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leotard gymnast karate high kick facebusting femdom CFNM fighting

Update: 15.02.2019

F-559 "High school gymnast"

Gallery size: 400 Full HD pictures

Freestyle fighting, ballbusting, 400 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, bloody action.

Eliza, finishing up practicing her balance beam routine, executed three fast standing back handsprings in a row on the narrow four-inch-wide beam, landing on the beam in a full 180-degree split after her third handspring. Using a front walkover to get back to a standing position, she took a deep breath, then performed a standing full twist, landing perfectly. Grinning in triumph at pulling off the difficult move, she dismounted with a roundoff followed by a double salto, making an elegant landing and raising her firm arms in the air.

She looked around and caught the familiar sight in the corner of her eye. He was watching, as he always was. The creepy janitor. Always the pervert was waiting and staring, at all the official practices, at the gymnastics meets, and at her solo, late after-school practices like right now. Several times he had walked towards her, only to turn around and walk away at the last second. Obviously he wanted to talk to her, but couldn't work up the courage. He was right to be afraid, she thought to herself. She longed to show him what she really thought of him and his degenerate ways...

Shaking the thought out of her head, she headed for the locker room. Once inside, she adjusted her leotard, pausing to examine her reflection in the full-length mirror. Eliza was a high school senior and the captain of the girls' gymnastics team. She was eighteen years old and at her physical and sexual prime. At 5'6" and 135 pounds, she was big for a gymnast, but just as agile and elegant as - and much more powerful than - the smaller girls. Her ethnic background, a mix of eastern European, Latina, and Arab, gave her an exotic beauty. She had shoulder length wavy dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, a model-like high-cheekboned face, and a deep brown tan.

But it was her muscles that lifted Eliza's sexiness to its most impressive levels. Years of training in gymnastics and kickboxing had given her a muscular but feminine body. Her well-muscled dancer's thighs, round steel-hard ass, toned and defined arms, and six-pack abs were complemented by a pair of round, firm, all-natural, gravity-defying 34C breasts. 

Suddenly, she heard a noise and looked up. The creepy janitor was right there in the locker room, staring at her.

"I...I'm sorry," he stammered. "I didn't know anyone was in here..."

A wave of anger washed over her. Her first instinct was to shout and curse at him. But she restrained herself. That would just drive him away to perv another day. She knew that it was late in the day and no one else was around the school. A new plan began forming in her mind - a plan that would stop the creepy fucker ...permanently.

"Oh, come on, baby," she said teasingly. "You and I both know what you came in here for." She pointed to the bulge in his pants. "Is that a Mars bar in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" She knew the line was a cliche, but couldn't resist saying it.

"Huh?" The janitor clearly had not been expecting that kind of reaction.

"I...I just wanted to..."

"It's okay," she cooed, "You can tell Miss Eliza." She advanced on him, slowly but steadily.

"Well, it's just that...You're so attractive. Your exotic beauty, your powerful muscles that I could never have, your super-athletic tumbling moves that I could never do...I can't stop fantasizing about you."

She laughed. "The beta male, can't resist the allure of an alpha female, getting a thrill out of seeing a woman do what they can't do... do you like taking orders from a girl, too? Take off your clothes."

"Yes, Miss Eliza," he squeaked as he obeyed. She looked at the contrast between their bodies, trying to hide her disgust. Unlike her beautiful fit body in leotard, tanned a dark brown, his naked body was pale, weak, thin, and flabby. Though middle-aged, he had the body of an old man. Even his cock was unimpressive, his raging hard-on reaching a length of only four inches.

"Close your eyes," she whispered. "I have a surprise for you." He was short for a man, about the same height as her, so she was able to look straight into his eyes. She could see in them a combination of anticipation and fear.

He obeyed. As soon as his eyes shut, Eliza rammed her knee into his testicles with all her strength. He screamed, eyes flying open as his hands flew to his wounded gonads, and collapsed to the floor in the fetal position.

"Why?" he finally managed to squeak out.

She glared down at him. "You perverted cocksucker. Did you really think I wanted anything to do with you sexually? Did you really think any woman would want your pathetic, flabby, weak body and your little kiddie dick? You're not even worthy of an ugly woman, let alone a woman like me. Did you think I haven't noticed you, always watching and perving on all the female athletes at this school? Always staring at the girls you'll never get and never deserve in a million years?"

"I...I'm sorry," he stammered. "I'll go..."

She shook her head. "No, you're only sorry you got caught. And one more thing. Did you really think you were getting out of this alive?"

At that, the janitor's eyes went wide with fear. He knew that Eliza was far stronger and better trained than he was and capable of killing him with her bare hands and feet easily. He struggled to his feet and began to run.

The sexy gymnast in leotard smirked. She threw herself into a tumbling pass towards his fleeing form, starting with a roundoff and then a series of whipbacks. He turned around for a second, staring in terror at the teenage girl in leotard coming closer and closer, her firm 34C tits bouncing as she elegantly backflipped. He began running again, but she was much too quick for him. A few more backflips and she was on him, kicking him with her final flip and knocking him to the cold floor.

She jumped on top of him, hearing him grunt as her 135-pound weight landed. She probably weighed more than her scrawny opponent. She wiggled her body a bit, letting him feel her bulk and strength. Eliza looked down at her helpless captive and snickered. "Dumbass. I remember you watching while I was practicing my back handsprings on the football field. You saw me backflip from one end of the field to the other in less than ten seconds. You should know how fast I am. You should know that you can't get away."

"Please, Miss Eliz..." His latest attempt at begging was abruptly cut short when the hot brunette punched him in the nose, breaking it. She smashed her fists into his ugly face several more times, breaking his jaw and knocking loose three of his teeth. She leapt off of him and stood over him dominantly. Kicking him in the side and breaking one of his ribs, she taunted him. "Get up, pussy. Aren't you man enough to handle a teenage girl?"

Rage flowing through him, the pervert stumbled to his feet, one hand clutching his broken rib and the other on his damaged groin. Eliza put up her fists, looking confident and dangerous in her fighting stance even though he was naked. "Come on, nude wimp, show me what you've got. If you put up a good enough fight I might consider sparing your worthless life."

He took a swing at her face. She ducked under it easily and stung his cheek with a quick jab. He tried another punch, this time aimed at her stomach. Seeing it coming, Eliza simply tensed her abs. The janitor screamed like a girl as his ineffective fist impacted her darkly tanned wall of abdominal muscle and half the bones in his hand broke.

She laughed in his face. "You're even more of a pathetic faggot than I thought you were. It takes a girl to show you how to fight like a real man. Like this." With that, the brutal vixen delivered a lightning-fast punch to his gut. Her big fist drove deep into his weak flab. He doubled over in agony.

"Aww, what's the matter?" she mocked him. "Abs not as hard as the pretty girl's? Aww, did the muscular lady hurt you?" Enjoying her dominance over him, Eliza punched him in the left eye, turning it black, then backhanded him across the face, further mutilating his already broken nose. She kicked him in the chest, knocking him backward into a bank of lockers.

Showing off her gymnastic skills, she did a handstand, walking on her hands towards him. She then kicked him repeatedly in the face from her handstand position, laughing as his blood flew and two more of his teeth flew loose. Moving easily and fluidly back to a standing position, she balanced on her left leg and began kicking him repeatedly in the chest and face with her right, landing over fifteen lightning-fast machine gun kicks in less than five seconds to her helpless victim pinned against the lockers. Finally bringing down her blood-covered bare foot, she did a cartwheel, kicking him in the head with both feet and knocking him down.

She sat on him and grabbed his arm, positioning his next to hers to compare them. "Look how thin and girly your arms are," she smirked. Eliza's forearms, with their dark brown tan, heavily developed muscles that rippled with her slightest movement, and large size, looked far stronger and more masculine than the janitor's weak, pale ones with no muscle tone. Her wrist measurement, at over seven inches around, was clearly larger than his. Her well-defined 13-inch biceps were also much stronger than his weak, flabby upper arms.

"I learned how to break bones in my martial arts training, but I never had the chance to do it for real. Until now," she said. Before he could react, she had swiftly grabbed his right arm in a secure hold. She applied pressure at the right point like she had been trained to do and was rewarded with a satisfying CRACK as his arm broke. "Cool! It works!" she giggled as her male victim began screaming and howling.

"All that screaming ain't gonna do jack shit. There's no one else here," she remarked casually as she repeated the process with his other arm, breaking it in turn. His howls grew louder.

Eliza picked the pervert up easily, carrying him high over her head. She dropped him hard under the still-running shower and prepared to begin her finishing sequence.

She grabbed him by the hair, positioning his head, and began kneeing him in the face, releasing a spray of blood with each devastating strike. After several brutal knees, she let him drop, then forced his legs apart. She fired several perfectly aimed, ultra-powerful kicks to his groin until she had sent his testicles back up somewhere in his body.

For the coup de grace, she wrapped her muscular, darkly tanned thighs around his midsection and began squeezing. As she increased the pressure, she could feel his ribs giving way and shattering one by one. She laughed sadistically as he screamed, cried, and begged. "I thought you wanted to get between my legs," she sneered. "You're getting your wish."

Eliza continued squeezing, releasing her leggy death trap only long after the creepy janitor had been crushed to death. She stood up, looking down at the mutilated corpse, his face frozen with a look of terror. She let the warm water wash the blood off her body, and smiled.

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