts him to his feet by his head and dips her shoulder into his stomach and bulls him into a ringpost. There she strips his trunks down again. She stands right in front of him with her hands behind her head, threatening him with another armpit smother. He doesn't do anything. She slaps him in his chest with the palms of both her hands. Then, when he is upright and leaning against the ringpost, slaps him three times with her right hand across his check, first with a forehand then a backhand then a forehand. Then she turns to walk away from him. He watches her ass. She reaches the opposite corner, turns to face him and curls her finger at him, beckoning him toward her. He comes to the center of ring. She meets him there with a tackle. That brings him to his back. She throws a flurry of punches into his face. As he lies there dazed, she rips his trunks off completely. She throws them aside, then, for good measure, raises one of his feet and strips the shoe off it. Then she theatrically throws the shoes to the crowd. She stands with her back to him, quite close to him. He looks at her backside, not knowing what to do and not having much strength. Suddenly, leaving her feet, she thrusts her butt at his face as he sits, slamming him to his back. Again she takes up the same position: standing near him with her back turned. As he sits up, she does the same thing again, hitting him in the face with her backside. Then, looking out at the crowd, she says to him, "You can't stand up if I don t want you to, Big Guy." He starts to rise to his feet, but her butt hits him just as he s halfway up, and he falls to the mat again. She still has her back to him, but now she s silent, with her arms crossed over her chest. She is so close to him that he tries to grab her from the mat, from behind. One of her feet comes up backwards into his chest, and he falls to his back. Now she turns to face him. She straddles him, still standing, now with her hands locked behind her head. He tries to scoot backwards away from her. She follows him. He scoots some more, and she follow him more, with her hands still behind her head. Finally he reaches a ringpost and pulls himself to his feet but does nothing. She stands in front of him with her hands clasped behind her head. She says, "You're a pathetic coward now, Big Guy. And making you that way was easy!"

She turns her back on him and goes to retrieve his shorts. She returns to him, and he is standing, leaning on the ringpost for support. She flaunts the shorts in his face. He grabs at them and misses. She slaps his face with her free hand. Then, having strung her other hand through a leg opening in the shorts, she slaps him with that hand. Now she is slapping him with both hands alternately, and also smacking her open palms into his chest. She never closes his fists. But she is beating him up. Finally, he screams, "Stop. I give up. You win." He continues: "Make her stop. I give up. Make her stop!" She grabs his face between her two hands and pulls it toward her and kisses him on the mouth. Then she resumes slapping him. "Help!" he shouts. She stops and says, "If you want me to stop, Big Fella, you re going to have to kiss my armpits while on your knees in the middle of the ring while I wave your shorts in the air!" The final scene shows that happening as she holds one of her hands behind her head.


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