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mixed wrestling indian woman leotard femdom fighter

Update: 27.08.2021

W-691 "Youngsters vs veterans"

Gallery size: 440 Full HD pictures


Mixed wrestling, 440 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

This is a very strange card of matches. Take my match for instance. I am a veteran male wrestler. I am 45 yrs old and this is the only type of match I can get. I was the WWL Champion for several years. 

In the dressing room I and 4 other older male wrestlers are waiting for their matches to begin. We are all getting ready to heads to the ring. As we all talk among ourselves it’s funny that all of the other males still call me CHAMP. I am very grateful for their respect. 

So Having removed my street cloths I am now getting into my gear. First a spandex jockstrap. Then I slide on very shiny black pantyhose. Over my stockings, I pull on shiny latex boy shorts. They are called that because they come below my manhood, but are well above my thighs. They are also very tight and show my manhood off very well. Next comes my shiny black boots. I am now ready for the ring.  

As I enter the ring I look across to the opposite and see my opponent for the first time. I knew that I would be wrestling a young wrestler, but this is a big surprise. Across the ring stands a very young girl. I find out that she is only 18 yrs old. This is her fifth match and she is undefeated. I can’t believe this is happening. 

As we are introduced I learn that her name is Amanda 

westervill. I am introduced as the former world champion. This seems as though it is a huge mismatch. I wonder why anyone would match this pretty young girl against me. She comes to the ring in a very tight pink leotard. It is very high cut for a young girl and very reveling. She has on shiny dark tan almost brown pantyhose and pink boots. 

After all the pre-match stuff is over we both return to our corners. I quickly pulls up both my pantyhose and latex shorts. Amanda also pulls up her stockings and adjusts her leotard. DING!!!! The match has started. I leave my corner and move to lock up with my very young opponent. I never get the chance. 

Half way across the ring I am intercepted by Amanda. She grabs my arm and pulls it out straight. I am stunned by her strength. She is handling me as if I were a child. She bends my arm back and quickly takes me to the mat. She then pulls up on it causing me excruciating pain. In seconds she has me screaming. AAAAAAAAAHH!!!, OOOOOOOOHH!!! My arm!!! 

I kick my legs wildly and stretch out as far as I can, trying to reach the ropes. It’s no use, I’m just too far away. Within seconds my arm goes numb and becomes useless. After only 90 seconds, I’ve become a one armed wrestler. Amanda senses that I’m already in trouble and increases the pressure on my arm. 

I’ve been in the ring less than 1 minute and I am already thinking about submitting to her. Amanda must have a second sense about this as she quickly changes holds. I’ve gone from bad to worse. She now has a KIMURA LOCK on me. The pain is quickly overwhelming and I again begin to scream. "She’s got me!!! She’s got me!!! Oh god, I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE!!! It hurts, oh god it hurts!!! 

The ref moves in close to me. Before he can ask me if I submit tears begin to pour from my eyes and run down my cheeks. The pain I’m in is terrifying. If I don’t escape soon she’s going to destroy me. 

A few seconds later, it is already too late. I’m finished, I can’t take any more. The KIMURA LOCK has drained all the fight out of me. I’m now a beaten wrestler. Finally the ref asks me. 

HOW ABOUT IT CHAMP, DO YOU WANT TO GIVE UP? Has she beaten you? Are you ready to submit?" Those questions are meaningless. I have already decided to surrender to my 18 yr old opponent. 


With only 1 minute and 18 seconds gone in the match, she has beaten me and made me submit to her. 

I now lie face up on the mat completely beaten. Tears are pouring from my eyes. My entire body is in pain. This is the fastest defeat I have ever suffered. It only took 77seconds for 18 yr old Amanda to defeat me and force me to submit to her. 

I just can’t understand how she could do this to me so easily. I roll over and crawl to the ropes. It takes my over two minutes to get to my feet. I work my way along the ropes and into my corner. I need to stand there for a while to recover. 

Finally I am able to get out of the ring and back to the dressing room. I am met by several of the other male wrestlers. "Wow, you look terrible. What happened to you?" They can all see my tear stained face, but no one asks about it. Once again several of the men ask what happened, 

"She took me to the mat in less than 6 seconds. I struggled to get free but she had me locked up. She then changed holds on me. She got me in a KIMURA LOCK. I couldn’t get out of it. I can’t believe how strong she is. She was in complete control of me. I had no chance. She instantly had me screaming my submission. My god, I’ve never been defeated like that before. She just crushed me!!! I had no choice but to submit to her." 

Match number 2 is about to start. In one corner stands 51 yr old veteran wrestler Bobby Valintine Who has held 4 different titles including both single and tag team. He is a very accomplished wrestler.   Bobby comes to the ring wearing a light gray thong and light gray boots. His opponent will be 19 yr old Violet Valintine. She is Bobby’s daughter and will be making her very first appearance in the ring. 

Violet enters the ring in shiny blue spandex panty trunks. A matching sports bra, blue pantyhose and boots. With both wrestlers in the ring the match is about to start. BONG!!! The match has started. Veteran wrestler exits his corner and moves to lock up. His daughter Violet has no time for the "old School" ways. She is very quickly on the move and out of her corner 

Leaping in the air, she lands on her father’s shoulders. She instantly falls forward, taking Bobby over and onto his back. Bobby is now stretched out on the mat, with his daughters legs wrapped around his head in a HEAD SISSORS. Almost instantly, Bobby begins to struggle. He is having trouble breathing as his daughter squeezes his head tightly. 

Violet’s legs are incredibly strong and she is causing her father great pain. His chest is heaving violently up and down as he gasps for air. He knows that the longer he is in this hold the weaker he will get. Not content just holding his head tightly, Violet has begun to twist it back and forth. Bobby has begun to moan in pain as his head and neck suffer. 

"My neck, OOOOOHHH!! My neck!! You’re going to injure my neck, Violet. Let me go, please let me go!!" Violet has no intention of letting her father go. At least not till he submits to her. She now lifts up to her knees. With Bobby’s head firmly held tight she reaches back and grabs one of his gray boots. With her free hand she pulls his head up trapping it there. Bobby is now caught in a combination hold. He is screaming in pain. "OOOOOHHH, OOOHH!!! It hurts. Dear god it hurts!! She’s got me. I can’t believe, she’s got me!!!!!" 

In the men’s dressing room one of the male wrestlers calls out to the others. "Oh man, you’ve got to see this. Bobby is trapped, he’s in big trouble. His daughter is really putting it to him. He may have to submit!!!" 

Bobby is really struggling, he is stretching out as far as he can, trying to reach the ropes. He knows he has very little time to get free of this hold. Suddenly his daughter releases him for the hold. She very quickly gets to her feet. As for Bobby, he makes no effort to get up or to his feet. No matter, his daughter is going to do it for him. 

Grabbing him by the hair, Violet pulls her father off the mat. He is now sitting up straight. Violet quickly moves in behind him. Dropping to the mat, she wraps her very powerful legs around his middle. She then grabs his arm and pulls it around his neck. She then locks her arm over his head in a COBRA CLUTCH HOLD.   51 yr old Bobby Valintine in caught in a combination COBRA CLUTCH AND BODY SISSORS HOLD. Violet now does what a young wrestler can do best. 

She increases the pressure of the hold she has on her father. Slowly Bobby’s head and mid-section is being squeezed tightly. "OOOOOOHHH, OOOOHH!! You’re hurting me." Bobby is still no closer to the ropes than he was before. Considering the pain he is enduring he does not stand a very good chance of getting there. 

As Violet increases the pressure she has on her father, she knows he must be close to submission. "Come on Daddy, it’s time. I’ve got you, you can’t escape. Don’t make me hurt you anymore. Submit to me. I’ll let you go, just submit to me."

Bobby knows he’s finished. He knows that he is going to lose the match to his daughter. It’s just a matter of time. Back stage several of the male wrestlers are watching the match. Bobby is getting his dick handed to him. I hope I don’t end up like that. Hay, guys Bobby is getting beat. His daughter is tearing him a new one. She has him close to defeat.

The guys don’t know just how close he is. He has already decided to surrender to Violet. The ref asks him, "What do you say, Bobby? Want to call it? Has she beaten you? Tell me what you want to do?" 

"OK, OK, I’ve had enough!!! She wins, she’s beaten me!!! I give up, I give up!!! Please Violet, please Let me go, I’m finished!!! You’ve beaten me, I’m done!!! I submit, I submit!!!" 

Bobby admits defeat at the hands of his daughter. His surrender ends the match. Violet lets go of her father and he rolls free. He is lying just inches from his victorious daughter. 

It is very difficult for her to look at him. He seems to be sobbing just a little. He slowly gets to his feet and heads back to the dressing room. As he approaches one of the wrestlers calls his name. Bobby? He looks up and shakes his head. I lost! She beat me. My very own daughter beat me and forced me to submit to her." So far the senior men have lost both matches. 

The next match goes much the same way. 44 yr old Vernon Chase will face off against 22 yr old Helen Wilcox. Vernon comes to the ring in yellow tights and boots. He is a very well conditioned athlete. He has a fantastic body and a very noticeable manhood. Even at 44 he still gets stairs from women of all ages. His 22 yr old opponent is also a very good looking woman. She too has a great body and fantastic legs. Helen wears a tan leotard. It is very high cut in a thong style. She also wears brown tights and boots. 

For the first 8 minutes of the match it is a very close competitive match. Both wrestlers exchange holds and each has both taken and given punishment. At about 9 minutes into the match things begin to change. 44 yr old Vernon has begun to slow down. He can no longer keep pace with Helen. She is now faster and also seems to e stronger. 

Vernon has just been whipped into the ropes and been flung back toward Helen. She is waiting for him in the center of the ring. As he flies back, she jams her arm between his legs, hooks his head and lifts him off the mat. 

Vernon is in big trouble as Helen lifts the male wrestler high over her head. Holding him for just a few seconds, she then slams him down to the mat. The impact sends a shock wave throughout Vernon’s body. He is stunned and can’t seem to move. 

This is just the opening Helen needs. She grabs on of Vernon’s boots and wraps his leg around hers. She takes his other leg and pulls it out straight. She then drops to the mat herself. 22 yr old Helen has 44 yr old Vernon locked into a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. 

Vernon instantly begins to scream "My legs, dear god my legs!! She’s going to break my legs!! AAAAAAUUU!!! I can’t take this!! Too much pain!!! It hurts, oh god it hurts." Vernon has neither the time or the ability to stand the pain for very long. He no longer has the strength to escape the hold. His only choice is to surrender to Helen. He does this instantly. 

"REF-REF, I’m done!!! I can’t take any more!! She’s got me, I’m finished!! I submit!!! I submit!! I quit!! I’ve had enough!! She wins, she’s beaten me!!! I GIVE UP!!!! LET ME GO!!!!! PLEASE HELEN, LET ME GO!!! I GIVE UP, I GIVE UP!!!!" 

Helen very quickly lets Vernon go. He grabs his leg and pull it up to him. 

Holding tightly to his aching leg Vernon softly moans in pain. "My leg, my leg. It hurts, oh god it hurts. I don’t know if I can walk. It hurts so bad!!! 

By now the male wrestlers know that Vernon has been defeated and that three males have lost their matches. 

It is now time for match number 4 to start. 58 yr old Ted Riverside will start for the Seniors. His opponent will be 24 yr old Tiffany Osborn. Ted is in fantastic condition for a man of his age. He is also quite handsome and very athletic. He looks amazing in his very light blue tights and boots. As for Tiffany she also looks fantastic. She wears a thong cut leotard in gold metallic, black pantyhose and gold boots. She has a very muscular body and relies on her strength to win matches. 

At the bell Ted and Tiffany leave their corners and move toward each other. As Ted gets closer, Tiffany charges him, gets behind and wraps her powerful arms around his middle also trapping his arms at his sides. It is soon evident that Ted is trapped. He can’t move his arms or escape from Tiffany. The look on his face is one of great pain and complete fear. Ted’s arms are completely immobilized. Also Tiffany has begun to squeeze Ted very tightly. 

In just a few seconds Tiffany has 58 yr old Ted Osborn screaming in pain. "she’s crushing me!!! I can’t move, oh dam it hurts. I can’t move, I can’t move!!!" It is very quickly obvious to everyone that Ted is in pain and that he is also very scared. Tiffany has him totally immobilized and he can’t defend himself. 

Everyone in the arena knows, including Ted that Tiffany is far stronger that he is, he can’t come close to matching her power. Her muscular arms are squeezing the the very life out of the 58 yr old male wrestler. Teds face has begun to turn red as he can’t get enough air into his lungs. 

It seems as though Ted has gone limp. His legs do not seem to be holding up his weight. His head has fallen back and he is staring up at the lights. Tiffany eases the pressure she has on him. After 20 or 30 seconds Ted seem to come around and is once again alert. 

Tiffany is just about to change that. Now that Ted is once again struggling against her, Tiffany changes holds. Releasing Ted she slides her arms up his body. As her arms get near his head, Tiffany locks her arms around Ted’s head and gets him into a SLEEPER HOLD. Ted begins to struggle mightily. He claws at her arms trying to pull them away from his head. 

As he struggles he also cries out, "Let me go!! Please, let me go!!! Don’t knock me out!!! Oh god, please don’t knock me out!!!" Tiffany has no interest in letting Ted go. Her intention is in fact to knock the 58 yr old male wrestler out. She continues to squeeze his head and neck. In desperation Ted screams at the ref. 


Those are Ted’s last words. In just a second or two he slips into unconsciousness. And sinks to the mat. 

Ted is now stretched out on the mat face up. His eyes Are closed and he is not moving. Tiffany has SLEPPERED him to end the match. She now stands over him with her arms in the air enjoying her victory. After a minute or two she moves to her corner and one of the trainers enters the ring and moves to Ted. 

The trainer is slowly able to bring Ted back to consciousness. He tells Ted that the match is over and the outcome. "That’s it Ted, the match is over. She knocked you out. She sleepered you and you lost the match. She beat you Ted, you’ve been defeated!!" Slowly the trainer is able to get Ted to his feet. He helps him to the ropes and out of the ring and back to the dressing room. The 58 yr old male wrestler is both hurt and embarrassed by his defeat at the hands of a young female. 

The final match of the night is ring. First the male wrestler is Dean Davenport. Dean is 49 yrs old, he enters the ring wearing a skin tight and very well filled tan thong, along with matching tan boots. Dean is in fantastic condition and looks younger than his age. 

His opponent for the match is 26 yr old Lisa Morningstar. Lisa is a Cherokee Indian and is known as a very good but vicious wrestler. Also she takes great delight in defeating male wrestlers. She loves to hear them scream. She comes to the ring in her tribal garb. She wears a feather head dress a very light yellow leotard, that is very tight and thong cut. She also wears, very shiny tan pantyhose and brown boots. Both of these wrestlers are known for their action packed matches.

The bell sends the two wrestlers at each other. Both Lisa and Dean charge out of their corners and toward each other. Lisa grabs Dean’s arm and flips him to the mat on his back. Dean is stunned by her speed. Continuing to hold tightly to Dean’s arm she drops to the mat a stretches his arm out. 3 seconds into the match and Dean is caught in an ARM LOCK & STRETCH. 

Lisa has a very tight hold on Dean’s arm. She is not only stretching it, but also twisting it very hard. Even though Dean is 49 yrs old, he is in fantastic condition and is able to control the pain he feels. Having her male opponent down, Lisa drops her knee on his bicep, causing Dean to cry out. 

"My arm, my arm!! Oh god it hurts!!!" His cry of pain has distracted Lisa. Dean use this to his advantage. He slams Lisa on the side of her head with his forearm. The blow knocks her off his and she rolls across the mat. Dean is up very quickly and attacks Lisa. He pulls her up off the mat and into a sitting position. He wraps his arm around her head getting her into a Head lock. 

Lisa struggles trying to get free of Dean’s hold. She claws at his arms as well as pounding on them. As hard as she struggles, she can’t seem to free herself. In a desperation move, Lisa kicks back up over her head, her boots slams into Dean in his forehead, just above his eyes. Lisa is free of the head lock.

The kick has left Dean on the mat in a daze. Lisa has quickly gone to Dean and grabbed one of his boots. She instantly begins to attack his legs. Twisting his leg over hers, Lisa gets Dean in a leg lock. She uses her leverage perfectly to inflict as much pain as she can on Dean. On his back, Dean is frightened that Lisa might do serious injury to him. Putting as much pressure as she can on his legs, Dean is scared she might cause him to tear his ACL. 

"PLEASE Lisa, please go easy on my leg!! You’re going to injure me!!! Oh god you’re hurting me!!!" Dean is in very serious trouble. Lisa has his leg held tightly and is coming very close to causing a serious injury to it. Dean is now very frightened of what Lisa might do to him. 

After struggling for almost 4 minutes, Dean is able to fight Lisa off and get to his feet. However, his leg is very sore and he has trouble walking. He does however need to finish the match. From this moment on the two wrestlers exchange holds and escapes. One minute Lisa has Dean in a punishing hold and then almost instantly it’s Dean causing Lisa pain and suffering. 

Back and forth they go. Dean the more experienced and Lisa the younger, fast and maybe stronger. Both wrestlers arms and legs are being worked over. They are being twisted, pulled and stretched. After over 10 minutes of back and forth battling a pattern is beginning to emerge. Dean has begun to noticeably slow down. Lisa has begun to overpower him. For the last 3 minutes, Lisa has had control of the 49 yr old male wrestler. Dean is clearly struggling. There is both pain and fear etched on his face. 

Lisa has dropped Dean to the mat face down. He tries to get to is feet and Lisa stomps on his back, forcing him back to the mat. She then delivers several very hard stomps to his lower back. Those kind of things take a heavy toll on an older male wrestler. After the third hard stomp, Dean no longer tries to get up. The pain is too great and he no longer has the strength it takes to get up. 

All he can do now is lie there and take it. At this point in the match, Lisa could very easily pin Dean and win the match. However, that is just not in her mind. She wants to win big as well as punish her opponent. With Dean lying right in front of her, it’s an opportunity she can’t pass up. 

Lisa steps forward and onto the back of Deans thighs. The experienced male wrestler knows just what her plan is. He quickly begins to scream for mercy. "NO-NO, don’t do this!!! Please Lisa, don’t do it. Oh god, please don’t. I’m begging you. Don’t do this to me!!!" 

She then reaches forward and punches Dean in both his sides. As his arms come back, Lisa grabs both of them. She then begins to slowly rock back and forth. After several times. She pulls up hard on his arms and he goes up and over. Dean is now staring up into the ring lights. His back is stretched tightly. Lisa has him trapped in a MEXICAN CEILLEING HOLD. 

For anyone that does not know. The Ceiling Hold is one of the most painful in all of wrestling. In only seconds, Dean’s thong is very tight around his manhood. And he has begun to scream in pain. AAAAAAAOOOO!! OOOOOOOOUUUU!!!, she’s got me!!! Oh god she’s got me!!! I can’t get free!!! She’s going to submit me!!! I can’t take much more!!! 

Hearing Dean crying out in pain the ref asks, "Dean, is that it? Are you ready to give up? Do you want to submit? Has she beaten you?" Dean’s answer comes instantly.


That’s it for Dean. As it has been for all of the male wrestlers. All 5 men have suffered defeat. Most were made to submit to their female opponents. 

The last of the male wrestlers, lies on the mat. He has tears streaming out of his eyes. He seems unable to get off the canvas. Once again the training staff must come out to help a beaten male wrestler get up and out of the ring. Slowly, Dean is helped to his feet. He is helped back to his corner. After recovering for several minutes, the Trainer helps him out of the ring and back to the dressing room. 

All five male wrestlers are back in their dressing room. All are still in their gear. A few in tights and a few wearing thongs. It is also clear that most of them are in bad shape, and a few are dazed by being beaten. All of them are humiliated by their defeat. As Dean is the last one to come from the ring, he is asked how he did. "Just like the rest of you, I got beat too. She got me in a CEILLEING HOLD. I had no choice, I had to submit. I got beat bad."   

The five beaten and humiliated male wrestlers begin to remove their ring gear. They untie their boots and slip them off. They Peel down their tights or their thongs. All head for the showers. All will try to wash away the decrease of crushing defeat.

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