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Mixed wrestling holds

dance leotard erotic fighting mixed wrestling husband vs wife

Jeannie and Michael presents - all wrestling holds, how to do it. Boston crabs, headscissors, leglocks, full nelsons, bearhugs, armbars - hundreds of wrestling holds in all details! You'll find all that you can imagine and much more - pins, bodyscissors, slams, anacondas, triangles, figure fours, backbreaker, suplexes, camel clutches, chokes, piledrivers, rear naked chokes and a lot of other wrestling holds applied by young flexible gymnast, choose any pose below and watch now! Full set of mixed wrestling  holds  is  available  in  our Online Store (gallery # W-419 of 'Mixed Wrestling').

Abdominal Stretch

American Body Slam


...more holds coming soon!

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