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Ballet headscissors female domination mixed wrestling dance leotard

Update: 25.08.2017

F-477 "Dance with bitchwolf"

Gallery size: 210 Full HD pictures

Freestyle mixed fighting, Ballbusting, 210 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Michael, the male dancer, says: "Once I danced with really hot girl dressed in leotard. Anyway, we started to get kinda freaky and I kind of touched her breast. She didn't seem to mind, so I sort of kept going (by the way, at that point I was dancing with her from behind). After a little while, she turned to face me, looked me in the eye, put her hands on my hips and kneed me pretty hard in the balls. My knees were bent (course I was still dancing) and she was pretty upright, and she kind of pulled my waist into her thigh as she crunched my nuts with it. I figure with her position and leverage, she probably could have got me a lot harder, but apparently she had some degree of mercy. I swear, I feel like she could have killed me! I dropped to the ground and have to say that that REALLY hurt! But current ballet performance was much harder for me. My dance partner Olivia played a dominant role of proud girl who denies all tryouts of her weak male admirer. Her long muscle legs are sexy and powerful, she kicked me in the face and groin, most terrible that kicks was unexpected during our dance. Olivia used a lot of strong headscissors to squeeze my neck between her steel thighs, the audience was ecstatic but I felt like helpless dummy. When she kicked me in the head it was mostly fake or just light touching made for audience, but her groin kicks was really hard, she destroyed me with ballbusting during all time and finally her swift kick knocked me out. She put all her force into it, and kicked me as hard as she could, and then laughed as I collapsed and passed out. With incredible pain in my poor balls, I ruined down under her feet and she made a victory pose over my humiliated body for audience's joy!"

Olivia, the female dancer, says: "There was one unfortunate girl in our ballet class who was extremely awkward and constantly kneed her partner in the groin. Every time this girl lifted her leg she seemed to injure her partner; needless to say, nobody wanted to dance with her after that. The whole class just fell around laughing when it happened, although it is a fact of life in ballet that at some point the male dancers gets kicked in the groin, it's inevitable. Our ballet mistress (a woman who directs, trains, and sometimes acts as choreographer for a ballet company) noticed it and decided to produce a new performance, combat ballet dance. The scenario of this ballet, as intended to be seen, was excellent, the most jealous symbol and citadel of female domination! Michael's role was a weak, non-confident male who tries to get attention? from proud lady when she denies him. He must prove his admiration, but she despises his weakness?, kicking him away? all time. So I was allowed to kick him as hard as I want, use my flexible body to put him in any submissive holds - this ballet was a perfect demonstration of female superiority!"

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