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CFNM femdom mixed wrestling facesitting

Update: 09.03.2018

B-508 "Violent mixed fight club 3"

Gallery size: 110 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, Ballbusting, 110 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, bloody action.

In town there is an underground club for mixed fighting. No rules, except about how a match ends – male wins by raping and female wins by castration.

Ann noticed an admirer during the first match already and that provided the inspiration to make a special gift during the second one. They met after that match and made out a bit that was followed by him proposing. He received a conditional agreement; the condition was to have a set match on the arena, so she could leave the club for good. As before, she had thought few steps ahead…

The crowd was confused seeing them kissing on the arena before the start was announced. The admirer was lulled by her promises and consistent behavior before the match. All his prays had been answered, but he had to put up a good fight not to be ashamed. 

However, he was not concentrated. Ann dodged his half-hearted assault responding by a kick to his nuts. The sharp overwhelming pain had a slow-motion effect on him and he felt how her boot continued its way upwards bringing along his hit testicles, eventually trapping them behind her boot welt. That sent the man down leaving him trembling in fetal position holding nursing the damaged manhood.

She wasted no time taking a good full force kick aiming his right kidney. Probably a rib or two broke and he involuntarily stretched out in the new pain. That is roughly what she expected butt-dropping on his chest. “I am so hot right now, especially from one place” said Ann looking at him joyfully while her leotard was turning slightly darker between the legs. She squeezed by his enlarged swollen testicles while pulling his head to her sex. 

Controlling the pain dosage by adjusting the strength and frequency of the pulsating squeezes she kept him conscious and trembling vibrating her clit through the leotard. After reaching the climax she stopped the torture, smiled foxily, and said: “Thank you dear. You really can please me. Time to get up and continue with the plan.” 

They got up. He was very weak but tried to punch that got easily blocked and replied by a powerful uppercut to solar plexus sending him standing only by the support of arena ropes.  She turned him around facing the spectators (and camera), clong on his back, and took his left swollen testicle in her grip from behind so it remained partially visible. Giving a handjob with the right hand she whispered: “Did you know that I destroy one testicle of each boyfriend?” and closed the fingers of her left one digging the fingers deep into the center of his orb causing an explosive ejaculation of sperm and blood. Her other hand continued to stroke out the remaining.

The shaky admirer was sobbing begs to keep the other one while she was turning him around and comforting by asking: “What would I do with a boyfriend that is no good for sex?”. She smiled softly and literally gave him a taste of his once proud manhood by making him suck her gooey fingers. 

Her left hand was on his cheek and right one playing with it penis while looking into his pain filled eye. Regardless of shivering in pain his member got erect again and he took his right hand from the source of pain to grab her breast. 

She sensed that he is a moment away from coming. Moved her left leg way back, removed his left hand by her right holding it tight, and grabbing his right shoulder she kneed him into balls using all the momentum she could get.  He got lifted from ground, the content of his sack flying in every direction. 

She waved to the crowd wondering why she would need a boyfriend if the club is so much fun.

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