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girl vs boy mixed wrestling femdom leotard pantyhose fight

Update: 16.10.2020

W-646 "Happy birthday Richie!!"

Gallery size: 332 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 332 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It is a huge day for 18 yr old Richie Barrett, beside being his birthday it is also the day he will start his pro-wrestling career. In the Western Wrestling League a wrestler must be at least  18 yrs old. So tonight is Richie’s big night. 

After a light dinner and some birthday cake Richie, his mother, father and his long time girlfriend head out for the arena. Both Richie and his girlfriend are very excited about tonight. Gina, his girlfriend is even more excited than Richie. She has been to almost all his training sessions and has come to love watching him wrestle. It seems As though Gina really loves three things, Richie, Richie wearing wrestling tights and Richie beating other wrestlers. 

All during his training Richie was top of his class. He managed to defeat all the other wrestlers in the class. He came out of the training school as the top rookie in the league. On the drive to the arena Gina keeps asking Richie : What are you going to do to your opponent? Are you going to pin him or are you going to make him submit? Did you bring your new tights? I can’t wait to see you in the ring Richie!!" As for Richie, he is trying to remain as calm as possible.  

They arrive at the arena and head in. Richie kisses both his mother and Gina then shakes his father’s hand and heads to the dressing room. Richie’s parents and Gina head to their ring-side seats. In his dressing room Richie begins to get ready to wrestle. He quickly removes his street cloths and reaches into his new gear bag. He pulls out his jockstrap and slips it on, adjusting it and his manhood as he does. It is very safe to say the 18 yr old Richie Barrett is very well endowed. In fact he is quite large in that department. 

He then pulls out his tights and wiggles into them. They are very light green in color and squeeze him like a second skin. He steps into his matching light green wrestling boots and laces them tight. He slips into a satin ring jacket. He is ready for the call to the ring. 

He does not have to wait long before he heads to the ring and his very first match as a pro. As he steps between the curtains the light hit him. The crowd begins to cheer. They know of him in advance. Both his mother and father wrestle in this league and are very successful. Slowly he begins his walk down the aisle. As he proceeds the cheers begin. Also some very loud whistles and cat calls, these seem to be coming from the female fans. All of them seem to have noticed Rickie’s very pronounced manhood.   

As he enters the ring and goes to his corner, the whistles and cat calls get even louder. Suddenly the cheers change just a little. Richie’s opponent has entered the arena. As his opponent gets close to the ring, Richie is stunned. Instead of a male opponent, the wrestler standing across the ring from him is a stunningly beautiful girl.  

Richie looks confused by this and does not seem to know what to do. His father sitting at ringside runs to his son’s corner. "There’s been a last minute change Richie. You now have to wrestle her. She’s only had two matches and is not much more experienced than you. You can take her. You’re the best in your class. You can beat her son!!" Richie nods his understanding to that. 

As he returns to his seat, Richie’s mother ask : "Is he ok? Does he understand he has to wrestle her? Will he be alright?"  his father nods, "he’ll be fine. He knows he must wrestler her. He can beat her!!" A very surprised Gina asks "Does he have to wrestler her? She’s a girl, how can she wrestle him?" Rickie’s mother explains that she is also a girl and has wrestled many men and has defeated them. Also the Rickie has no choice. 

The ring announcer begins:

"WRESTLING FANS!! This is a one fall to a finish contest. In the right corner she has a pro record of 2 wins and no loses at 20 years old please welcome Donna Tannery. And in the left corner making his pro debut he comes from a well known wrestling family at 18 years of age Richie Barrett"     

Donna is dressed in a yellow thong cut leotard, black pantyhose and yellow boots. After the intros both wrestlers head to their corners and wait for the bell.

Back in his his corner, Richie looks into the crowd and gives the thumbs-up to Gina and his parents. He then quickly pulls up his tights and adjusts his manhood. A cross the ring Donna pulls up and smoothes out her pantyhose and adjusts her thong.

GONG!!! The bell begins the match. Both wrestlers exit their corners and begin to circle each other. Richie makes the first move and gets Donna in a HAMMER-LOCK. Using all his strength he bends Donna’s arm up behind her back. Donna is instantly up on her toes. She grabs at her shoulder as her arm is bent. Richie’s speed and aggressiveness has caught Donna off guard. 

Regaining her composure, Donna looks for a way out of the hold. She twists back and forth trying to catch Richie off guard. She finally manages to get him looking one way as she goes the other. Grabbing his head with her free arm she tosses Richie over her shoulder and onto the mat. 

Richie crashes the mat on his back. He is momentarily stunned and Donna takes advantage of that. Dropping down beside Richie, she grabs his arm, twists it as she pulls it between her legs. Donna has gotten Richie in a "ROUSEY ARM-BAR".  He instantly begins to scream in pain "my arm, my arm!! Oh god you’re breaking my arm!!" The 18 yr old wrestler is shocked by the pain from the arm bar. He twists from one side to the other and kicks his legs wildly. There is a look of both fear and pain on his face. 

Kicking wildly Richie is able to eventually get close enough to the ropes to drape one of his boots over the bottom rope. As he does he instantly begins to scream at the ref. "Break the hold. Break the hold!!! I’m in the ropes, break the hold. Make her let me go ref!!! I’m in the ropes." 

After what seems like an eternity to Richie the ref makes Donna break the hold and let Richie go. She steps back away from him as he struggles to get to his feet. Bent over at the waist, Richie holds his left arm in his hand. The fans at ringside can see the pain on his face as he stays against the ropes. After a few seconds the ref moves in and tells Richie:  "come on Richie, get off the ropes and wrestle or I’m going to count you out!!" 

Slowly he moves away from the ropes. Using surprise, Richie charges at Donna driving her across the ring into the corner on the other side. Donna’s back slams into the turnbuckle, knocking the wind out of her. Richie takes full advantage, using his fore-arm he pounds the trapped girl over and over. He lands, head shots, he lands hard shots to her breasts and body. Donna is now in deep trouble. Richie has her trapped and is no hurry to let her go.

Out in the crowd Richie’s mom, dad and his girlfriend are all screaming to him to get Donna. Richie’s girlfriend Gina is very excited. She screams up to Richie, "Get her Richie, get her!!! Pound her, don’t let her get away!! Knock her out Richie, knock her out." This is the first match she has ever seen and she is very excited by her boyfriend. 

Back in the ring, Donna has slid down the turnbuckle and is slumped on the mat at Richie’s feet. Not wanting to waist this opportunity, Richie pulls Donna to her feet. Twisting her arm he drags her to the the ropes. With her back against the ropes, Richie flings Donna across the ring. As she hits the ropes on the opposite side she is shot back toward Richie. 

Waiting for her in the middle of the ring, Richie wraps his leg around hers, hooks her body around his and locks on an ABDOMINAL STRETCH. Donna’s yellow leotard is stretched very tightly over her body and across her breasts. Almost instantly she begins to scream in pain. "AAAAAAUUU!!! OOOOOHH!!! IT HURTS, OH GOD IT HURTS!!!" 

The ref moves in and asks Donna if she wants to submit. "NO-NO, I WON’T SUBMIT!! NOT GIVING UP!!" With her refusal to give up, Richie continues to apply pressure to the AB-STRETCH. Donna’s face is a mask of pain. She knows she can’t take much more of this hold. A she struggles against the stretch, she slowly inches her way toward the ropes. After several minutes Donna is at last able to grab the top rope. "ROPES, ROPES,I’M IN THE ROPES!! MAKE HIM BREAK THE HOLD. I’M IN THE ROPES!!!" As quickly as possible the ref forces Richie to let donna go. 

For the next few minutes Donna wrestles defensively. She trades holds with Richie, with both wrestlers taking punishment. After several minutes a slow but noticeable change begins to take place. Richie has begun to slow down. Now is he that is in the holds longer. It’s he that is having trouble escaping from her holds. It is he with the pained expression on his face. 

In their front row seats, his family and Gina have noticed the change. Gina is particularly worried. "WHAT IS HAPPENING? IS HE IN TROUBLE? HOW IS SHE DOING THIS TO HIM?" Richie’s parents try to explain to Gina. "YES GINA RICHIE’S IN TRIUBLE. HE’S GETTING TIRED. HEIS ALSO SLOWING DOWN. HE HAS TO DEFEAT HER QUICKLY NOW. HE HAS NO CHOICE"    

Up in the ring is is easier said than done. In fact Donna is just about to take over the match. She has just easily escaped from an arm hold Richie had on her. Donna know knows that she must take over the match. 

Grabbing Richie by his arm, donna twists it and whips him across the ring. As he flies back at her, she jams her arm between his legs and grabs his tights. She then hooks his head, lifts him off the mat and slams him down hard. Seconds after he crashes to the mat, Richie arches his back up, grabbing at his sides. It is very obvious to everyone that the slam was very painful. 

Not waiting for Richie to get to his feet, Donna pulls him up. Again she jams her arm between his legs. Richie lets out a scream as she does. "AAAAAAAAAA!!" and tries to grab his manhood. Donna stops his as she again hooks his head. Up he goes as Donna lifts him off his feet and over her head. "SLAM!!!" Richie crashes to the mat. Again his back arches up. 

Once more Donna pulls the now stunned Richie off the mat. This time she pushes him face first into the turnbuckle. She drapes his limp arms over the top rope and begins to pound on his back. Grabbing his arms and pulling them tight Donna traps Richie in the corner. As she holds his arms she begins to kick him in his lower back with her boot. 

Richie begins to scream as the pain in his back increases. "MY BACK, MY BACK!! OH GOD MY BACK!! LET ME GO, LET ME GO!! I’M IN THE ROPES, LET ME GO!!!" As for her  part Donna, even though she hears his screams keeps kicking Richie. "Ref, ref my back. OH GOD MY BACK !! MAKE HER LET ME GO!! SHE’S BREAKING MY BACK!!" The ref moves in and forces donna to release Richie. 

As Donna moves back, Richie drops to his knees in the corner. His head and shoulders are slumped over the middle ropes as he rubs his back. The ref quickly moves in and tells Richie he must get off the ropes and to his feet. "COME ON RICHIE, YOU’VE GOT TO GET UP!! GET UP AND WRESTLE OR I WILL COUNT YOU OUT!!" 

In their seats Gina and Richie’s mom are trying to hold back their tears. Gina turns to his mom and asks "HE’S GETTING BEAT ISEN’T HE?HE’S GOING TO LOSE THE MATCH?" All Richie’s mom can do is nod her head. His father leans close to Gina "HE HAS VERY LITTLE CHANCE TO WIN GINA!! YES, I THINK THAT RICHIE IS GOING TO LOSE THE MATCH!!" 

20 yr old Donna, Richie’s opponent has come to the same conclusion. As Richie struggles to get to his feet, Donna watches him closely. As he stands up she is on his instantly. Richie is dazed and confused. As Donna attacks him. He hold his arm across his face in fear as she moves in. He cries out as she does, "NO-NO, I’M NOT READY YET!! Don’t please don’t, I’m NOT READY, I’M NOT READY!!!!" 

There are no time outs in wrestling. Donna grabs Richie and pulls him out of the corner. Back in the middle of the ring Donna goes between his legs and grabs his tights. She hooks his head and lifts him off the mast. Instead of a power slam, Donna slams Richie down across her thigh. He screams as his smashes into to her outstretched leg. 

"MY BACK, OH GOD MY BACK. YOU’VE BROKEN MY BACK!!! "The look of complete terror on Richie’s face is scary. Some in the crowd actually think the his back may be broken. Aside from the look of fear on his face, Richie has also started to cry. With tears in his eyes and that look on his face, Richie looks up at Donna. "I’M DONE DONNA. I CAN’T GO ON!! YOU’RE JUST TOO GOOD FOR ME!! JUST PIN. PLEASE JUST PIN ME!! I’M DONE!!" 

Richie soon learns that is not how it works in pro-wrestling. Donna once again pulls 18 yr old Richie to his feet. She drives her knee into his mod-section causing him to double over at the waist. Taking his head she pulls it between her legs, she now has a STANDING HEAD LOCK on the teenage male wrestler. 

Richie squirms, twisting and wiggling as he tries to escape the hold. Quickly Donna wraps her arms around his waist. With a powerful pull she lifts Richie off the mat and onto her shoulder. Donna now has him locked into an OVER THE SHOULDER BACK BREAKER. 

In their front row seats both Gina and Richie’s mother are openly crying as he is trapped in a painful submission hold. "She’s going to beat him isn’t she?" Gina asks, Richie’s mom. "YES, GINA. RICHIE IS GOING TO LOSE THE MATCH. DONNA IS GOING TO SUBMIT HIM. HE IS GOING TO BE DEFEATED BY HER!!!" 

Dangling painfully across Donna’s shoulder tears of pain and humiliation run down Richie’s cheeks. Inside his tights and jockstrap his manhood has swollen into a huge DEFEAT BONER. The end is only seconds away for teenaged Richie Barrett. 

"NO-NO, OH GOD NO. She’s going to beat me. I can’t get out of this. She’s got me!! Oh god no, she’s got me-she’s got me!!!  Hearing this Donna ask the ref to see if Richie wants to submit to her. ASK HIM REF!! GO ON AND ASK HIM, DOES HE SUBMIT? IS HE FINISHED? DOES HE WANT TO GIVE UP YET?" The ref moves close to Richie, "What DO YOU SAY SON? YOU HAD ENOUGH YET? SHE’S GOT YOU, YOU KNOW SHE’S GOT YOU!! LET ME END IT, COME ON RICHIE GIVE IT UP, YOU’RE FINISHED SON. TIME TO CALL IT AND GIVE UP!!" 

The terrified 18 yr old male wrestler knows it’s over for him. He knows he is going to lose his very first match. He knows the Donna is going to submit him, for the rest of his career he will never be un-defeated. None of that matters now. Right now he is scared, in pain and exhausted. All he wants is to get out of this hold and out of the ring. He has been completely humiliated in front of his girlfriend. 


For both Richie and Donna the match is over. Two young wrestlers with different outcomes. One a three time winner now and the other a loser in his first match. 

Donna drops Richie to the mat and he falls at her feet face up. He is completely beaten. Unable to get to his feet, he lies there gasping for breath. His mouth open and tears running down his cheeks. The 18 yr old boy, thoroughly beaten by his female opponent. Three people are standing at ring side looking at the defeated teenager. Both Richie’s mom and dad are completely shaken by his stunning defeat. Gina, his long time girlfriend is almost hysterical having seen her boyfriend destroyed by a female wrestler.   

As for Donna, she is ecstatic over her victory. She stands over Richie with her arms in the air as the fans cheer wildly. She then puts her hands on her hips and looks down at her defeated male opponent. She walks to were Richie’s parents and Gina are standing by the ring and softy says, "I’m so sorry I had to beat him. I hope he will be OK!!" Neither his parents or Gina know it he will ever be OK. 

Slowly Richie gets to his feet. He grabs his back and tries to stretch it out by bending backward. He slowly makes his way to the ropes and his loved ones. "I’m sorry, mom and dad. I’m sorry I’ve been defeated. She was just too tuff for me." He moves in front of Gina. He still has his stiff DEFEAT BONER. "Oh god Gina, I let you down. I’m so sorry. You can never be seen !with me again. I’ve been beaten by a girl. You can’t love me anymore!!  

A very sad Gina quickly notices his huge defeat boner. "What’s that Richie, were you turned by her. Did you find her sexy?"  Richie is now completely embarrassed. "No Gina, I didn’t find her sexy. This is a DEFEAT BONER. It’s what happens to male wrestlers when they are defeated. She defeated me Gina. I was beaten by her. That’s what this is Gina it’s a stiff  DEFEAT BONER!!" 

A very sad Gina tells her boyfriend "Oh god Richie. I didn’t know. I’m so sorry. I love you even if you did get beat by her. Please forgive me, I love I love you!!!" For the first time in almost 40 minutes Richie smiles.

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