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cfnm erotic mixed wrestling wife vs husband leotard grappling

Update: 19.06.2020

W-629 "Pauline vs Paul"

Gallery size: 260 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 260 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

It was my first wrestling match with my wife Pauline which took place before we were married. I was 22 and she would have been 21. Pauline is 5 foot seven and her weight varies between from 160 lbs and  175 lbs, she has long wavy brown hair, a roundish face with a slightly upturned nose and pleasantly plump 38c-30-42 figure, she has got powerful legs and arms from when she played field hockey and soccer at school and was always a bit of a tomboy. We had been out to see some live bouts at a local sports hall and the bill included a fight between two women wrestlers, Pauline could tell I was turned on at seeing the two women straining against each other, and she teased me about as we drove home, and told me that not only was she better looking than both of them (true-- at least to me anyway) but could easily have beaten them in a fight. I said you couldn't even beat me, and she laughed at me even more. At the time I had just left the fire brigades training school and I was probably the fittest I had ever been but I only weighed about 135 lbs so she out weighed me by quite bit in those days, (years of sitting around waiting for call outs and drinking beer with the blokes after a shift have made us a more even match.) Childishly I said, "Prove it", she thinking I was joking said, " When?" so I told her I would pick up her the next Saturday morning as came home from the fire station and we could wrestle at my parent's house as they were away for the weekend and we would have the place to ourselves, she agreed although right up until Saturday I think she thought that I was joking. 

Fortunately, I had  a quiet night duty and wasn't particularly tired when I called for Pauline, as soon as we got to my house I started to move the lounge furniture to give us enough space for our bout. For the first time Pauline realised I was serious and she was starting to have second thoughts but after I told her, she was chicken, she got angry "You'll wish you hadn't said that! And you must be naked, I want to see all your vulnerabilities" she hissed at me her blue eyes turning to ice. She had decided to wrestle in a one piece white swimsuit and held her hair back with a white sweatband. I stripped down all my clothes. We decided to wrestle the best of five falls submissions or pins, basically the rules were no punching or kicking and she wouldn't grab my balls as long as I didn't squeeze her tits, there was a large round rug, about 10 foot diameter, on the floor and we agreed to break any holds should we move of the rug. We started off standing up and as we gripped each others hands I realised for the first time just how strong she was. After a brief struggle I managed to get her in an arm lock and started to push her arm painfully up her back towards her neck at the same time I started to force her forward and down onto the rug once I had her face down on the floor I got astride her back and increased the pressure on her arm making her squeal, "Do you submit?" I asked, giving her arm a sharp yank "No!" came the reply through gritted teeth, suddenly she jerked her body sideways making me lose my balance and we rolled over, I still had Pauline's arm but she had taken us off the mat, reluctantly I let go and we both stood up. We faced each other in the middle of the rug Pauline rubbing her arm trying to get her circulation going. I put up my hands ready start again.  Pauline surprised me by slapping my hands away and grabbing me around the neck in a headlock, crushing my head against her large right breast. I have to admit that by now I was very aroused by the close proximity of this powerful girl in one piece swimsuit and although I am not that well endowed. Now it was my turn to be forced down onto the floor, as we grappled on the floor she snaked her legs around my waist, never having been in this position before I didn't realise the trouble I was in, as we continued to struggle Pauline crossed over her ankles  and began to exert pressure on my lower stomach, all the games of hockey had given her extremely powerful leg muscles and as she squeezed harder and harder, I began to regret challenging her. With my head still trapped and having difficulty breathing, I finally submitted, Pauline was in no rush to let me up and continued to squeeze me for a while even after I had surrendered. Pauline finally let go and rolling me away from her stood up and went to one side of the mat leaving me gasping for breath on the floor and feeling very stupid and slightly ashamed at having been forced to give in to a girl. "Want to pack it in?" she asked grinning all over her face and wiping away the sweat from her arms and face. "No!" I  replied, "I said best of five you were lucky that's all." "Oh yeah! Lucky I didn't break you in half, and I thought you were supposed to be a rough tough fearless fireman, if only the blokes on your station could see you now." 

I stood up and moved to face her again in the middle of the rug, determined to quickly gain an equalising fall. This time when we clashed I slipped behind her and secured a full nelson but I was forced to release her when she dragged us to the edge of the rug and then, off of it. Annoyed at how she had escaped when we came to grips again I tripped her over backwards, landing heavily and with coming down on top of her. She was winded and before she could recover I stretched her arms out above her head, pinning her shoulders to the floor. I counted to three and then jumped up and went to the edge of the mat. It was Pauline's turn to look pissed off now and she was quickly ready to continue the battle. Adjusting the strap of her swimsuit, she came at me again, her hands gripping mine and forcing me down and backwards to the mat. Grunting and straining we wrestled for supremacy on the mat, both of  us sweating profusely and breathing heavily this was the toughest workout I had ever had. Somehow I managed to get hold  of Pauline's legs and folding her double forced her shoulders to the mat for another three count. 

Feeling immensely pleased with my self I towelled myself dry noticing as I did so that the erection that sprung up when we first clashed had now subsided, although the bout started as a great turn on it had become a deadly serious business with neither of us wanting to lose. 

Pauline took a longer breather this time, before coming back to the centre of the rug. Staring into her blue eyes I circled the mat looking for an opening and suddenly found myself falling over backwards as she grabbed one of my legs and yanked it out from under me it was my turn to find that the rug and deep pile of the carpet did little to soften the impact on the hard concrete floor underneath. Instead of keeping hold of my leg Pauline let it go and then copying a move she had seen one of the professionals do she dropped her heavy thigh across my throat banging my head hard on the floor. My head was spinning and I found out to latewhat torture Pauline had in mind. Clamping her thighs firmly round my head, my nose pressed firmly against her crotch she began to crush and suffocate me at the same time. I tried briefly to break the hold but the effects of being smashed onto the floor and denied the chance to breath I quickly gave in to her scissors hold for the second time in the match. 

Blowing hard and with my head throbbing I looked across the mat at Pauline in her swimsuit, who although looking a bit flushed and with a few strands of her sticking to her sweat streaked forehead looked very capable of securing a three two victory. 

Either Pauline thought I was finished or  was just over confident, as she rushed across the mat when I signalled that I was ready to resume the contest and I tripped her up sending her sprawling face down onto the floor, not giving her time to recover I grabbed her legs and tucking them under my arms trapped her in a boston crab leaning backwards with my bum virtually touching hers I forced her to submit. 

I had won but it had been close and the fact that Pauline had scored two submissions to my one gave her a moral victory over me. "Next time," she said, " we'll wrestle submissions only, and I'll thrash you." Pleased to know that there was to be a next time I pulled her towards and gave her a long lingering kiss. 

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