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barefoot female dominaion dirty street fighting ballbusting

Update: 12.01.2018

B-500 "Starry night"

Gallery size: 100 Full HD pictures

Ballbusting, 100 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #1: Use In Close Quarters Combat!

Don't go for a groin kick from far away!

As men, we have a subconscious radar that register when someone is going to hit our groin. This makes it harder to deliver an effective groin kick because he s more likely to turn to avoid the kick as an instinctive reaction.

Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #2: Beware The Headbutt!


Self defense groin kicks, when used as taught in most traditional training settings, use a linear approach that places the martial artist directly in front of their attacker.


But the way the body naturally reacts when hit with a groin kick is to instantly bend forward.


If you attempt a groin kick for self defense when you re right in front of your attacker, this places you right in the way of your attacker s head as it comes crashing down in an involuntary reaction.


Needless to say, you don't want to transform your groin kick against your attacker into a headbutt that takes YOU out of the fight.


Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #3: Attack HIGH First!


You can stop the natural headbutt reaction by first striking high to your attacker s body.


This also makes sure that he doesn t see the groin kick coming and you can deliver more power in your technique.


Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #4: Shift Your Body!


The secret to proper execution for a self defense groin kick then is to kick while shifting your body slightly to the SIDE as you kick.

When you execute this technique in this way, you can actually deliver more power AND make sure you re out of the way should your attacker s head lurch forward.


Consider all of these techniques in this set of pictures!


Female: she's half an entertainer, playing to the crowd. She's playful and energetic. She's the reigning champ and doesn't take him seriously at first. By the end, she's all business.


Male: he's not a showman, he's an executioner. More of an underground pit fighter. He's new in town, vicious, serious and there to destroy her. He goes from an ultimate warrior to begging her for mercy. This is the first time he's ever been defeated.

After he's been winning for a bit, he should have her by the throat, holding her over the edge. Then she kicks him in the balls and he screams. He falls onto his back and she lands back on the platform. From that point on, she continually targets his groin and weakens him more and more. By the end, he's basically her punching bag.

Male rallies his strength and grabs her by the breasts, squeezing her. She answers by grabbing him by the groin and both stare at each other, trying to out-squeeze the other. The male can't keep going and releases her, passing out while he's standing. She holds him for a little longer and smiles, then lets go and he lands spread eagle on his back. Eventually he gets back up but looks afraid of her.


Female kicks him repeatedly closer and closer to the edge. He puts out his hands for her to stop but a final kick to the face sends him within inches of falling off. For a moment, he stands there in a daze. She puts her hands on her hips, smiles, and just watches him. She hits him in the balls again with the top of her foot. He has almost no reaction, but he falls to his knees, holding his groin. He starts to fall forwards as if to pass out but she puts her foot on his chest. They look at each other, her smiling down with hands on hips on one foot, him crying and begging for mercy. Then she slowly pushes him with her foot and he falls off the platform, screaming as he falls.

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