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tag team high school young teens mixed wrestling

Update: 22.03.2019

W-564 "Privet wrestling league"

Gallery size: 330 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 330 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It’s a very special night in the pro wrestling league. This is a privet league and only the very rich can attend this matches. Tonight the arena will be full to capacity. The tickets are extremely expensive and only the richest of the rich can afford them. 

Tonight will feature team matches. It will pit a 3 member boys team wrestling against a 3 member girls team. These will be young and up and coming wrestlers, ranging in age from 18 to 20 years old. With just about 30 minutes to before the first match both teams are getting ready to wrestle. 

The boys team will be wearing red thongs and red boots. The girls are wearing white and blue Speedo type suite and white boots. With only about 5 minutes before match time both teams are ready to wrestle. 

With all 6 young wrestlers in the ring the announcer begins:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a special team tournament. It features  two teams of young and coming wrestlers. There will be a boys team and a girls team each featuring three wrestlers. There will be three singles matches and one six person tag match. The tag match can be a free for all with all team members in the ring at once. It will be a three out of five falls match"

With the announcement made two of the boys and two girls exit the ring and stand by the ring apron. Up in the ring 18yr old Donnie Talmage stands in his corner. Across the ring his opponent 18 yr old Justine Harris waits in her corner for the match to begin.  

BONG!!! the bell sounds starting the match. Donnie and Justine exit their corners and slowly begin to circle. Donnie makes the first move as he grabs Justine’s arm and twists it behind her back in a HAMMER-LOCK. Justine is instantly up on her toes as well as grabbing her shoulder with her free hand. 

Using his leverage Donnie takes Justine to the mat. Face down on the canvas Justine struggles to escape the HMMER-LOCK Donnie has on her. Trying to do as much damage to her as he can, Donnie pounds on her shoulder as hard as he can. Justine cries out in pain as she tries to escape the hold. “AAAAAAAA, my shoulder!!!!!!”  After four or five very hard bows to Justine’s arm and shoulder, Donnie releases her arm and moves down her body.

He grabs one of her shiny white boots and bends her leg forward. He then grabs her other boot and folds it over the first one. Placing the palms of both his hands on her boot toes he uses all of his strength and leverage to push forward as hard as he can. 

This is a new experience for the 18yr old wrestler. This is her very first “intergender” match and she has never experienced wrestling someone with Donnie’s strength. She twists and wiggles trying to get free or get closer to the ropes. All the while Donnie is putting as much pressure on her legs as he can. 

On the outside of the ring Justine’s two teammates are shouting encouragement to the young girl. “ Fight Christine fight!! Don’t let him bet you”.    “You can win this match, keep fighting”. Christine knows they mean well but she is in severe pain and her legs are trapped.  “He’s so strong!!! He’s got my legs, he’s going to break them!!!”.  

For Christine the first part of this match has been  nightmare. She managed to make to the rope and escape the leg hold. That however did nothing to slow Donnie down. For almost 6 minutes Donnie pounded on Christine, he twisted and stretched both of her legs and both of her arms. He put her body in many hold from a BOSTON CRAB and a CAMLE CLUTCH to a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. 

From his side of the ring comes cheers of encouragement. “You got her Donnie!!! Don’t let her go!!   Make her submit to you, she’s wants to quit!!” For his part Donnie agrees with his teammates. He is sure he is going to beat Christine. 

Christine has once again made it to the ropes and escaped from one of Donnie’s holds. She is breathing very deeply and her ample chest is heaving up and down as she does. She has moved down the ropes and in now in one of the ring corners.  She has a tight hold on the ropes to keep her from falling down. She looks very much like a beaten wrestler.  

Donnie has gotten back to his feet and sees Christine hanging on in the corner. She seems to be in bad shape. Her arms are draped over the ropes and her head is sagging down onto her chest. The battered 18yr old female wrestler looks totally beaten. 

Again from outside of the ring Donnie’s teammates cheer him on: “Finish her Donnie, she’s had it!!”   Go on Donnie take her out, she’s done, make her submit!!!” Donnie nods and waives to the other two guys. “OK, this is it, she’s done I’m going to put her away!!”

Turning toward Christine, Donnie begins to charge straight at her. He runs from one side of the ring  almost to the other. Just as he is about to slam into Christine she manages to lift her legs using the ropes as leverage. SLAM,BAM!!! The heels of Christine’s shiny white boots impact Donnie’s chin. The soles of her boots crash into to his face sending the 18yr old boy staggering backward. 

Donnie’s arms have dropped to his sides. His knees are bent as he begins to sag to the mat. He never makes it. Christine is on him, she grabs his chin and pulls him back up to his feet. Holding him she then drives her forearm into his chest. As she lets go of him Donnie collapses to the mat. 

His two teammates are stunned by what has just happened. The sight right in front of them is shocking. Donnie is stretched out on the mat his arms out to his sides, his legs spread apart and he is completely unmoving. To everyone in the arena it looks as though 18yr old Donnie Talmage has been knocked out. 

On the mat Donnie is still conscious, just barely. In his mind he is trying to understand what has just happened to him. “What happened to me? I can’t move. I had her, I had her, why can’t I move? OH god, I’m on my back. She has me on my back, I’ve got to get up I don’t want to be pinned by her!!!”  

Christine does waste any time. She rushes to were Donnie in lying on the mat. She grabs him by his hair and one arm and pulls him up to his feet. She reaches between the teenagers legs and grabs the back of his thong. She also grabs his head and then lifts him off the mat. Continuing to lift him she then Drops to one knee and slams Donnie down across her thigh.  As he impacts her leg Donnie screams in pain “Oh my god, my back!! My back!!! Just as the words leave Donnie’s mouth Christine pulls Donnie up again. “NO-NO, not again!!! PLEASE NOT AGAIN!! Oh please don’t slam me again!!” But it is already too late, Donnie is on his way up again. SLAM, CRASH!! For the third time Donnie is slammed down on Christine’s thigh.  

Christine pushes Donnie off her thigh he lands at her feet and does not move. He lies there moaning “OOOOOOOOH, my back!!! She broke my back. I can’t move she broke my back.” Getting quickly back to her feet she moves in to finish off the 18yr old male.

By his hair and arm Christine pulls her downed opponent to his feet. From a once proud young athlete Donnie has now been reduced to a whimpering, scared little boy. “NO-NO, please no more!!! What are you going to do to me? Please don’t hurt me!! PLEASE-PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!!!!” 

With him back on his feet Christine uses both of her hands to push Donnie’s head between her legs. She squeeze his just a little to scare him. She then grabs him around his middle just above his bright red thong and lifts him off the mat. She then flips his onto her shoulder trapping the 18yr old wrestler in an OVER THE SHOULDER BACK BREAKER. 

Almost instantly Donnie begins to scream : “MY BACK!!! SHE’S BREKING MY BACK!! OH god SHE’S GOT ME, SHE GOT ME!!! I CAN’T GET FREE, SHE’S GOT ME!!!” It is obvious to his teammates and everyone in the arena that Donnie is completely terrified. What is also obvious is that Donnie is going to lose his match, he now has a huge DEFEAT boner sticking out of his thong. 

The ref has come over to Donnie:

“How about it son, are you ready to submit to her? Have you had enough? Has she beaten you?"

Donnie wastes no time in surrendering the match to his 18yr old female opponent Christine.  


The ref tells Christine to drop Donnie that he has submitted to her and she has won the match. She does so and returns to her corner. There she is meet by her teammates. They cheer her and raises her arms in the air. 

As for Donnie he is stretched out on the mat unmoving. Both of his team mates rush to his side. They kneel down beside the defeated wrestler. Both teammates notice the tears flowing down his cheeks. Before either of them can say anything Donnie begins to sob and tell them: “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I lost. I had her and I let her get away. She beat me, she made me submit to her. Please don’t be angry at me!!! It just hurt too much!! 

His teammates help Donnie to his feet. With his arms draped across their shoulders he stumbles back to his corner. After the announcement of his defeat They help Donnie out of the ring. 

Next to wrestle will be 19 yrs old Chase Falmouth for the boys. And his opponent will by Cheri Whitfield, who is also 19 yrs old. All of the experts say that this should be an easy victory for Chase. Cheri is inexperienced and few understand by she was selected for the girls team. Chase has over 15 matches to his credit were as Cheri has had only 3 matches, even though she has won them all. Included in her victories is one over a boy. 

The wrestlers are in their corners waiting for the bell. Chase pulls up and adjusts his shiny red thong. The one thing about the boys team is that all the boys have large well developed manhood’s. There’s the bell the match is on. 

Both young wrestlers exit their corners and approach each other. Cheri makes the first move raising her arm up and offering Chase a TEST OF STRANIGTH. Surprised by this Chase takes her up on it. Both young wrestlers interlock their fingers and begin.

Suddenly  Chaise’s face is a mask of fear and pain. His hands bend back at his wrists and his knees begin to buckle. Then it comes, Chase begins to scream in pain. “AAAAAAAAHHH!!!, AAAAAAAH!!. It hurts, oh god she’s hurting me!! Slowly as if in slow motion chase’s knees continue to buckle. Inch by inch he gets closer to the mat. “OOOOOOOHHH! OOOOOOHHH!! She’s going to break my wrists!! Chase’s knees finally touch the mat. 

Cheri holds Chase on his knees for a minute or two. The entire time he is down he is also screaming in pain. Then she reverses his hands and bends them under. Chase cries out in pain as he begins to rise off the mat. “NO-NO-NO, it hurts, oh god it hurts!!!” Now standing up Chase has his head down and he is just staring at his hands. His face is the picture of pain and fear. 

For the last few seconds Chase has been up on the toes of his shiny red boots. He uses his high as he tries to get higher to ease the pain in his arms and hands. Tears have now come to Chase’s eyes and a small slow drips are running down his face. A quick look at the ring clock shows that Chase has been wrestling for only a little over two minutes. 

Cheri releases one of Chase’s hands. The other one she continue to hold tightly. Bending his arm at his elbow she bends his arm back as far as she can. She now has Chase in an OVER HAND WRIST LOCK.  As she applies pressure to his wrist Chase has begun to bend backward. 

It becomes very clear that Chase is in trouble, his left arm is bent back and he is being forced backward to the mat. His knees have buckled and he is now only inches off the canvas. After only a few seconds Chase collapses to the mat on his back. Cheri still has a tight grip on her 19yr old male opponent arm. 

With Chase flat on his back, Cheri moves to pull his arm out straight. At this point everyone knows what she is trying to do. Cheri is looking to get Chase locked into an arm lock. It is a submission hold that is extremely painful. Chase has grabbed his left arm with his right and is trying to hold Cheri off from getting his arm out straight. 

After only a few seconds of struggling Cheri pulls Chase’s arm free and quick moves to get into position. As for Chase he is completely terrified of Cheri. As his arm is pulled straight he begins to scream:  “NO-NO, not this. PLEASE not this!!!! Don’t do this to me!!! OH god, please don’t break my arm!!! Don’t break my arm!!!!” 

For 19yr old Chase it is too late. He is trapped in the arm breaker and the pain has completely overwhelmed him. He no longer has control of himself. Inside his thong his manhood has swelled and stiffened and as the fans know this is what male wrestlers call a “DEFEAT BONER” And in Chase’s case the term is accurate Chase is about to be defeated. 

The terrified boy has lost all control of himself all he can do is scream in fright and pain: “NO-NO-NO-NO!!! HELP ME, PLEASE HELP ME!!!! SHE’S BREAKING MY ARM!!! OH god MY ARM-MY ARM!!” AT this point the ref asks Chase if he wants to submit. All Chase does is keep screaming. “MY ARM-MY ARE- MY ARM!!!”  At this point the ref tells Chase: “Chase, you have to tell me. I need to hear it from you son. Do you want to submit?”

Finally the beaten young wrestler seems to understand: 


Cheri lets go of Chase’s arm and gets to her feet. Chase remains stretched out on the mat and continues to scream in pain as he holds his aching arm: : “My arm, my arm. It hurts, she hurt me bad!! I can’t move my arm!!!” 

The boys team has just suffered its second defeat in a row. Rick Lenard the third member of the boys team jumps into the ring and races to were Chase is lying. Chase, Chase are you ok man? However Rick knows the Chase is not OK. Looking him over Rick quickly notices the Chase still has a huge Defeat Boner. He also sees the tears in his eyes and a look of fear and pain on his face.

As for Chase he looks up at Rick from down on the mat. “She beat man!! She beat me bad. How long did I last?  I know I didn’t last very long. She beat me quick Didn’t she? Rick calms Chase down and gets him to his feet and out of the ring. As the last of the boys team he climes back into the ring to face his opponent.

The third match is just seconds away. Rick quickly makes adjustments to his thong. Across the ring his opponent adjusts her leotard as they both wait for the bell. This is the most Diverse match of the night. Rick Lenard at 20yrs old is the oldest wrestler of the meet. His opponent Louse Carmen is the youngest having just turned 18 three weeks ago.   

There’s the bell BONG!!!! Both wrestlers move out of their corners and begin to circle each other. In a very surprising move Louse attacks first. She has taken Rick off guard and gotten behind him. Pulling his arm back she bends it up into a HAMMER LOCK. Not only has her speed caught the 20yr old male off guard, but  her power has him wincing in pain. 

Working very hard to overcome her strength Rick struggles to get to the ropes and break the hold. Free from the HAMMER LOCK he moves off the ropes and locks up with Louse again. After a minute or two Rick gets the upper hand and has Louse in a FULL NELSON.

Eleven minutes pass as the two young wrestlers exchange holds and throws. Each of them has worked the other over and in turn been worked over. Arm holds, leg holds, neck and head holds. Both of these well conditioned young athletes have given and taken punishment. At just over thirteen   minutes there seems to be a change in the match. Rick has seemed to slow down and become just a little easier to get into a hold.  At fifteen minutes he is breathing hard and is very slow to escape Louse’s holds. 

At seventeen minutes Rick is struggling to get back to his feet after being BODY SLMMED by Louse. As he rises from the mat the fans in the first several rows can see his manhood stiffing in his thong. They lock up collar&elbow. It’s clear that Louse is now the stronger of the two wrestlers. She pulls away and jams her arm between Ricks legs. Many fans easily hear him moan in pain as her arm slams into his manhood. “AAAAAAHH!! That hurt!!! 

That cry of pain is a sign the Rick is weakening quickly. Grabbing the back of his thong Louse hooks his head and lifts the 20yr old male off the mat. She raises him as high as she can, takes several  running strides the slams him to the mat. As he crashes into the canvas Rick again cries out in pain: “My back, my back OOOOOOOOHHHH!!! 

Rick makes no effort to get to his feet. He lies on the mat, his back arched up and his hands holding onto his lower back. 18yr old Louse quickly drops across Ricks chest. She grabs behind his knee and pulls his leg off the mat. Instantly Rick realizes that his shoulders and on the mat and he is being pinned. 

As hard as he can he struggles to get at least one should up before the three count. The ref is aty his head and is checking his shoulders:


Rick just does beat the count. However he is still on his back and Louse is still on top. Releasing his leg Louse raises her arm over Rick and slams a DOUBLE AX HANDLE into his midsection. Her interlocked fists crash into him causing his to kick out wildly. 

Louse once again drops across Ricks chest. She grabs his leg and pulls it up hard. Both of Ricks shoulders are firmly planted on the canvas pinning him down. The ref again begins the count on the 20yr old.


Rick kicks his free leg and struggles to get one shoulder up.


Twisting and turning Rick fights not to be pinned. In desperation he cries out. “she’s going to pin me!! Oh god she’s going to pin me!!!


The sound that no wrestler wants to hear that of the ref’s hand slapping the mat explodes in Rick’s ear. Completely exhausted Rick could no long fight Louse off. Still being held in the pinning position with his shoulders glued to the mat Rick cries out in despair. “She pinned me!! She pinned me!! I’ve been defeated by a girl!! OH MY god, I’ve been beaten.” 

Louse slowly gets off Rick and to her feet. Looking down on the beaten male she says: “That’s right, you’ve been beaten by a girl. I’ve defeated you. I pinned you right in the middle of the ring. You lost to a younger girl.”  As a last humiliation Louse puts her boot on Rick’s chest and raises her arms over her head. 

This is the end of part 1. Part 2 will be coming very soon!

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