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CFNM ballbusting two big muscle woman beats nude man

Update: 04.05.2018

B-516 "Violent Mixed Fight Club 4"

Gallery size: 90 Full HD pictures

Ballbusting, cbt, 90 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, bloody action.

A famous bodybuilder Cindy teams up with Ann to take the show of castration and dominance to a new level.

The previous 3 events had been extremely popular but the production team had many concerns. The main one was legal problems and reduced interest in male combatants. The latter was a bit peculiar as Ann was frequently receiving requests from males to crush their jewels into paste, but they all wanted it to happen in private.

Another bigger ones were more forward looking - what if the audience gets bored of Ann or the female combatant finds a match that would she would fail to finish successfully. Solution here was high interest in strong females and the 2nd part could be mitigated by taking the action to be distributed in video only as this was the main income anyway.

The solution turned out to be elegant - Umbrella Corporation had a clone factory and they were interested in providing the leftovers of male material (the ones that did not get flashed properly with the needed skillset to be used for the task intended). As it is their property the action had to happen at Umbrella premises and that was perfect - there are security cameras everywhere.

Ann and Cindy started from the different rooms - the rooms were brightly lit with no apparent exit. From Resident Evil movies the scene was rather familiar; the exit will appear each time they have completed a mission - destroyed the clones in that room. The clones were sexually frustrated and in eager to take any female violently.
Cindy’s first clone rushed towards her aiming to punch her face, she easily dodged by leaning backwards, left jabbed his chin and right hooked solar plexus. The clone was breathless and almost paralysed, but Cindy did not waste any time grabbing his scrotum into her left palm giving a sharp squeeze but not overdoing it. She looked into his eyes: “Your first experience with a female is going to be an unusual one.” Her right stroked the hard dick few times and while he moaned in pleasure, she pushed her right thumb into the tip of his penis closing left fist with all her might. The balls collapsed in the powerful grip, only few drops of cum and blood found ejaculated out as her thumb was blocking the path. Cindy came as it was the first time for her to destroy a male so intimate way - looking into his eyes from 1 feet, feeling the testicles give away, and blocking his last cum. The poor wreckage was in unbelievable pain, still staring into her ecstatic eyes, tong stretched out to maximum. Cindy gave a quick thought if she could taste the egg pain when kissing the inferior male, but she already came - orgasmes as she had destroyed his testicles with her bare hand.


Ann was wearing an interesting ring when meeting her first opponent. The ring was looking like a typical silver one, but there was a catch - the inner part had a sharp spike and Ann knew exactly what to do with it when putting it on the middle finger of her right hand.
Her opponent was rushing towards her in a violent eager for sex. He was not in so aggressive mood as Cindy’s first opponent approaching slowlier and grabbed her breasts with both hands. She returned his sexual ambitions with grabbing his scorum into her ring hand, puncturing and slicing it with the ring, separating the naked nuts from the sack, slicing the cord with the ring and taking out the separated testicles to display them to the male opponent.


The clone was horrified seeing his balls presented to him, his hands were squeezing Ann’s breasts with all the might he had left in his shivering body, but her left hand was forcing his mouth open. It was the ultimate female domination - presenting the testicles to their once proud owner while the shocked ex-owner was holding her tits expecting to please her.


She forced the testicles into his mouth, placed his trembling hand onto her moist pussy, and came while kissing him when he was choking swallowing his own balls.

Cindy followed to meet her next opponent - no surprises, it was the same model of the clone. Again the ultra strong female figure made the clone to attempt to take her by force. He approached quickly and took a hook towards her face that she avoided easily by bobbing forward and responding by an uppercut. He landed against the wall hitting his head against the wall and remained in a sitting position. Cindy really took an advantage of that by placing her boot ball on his testicles and applying some pressure. His pain was unimaginable and to comfort himself he grabbed her buttocks with both hands while staring her public mound at greatest hopes for sexual relief. Well, the relief arrived to her when she pushed his face between her legs and moved the whole weight onto his imploding testicles while he was screaming into her wet vagina resulting in another orgasm while he ejaculated out the collected cum and blood at high velocity through his stiff penis.


Cindy was still slightly troubled if the castrated male could feel the taste of nuts in his mouth. Her next opponent was not too aggressive although her amazing figure was intimidating. He grabbed her tits, she responded in grabbing his nutsack in response arousing them both even further. While they kissed she liquified his balls in her firm grasp; and really she was tasting the pain of castration, but it was not not as spectacular she expected. Removing the probing tong from his mouth she yanked her right hand away tearing off the mushy nutsack to release the contents to her cleavage. The other hand stimulated her sex only slightly while she came again.

Ann’s next clone was horny but approached and grabbed her politely. She turned her back to him and put his boner between her firm buttock giving him an assjob while they both were standing up. He moaned really enjoying this and the feeling her tight breasts in his hands. He was approaching and she felt decided not to deny the orgasm and took an orb in each hand mixing his pleasure with testicular pain. Suddenly his mouth flew open for a scream and bulging eyes were directed upwards - Ann pulled her arms sideways tearing the nutsack appart and ripping his balls free from his body. While enjoying the high pitched screaming she crushed the remains into paste and released it on her breasts, after discarding the solid pieces she put trembling hands back making him to cream her with the liquified manhood while she came rubbing her sex with both hands. 

Fortunately there was a towel she could use to clean up larger mess. She was laughing at the Deadpool joke about pants color - that is why she had chosen scarlet outfit for this time. It was time to move on and leave the screaming wreckage to bleed out.

Ann had learned that closeness was really important in the sexual satisfaction she gets from killing the males by collapsing their nuts in a more intimate way - by mulching them using a grip or a knee rather than kicking or punching from a longer distance. Her next clone was not fully cooperative by taking her into a wrestling match. Although he was stronger, he was really lacking experience and eventually she managed to apply head and hand hold so that he was kneeling and her shoulders were touching the floor. She only needed one hand to keep the hold and used the other one to grab his testicles under the stiff cock. She applied pulsating pressure to make her orgasm the second time this wonderful evening and while edging she ensured the powerful orgasm by crushing the nuts into a nothingness causing the clone to ejeculate blood and sperm all over her back side. She came violently accidentally closing the air supply for the opponent. When she noticed it was already too late, but it did not matter much if the clone died in shock, internal bleeding, or suffocation. Did it? 

Finally Ann and Cindy met in the large hallway. It was clear that this is the last pleasure they are intended to have before the end of this show-off. Both ladies were gore covered but how the unfortunate (or fortunate?) clone had to know that these were the remains of the testicles of his kin. 

The ladies high fived in deserved confidence approaching the last pair of testicles around. They had really enjoyed the night and needed something spectacular for the final to get off the last time. 
All the poor clone was able to think related to a threesome with these amazonians - his member was rock hard seeing the beautiful young muscle queens approaching him. His dreams got an answer when Cinderella forced him down on his back legs spread as wide as he could. Then Cindy asked Ann to sit on his genitalia and pull his testicles out. Winking an eye to Ann she pushed her over and her so that the testicles got caught between her sex and her pubic bone. 


Cindy skillfully placed the nuts between their moist areas moving herself so that both were most enjoying it. Enjoying their moans and his mild cries of pain Cindy took a forceful action by moving his sac on Ann’s pubic bone and landing on them with her full weight so the sack was caught between the pubic bones of the amazons. The right testicle gave away, scorum teared, and the left one flew out. Edging Cindy stood up and sat on the screaming clone’s face. Disappointed Ann stood up, looking at the facesittng Cindy, and noticing the still intact testicle. While in uttermost pain his instincts still tried to preserve the reproducing capability and despite the agony he was reaching out to bring the intact testicle into safety, but Ann was faster catching it under her boot. She applied some pressure resulting in even louder and more desperate screams towards Cindy’s sex.  Cinderella noticed the unexpected additional pleasure and then also noticed the situation with Ann. Rubbing her clit through the tight latex costume they timed the orgasms so the coming Ann stomped the last ball flat when they both came. 

Having recovered a bit they kissed passionately and set their steps towards the exit. Males are fun after all, even if they last only few minutes.

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