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Update: 29.11.2019

W-600 "Katie vs Alex"

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Alex was a little surprised when he arrived at the tournament venue and saw his opponent for the first time. The well-muscled blond girl with the cute face and the ponytail standing across from him didn’t quite match the sorority girl picture he’d had in his head. First of all, standing face to face, it was clear she was only an inch shorter than his own 5’9. Second, her arms and legs were taut and lean with muscle in a way that he definitely had not expected from a girl who wasn’t on one of the university sports teams. For the match she was wearing extremely short and tight pink spandex leotard that was doing its best to contain the her massive breasts. She basically had the body of a fitness girl and the DD’s of a porn star. 

“Hi, I’m Katie,” the sophomore girl extended her hand. “Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to meet ‘the girls’ soon enough,” she teased as she caught Alex staring at her chest. 

Alex had to give it up for Katie, she certainly had a certain brazen confidence and a dominant flair for humiliation that would be intimidating to some opponents. But with his experience, he wasn’t really too worried. He knew he just had to stay focused on the match and keep out of his mind any worries about what would happen to him after if she somehow scored the upset. 

The two competitors circled each other warily as the match got underway. The energy in the room was palpable and there was no denying that Katie had a certain charisma that made this more exciting than the typical second round match. She had come into the match as an underdog, but it was clear that her taunting and antics were starting to get in the older male’s head. The crowd started buzzing as Alex and Katie locked up. To his surprise, Alex found that he didn’t have the upper body strength advantage that he had hoped for. Suddenly the younger girl shot for one of his legs and took him down. Quickness and technique had always been Alex’s strong points. He managed to land on top of his opponent and went for a cross body pin. But Katie was also quick; she slipped out of the pin attempt easily and before Alex knew what was happening the sorority girl’s arm was wrapped around his neck. Katie grunted with exertion as she powered down on the headlock. Alex’s experience had taught him that most girls in the tournament had strong legs, but he was unprepared for the strength of this girl’s arms. Then Katie quickly adjusted the hold and brought her biggest weapons into play for the first time in the match, mashing Alex’s trapped head against her massive right breast. 

Now Alex was flat on his back, the younger girl’s body almost at a right angle to his as she cranked the headlock, pulling Alex’s head up off the mat and into her breast. Alex struggled frantically, bridging with his legs and pulling at the girls arms with his own arms. But there was nothing doing, and Katie just rode out his struggles and maintained the hold. Alex started getting lightheaded as he was unable to breathe fully with the sorority girl’s colossal right breast covering his mouth and nose. He could hear Katie’s fans in the background cheering her on. Eventually, it was just impossible for him to get enough air through the fabric of the younger girl’s sports leotard. Alex decided that discretion was the better part of valor and he tapped out. Katie slowly released the headlock as she looked down at the red-faced boy. She pumped her fist in the air in celebration. 

Katie’s side of the room erupted in cheers as her score was marked up on the board. Alex hung his head a little as he walked back to his corner, but he still had confidence. After all, he had lost a fall in his last match but still gone on to win handily, he just needed to stay focused and stay out of the way of those breasts. 

The second fall went much like the first. The two grapplers locked up and, with their relatively even strength, neither one could get a real advantage. This time though Alex was able to secure his own headlock and muscle Katie down to the ground. The frat brothers in the crowd started cheering him on, “C’mon, you got her Alex!.” “Make the bitch submit!” But Katie retained her composure and showed her flexibility by slowly working her legs around her opponent’s torso while still trapped in the headlock. With her legs in place, she started to squeeze and the taut muscles in her long and sinewy legs sprang to life. Alex released the headlock as he now had other things to worry about. He desperately reached for the sorority girl’s ankles to try and unlock her legs and relieve some of the pressure from his chest. Katie seized the opportunity and released the bodyscissors of her own accord, pushing Alex on his back and jumping on top of him. 

The younger girl then grabbed him by the back of his head and yanked him unceremoniously into her massive chest. Alex rolled off his back and onto his side, but that just allowed Katie to lock on the bodyscissors once more, and did nothing to alleviate the more pressing problem of obtaining oxygen as his head remained practically glued to the sorority girl’s sportsbra. It looked comical to the crowd as all they could see was a tuft of Alex’s dark hair as his whole head was basically enveloped by the younger girl’s huge breasts. Katie tightened up the hold with her legs and pulled her opponent’s head into her cleavage as hard as she could using both of her arms. The seal on Alex’s breathing passages was airtight and the submission came almost immediately. Katie released the scissors, but kept the male’s face pressed into her chest. Frantically Alex started tapping again. This time Katie released the hold and got up, standing over the older boy menacingly as he gasped for much-needed air.

“C’mon, you have to let go when I tap.”

“Oh, were you tapping? Katie taunted. “I guess it just took me a while to notice with your face stuffed in my tits. It felt like it belonged there, don’t you think?”

Demoralized, the older frat boy didn’t say anything, and just got up off the mat and walked back to his corner. Never in his worst nightmares had he expected to be down 2-0 to the bratty sophomore after only 3 minutes. He had to admit, the girl had skills. He would have to take the fight to the younger girl if he was going to have any chance. And more importantly, he had to find a way to stay clear of those breasts.

The timer started and the third fall began. Alex’s strength had always been his stamina, but he had met his match in Katie. She seemed just as fresh as when they had started the match. Her boobs jiggled in her sportsbra as she circled the now intimidated junior. Suddenly she sprung and tackled the older male to the mat. Wary of the younger girl’s breasts, Alex uncharacteristically left himself open for a bodyscissors. As Katie’s legs tightened around him again, he had flashbacks to his first round match with Liz, the amazonian crew girl who had nearly broken his ribs with this hold. Luckily, Katie’s legs were not that powerful and she didn’t have his body in quite the right position. Alex grunted in pain, but was able to withstand the pressure and not submit. Distracted by the pain, Alex was unable to defend as Katie quickly released the scissors and climbed atop his prone body. 

Once again, he was flat on his back as the younger girl maneuvered atop him. Alex looked up just in time to see pink descending on his face as Katie lowered her chest. Alex could hear the sorority girls in the background cheering again as he felt her breasts cutting off his air supply once more. No, it wasn’t going to happen like this. Not again. Alex summoned all his strength and pushed up with his hands on the younger girl’s shoulders. The tactic worked, at least momentarily, and Alex gulped in some much needed air. But the busty sorority girl was simply relentless. Again she lowered her massive chest onto the struggling male’s face. This time she scooted up his body slightly, grabbed his arms, and pinned them over his head. He tried to bridge, but Katie had all the leverage. His mouth and nose were covered by the younger girl’s boobs; breathing was simply not possible.

“It’s smother time!” he heard a girl from the crowd yell.

“It’s submission time,” Katie whispered in his ear so only he could hear. “Now, wimp!” she said as she pressed down with her chest, creating a perfect seal between the fabric of her sports leotard and Alex’s mouth and nose.

On the brink of passing out, Alex tried to do as he was told. But with his hands pinned, he had no way to tap. Frantically he kicked his legs around trying to indicate his submission. When he didn’t feel Katie letting up at all, he started desperately yelling his submission into the younger girl’s boobs. Mercifully, that seemed to work and Katie raised her chest of his now bright red face. “Was that a submission?”

“Yeah, you got me that time. I submit.”

Katie just giggled and sat up on the older boy’s stomach. Her long blond hair had gotten a little mussed up during the fall. Casually, maintaining her position atop the defeated male, she took the hair tie out of her hair and started working her blond hair back into a ponytail.

“C’mon, I submitted, get off me.”

“Hold on, I’m just fixing my hair,” Katie sat astride Alex’s stomach hands behind her head fixing her hair, which cause her prodigious breasts that had just smothered her opponent out for the third time in 5 minutes to stick out menacingly from her chest. 

“Fuck you, bitch. The fall is over, you won, now let me up.” Alex started bridging and bucking, intent on getting up from under the younger girl. Unfortunately Katie was having none of it. All his squirming just pushed her higher on his chest. 

Katie sighed, “I guess we’re going to have to do this the hard way.” She quickly pinned Alex’s arms down with her knees and thrust the pink crotch of her tight spandex leotard forward into Alex’s chin. Suddenly Alex’s struggles diminished as his head was pushed back at a painful angle. He tried to buck and bridge a little more, but Katie just rode out his struggles nonchalantly. “You done?”

Alex didn’t respond. “I said, are you done, wimp?” Katie thrust her crotch forward even harder pushing Alex’s head back at a painful angle.

“Ok, ok. I’m done.” With her opponent secure, Katie then resumed her project of fixing her hair, taking her sweet time and even pausing to ask her friends if her hair looked ok before getting off the very dispirited male. “See, you’ll learn that it’s easier for you if you just do things my way from the start.”

Alex stormed off the mat angrily as the score was posted on the board. He turned to his frat brothers, “That bitch isn’t playing by the rules. It’s not fair.”

“Dude, not to state the obvious, but this match is gonna be over real soon if you can’t keep her tits out of your face.”

Alex just hung his head in shame, “No fucking kidding, man.”