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Update: 05.03.2021

F-666 "Bedroom Brawl"

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What was that? Susie leant out of bed, turned the light on, and listened. There it was again, a creak of floor boards, only it was nearer this time. She got out of bed, trembling, and went towards the wardrobe to get her dressing gown.

"Very nice," came a soft voice. Susie gasped, and turned round, the dressing gown still in the wardrobe. There was a man just inside the bedroom, grinning at her, obviously admiring her in her nightdress. He put up a reassuring hand.

"It’s all right. If you keep quiet, you’ll come to no harm. I’m a burglar, but I’m only violent if I have to be.

"I’ll give you no trouble," Susie meekly demurred. "But haven’t I seen you before?" she looked searchingly at the unshaven face.

"Not me love, I’m in and out of towns in a flash – before they catch me, see?"

"So what are you doing standing around chatting?"

"Why do I always get the posh, clever ones? All right, you just be a nice, good girl, and I’ll be out of your flat in a moment.

Susie had to admit he wasn’t too bad, considering a burglar’s reputation. He didn’t throw anything about, or break any ornaments that he didn’t take. It was only when she heard him murmur, "Hmm, expensive tastes," that she became uneasy. She glanced over at him.

He was rummaging through her underwear drawer. It was a crisis moment. She was prepared to accept minor theft, because she didn’t have much that was valuable. But her underwear? There are a few moments, she told herself, when a girl has no option but to fight. There he was, the fool, with his back to her, and his big ugly backside presenting a target that would be gone if she didn’t hurry. She balanced on her left foot, took aim with her right, and kicked as hard as she could.

Bras, knickers and tights flew everywhere. The burglar fell against the chest of drawers, catching his left side, Susie noticed, painfully on the top edge of it. The idiot clutched his side with his right hand as he turned round. It was another chance not to be missed, so she punched him full, hard and straight in the face with her right fist, and had the satisfaction of seeing him fall backwards against the chest of drawers this time.

Too late did his hands go up to protect his face, and Susie now helped herself to his exposed left side where the chest of drawers had just hurt him. She found the exact spot, and heard him groan in pain.

Clever little bitch, wasn’t she, thought the burglar. But he was a big man, and she was only a slim girl, so she shouldn’t be able to do much more harm. All he had to do was grab her, restrain her, and exert his greater strength and weight. He focused and caught sight of her. Slim girl she might be - in her nightdress that held in the loveliest breasts he had ever seen, and encased such a desirable figure - but she looked all business. Her eyes blazed and her fists were clenched as she awaited his move. He lunged towards her with both hands, to clutch her by the shoulders; she evaded him, and responded with her right fist in his left eye. 

It started to close over. That was a severe blow, because now his vision was impaired.  Following up, she got him low in the stomach with her left. He coughed and lurched forward. She’d learnt her stuff somewhere, because her right fist now crashed into his vulnerable chin, in what seemed to be a perfect uppercut. He fell backwards, and this time caught his back against the chest of drawers. She still had him pinned against that bloody thing!

Oh no. Through blurred sight, he could just make out the determined look on her face and her left fist homing in. It caught him straight on the chin; he fell back again, the chest of drawers lifted at the front momentarily, and he hit the back of his head on the wall behind it.

He felt dreamy. He needed to lie down and sleep. He shouldn’t be standing there swaying. There was this lovely girl in front of him, with the delightful bosom. She’d help him sleep. She had just the thing for him! She clenched it, drew it back, and powered it into his face. Lovely! He was falling, falling …


The burglar woke up and shivered.

"What the – where are my clothes?" he demanded.

"I took them off you," Susie replied sternly, standing over him, hands on hips. "It’s what you get for trying to steal my underwear."

"Well I’m sorry, but you didn’t have much else to steal. Anyway, I thought you said you wouldn’t give me any trouble."

"And I thought you were a respectable burglar, who didn’t steal ladies’ underwear."

"I’ve told you, I couldn’t find much else to take."

"Well what do you expect? I’m only 22, and I graduated 6 months ago from the Royal School of Music. I’m still paying off my student loan."

"But I’ve seen you walking to work in the mornings, with a smart case."

"I knew I’d seen you before!" Susie stated in triumph. "You’re the man who tried to hide from me behind the post box."

"You mean you saw me?"

"Of course I did, you twit! You must be the most useless criminal in the underworld!"

Ignoring the slight, he asked, "So what’s with the smart case?"

"It’s a flute."

"A flute?"

"Yes, I play in a professional orchestra now," Susie explained, not without pride. "As a matter of fact," she giggled, "one of the things we’re rehearsing is The Thieving Magpie. How appropriate!"

The burglar groaned.

"What’s the matter, Mr Magpie?"

Leaning up on an elbow, and feeling his face with his free hand, he explained, "Well, if a drummer in a Rock group, with bulging biceps and tattoos from his toes to his ears had done this to me, I might just live it down. But a lady flautist, who’s rehearsing The Thieving Magpie…"

"By Rossini."

"I don’t give a – I don’t care who it’s by. Anyway, where did you learn to fight?"

"I saw an old black-and-white Western, and there was one of those big fights in it. I loved it, because it was such a contrast to my world. I bought the DVD, and learnt the names of all the punches they used. But the best part for me was when a woman got involved. First of all, you saw her standing on a balcony facing a cowboy, with his back to the screen. She punched him, he fell through the balustrade, breaking it, and landed on the floor below. Next she hit another man, and he fell back against a barrel, and slid down it, with his hat falling over his head. Then she hit another, who landed on a table, which smashed to smithereens. I’ve always secretly wanted to be that woman!"

"Well you managed pretty well today."

"Yes, I did, didn’t I?" Susie agreed, smiling at her fist. "Anyway I’ve decided you can go, and I’ll give you back your clothes after you’ve done one thing."

"What’s that?" asked "Mr Magpie", standing up. 

"I went and had a look at the window you forced your way through. I don’t know what you’d been walking through, but there are dusty footprints all over the carpet near the window. I’ve left the hoover out, and I’ll thank you to hoover in there before I give you your clothes back."

Now, come on. I draw the line at that. I didn’t break in here so I could hoover – ah, Christ!"

Susie rammed her right knee up between his legs. He gasped and staggered, somehow managing to blurt out, "You didn’t see that in an old cowboy film."

"No," replied Susie, balling her left fist, which she then propelled into his chin with an uppercut, "I saw our lovely harpist do it to a visiting trumpeter, when he wouldn’t take no for an answer."

She had him back against the chest of drawers. He couldn’t believe it! He was superstitious enough to associate it with bad luck. To confirm his fears, Susie smashed a right hook into his face. He stumbled to his left, only just the safe side of falling. 

Before he had properly regained his balance, the lovely girl facing him smiled as she balled her left fist. It was his right eye that suffered this time. Once again, the back of his head banged the wall, and he felt as he had the first time he got drunk. Dreamy again, the room seemed to spin, and only he seemed to be steady. She fought well, didn’t she, that lovely girl with the beautiful breasts, and the tight round bottom? God, she was desirable! There was something strangely stimulating about the way she fought. It had given him an erection, and he was too far gone to care.

But what was she doing? Still smiling, she held him by the jaw and seemed to be taking him away from the chest of drawers. That was good, because he hated it. She was nice; she must have realised. She turned him round, all the time smiling, and looking into his face. While she held his jaw with one hand, she clenched her free fist, drawing it back in slow motion. She held it back at its furthest extent for a moment before unleashing it, and letting it burst upon his face. He was flying, flying …


"Did I do that?" Susie asked chuckling. "Mr Magpie", enveloped in the softness of the bed, realised she meant him, and was pointing at his erection. Somehow that last punch had restored his sobriety, after briefly knocking him out again, and he was now embarrassed about it.

"I’m sorry."

"Well!" she declared, joining him on the bed. "The sweet lady flautist beat up the big bad burglar, and it aroused him! I say!"

"Please, you’ve humiliated enough for one day."

"Well, well, well," she ignored him, and touched his cock with her finger tips, enjoying the way it made him jump.

"Hmm, the fingering’s different from a usual flute, and I seem to get more effect from clenching my fist around it, wouldn’t you say?"

"Oh, yeah!"

"You like my clenched fist, don’t you?"


"I should thank you for this experience. You know, it’s the most liberating sensation a woman can have, to give a man a black eye."

"I love it!"

"To punch him in the face, and watch with satisfaction as he crashes to the floor …"

"Ahhhhhhh, yesssssss!"

"Well Mr Magpie, you have a bit more cleaning up to do now, haven’t you?"