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cfnm leotard mixed wrestling facesitting femdom fight

Update: 07.06.2024        F-836 "No escape"

Mixed fighting freestyle, 350 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), completely CFNM, no blood.

Siren, rather unwisely as it turned out, made Todd the membership secretary of her fight club. It was his job to interview every applicant to join it, though in practice if she was good-looking and knew how to fight, she was in. The newest one seemed to be just the sort of woman Siren and Todd were after: she had striking black hair, a beautiful face, with a hint of Oriental to it, and a fine, full figure of large breasts, narrow waist, and generous, round hips and rear.

"Siren will be pleased with me," thought Todd, as he motioned the lady to sit down. "Can I have your name, please?" he asked, all business-like.

"Of course. I’m Ms Missery." Todd collapsed into laughter.

"I’m sorry?" Ms Missery asked.

"How do you spell it, please?" Todd spluttered, and she told him.

"It doesn’t matter if it has got two ‘s’s’," Todd blurted out through giggles, "you’ll always be known as ‘Misery Guts’!"

"I’ve had enough of this!" she stated, furious. "Who do I complain to?"

Todd called in Siren, and Ms Missery explained to her what had just happened. Siren sighed and shook her head.

"Todd, I can’t trust you to do anything. You always have to offend women, don’t you? You’re sacked as membership secretary, do you hear? Now, Ms Missery, I have an offer for you. I see you’re a prolific wrestler and boxer. I’ll give you half-price membership if you fight Todd here and now, and if I can film it. I take it you’d like to get your revenge on him?"

"I’d love to!"

"Don’t I get a say in this?" whined Todd.

"No. Shut up, wimp, and get your clothes off!"


Ms Missery was eager to get started. She quickly changed into a striking red leotard with matching gloves and boots, entered the ring, and embarked on the most exacting and ambitious warmup exercises Todd and Siren had ever seen. Todd opted not to do any (he found they exhausted him before he had even started fighting), and he glumly went into the ring once she had finished. Here we go again, he thought. Ms Missery’s confident smile did nothing to calm his concerns. 

"God, she’s strong!" thought Todd as they locked up. She steadily, cheerfully, wore him down until his head was bowed. So bowed, in fact, that she was able to head scissor him. Standing over him, she clamped her awesome thighs around his neck – in theory, every man’s dream; in practice … She bore down on him until he was on his back, while she knelt, with his neck sandwiched in that feminine prison, and his face held fast against her sex. 

"Submit!" Ms Missery insisted, stretching expansively and enjoying the scissor. Todd said nothing, so she dipped into her abundant reserves of strength and repeated her demand. Todd, scarcely able to breathe, acquiesced. 

Well, that was easy! She stood over the wretched Todd and announced it was one-nil to her. Then she posed for Siren’s camera. But she didn’t linger. No, she wanted to get back into the action. Pleased to see Todd back on his feet, she locked up with him briefly, before enveloping his ribcage with her right arm, and seizing his right wrist in her left hand. It wasn’t only her thighs that were strong! In fact it was like having a body scissor round his ribs.

Letting go of his ribs, she tripped him up (much to Siren’s pleasure), but toyed with him for a while, holding him in the air, before bundling him down on the mat, like a bag of rubbish. Then she treated Siren (though not Todd) to the most innovative hold she had ever seen. Balancing with her hands on the mat, she hooked her versatile legs up and over his arms and crossed her ankles over his neck. She was able both to pull him back with her thighs, while pushing his neck forward with her feet. It was a full Nelson "aux jambes". 

After briefly choking him from behind, Ms Missery opted for a body scissor. With Todd still sitting, she snapped her thighs shut around his middle, and steadily ramped up the pressure. She pulled him down onto his back over her, while maintaining the scissor, and got him into a choke for good measure. This she swapped for a conventional full Nelson, while keeping the scissor going.  

"Submit Todd," she ordered for the second time. Silence. No problem, all she had to do was employ a bit more pressure. As before, at her second demand, he gave in. Needless to say, she announced the score ("Missery 2, Jobber Todd nil") while standing with her foot on his face before once more posing for Siren’s camera.  

Again, though, she was keen to press on with the action, and she was soon back in the middle, facing off to Todd in the old style. Todd was so tentative this time, that for a moment when they locked up, they looked more like two dancers. But Ms Missery soon dispelled that illusion. She half-spun and jumped, trapping Todd’s left arm between her thighs. 

The spin had him staggering, and she was on his back, exploiting the weakness. She soon put him down on his front. Wrapping her arms around his head, she easily put him in a sleeper, before sitting on the small of his back and dragging his aching body upwards by her hands under his chin in a camel clutch. Her generous rear pushed him down, while strong hands and arms forced him up, and the strain on his spine, stomach, chest and ribs was close to being unbearable. Indeed, if she’d told him to submit then, it’s likely that he would have done. 

The more Todd grimaced and groaned, the more Siren seemed to enjoy herself; and by this time she could even be heard laughing at his latest contortion or sound of discomfort. Certainly, Ms Missery was providing plenty of entertainment, as she forced a forward head scissor on the enfeebled male. His face was stuck against the mat as the woman’s fine thighs went to work on his neck.

"Now what?" he thought, as Ms Missery swung 180 degrees. Before he could respond (or run away, or call the police) she had fastened her thighs around his neck again, this time in a reverse head scissor. Yes, the good old "69" head scissor was definitely her favourite! She stretched, then demanded "Submit!"

But the ritual must be observed, she now realised. Todd always seemed ready to submit, but for some reason (daft, misplaced pride, perhaps), he always had to be told to twice. So she stretched some more, he endured some more, then she followed the unwritten script: "Submit now," she insisted, and he duly did. 

By this time, Todd had a "defeat boner", and Ms Missery wickedly helped herself to a stroke, before announcing the score and then going over to pose for the camera. But this time, there was no Todd to meet her when she went back to the middle. Well there was, but he was still flat on his back. Ms Missery sighed with impatience, and pretended to look at her watch.

She wasn’t going to get any more wrestling out of him, she could see that, so she straddle pinned him, holding his wrists above his head, and told him, "Admit I have defeated you." His simple "Yes" in reply wasn’t enough for her though, and she threatened, "SAY IT LOUD, BITCH." He hurriedly did as she said, having no wish to prolong his suffering at her hands (and legs). 

But Ms Missery was enjoying herself too much. She extracted some more humiliation from Todd, before finally getting up and standing over him, then announcing, "You have 30 minutes to get ready to BOX ME."


When Todd arrived back in the ring, she was waiting for him, smiling in her corner. "What, no warmup exercises?" he thought acidly. "She must have run to the next town and back, surely?" But he wisely said nothing, joined her in the middle of the ring, and touched gloves. His "defeat boner" stubbornly refused to go down all this time. Perhaps it was because she looked so dam’ sexy in her bright red leotard.

Todd tried a left jab, but Ms Missery leant back out of the way, still with that seductive smile on her face. He was beginning to find it distracting. He tried to dismiss the feeling and shot a right jab at her, which ended up passing over her left shoulder. He next flung a left hook; Ms Missery avoided it, and replied with her own left fist into his chest. 

She was a bit disappointed with Todd’s lack of response, so she hit him again in the chest, harder, and with her right fist. That was better! How satisfying it was to see his mouth gape open in pain, surprise and anxiety! "That’s right, my girl," she thought, "make him suffer!"

With his chest burning, Todd tried evasion, and clinched. But she used the clinch to force him to the ropes with her superior strength. Once he was there, she showed him how to throw a proper left hook. The back of his head scraped along the top rope, following the arc of her powerful left fist.

Then her right struck him low, low in the stomach, almost brushing the tip of his erection. Todd’s mouth seemed to be permanently open as the lady punished him with her fists. She sent her left sailing into his eye and watched, delighted, as it turned black.  She took a few steps back to admire her handiwork. He was a comical sight too, leaning on the ropes for support, nursing a black eye, and sporting a massive erection. Ms Missery wondered what gave her more pride – the black eye or the erection. She had provided him with both, after all. 

But she still had a fight to win, so she beckoned to him to join her in the middle. Without quite knowing why, he complied. Todd desperately, despairingly, lashed out with his right. Ms Missery easily evaded it, and plunged her left fist so low into his stomach this time that she "accidentally" clipped the tip of his erection as well. Todd felt sick. But a ladylike punch in the mouth took his mind off that. She clobbered him in fine style! She swung her left fist viciously into the same eye she had struck previously, further disfiguring it. 

Siren shivered sensually when the sexy woman banged her left fist into Todd’s jaw. For her, there was nothing more exciting than to watch a beautiful women beat a man up on his own terms. Except, perhaps, when she did it herself.

Ms Missery was enjoying herself. She had done all the hard work earlier, wearing Todd down with body blows, and she was looking to finish him off with a flourish. She had him staggering and blundering about with a left hook to the jaw, and then it was time for the denouement. It was, surely, the punch of the match as she intended it to be. 

The smiling woman struck her male opponent one last time to win the fight. Her bright red glove slapped into his jaw in a glorious right uppercut, and Todd seemed to fly off her fist to land with a painful bump on the mat. Except he didn’t feel anything, because she had knocked him out. 

Ms Missery stood over her defeated adversary and celebrated, arms aloft. Then, as was her due, she posed for Siren’s camera, before returning to the still-unconscious Todd. With one foot on his chest, she counted to 5, and announced, "Todd is weak". At 9, she puzzled Siren by stating "I’m going to give it to you good, bitch", making her think, "Haven’t you just done that?"

After 10, and some more posing both over Todd and for the camera, Siren discovered what she meant. In the far corner, she was putting on a strap on. Siren was outraged, firstly that a newcomer would know what sometimes went on (she must tell the girls off for gossiping outside the club), and secondly that this upstart who had only just joined the club, presumed to be able to abuse Todd with a strap on. For Siren, it was a case of "I can do that, but you can’t."

It was time to intervene. She stepped into the ring and told Ms Missery "No", adding that Todd was her property. But the triumphant boxer was defiant, and behaved as if it was her due after winning.  After some pushing and shoving, they agreed to box to decide the issue. Todd, now conscious, hurriedly got out of the way to watch from outside the ring. 

The two women circled, glaring at each other. Then Ms Missery struck. She got her opponent with a stinging left jab to the eye. Siren thought she would answer in kind, but Ms Missery leant out of the way. Infuriatingly for Siren, she had her smile back on. As she had done with Todd, having struck Siren’s eye once, she got it again with a rising left cross. Then she got her low in the stomach.

Siren clinched, playing for time. But all it did was to put her on the ropes, where Ms Missery got her with a nasty blow to the stomach. A right uppercut had Siren in trouble; a left one put her in real trouble. She was now in a corner, and Ms Missery hooked her left fist low into her stomach (a favourite punch of hers, and Todd found he had his hand on his own stomach, both in memory of what she had done to him, and out of sympathy for Siren).

Ms Missery seemed to be possessed. She had firstly wrestled Todd, then boxed him; but now she seemed to have more energy than when she began. It wasn’t natural, thought Todd, as he watched her savage Siren with a right hook. A left cross threatened to send her to the mat, so Ms Missery stepped back to the centre of the ring to watch. Then, just as she had to Todd, she beckoned Siren to join her.

Todd could hardly bear to watch as Ms Missery first left hooked Siren, then uppercut her. (The fact that if Ms Missery won, he would have to endure that horrible contraption which she was wearing was a consideration in his behaviour.) Then a more expansive left hook – more of a sweep, really – put Siren down on her back. 

"Had enough, bitch?" Ms Missery asked her, struggling to stand and clutching her wounded eye.

Siren glumly said yes. After celebrating her victory, Ms Missery demanded that Siren suck the strap on.  Todd couldn’t help thinking, "That serves you right", after she had made him endure the same thing (Gallery 800). What he couldn’t understand was how someone was able to get sexual pleasure from someone else sucking a piece of plastic. 

"Still, who cares?" he thought. He brightened at the consideration that if Ms Missery concentrated on Siren, he might not even have to endure the ghastly thing himself. He laughed like a proper crawler when she told Siren she couldn’t fight but she could give a BJ. Then she turned to him ominously, and said the dreaded words, "Suck it." He should have known there was no escape.

He was now her property, she told him, after she had defeated Siren. Then she thrust the thing into his mouth, soon after telling him he was even better at it than Siren. 

"Oh no," thought Todd, kissing her boot, when she told him to get on all fours. He knew what to expect, having had to endure it too many times before. And yes, it was just as disgusting, painful and degrading as those other times, too. For an added humiliation, Ms Missery forced him to masturbate afterwards. 

At last she left the ring after a final celebration, leaving Siren and Toddd utterly dejected.

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