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When we go to a fight or movie my girlfriend always loves seeing guys in wrestling or boxing bleed or get hit in the nuts. She then puts a sweater or coat over my lap and unzips my pants and plays with my dick or squeezes my nuts for quite a while.


In the car she always holds my dick or balls and sometimes makes me cum by jerking or squeezing my balls. She calls me her sex slave and this gal cannot leave my dick and balls alone.


Once she saw an advertise of new erotic UFC show - "CFNM unlimited". Of course, she instantly wanted to look into this performance, but all tickets were sold out. Helen always hated to lose her dreams, she grabbed my hand and lead me to office of the head sales manager, Bob Miles. He tried to offer us two tickets on the next available fighting night, but she was not ready to wait the two months. After a long argument a solution was found: we can take a part in the next fighting night, with me as fighter, and Helen as my personal trainer. When I've looked at contract terms, my first wish was to run away as far as I can. But Helen squeezed my balls under a table and I had no choice.


League rules were terrible for male fighters. UFC kickboxing traditionally includes a blend of boxing and karate, but rules of intergender matches in this league are made to equalize chances of both fighters.


Both fighters wearing a pair of MMA gloves, but their clothing is very different. The league requires male fighters to compete naked. Combat outfit of women includes high cut leotard and boxing boots.


No kicks or punches to covered areas of female body allowed for male participant, but girl can do all that she wants to win the fight. All kinds of kicking, judo throws, wrestling holds, groin attacks - no restrictions for girls. Those rules make the women get a little handsy, a little aggressive and quite dominant with their naked male targets.


"Do women 'accidentally' hit the groin while wrestling?" I asked

"I think they do it on purpose. Men and boys obviously experience unavoidable sexual arousal when fighting naked against clothed girls, to the point that they often need to be kicked in the groin in order to prevent a possible ejaculation and save girl's outfit from getting dirty" Bob answered.


"Of course, some of them do it on purpose. Any time a girl touches a man’s crotch it excites him and it can distract him from wrestling for a few seconds. Maybe just enough for the girl to get him in a hold he can't get out of and pin him. I know when I was in school if a girl touched my dick, I'd instantly get hardon so it wouldn't matter if it was accidentally or on purpose" I muttered.


Helen squeezed my balls under a table again and giggled: "Those balls belong to girls. It's the only way to educate disgusting little pigs like you, and be obedient. You see, you always act up! You're really in need of a good balls spanking.“


I sigh, "You girls use our weakness against us. Sure, there's nothing we can do against your kicks, unless trying to protect our balls. But by experience, a woman who wants to go for our balls always win, sooner or later. That's why it's very scary for us: no matter how much bigger or more muscular we are, a little girl well trained can put us down on our knees. Do you really want to see me naked, beaten by girl in front of big audience?"


"You know what I like? I like watching UFC fights when one of the fighters gets kicked in the nuts. That always cracks me up. I like seeing big, strong guys act like little bitches when they get a good one right in the nuts. I love it. Somehow it appeals to the woman in me and inspires me to kick more doofus guys in the nuts."


With sadistic smile Helen continued, "Every girl knows to go right for a boy's silly little nuts, because those two dangling things are toys designed for girls! I was 7 the first time I kicked an older guy, just to see if my kicks were effective. I was so pleased to see that it was working so well! So fun to see the guy, no matter how big he is, to drop on his knees, nursing his ‘precious’ balls. I enjoy that, because it shows one fact: having balls between your legs makes you weak, but having them in your hands or under your foot gives you power!"


"You must defend yourself from kicking in the groin", Bob intervened, "You will be defeated very soon if the girl deliver a solid kick to your balls. You will feel pain like you never felt before & will never want to feel again. Your opponent may have an experience in karate or kung Fu, but even if you'll fight against a gymnast or dancer, her legs in combat boots are much stronger than your unprotected balls. If she kicks you hard enough you might even vomit & you will feel severe cramps up into your lower belly making it hard to catch your breath. And she will finish you with easy!"


"It's damn unfair", I sighed again, "But looks like you've found an ideal business solution. Why is CFNM unlimited is so popular?"


Bob shrugged. "Women had become more aggressive recently, new training schemes had been implemented to teach them to fight men and they want to practice these skills. In the beginning it was mostly ‘for fun’, but later on the wrestling fights became more serious. Of course, both sexes want to win the match. CFNM double standard is important because our preference is for girls with superior skill dominating an average-sized unskilled guys. A naked slob is at least credible, as the comparison to the leotard clad girl, highlights her psychological superiority. Her provocative outfit signifying that the girl is dominating the fight both physically, mentally and sexually. The man's nudity allows a girl to choose any part of male body as her target and makes her opponent more vulnerable. It's no one's right to kick a man in regular competitions, but in our league, a girl can kick a boy in his balls and there is nothing he can do about it. Girls know it and boys learn it the hard way. Each time when a girl uses her foot as a weapon to inflict damage and pain to man's scrotum, crowd goes crazy and I'm not worried about selling tickets for next matches".

"It is very humiliating for man to be forced to be nude for UFC match while his female opponent is allowed to wear a leotard and boots."


"The idea was to get the girls to feel more confident about themselves. When men embarrassed at the girls giggling about their bare bodies and constant erections, they have less chances to win of course!"


"Your league sounds absolutely fantastic!", Helen exclaimed delightedly, "I love scenarios where the female fighters are fully clothed and victorious over completely naked men, and enjoying the exploitation of their naked vulnerability. I love seeing women hurting a guy’s balls in wrestling, or any combat sport for that matter. A woman reaching between the guys legs to flip him over means her arm is pressed up against his crotch putting pressure on his balls. Perfect! But I'm afraid the male fighters may be defeated much faster if ... You know - unlike girls, when a boy becomes excited, he can't hide it physically. In mixed fights, a man mostly gets aroused, I'm sure girls probably expect it!"


Bob laughed. "In a fight between a Woman and a Man it is very great to see the erection. A CFNM kickboxing bout is really a hot thing. Maybe the competitive side of a match doesn't match with the view of an aroused man. However, a man who can't fight in arousal is a defeated man and, in my opinion, most girls know how to use that to get a dominant position. But league fans love those actions - let people enjoy!"


I nodded. "From personal experience, I find it almost impossible NOT to get a erection while wrestling, and I don't know how anyone doesn't. I am in that state before the match even begins. Every girl I've wrestled has been delighted, they consider it a compliment to their beauty and strength. The physical effort is converted into sexual energy. And trying not to cum requires a lot of self-control. I always get erections from mixed wrestling, even while thinking about it. It's extremely pleasing for me and leads to orgasms rather quickly if the erection rubs against my trunks or underwear."


"You have an experience in mixed wrestling?"


"When I was 18, 3 of us started to do judo at the local sports center cuz there was three of us it ended up I was the odd one out. I ended up sparring with a girl she was the same ranking but she was 2 years older and when we sparred I had the hardest erection imaginable I was embarrassed I couldn't do anything due to my erection I was trying my best to hide it but soon as we were on the tatami it just come on me then when we were doing groundwork her knee would always be there rubbing into my groin area she always apologized but the damage was done I couldn't do anything she always beat me. I've had to drop out of martial arts classes because I kept getting erections by just looking at the female black belts, let alone sparring with them. I love women in the martial arts and every time I see a woman in MMA gloves, my dick immediately stands at attention. I remember a time where I actually came in a judo match when this black belt woman was totally dominating me. Luckily, I was wearing layers and I don't think anyone who saw was suspicious, but I think the women had some idea on what went on. It was so humiliating and arousing at the same time. I get a boner even before I start to wrestle with the girl. Just imagining how though a girl can be gives me a boner already. And, honestly, I don't know how to prevent it."


Bob smiled. "Let me give you a piece of advice. Just as it is perfectly natural for a man to get aroused watching women wrestle men, then it is equally normal to get excited when actually taking part in such a contest. Mixed wrestling is, by its very nature, an erotic experience. The only methods to prevent seeing boners in intergender combat are for the man to have had the semen milked out of him before!"

"I'm afraid that's not a right way if I'm going to win a fight." - I shook my head sadly - "When I have ejaculated, I am extremely weak for at least 30-40 minutes."


Helen frowned capriciously. "I like a good competition where a strong, skilled girl beats an athletic, confident boy, especially when the boy is not thin and weak. Watching a well-developed girl completely overwhelm a wimpy guy can be fun to watch, but I much prefer a contest in which the two battle evenly for a while.....until the girl tires him out and/or outclasses him to get the win", she said, "And looks like I know how to save your concentration, honey!"


"What do you mean?"


"Just a chastity device. If rules of the league have no restrictions for those devices"


"What a perfect idea!", Bob laughed, “It may give us a new kind of matches, I'm sure our fans may like this thing!", he turned to me - "To be honest, our male fighters are mostly attracted by chance to have a legal orgasm for free. As you know, new government strongly restricted prostitution and women got a superior position into sexual relations. Having a sex is now a privilege of rich men. Or men who admit a female superiority and fulfill any whims of their ladies."


Forcing a man to wear a chastity device is a very common fetish in the BDSM/female domination world, and it's not just a male fetish. Many women covet the ability to control and dominate men, and for many of them a chastity device is the perfect tool to get that desire fulfilled. It even goes as far as when attending CFNM parties, some men are paraded in front of the other ladies by the doms with the men forced to wear the devices - for the doms it's like a satisfying announcement to others that she controls him.


Helen's proposal was extremely humiliating. But I was full of determination to win a fight. OK, if my cock may betray me, let it be immobilized before I even enter the UFC cage. And I'll show them how real men fight!


The day came and went, and soon I was prepping for my fight. "Don't let her attack your balls, honey! While a light touch to the testes can feel good, a tight squeeze, hard yank, or heavy kick to the balls can leave you rolling on the ground in pain and even feeling nauseated. Kicking/punching/striking a man in the balls is the height of female brutality. Your legs turn to jelly, mind turns to mush, you keel over as your whole body pretty much shuts down and leaves you in a pathetic, quivering heap on the floor." Helen said as she watched me stripping.


"I hate to admit it, but you're right. When I was a kid in school, I saw a girl beating a boy on the playground. Every time he would try to get up, she would kick him right in the balls. The girls cheered and the other boys just stood there, mesmerized by what was happening to our fellow male, but not daring to stop this girl. I couldn't understand it at the time, but I developed an uncontrollable erection" I answered.


"It's a natural normal thing for any boy to get an intense uncontrollable erection when he experiences domination", she giggled, "But now I'll take control of your erection and save you from sexual aggression of your opponent!"


I dropped my head in submission. Helen, gingerly took my cock in her hand, and locked a chastity device on it. I almost cried as I felt my manhood was locked away.


Helen smiled and looked into my eyes; her left hand squeezed my balls. "I feel your pain" she said throatily, smiling.


Of course, Helen was not a wrestling trainer. But she found the best way to motivate me, explaining my new situation to me. I was a slave, with no rights, and nowhere to go. I was her property, and if I was ever to want to release my sperm, I would have to win a fight against a girl in UFC cage. 


My temporary sexual relief depending on my earning a victory and getting money as winner of the fight. I was angered by my new circumstances, but resigned to my fate.


Helen leaned closer to me on the couch, dropping one arm around my naked shoulders. Casually she pushed a stockinged leg into my crotch, rubbing her knee against my tormented groin.


"You like the way my knee is teasing your little scrotum, honey?" Helen bared her teeth and I closed my eyes, just for a moment... I couldn't keep from staring at the beautiful Helen.


Oh, I need to cum, I thought. Tonight, I must win!


"Do you want to cum, honey?" Helen breathed in my sweaty ear as she squeezed my balls again, "You know I'm waiting for your victory and for our money prize. Go and beat that bitch!"


Opening a door, I heard a laugh of young girls. This added to my blushing humiliation as I emerged from the locker room, naked, except for the chastity tube.


A large group of leotard-clad girls crowded around their martial arts trainer in the lobby, having their pictures in different combat stances. I recognized that celebrity as former Olympian gymnast, she was dressed in high cut leotard looking like that one she wore during latest world championship.


Yes, I was naked in front of those girls, naked, except for the hated chastity tube.


But fortunately, they didn't see me. All their attention was focused at lovely lady, who demonstrated to the eager young and pretty female novices’ various techniques for kicking, kneeing and punching a man in his balls. Early on, she tells him to remove both his pants and underwear because they want to see his naked penis and balls as they kick and punch them. At one point, she lifts his penis high inviting the other girls to get a close look at each ball to see if they are growing as a result of their kicks, and are delighted to find out the one on the left is.


There's no question they love their first experience. Never before have me seen girls laughing so hysterically after each excruciatingly hard ball bust to man's naked nut sack. They have a sadistic joy of watching him drop to the floor in agony. His screams of agony elicit hysterical and joyous laughter from them. Those girls had a great time with this training!


Hiding myself from them, I sneaked to the door leading to the fighting hall. Bob waited for me there. "Good luck, Joe! Time to go!". He opened the door and I stepped into UFC cage, looking at two beautiful ladies who waited for me. Ellis, the referee of the match and Kathy, my opponent.


I still felt humiliated as, apart from the chastity cage (which offered little to hide his nudity) I was completely naked in front of two strong and beautiful women. 


Imagine yourself being caught naked by an attractive, fully clothed girl - perhaps a girl you know. She is pleased with herself for catching you naked, with no place to hide and no way to cover up. As she looks you over, you can see that she is feeling a little mean, and is eager to have some fun with you.


18 y.o. blonde Kathy looked more than adorable in her leotard. Long powerful legs, sexy outfit and slender, toned figure. Her look made me sure - she has no mercy for men at all! Endless brutal kicking, stomping, punching and beating, that's all that I can hope to receive.


Ellis took a microphone and her voice made audience silent.


"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have a bit different show for you. Please welcome, our beautiful expert in cock and balls torture, Kathy! You know her fighting manner very well. She mostly focuses on the groin of her male opponent. Even when she beats up his balls during a wrestling match, she wants his cock being stiff and erected! And she knows when she beats up his cock the pervert’s penis gets bigger and bigger. Blood goes away from his pathetic brain to make his cock harder, it turns him into stupid creature who forgets all his combat skills and unable to defend himself.


But her today's opponent pretends to get a safety from her lovely attacks. Welcome a male newcomer - Joe!"


Ellis pointed at me and continued:


"Nowadays, male nudity is so normal and every day that it's not unusual to see a naked male bottom in a prime-time TV drama. It is so much the norm that we've come to expect men to wear nothing in UFC cage. But this guy decided to prevent his arousal by chastity device. Let's look, is it an effective? I think it was a mistake because his balls still unprotected and he may be defeated by good kick in the groin anyway. Of course, he is locked in chastity, and he will keep a concentration on the fight, but he can’t even enjoy the tussle on the floor and the closeness of Kathy’s sexy body. May it help him to win? Let's see!"


Kathy took a microphone from Ellis's hand and pointed at me:


"The male creature is stripped naked, his nudity serves as an embarrassment, a loss of control. But the woman's partial nudity is the opposite. With the male creature tamed, I'm free to explore my body without male pithiness getting in the way. I choose to remove my skirt in order to feel my opponent's submission beneath me, but I keeps my leotard and boots to show that for my nudity is a choice and for him it is a commandment. This may sound cruel, but I get turned on kicking young boys in their little balls. I suppose I like to teach them about their vulnerability when they're still young. The best part is that there is nothing they can do about it. They learn the hard way that boys are inferior. I used to do that to the neighborhood boys. They would fall down crying and I would smile and leave them there in agony. Poor boys Now I'm gets ready to kick this stupid male in the balls several times to finish him off."

Her voice was confident and scornful. And it was too much for me. "I'm not going to let you kick me in the groin!" I screamed, but I had no microphone and my voice sounded pathetic in the big hall.

"I've kicked many males over my life kiddo. And a successful knee right into their nuts has always brought them to the ground, crying in the fetal position. If you can't see that girls are the stronger sex after that I can't help you."


"So, you feel superior because you're a woman, and don't have such a weak spot like our balls?"


"I doubt it considering every male I've hit before! My legs could reach your balls long before you even got to my tits Hun. And once you are the ground from that first hit, completely disabled, I'll walk over to you and start squeezing the life out of those plums you have dangling between your legs. You'll be begging me not to crush them as you writhe around from so much pain!"


"Now that is scary for a male to hear. I hope you know that groin shots are illegal in most fights. So, what would you do in a professional fight? Ha-ha If you even try to go there, I will tell the referee"


"Little boy is calling his mama! You're so pathetic! And you know why groin shots are forbidden in fights? Because it's men who made the rules, and they know that a simple kick put you on the floor screaming. So, in real fights, no rules ones, what would you do tough little boy?"


"I would make sure you are away from my groin area and if you attempt, I will close my knees thus preventing you from reaching them. That’s such a cheap shot, why do all girls go for that? Every girl I fight either purposely kicks or acts like she accidentally got me there. Can’t they win fair and square? Cheating bitches. It is extremely annoying because half my energy is spent protecting those things. Anyway, that doesn’t mean I can’t heat you"


"It's so funny how boys get offended at that! What about raping girls! No guy has ever even come close to beating me? Know why? All that have tried I've bruised up their nuts! You couldn't kill me if you tried lol. Standing with your legs closed in a fight is real smart. No balance and you can't move.... All that because you have to protect such weak and sensitive area. All I can say is I'm glad I have a smooth crotch and not those awkward hanging eggs."


"Hell breasts aren't in an awkward place like balls, you can't even close your legs properly without wincing! So, let me get this straight you will fight me with one hand and you think you are fast enough to react to all my kicks... Only a boy could be so dumb. You're naked and I can see all your vulnerable points. I could still kick you when your legs are closed it would just be a front kick and it would hit you in the dick, which is still a sensitive area. It sounds like you are just trying to "prove how mainly you are" Get over it your balls are a weakness. It’s nice to be a girl dressed in leotard that protects me and to know about you're not allowed to attack any areas of my body under clothes!"


"No, I'll fight against you with both hands and will protect my balls whenever needed. And a dick kick is nowhere near as painful as the ball kick. It will be fun messing up that pretty face of yours! And yeah, I’m not that 16-year-old boy, I’m a 23-year-old man so watch out honey."


"Lol as if you know that one kick and you'd be screaming on the ground and moaning from the pain! You'd have your nuts kicked back into your body! Lol your 23 and still trying to defend that balls are strong...Your pathetic and you know it. You just envying my perfect and clothed body!"


"I agree I am jealous of your bodysuit but I'm stronger than you even after having balls. And what do you mean you’ll kick my nuts inside my body? Stop using such threats they are really scary although I doubt you can do that. Tell me girl have you even kicked a man above 20 hard enough for it to really hurt? All these are your fantasies. Maybe you kick little and think you are superior"


"If you admit your jealous of girls bodies then why even pretend that you are still stronger? You have to know that girls don't have that weakness and one hit to a boy’s nods will drop him and have him squirming from pain! I've kicked men over 20 yes lol and they drop all the same. You're a boy you should know if hit hard enough a testicle can recede into the body."


"Just shut up alright. Stop trying to scare me with those threats. My balls are sensitive but not weak. Maybe the men you kicked were dumb enough to leave their balls exposed, I’m not so dumb. And I might be younger than you but I am a MAN 23 yr. old, so stop calling me a boy"


"Too bad for you, your balls are not made in steel. You perfectly know that. They're not only sensitive, but also weak. Weak as you are, scared by such simple "threat". By the way, you sound quite silly, trying to say that your balls make you strong."


"You say the ball can recede into the body and call that a simple threat? Are you crazy? That’s enough to scare the manhood out of any guy. If that’s a simple threat I don’t know what your real threats are like. My balls are not made of steel but I think they can withstand a kick from a weak girl like you. Now go and try to make a good fight!"


We both square up, our fists raised. Cautiously, we approached each other. She smiled, and offered a test of strength. Our fingers interlaced, and we started squeezing. Soon sweat began to form on her brow as my hands, my greater male strength started to crush her hands. “Not so easy is it girl?”


She didn’t reply, instead she fell backwards, putting me off balance. As I spread my stance to keep my footing her toe snuck up and struck me right in the testicles. My knees immediately buckled, and soon I found her foot in my face and she tipped me over and pulled me to the mat with her. She ground her foot in my face and taunted me, “taste it loser, taste my superiority!” 


She hopped on top of me and grabbed my hair, and with a vicious smile slammed a fist into my jaw. My brain rattled in my head as the blow dazed me. I lifted my arm up to ward off the next hit, and we wrestled for control until her hand pushed my head back onto the ground. But her grip on my arm slipped, and my hand grabbed her breast. “You pig!” She screamed and she rolled off of me. I tried to attack her back, but an elbow met my mouth with vicious force, and I tasted a little blood.


She tried to grab my wrist, and force me into a head scissor, But I deftly escaped. Back on our feet we clashed several times, throwing punches and kicks that couldn’t connect on either of us. She smiled cockily as she blocked my roundhouse, and stepped into take advantage…


And never saw the other kick catch her in the side of the head. I floored her with a single hit, and she laid on the ground dazed. Maliciously I grabbed her ankles and dragged her into the middle of the cage. And then I grabbed her by the throat. 


Displaying my male pride and strength I lifted her by the throat with both hands and held her over my head, attempting to choke the life from her. “Give up!” 




“Give up!” I said one more time. 


Her eyes wrenched shut, and a tear dripped from the corner of her eye, “N-NNgh-nnnnngh-nnn~!” 


“No? Fine.” So I choked her there, over my head, her tight leotard clad body writhing and wriggling for everyone to see. All too soon her arms dropped limp, and her struggles stopped. So I dropped her to the mat like a limp sack of potatoes. “Count her ref, she’s out.”

The ref gave me a look that could melt steel as she knelt down over my opponent’s limp body. Soon she began to stir, and I couldn’t help myself from talking shit to this arrogant female.


"Is it still as much fun if you are not able to hide behind the "don't hit me, I'm a girl" clause? Keep it up and you may find out. Pretty sure I am not the only man who may beat you!", I told, going out from the fighting cage. The first round finished by my victory.


Twenty minutes later a new round had begun.


We reentered the cage, and I admit I was feeling confident. My opponent had learned that she may think she’s superior, but that has to be earned in the cage. She cautiously circled around me, waiting for an opening, so I attacked first. I fired a kick at her head that she managed to avoid. She blocked my second kick, and returned fire with her own. The first own impacted my solid abs but she flicked her foot back down towards my balls, hoping for a quick score, but missed.


I fired a powerful roundhouse right into her chest, but she managed to block with both arms. I fired off another quick snap kick towards her head, but she blocked and I realized my mistake. I left myself wide ope- Wham! Her fist cracked me in the side of the head mercilessly. I tried to retaliate, but neither of us could land another full blow on the other, until I floored her with another roundhouse kick to the temple. She lifted her arm up and said “Wait, Wait! I...“

I hesitated, maybe this round would end easily and she’d just give up round two also –


My eyes go wide as I feel her foot strike my groin, “I was waiting for this, fool!” She grins evilly at me. I can’t breathe, I can’t even scream as I feel my balls crushed into my abdomen. Oh god, the pain! I back up holding a hand in front of me, “Wait, I-,“ But there was no hesitation in her. He grabbed my arm, and locked me into a truly painful armbar. Laughing like a devil, she paraded me around the cage, showing off my pain and weakness to everyone watching, taking particular relish in displaying me to Helen, show was watching my torment with awe.


She tosses me over her hip and dumped me onto the mat, headfirst. I shake my head to try and clear it but she’s already on top of me. She sets up and starts pounding her fists into my head, left, right, left again, I lose count as my head snaps back and forth under the weight of her assault.


Soon she shimmies her way on top of me, and grinds her crotch onto my face. I can smell her arousal as she says something, probably some kind of shit talk but I can’t hear it over the ringing in my skull. She then leans back and presses her sweaty breasts in my face, smothering me. I’d be in heaven, surrounded by luscious lady pillows if I wasn’t suffocating.


She switches around, sitting her shapely ass on my face and grinding it against me, humiliating me. I try to push her off, but She just braces herself. And then she leans forward. I feel her hands wrap around my scrotum and my eyes go wide. Soon my nuts are in a vice, as she tries to crush them like grapes in her hands. My screams are muffled by her ass. She grabs and twists them, pulls them and torments them. Soon Her thighs snap around my head as she twists my balls viciously. 


I can’t take it anymore, soon the darkness claims me. 


I come to just in time to start the third round. I’m in pain, and demoralized as she approaches me, confidently. I’m too angry to think and I blindly rush at her swinging for a massive uppercut that she nimbly dodges. I go for a left hook, but she ducks under it, and rattles my brain with a stiff uppercut. She sends a vicious kick into my abdomen folding me up.


She grabs my head, and drives it down into her knee, once, twice. I can barely keep my feet I’m so dazed from her assault. She muscles me into the cage, and I feel my breath catch in my throat as her knee strikes me full in the crotch. I feel as if my balls had been knocked all the way into my throat, I feel my bile rising. 


I fall to all fours and I feel her foot strike the back of my head. I try to get up, but her feet are all over me. Kicking, stomping, each strike slamming my head into the cage over and over and over. Are they going to stop the fight? Are they just going to let this continue until she stomps me to death? She ends it with a vicious stomp that slams my head into the cage. 


I think I lost consciousness there for a minute, because suddenly I’m on my back with her foot to my throat. She’s shaking her fist at me, saying something, but I can’t hear it over the dull pounding in my skull, and the agony in my balls. 


She flips me onto my back and starts wrenching my arm further and further until I feel like it’s about to dislocate. I rolled onto my back, and I started to try and muscle my way back, I forced her grip up. But Kathy was quicker than me still. Her training meant she could react on instinct and she followed that strike by thrusting her hand to where she now knew my balls lay expectantly. She grabbed them and twisted.


"I think I’ll yank them off this time,” she whispered, half menacingly, half-jokingly. With every wriggle by me she tightened her grip. With every yell she twisted and with every attempt to fight back she yanked. I hated this. This was the worst position. When the girl grabbed them, I couldn’t do anything. There was nothing on her to grab. Her perfect form made her invulnerable to any equivalent attack and a fast punch was out of the question, she was too wily for that. She’d crush my balls first. And then she began to dig her nails into my balls. It wasn't permanent damage, but I passed out from the pain.


I woke up from the pain in my sore balls. Kathy dug a toe of her boot into my groin, forcing me to move. "Stand up, loser! Kneel before your victor, don't make me wait!"


She loved the look of desperation in my eyes as I knelt before her.

"Why do girls think it's amusing or funny to hit a guy's balls?" I moaned looking up at my sexy victor.


"Sorry guys but balls are for kicking & it’s a good lesson to learn that you can be controlled by getting you by the ball sack", she laughed.


"I agree that balls are designed by God this way to help girls and women defending against men and eventually punishing us. I admit your superiority, Kathy!"


She raised a hand, celebrating her victory. "Kiss my boots, loser!" she ordered. I had no choice but execute her command.


Now her victory was obvious for audience. She giggled: "I never really got as excited going a kickboxing shoot. We should do this again next week. I just love men’s balls so much. Such good control points! If you didn’t have them you may have had a chance. But then, if you didn’t have them you wouldn’t be a man, would you?"