American Body Slam

The American Body Slam is beyond doubt one of the most dynamic and spectacular moves in mixed wrestling. It's a high amplitude, high impact move than can be used as a finisher too, because it is not unreasonable that it could knock the victim out cold.

The slam can be executed in a variety of ways too. One way to do it is to send the victim into the ropes with an Irish whip. As she bounces back, the attacker picks him up by reaching between his legs (as in the case of a normal bodyslam) then using the victim's own momentum, she drives him into the mat/ring floor landing on top of him and adding her own bodyweight into the impact. Another way to execute a slam is through a fireman's carry (see the pic below). The interesting thing about the slam is that the attacker lands on top of the victim, ready to pin him as soon as they land. The slam is supposed to work by driving the air out of the victim and by knocking him out in the same time through the force of the impact involved.

Possible escape: once the scooping/slamming motion begins, the victim can't escape. Before that, the move can be reversed the same way a bodyslam attempt can (through a small package, a dragon sleeper etc).

Rating: the slam is one of the most efficient high-amplitude moves in mixed wrestling. Even if it does not result in an instant pin, it will take a lot out of the victim.

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