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Update: 29.04.2022        W-726 "Not quite boys night out"

Mixed wrestling, 250 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), partially CFNM, no blood.

This is the most excited I’ve been about a wrestling match in years. Tonight for the very first time I will be wrestling with my son as my partner. Over the last few years I have wrestled with my wife and also my daughter as my partner, but never my son. Very soon that will all change. With in a year or two at the most my son and I will be the world tag-team champions. 

We start to get ready for our first match as a team. Both of us are quickly out of our street cloths. Reaching in our gear bags we pull out shiny black thongs. Both our thongs are wet look and shiny. We then both pull on our boots. They too are a very shiny wet look. We are now ready to wrestle. 

In the ring we are waiting for our introduction. Across the ring our opponents are doing the same. Oh, I guess I should mention that our opponents are my wife and my daughter. Yea!!! That’s right all four of us are wrestlers. You should also know that they are a very successful tag team. 

The announcer begins: "Wrestling fans this is a Tag team match, 2 out of three falls. First in the white corner, they are the number 7th ranked Tag team the Mother and Daughter duo of Denise and Doddi Monarch and their opponents making there tag team wrestling debut Sal and Nico Monarch." 

As my daughter exits the ring so does my son. To start the match it will be me verses my wife We look at each other across the ring. Even though we must fight each other we still have great love. Wrestling is just our job. The bell sends me out against wife Denise. 

I move quickly and take Denise to the mat with a HAMMER LOCK I can feel her squirming underneath me. I need to keep my hold on her. I need to weaken her and slow her down. I grab her other arm as soon as I can. With both her arms, I can control her more easily. I move off the DOUBLE HAMMER LOCK I had on her and pull her arms back into a SURF BOARD. I am now able to pull her upper body off the mat using her arms. 

After less than a minute she makes a very quick move and frees her arms. Her next move is to dump me off her, which she does. Then in a stunningly fast move, she reverses me. Now it’s her on my back. In the next few seconds she pulls my arms up to her thighs. She then cups her hands under my chin and I’m trapped in a CAMEL CLUTCH. 

Oh dam, this is a very painful hold. I need to get free somehow. I also need to tag in my son Nico. I begin to push using only my legs. I need to get closer to the ropes. It takes me over five minutes to get close enough to the ropes to drape my leg over the bottom rope. I instantly begin to scream for the ref. "Ref-ref, I’m in the ropes!!!! Break the hold, I’m in the ropes!!!!"  Very quickly the ref tells Denise to let me go. I get to me feet and race to my corner and tag in Nico. 

Denise does the same, tagging in Doddi. Now it’s Nico facing off against his year older sister. They come together in the center of the ring. Just like her mother, Doddi pulls a lighting fast move against her younger brother. She gets behind Nico and wraps her arm around his neck, locking him into a DRAGON NECK BREAKER. 

She slowly lowers herself forcing Nico’s back to bend drastically. Inch by inch, Doddi goes lower and lower. Inch by inch Nico is bent farther and father. " my back, my back!!!! Come on Doddi let me go!!! You’re breaking my back!!! Oh god, it hurts!!!! 

Doddi quickly tells her brother. " if it hurts that bad Nico, you can always submit to me!!! Come on Nico, tell me you submit and I’ll let you go!!!!! Sadly for Nico, he has very little choice. His sister has him locked up tight. 

"Ok ok, you’ve got me!!! I’ll submit to you!!!" Hearing the exchange between brother and sister the ref moves in and asks Nico "how a bout it Nico, are you done? Has Doddi got you? You ready to submit to her?" Sadly for 18 yr old Nico, he is more than ready to submit to his 19 yr old sister. 

"Yes-Yes!!! I’m ready to submit to her!!! She’s got me!!! I can’t get free!!! I give up!!!! I give up!!! Let me go, Doddi!!! Please let me go!!! I submit to you!!! You’ve beaten me!!!! I give up!!" 

Doddi very quickly lets her brother go and he drops to the mat on his back. It was an astonishingly quick victory for Doddi and an astonishingly quick defeat for Nico. Across the ring a stunned father can’t quite believe that his son has been beaten. Sal Monarch enters the ring and goes to his were his son in lying. Sal finds his 18 yr old son in tears. "I’m sorry Dad, I’m sorry!!! She beat me. I had to submit, it hurt to much. Please don’t be angry with me!!! 

Sal assures his son that he is not angry. Sal helps Nico to his feet. It s now very obvious that Nico was defeated. There is a large DEFEAT BONER inside Nico’s thong. The two men g back to their corner and try to get ready for the next fall. The men understand that now they must win 2 straight falls, there is no margin for error. 

Nico must start the second fall against Doddi. As the bell rings, Nico runs directly at Doddi. He pushes her back and then runs to his corner to tag his father. Doddi moves forward advancing on Sal. As he ducks between the ropes Doddi wraps her arms around her fathers head and pulls him into the ring. 

It is a very difficult thing for a wrestler to do, enter the ring already locked in a hold. That however is exactly what Sal Monarch is doing. Doddi pulls her father to the middle of the ring. There she HIP TOSSES him to the mat. Doddi them moves to Sal’s legs. She grabs one of his shiny black boots and begins to work on his leg. She begins twisting back and forth as she splits her fathers legs. 

With his daughter splitting his legs apart, Sal cups his hands around his manhood. "Oh dear god!!!! This hurts!!! How can you be doing this to me? Doddi, you’re tarring me apart!!" As for 19 yr old Doddi, she is as ruthless as a snake when she is in the ring. "I’ll stop it if you submit to me!!! Give up daddy and I’ll let you go!!! Come on Dad time for you to submit!!!" 

Sal refuses to surrender to his daughter. Suddenly Doddi drops his leg and races to her corner and tags her mother in. Denise moves to her husband and continues the torture that her daughter started. Grabbing his other boot Denise begins working on his other leg. "Oh dear god Denise, please stop this!!! Please, I’m begging you please let me go!!!" Denise is almost as ruthless in the ring as her daughter. "I’ll stop when you submit!!! Come on Sal honey, it’s time for you to give up!!!! 

Sal is in tremendous pain but he refuses to give up. AS he moves his hands from his thong it’s very clear that he is near defeat. Inside his thong Sal has a very large DEFEAT BONER. Having worked it over for quite some time now Denise drops her husbands leg. Sal is very relieved to be out of pain. His graduated is premature. 

"I’m going to finish you off now Sal. In a few second you’ll be screaming you’re submission and begging me to stop!!" With that Denise grabs her husbands leg and bends into around her own. She then grabs his other leg and pulls it out straight. Denise now has her husband in a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK Sal is instantly screaming in pain. 

"My legs, dear god, you’re going to break my legs!!! She’s got me, Nico!!!! Your mother’s got me!!! Help me Nico, you have to help me!!!" Hearing his father screaming in pain and begging for help, Nico enters the ring. In just seconds Doddi slams a fore-arm into her brother sending him to the mat, right beside his father. She quickly grabs his boot and locks a FIGURE FOUR on Nico. 

Now both men are trapped in the same submission hold. Side by side, Nico and Sal are screaming in pain. "Oh my god Dad, she’s got me, she’s got me. Doddi has me locked in the same hold as you’re in!!!! The women of the family have the men trapped. Both men are twisting and turning trying to escape the painful holds. 

"Dad, Dad, I can’t take much more!!! She has me trapped. I can’t get free, she’s going to submit me!!!! Oh dam, it hurts"!!!    "I know Nico, I know!!!! I’m hurt too. Your mother is breaking my legs!!!"  

"I’m done Dad. I can’t take any more. I’m going to submit to Doddi!!! That ends it for Nico. The 18 yr old wrestler is going to lose his very first match. Hi quickly surrenders to his sister Doddi. 

"I give up, I give up!!! Let me go, Doddi, please let me go!!! I submit to you!! You’ve beaten me!!! Oh dam Doddi, please!!! I submit, I submit you win you’ve beaten me!!!"

Even though Nico has given up, he is still held tightly by his sister. Doddi explains to him that his father must also give up. Nico screams to his Dad. "Give up Dad, give up!!! She wont let me go till you submit. Give up, please give up!!!!" Sal needs very little encouragement to submit to his wife and does so instantly. 

"Ok, Ok I give up!! You’ve beaten me!!! Let me go Denise, please let me go!!! You win, I give up!!! Dam, Denise, we’re both beaten!! We submit!!!! We submit!!!! Oh please let us go!!!!! We submit!!!"

The women then release both men. Looking at each other they smile. Then both Denise and Doddi reach forward, grabbing the waist bands of the men’s thongs. In a stunningly quick motion they pull both men’s shiny black thongs off of them. 

Both man’s DEFEAT BONERS pop out and stand straight up. The two women wave the thongs over their heads in a sign of victory, the women win and the men lose. Both Sal and Nico lie on the mat unable to do anything about being striped. 

What happens next is extremely humiliating to both men. Standing over them Denise and Doddi place one of their boots on the men’s exposed manhood and push down. Instantly both men are in terrible pain. "Oh dam Dad, she’s crushing me!!!!! Oh- Oh my manhood!!!! Please stop Doddi, I’m begging you please stop!!! 

Less that two feet away from his now terrified son, Sal is also being crushed. Denise has her boot on Sal’s manhood and is pushing down. "Please Denise please let me go!!! You’re crushing me. My manhood, you’re crushing my manhood!!! Why- why are you doing this to us? Oh please-please let me go"!!!!         

Finally after a few more seconds the women let the men go. Both men are devastated, neither of them can move or get to there feet, they are completely helpless. The one thing they can do is cover there naked manhood with both hands. Both men have cupped their hands over their manhood. 

Now both Denise and Doddi kneel down beside there defeated male opponents. "I’m sorry Sal, we had no choice. If we didn’t beat you and Nico bad, we were all going to get fired by the league. That wanted maximum violence." Just two feet away Doddi knees beside her badly beaten brother. "I so sorry Nico!!! They mad us do it. I didn’t want to hurt you this bad!!! I’m so sorry. 

After a minute or so both of the victorious women leave the ring with the defeated men still lying on the mat unable to get to their feet. Soon several trainers come to were both men are lying. They help then to their feet and out of the ring. They both take a humiliating walk out of the ring and back to their dressing room with both of their manhood’s stiff and hard as steel.

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