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Update: 20.01.2017

W-445 "African mixed wrestling"

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Mixed wrestling, 250 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Two experienced wrestlers fights each other, applying a lot of different holds - just look at this competitive mixed wrestling match of African couple, husband vs wife!

Carter, the male wrestler, says: "I'm a tough guy, 6 foot tall, 185 pounds. My wife is 5'3" and 140 lbs. Her legs are incredibly strong proportionally large. In fact her calves and thighs are visibly thicker than mine even though mine are longer. My arms are stronger than hers, but not really much. She's small, but packed with power. We've wrestled and she can always pin me. Her greater flexibility and endurance always win. She enjoyed it, to, and though it was humiliating at first - in a bad way - that humiliation changed to pleasure when I watched her revel in her victory over me. So I guess you could say, I found myself turned on by getting beaten by her! She uses all her female advantages to the fullest and it's a real turn on for both of us! My wife and I are personal trainers and even though I am bigger and stronger she can kick my ass in wrestling. Her strong biceps, thighs and round muscle butt seem to get me locked up into a submission hold every time. I admit it is a bit of a turn on and she just thinks I let her win, but as hard as I try, most of the time I just can't get out of her choke holds, scissor holds, figure fours, arm locks, grapevines and even a full nelson. During this match she rolled on top of me and made me pass out with a grapevine that immobilized my legs and a front chokehold with her strong biceps squeezing my head into her chest. I tapped out but she just flexed her butt and legs even more and tightened her muscled arms until I could no longer breath and passed out."


Tracy, the female wrestler, says: "My husband Carter and I are both in our mid-20's, and are both in fairly good shape from working out, jogging, etc. We also enjoy wrestling each other, mostly just for exercise and fun. I had taken a couple of semesters of Judo in college (about 2 years ago), and was telling my husband about it one day, thinking he would be impressed. Instead he laughed in my face and said he couldn't imagine me possibly doing Judo (I look very "girly", I guess...I have long hair, I'm tall, about 5'9", but only weigh about 135 lbs., yet I've always kept in shape and am wiry-strong, even if I don't have obvious muscles or anything.) So he was saying all this totally sexist crap and I start getting really mad but waited til he was done and then I calmly challenged him to a wrestling match. Of course he protested at first and said he didn't want to hurt me yada yada but then when I said "are you afraid of losing to a girl?" he got mad and said he would teach me a lesson & we cleared the room of furniture and after I tied my hair back in a bun we got to it. First time I kept away from him most of the match and used some well-time leg sweeps to take him down, but I didn't engage him on the floor until i saw his breath getting labored and when he was slow to get up after a few more throws (I sent him once flying over my hip and that really took the wind out of him.) When I saw he was totally winded I got down and got my legs around his torso and straightened them out until he looked like he was going to pass out...then I rolled on top and pinned his wrists behind his head and got my legs on his biceps and he was finished. I made him admit he lost to a girl before letting him up and I think he almost started crying before saying it!"