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CFNM gymnast leotard fighting trash talking

Update: 02.03.2018

W-507 "Gymnast vs wrestler"

Gallery size: 180 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, Ballbusting, 180 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

Will women outpace men in sports? Of course they will. And the simple reason is the Natural Superiority of Women. Just as women have better brains than men, they also have faster, stronger bodies. In the end, even the size "advantage" of men will be meaningless. Women will dominate every sport with ease! It is true that girls are much stronger than we realise - gymnast girls even more so. An average fully grown man would not stand a chance against even a teen girl gymnast in any kind of physical fight or contest. They will beat you easy at agility, and if they happen to have any experience in grappling, you'll have serious trouble. Woman gymnasts have deadly strong legs and arms,extreme muscle endurance. there is probably no stronger woman in sport than gymnast.  Gymnasts are incredibly strong for their size. And flexible. They can mangle you in a wrestling match with easy. 


Olga went home after workout clad in leather coat and her favorite gym clothes underneath: a black, long sleeved thong style gymnastics leotard and thin, gray panty-hose stockings. The leotard pulled tight across her perfect breasts, making her nipples push back against the fabric. The thong bottom separated her splendid butt-cheeks which were covered skin tight with the gray stockings.

When she entered home, she saw her husband when he went out from the shower room, totally nude. She looked away as he stared at her gorgeous body. She took her coat off, telling him about how good the gymnastics was for her body.


He didn't even try to pull his gaze from Olga's hardening nipples whose outline was clearly visible through her black leotard.

Olga spent several minutes stretching, knowing she was being watched she made sure to make every move slow and erotic. Turning her back to her husband, she bent down to remove her ankle boots, this put her perfect heart shaped butt up in air for him to see. He saw.


After torturing him this way for a bit longer, Olga moved closer to him and told him about judo lessons she had taken in colledge. Even though Olga was in good shape, the heat of the uncooled room combined with her exertion caused her beautiful skin to glisten with sweat. Olga was lithe and extremely athletic in her moving and walking, even in the extremely feminine gymnastic uniform she wore. Olga felt good as she examined herself in the mirror. She liked the way the leotard pressed against her skin and followed her curves. The leg openings came up high over her hips and the backside was little more than a thong, but she liked it anyway. Ryan couldn't help but notice how nice Olga looked in her leotard. The darken tights only drew more attention to the girl, and her 30-year-old body was shown off quite well.


Olga was a perfect balance between feminine allure and athletic proficiency, and she knew about it. Ryan just now asked her why she told him about her gymnastics and judo lessons Looking at naked body of her husband, she smiled: 


"My gymnastics workouts are much more difficult than your wrestling matches!"


His laugh made her a bit angry.


"If gymanstics were easy, it would be called wrestling!"


Ryan was incredibly horny when he heard that. Olga looked fantastic in her gymnastic leotard which did little to hide, her small, pointed breasts and long legs. She had a feline quality, strong and graceful, even a bit predatory.


"Do you want to wrestle me, big guy?"


"I don't want to make your body injured. Call me old-fashioned, but I was brought up to respect women and I would never hit a girl"


"Are you afraid of losing to a girl?"


Now Ryan had no way to retreat.


"OK, let's check that in a combat!"


Olga liked how the leotard showed off her body, and it was most comfortable outfit for wrestling. "Looks like he gets really turned on when I wear my dancewear, particularly leotards and tights" - she thought. She wears long sleeved gym leotard and lycra pantyhose, so she can keep her dignity, while he loses his completely. "It would be nice, if I'll take my chance to humiliate him and laugh at his bouncing balls while we will wrestle!" Olga was absolutely in her element. She intended to defeat her husband and cherish every minute of his complete humiliation. "Looks like I enjoy his nudity, it puts the nude man in vulnerable position while allowing me a sense of security and control. It's even better when I can exploit that vulnerability for my victory!"


"OK, it's perfect that you already naked!"


Ryan was excited. Olga smiled and put her hands on her hips. The long sleeved leotard hugged every inch of her body, outlining her small but perfectly rounded breasts tipped with ripe and aroused. The fact he was nude when she was clad in a leotard and looking damn fine in it too made it doubly humiliating for him. Very erotic! To be defeated by a girl is very exciting in itself. To be nude and lose to a clothed girl is even more!


"Yes, of course!"


Wearing clothes is a female prerogative, men have to be naked when they fight against women. Now both fighters are ready for action! Ryan is totally nude, while his wife wearing a leotard with her hand on her hip seemingly enjoying her superiority over the vulnerable naked man. Rules would be simple, submissions only. Let the match will start!


Olga feels herself like powerful Goddess in her tight leotard, Ryan's nudity makes her sure in his weakness, she goes crazy and most aggressive, attacks him without mercy and he can't resist her really and she can make all what she want. She know, after minutes of hard face slapping and belly punching he will be dropped to the mat by a well placed foot or knee to the balls. He can't defend himself, she will quickly apply a devastating scissors hold and defeat her husband completely.


Her movements were fluid and lithe, her body remarkably graceful through each martial arts movement. Looking at her body clad in black leotard, it was impossible for him not to notice the enticing fullness of her curves, and he had instantly yearned to touch her soft, warm flesh, capture the beautiful gymnast who executed judo with the grace of a ballerina. Even several yards away, her scent had teased him to the edge of distraction, tempting him to put more distance between them as he was assailed by her enticing, feminine scent that was so unique and intoxicating to him.


Olga like to use her gymnastic skills, she dancing around her opponent, fluttering like a butterfly and stings him like a bee using her long legs.


She can use her strong long legs of well trained gymnast to attack him from long distance - a huge advantage. Ryan understand: he must get her other in various holds. "I'm stronger than she is, but she's really strong and really enjoys exerting her strength. When she will not be able to kick or punch me, my wrestling skills will lead me to victory!". He going closer to her wife, trying to grab her body in bearhug, but her knee hits him in the groin and she jumps away from his hands.


Being kicked and punched from the different directions, he tries to hug her again, and finally it happens. Once their bodies touched each other, Ryan was almost celebrate: now he can use his wrestling skills and show her who is the boss! His erected cock was pressed against her crotch, he was closer and closer to have a fantastic sex and he was sure it will be. He was weakened a bit after his groin met her knee, but she is just a woman and her resistance can't stop a real man!


But Olga was clad in tights and leotard so she was safe from being raped during grapple. Ryan applied different wrestling holds, but Olga always was able to escape. Looks like male wrestler will be successful, but Olga know, she will use her long legs to subdue him, by kicking him straight in the balls! She already weakened him by slamming her knee into his exposed groin. And he can't quite overpower her, because she's weakened him.


They wrestled a lot of time, trying to overpower each other. Finally Ryan locked his hands around her abdomen, trying to put her in back suplex, but her sharpen elbow hit him right in the throat with full force. Incredible pain forced him to release a girl. Olga jumped out from his hands, then her next movement was quick and merciless.


Before he could recover, he received a stunning blow between the legs. She threw her punch as hard as she could, smashing his testicles against his body. Ryan was never kicked in the groin. He held his balls in pain and cried like a girl and sank down to the ground.


"On the floor, loser?" he heard the angry gymnast enquire sarcastically, as she kicked him in the groin again.


Ryan was too surprised to react, before his world exploded in pain.

She tossed him on the floor, but he was not ready to submit yet so when she leaned over to straddle him, he grabbed her arm and tried pulling her down. She grabbed his arm, and then started pressing her kneee into his face, hurt like hell. Next she jumps on him and puts him in a school girl pin with her crotch really pressig against his neck, which was really painful. But in the end, she pulled the sgp into headscssors, pulling his head with into her crotch, then stiffened her legs.


She could easily win by applying her variations of scissor holds that she has gotten so good at, especially the body scissor from behind coupled witha dragon sleeper - very effective hold.


Olga also has a deadly grapevine, if she applies it would be tough for any guy to get out of.


Finally she pulled him into her crotch area then squeezes so hard that her legs are shaking. No matter how much he begged her to stop, she just kept squeezing and shaking until he nearly passed out.

Is she is just a good wrestler, or a little sadistic? Flexing her muscles with feet placed on the groin of her victim, finally she said to him: "We'll do this every day from now on, you always naked, me always dressed as gymnast." He has no chance to object.


Ryan, the male wrestler, says: "My wife used to go to a gym twice a week until she started to do a gymnastics with other women after office. This started to be more often repeated until she dedicate three days a week in gymnastics. Last friday she arrived after me to our house when I went out from shower. She looked at my naked body, giggled and started to speak about how good the gymnastics was for her body. As I asked why she said that, she started to take out her clothes until remains with only a black long sleeved leotard. The she advanced near me and slaping her thighs said , because you can check this... She told me about she had taken a couple of semesters of Judo in college but gymnastics workouts are much more difficult than wrestling, I've just laughed on her. Wow! I'm a wrestler who have a hard workouts and competitive matches twice a week. I just was told that gymnastics was harder than wrestling! That is the dumbest thing I heard, there is nobody that trains harder than a wrestler... She told me "If gymanstics were easy, it would be called wrestling!". Am I crazy to hear that? She asked me if I want to wrestle, but I've answered it's impossible because I don't want to make her body injured. Olga just giggled "Are you afraid of losing to a girl?" It was an outspoken manipulation, but she sounds agressive and I loved smell her sweated body clad in that tight sports leotard, then I said let's check them in a combat, she said ok, it's perfect that you already naked. I told yes of course and when started to flex my biceps she slam me to the carpet. A close friend informed me after marriage that my one should be careful of getting trapped in a ladies thigh lock and if my wife trapped me I would not be able to free myself. I treated it like a joke till I realised what he meant when we started our wrestling match. I was surprised by the speed at which my wife moved and always managed to free myself from my hold and reverse trap me and choke me into submission. What I realized within a short period of starting to wrestle my wife was that one should not underestimate the power of a woman. She wrestles more ferociously as if to prove a point. I could never win a match against her because i had no answer to her swiftness and the scissor thigh lock. At times i felt i was like a mouse trying to wriggle out of a cats hold. We were fighting a submission match and despite competing for two hours she applied the scissor hold and squeezed me into submission. Had i not submitted she would have made me unconscious. We were wrestling until she scissored my chest and make me gave up. After I recognized her victory I suck completely her sweated muscle legs, and after that she enjoyed be pinned and penetrated. So the gymnastics is the better sport for women rounded thirties, that want their powerful long legs to give as a surprise to the husband.


Judging by my experience, I must say that the girls are getting stronger than the men. They workout harder, have more self discipline and they are more determinated. The men are just jocks and they think that because they are strong they do not need to work as hard. They only pose and admire their muscle. On the other hand, women do not lose their time in the gym to talk and show their muscles, they really work hard. So I think it is normal that they are surpassing the male. One thing that I find interesting is that the men today accept muscular woman, they find them attractive. Ten years ago if a woman had a little bit of muscle the men didnt like it at all. But today men are admiring the muscle beauties in the gym and touching their biceps. I guess times have really changed and it seems to me that women are gonna be soon the stronger sex because of their determination. And I think in 20-30 years it will be normal for a woman to be muscular more than a man. Men will accept it. I know I did and I have a new admiration and respect for woman. My wife Olga is a gymnast and her strength is really scary. She is 105 lbs and can easily benchpress 170-180 lbs which is more than 150 % of her bodyweight. Pound for pound women are the strongest. If you are not very athletic and strong, you would not stand a chance against any well trained girl gymnast". 


Olga, his wife, says: "Top artistic gymnasts must have many different attributes: strength, balance, flexibility, air sense and grace are some of the most important. They also must possess psychological qualities such as the courage to attempt difficult tricks and to compete under intense pressure, and the discipline and work ethic to practice a routine many times. Gymnastics is the girls equivalent of wrestling, minus the combat sense. But I also had taken a couple of semesters of Judo in college (about 2 years ago), and was telling my husband about it, thinking he would be impressed. Instead he laughed in my face and said he couldn't imagine me possibly doing Judo (I look very "girly", I guess...I have long hair, I'm tall, about 5'9", but only weigh about 135 lbs., yet I've always kept in shape and am wiry-strong, even if I don't have obvious muscles or anything.) So he was saying all this totally sexist crap and I start getting really mad but waited till he was done and then I calmly challenged him to a wrestling match. Naked after taking a shower, he lustfully stared at my body clad in provocative clothing in front of him. Looks like the power the woman has over the man increases as she wearing her leotard when he's naked, I've thought. Having this power over him and his sexuality gave me a sense of dominance. Some men aren’t used to that and women should own and enjoy that power in their relationship! Of course he protested at first and said he didn't want to hurt me but then when I said "are you afraid of losing to a girl?" he got mad and said he would teach me a lesson & we cleared the room of furniture and after I tied my hair back in a pony tail we got to it. 


I won by wearing him down. He was 5'10" and probably about 170 lbs. but I kept away from him most of the match and used some well-time leg sweeps to take him down, but I didn't engage him on the floor until i saw his breath getting labored and when he was slow to get up after a few more throws (I sent him once flying over my hip and that really took the wind out of him.) When I saw he was totally winded I got down with full force kick to his groin and got my legs around his torso and straightened them out until he looked like he was going to pass out... then I rolled on top and pinned his wrists behind his head and got my legs on his biceps and he was finished. I made him admit he lost to a girl before letting him up and I think he almost started crying before saying it!"

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