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woman beats man mixed restling headlock

Update: 03.08.2018

W-529 "Back into the ring"

Gallery size: 260 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 260 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

After being out of action for several months I will finally be back in the ring tonight. As the world champion I will be defending my title against the number 8 contender. The promoter and my trainer agree that I should start against a lesser contender for my first comeback match. This will however be a full blown title match. 


My opponent for tonight will be one of the four women ranked in the top ten. She is the lowest rated women in the group. Her principal attribute is that she is extremely strong. For the most part she uses her brute strength to control and then defeat her opponents. The best way to handle her is to take her down to the mat and work over one or two body parts. Ann Glover is 24 yrs old and very attractive. Everyone in the league thinks that this is the perfect match for my return. Hard enough to be a good test but easy enough that I will be in danger of losing my title. 

In her dressing room Ann slips off her street clothes and begins to get ready for the match. First come tan pantyhose, then a light blue thong cut leotard. It is very tight and reveals her very well muscled body. It also shows off all her female attributes. She slips her stocking covered feet into light blue boots and laces them up tight. She puts on a light blue ring jacket and she is ready to wrestle. 

Across the hall from Ann, I too am getting ready. I must admit to being just a little nervous. It has been almost 4 months since I was in the ring for a title match. I take off my street cloths and stand there nude for several minutes thinking about the match. Surprisingly I am just a little concerned. I know that Ann should be no match for me. Everyone has told me that I will beat her quite easily. However, I have learned never to take any opponent lightly. 

I reach into my gear bag and pull out my wrestling gear. first I pull on “Chocolate” colored pantyhose. They are sheer and very shiny. I love what they do to my legs. Next comes dark brown silk “boy shorts”, they are very short stopping right at my manhood. Then tan wrestling boots. They are Suede with fringe at the top and dark brown tassels on the lasses. Next is my prized possession, The World Championship Title Belt. I wrap it around my waist and buckle it tight. I slip on my tan ring jacket and I am ready to proceed to the ring. 

As I step out from behind the curtain the crowd breaks out into defining cheers. They begin to chant my name over and over. It is a very hart warming welcome. As I make my way down the aisle many fans reach out to touch me. They shake my hand, high five me, pat me on the back. They also encourage me, “Go get her Champ!!!, Glad you’re back!! Easy win Champ!! All of this makes me feel great. It has also eased my uneasiness about this match.         
With both of us in the ring the announcer begins:


“Wrestling fans, this is a world title match. In the blue corner. The challenger!! She is currently ranked as the number 8 contender. Please welcome, ANN GLOVER!!!! And her opponent. He is the current reigning WORLD CHAMPION!! GUNTER VON NORDSTIN!"


As my name is announced the arena breaks out in thunderous cheers. After the ref gives us her instructions we return to our corners to wait for the bell.

I quickly take a few seconds to check myself. I pull up my pantyhose and smooth them out. I adjust my boy shorts as well as my manhood. I am ready for the bell. BONG!!!! There’s the bell and my first match in over four months has begun. 

I am out of my corner and moving toward the center of the ring. I only take two steps and Ann’s shoulder crashes into my mid-section. I’m stunned, I double over at the waist grabbing my abdomen. My knees begin to buckle, but before I can drop to the mat Ann is behind me. She grabs my arm and yanks it up into a HAMMER-LOCK.  I let out a moan of pain as she pushes and pulls my arm up behind me.  

I am no longer use to the pain a tight hold can produce. Ann has my arm stretched up very tightly. My fingers are touching my shoulder blades and moving higher. Not wanting to signal just how much pain I’m in I grit my teeth and softly whisper: “My arm, my arm!!! She’s hurting my arm.” Ann knows however just what she’s doing to me. “Hurts doesn’t it Champ? Before I done with you, it’s going to hurt a lot more. I think I can beat you!!” If the opening few seconds of the match are any indication, she may be right. 

After almost two minutes in Ann’s HAMMER-LOCK, she releases my arm. I manage to take several deep breaths before she again attacks me. Reaching around my head she bends it back getting a DRAGAN NECK BREAKER on me. My neck is bent backward, my back is arched backward and my knees have begun to buckle. 

Slowly I sink to the mat on my knees. This time I make no effort to hide my pain. My neck and my lower back are on fire. I’ve never reacted to pain like this before. It is now controlling me. I’m not sure how long I can fight thru it. 

“My neck, my neck!! You’re going to snap my neck!! AAAAAAWWWWOO!!! It hurts, OH god it hurts!!! I struggle to get back to my feet. I’m having great difficulty as Ann is very strong. I will not be able to get up, she is just too strong for me. 

After several minutes I am able to get close enough to the ropes to grab one and break the hold. Ann lets go of my neck and steps back. I am left on my knees holding on to the middle rope unable to get immediately get to my feet. The ref stands over me and tells me: “Come on Champ, you have to get up. I’m going to count you out if you don’t get to your feet.” 

I look up into the ref’s eyes and nod: “I’ll try, I’ll try!!” Using both hands I grab the ropes and slowly pull myself off the mat and onto my feet. Even though I am standing I am still very shaky. I can’t let go of the ropes or I may fall back to the mat. I need all the time I can get. 

Out at the announcer table both announcers are stunned by what they have seen. 

“This is totally unexpected!! The world champion is in BIG-BIG trouble!!"

"Yes, he is Bob. Ann Glover, who is the granddaughter of Judy Glover has completely controlled Gunter Von Nordstin The World Champion.”

Having taken a full 18 seconds of rest I move off the ropes and toward Ann. Once again before I can do anything she is on me. Ann grabs my head and gets me in a STANDING-HEAD LOCK. Bent over at the waist I am trapped. Ann is now applying all the pressure she can. It feels as though my skull is being crushed. It hurts so bad I am unable to stop myself from moaning in pain. “OOOOOHH!! You’re hurting me Annie, you’re really hurting me!!”  


“Time for you to give up Gunter. Submit and I’ll let you go!!” I respond with a very weak “NO!!”  In my first match back from a very minor injury I’m being battered and tortured by the number 8 contender. Still trapped in Ann’s HEAD-LOCK my eyes begin to flutter. My vision is blurred as she cuts off the blood flow to my brain.  

My knees buckle and I go from being bent over at the waist to being on my knees. I claw at Ann’s hands trying to free my head. After 20 or 30 seconds of effort I am dazed and now know it’s useless to try to pry her hold on me free. 

“He’s really struggling now!! The champion has sunk to his knees And appears be badly dazed and shaken!! Bob, it looks as though he has no idea what to do, or how to escape from this hold."


"Yes, don it does. It look like Ann could knock the Champion out!! She may win the match right now!!"


As the announcers were talking I have remained on my knees in Ann’s head lock. Just as I was about to lose consciousness, Ann released me, then kicked me in the back sending me face first to the mat. 


She quickly rolls me over, grabs my leg behind my knee and rocks my back onto the mat. I begin to to struggle, twist and turn trying to stop her. “OH, no-no!! she’s got me!! She’s trying to pin me!! I can’t be pinned!! I won’t let her pin me!!!” I fight and kick as hard as I can trying to escape Ann’s attempt to pin me. 

At last I am able to kick free of her. I am however still on my back, and still down on the mat. I try to get to my feet but am to slow. Ann pulls my leg out from under me and I fall back to the mat. Straddling my back Ann grabs my tan suede boots and lifts them off the mat. She then tucks my brown nyloned legs under her arms. Pulling up and back Ann now has me in a BOSTON CRAB. My back is bent almost in half. The only part of me touching the mat is my chest and arms. 

Holding me tightly Ann looks down and says. “How about this Champ? Instead of pinning you, I make you submit to me!! The pain in my back is terrific. It feels as though she may snap me in half at any moment. Not wanting to submit, I try to fight thru the pain. I just can’t stop from crying out. Both hurt and angry at being battered by the number 8 contender I refuse to concede the match.

“NO, I won’t submit to you Ann!!! I won’t give up!!! I won’t, I won’t!!!” Angry at my refusal to submit to her Ann vows to make me give up. “We’ll see about that Champ. I’ve got you. I can do what I want to you. You’re time as Champion is almost over!!” 

For the next several minutes Ann hold me in the CRAB. “My back, OH god my back!! AAAAAAOOOWWW!!! It hurts, it hurts so much!!” And even though I cry out in pain I still won’t submit. 

Even though I do not submit to Ann, I know I can’t take much more punishment. I’m weak and very nearly exhausted. I have begun to believe I am about to lose the match as well as my title. Ann still has me trapped in the BOSTON CRAB. My legs are in the air and my back is bent. From ringside many of my fans can see the beginning of the end for me. My manhood has begun to stiffen. I have the beginnings of a defeat boner. Both my “boy shorts” as well as my pantyhose have begun to stretch against my manhood. 

Just as I was about to call it, Ann has let go of me. She drops my legs and they fall to the mat without my control. I no longer have the strength to control ant part of my body. I is almost impossible to explain how I feel right now. Yes, I am in horrible pain. Yes, I am very frightened. Yes, I also am very sad. I know my time as the World Champion is over. 

I know I can’t win this match. I know Annie will be the new Champion. I can’t control the tears that are now running down my cheeks. There is no use trying to hid them. Everyone at ringside has see them. They know I am crying. 

Ann has now come back to where I am stretched out on the mat. She pulls my legs closer together. Then she stands on my thighs. I instantly know what she is going to do to me. I scream in fear at what is coming. “NO ANNIE, NO!! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME!! PIN ME, JUST PIM ME!! I WON’T FIGHT YOU. PLEASE JUST PIN ME!! NOT THIS, PLEASE NOT THIS!!” 

My please fall on deaf ears. Ann steps on the back of my thighs. She hooks my boots around hers. She claws at my side until my arm comes back. She does the same to the other side. Taking my arms she twists them up behind me. Slowly she begins to rock back and forth. Each rock builds her momentum. Finally she pulls me off the mat and up and over her.

She has me. There is no way to escape this hold. This will finish me. Ann has gotten a MEXICAN CELEING HOLD on me. My arms are trapped, my legs are trapped, I cannot move. My back is now arched up giving all my fans a full on look at my DEFEAT BONER. My pantyhose and shorts are so tight they are now crushing my manhood. 

Ann has called out to the ref. “Come on ref, I’ve got him!! He can’t escape. I’ve got him. Ask him, ask him!! Does he submit to me? Have I beaten him? Am I the new Champ? Go on ask him!!” 

The ref looks down on me. “Is that it Gunter? Has she beaten you? Are you ready to submit to her?"

There is nothing I can do. I’ve been defeated and will lose my title. Enormous pain has overwhelmed me. The tears flow freely down my face. I just can’t go on.



I am not sure what is happening. I’ve submitted to her but she still has me. The ref seems to be tell her something, but I can’t hear it. The pain is driving me mad. I’m terrified by what is happening to me. 



Finally the end comes and Ann lets me go. I fall to the mat on my back.  


Ann gets to her feet and stands over me. I am completely immobile on the mat. I can’t move or get to my feet. My arms lie useless at my sides. My legs are spread apart several inches as useless as my arms. I am softly sobbing from the pain and from the crushing defeat I have just suffered. 

Looking down at me Ann tells me: “I knew I could beat you, I knew it!! You’re no match for me. I’m twice the wrestler you are!! 
Still sobbing and breathing heavily as I lay there I tell Ann: “Yes, you beat me Ann. You’re the Champion now. Came back too soon. You were just too much for me. Too fast, too strong, you destroyed me!!” 


The ref takes the World Title Belt and wraps it around Ann’s waist then begins the announcement. 

"In the time of 14 minutes and 23 seconds. Ann Glover has defeated Gunter Von Nordstin by submission!! And is now The New WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPION!!"


All  of this has taken place above where I am still stretched out on the mat. Looking up I can see Ann wearing the World Title Belt. 


The ref comes to where I am laying and knees down. “Are you all right Gunter? Can you get up?   I have some difficulty in answering her. “NO-NO, I’m hurt bad!!! I can’t get up!! I can hardly move. She hurt me bad, my back, legs and arms. I can barely move them.” 

A minute or two later, Gunter’s trainer enters the ring and knees by his beaten wrestler. “How Gunter, how? How was she able to defeat you so easily? We trained hard, you were ready. How did you get beat like this? 

As Gunter lies stretched out on the mat, a close look at his face reveilles tears running down his cheeks. There is also a look of great pain. All he can think about is getting out of the ring and away from Ann. “PLEASE Lars, PLEASE. Get me up. Don’t let me lie hear like this crying in defeat!! I have to get out of the ring, I have to get away!!” 

Lars helps the beaten former champion to his feet. Gunter wraps his arm over Lars’s shoulder as he limps to the ropes. We see Gunter, with his arm around his trainer holding on for support. It takes his several minutes to return to his dressing room. Gunter sits on the bench with his head in his hands. “Beaten!! I’ve been beaten, by a low ranked woman!! How could this happen to me? I was the champion?”

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