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amazons vs roman soldiers femdom fighting ballbusting

Update: 07.08.2020

A-636 "Assasinting the general"

Gallery size: 90 Full HD pictures

Armed mixed fighting, 90 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, bloody action.

The new Roman general was a serious nuisance. He was responsible for some serious Amazon losses in a recent skirmish with Romans. He had to go.

The Amazon High Council had ordered his assassination. A six woman team led by Princess Melousa would take him out. Amazon informants had been looking for him and finally - success! His itinerary for the next three months was found and examined. When he visited a certain town the Amazon hit squad would be waiting.

The general liked to tour the streets of the towns under his command, meet the people and assess for himself any threats. He always had bodyguards, just in case. Five of the best, plus his nephew, who he was grooming for command in a few years time. The Amazon squad was also six strong. Six of the very best. They arrived in the town a few days earlier, in disguise, and laid their traps.

As the general and his bodyguards walked down the main street they didn't notice the two archers on the rooftops until it was too late. Arrows rained down on them from behind. One man is hit in the neck and another in the leg. The #1 rule for close protection is always the same - get the principal to safety. The four uninjured bodyguards and the general broke into a run, leaving the two injured men behind.    

The Roman with the arrow in his neck was becoming weak. He had one hand holding the arrow in to stop the blood coming out and he had lost his shield, leaving him defenceless against an archer. He raises his sword. She smiled, raised her bow and shot him through the heart. 

The man with the arrow in his leg was struggling to stand up straight as he cannot put his weight on the injured leg. The other Amazon drew her sword and advanced towards him. After a brief sword fight the Amazon kicked him in the chest and he went down. Before he could get up she straddled him and drove her sword into his heart. Amazons 2, Romans 0. The two archers collected their bows, put on small backpacks, and ran to catch up with the other Romans.

The Roman group, now consisting of the general plus his four remaining bodyguards, have run up the street only to find their path blocked by wagons with horses. Several of these wagons are blocking the whole of the street. There is a side street on the right and the leader calls out "Right turn!". The Romans do not realise it, but they have now entered the area the Amazons have designated as the Kill Box. It is a trap. 

The Romans looked ahead and saw that the road ahead is a dead end with no way out. They turned round to go back the way they came and they saw that their path is blocked. Four women were now arranged in a line across the road - blocking the way back. The women weat wearing loose brown cloaks covering them from the neck to the ankle. The cloaks are fastened at the left shoulder by a large pin. The women all reach for their pins at the same time. The cloaks fall to the ground at their feet. Each woman is wearing the red leotard of an Amazon warrior. At their waists three of the women have a belt holding a short sword. The fourth woman is taller than the rest, with red hair. She does not carry a sword but a large double-edged battle axe. The three swordwomen women drew their swords and all four advance towards the Romans. 

One of the Roman men stepped forward and the ground opened up beneath his feet. Lightly covered by an animal skin, then covered with dust from the road, is a deep pit. At the bottom of the pit are sharpened wooden stakes. The man was impaled on the stakes. Spanning the road at rooftop level is a wooden beam. A second Roman soldier passed under the beam and his foot caught a tripwire. A concealed noose on the ground caught his feet and he was scooped up, upside down, into a cage dangling from the beam. He was uninjured but unable to move. Two more Roman bodyguards out of action. 

By now the archers have caught up with the men in the death traps. One woman looked into the pit. She took a bottle of oil from her backpack. It is normally used for flaming arrows. She poured the oil over the man in the pit then dropped a flaming light down the hole. He was on fire and soon the whole pit is engulfed in flames and he is incinerated. 

The other young archer reached the man suspended in the cage. She took her bow and fired arrow after arrow into the trapped man in the cage. With each arrow he jolted and wriggled, but there was nothing he could do. Finally, he stopped moving. A steady stream of blood dripped to the ground. 

Amazons 4, Romans 0.

The general had two remaining bodyguards. One Amazon was fighting one of the Romans when a second Amazon got behind him, putting her arms under his armpits and up, pinning his arms. The first Amazon kicked him hard in the groin and he dropped his sword. The second Amazon then pulled him backward, exposing his unprotected groin. The first Amazon then drove her sword under his skirt and into his groin. He screamed and fell back onto the ground on his back. The two women stood either side of the now defenceless Roman. Each one placed a foot on his chest to keep him still and together the two women drove their swords into his throat, killing him instantly.          

The last bodyguard was faced off against an Amazon. She could see how scared he is, as his sword hand was shaking. Suddenly, she was surprised to see a stream of yellow liquid trickling down between his legs. He was so scared he was pissing himself! The Amazon laughed and stepoed back. "The general has to die, but you don't. Throw down your sword and take off your armour and we'll let you go" she said. The man immediately threw down his sword and took off his helmet, armour and everythig else. He stood there naked and defenceless, waiting to be told what to do. He was young - maybe 17. . The Amazons then told him they want him to witness the death of the general, then take a message back to the local Roman province governor. "Leave our lands!". 

Last to die is the general, he did not resist. He could have run but he would have been shot down and the townspeople would say he died a coward. The general was told to take off his armour and clothes. He knews they need to take his head as proof of his death. He hoped they knew how to do it cleanly in one go. The tall redhead with the battle axe stepped forward and told him to kneel down. He knelt and bowed his head, exposing his neck. She stood beside him and swungs the great axe and took his head off cleanly. It bounced and landed at her feet, between her legs, looking up at her. His head lived for a few seconds more and his last view was looking up at the woman who killed him, her long legs, the cameltoe in the leotard between her legs. Further up he sees her breasts from below and finally her face. She smiled at him. The last of the blood drained out of his head and everything went black. Amazons 6, Romans 0. Mission accomplished.  

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