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muscle woman domination lift and carry

Update: 26.01.2018

W-502 "Muscle woman's power"

Gallery size: 340 Full HD pictures

Mixed Wrestling, 340 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Hey, guys! Have you ever underestimated a muscular woman and she beat you or have you ever engaged in a contest of strength and been beaten badly or embarrised?


Helen, the female fighter, says: "Since my early youth I've always been in sports. I like soccer, tennis, athletics especially power shopping, handball and other kinds of sports very much. As we live in a very small village it wasn't unusual for me as girl to play in the same teams as the boys of our village. So it wasn't a secret, that the fittest girl in our village always has been me. And there was no change when I grew up and became a young woman with a pretty face and very feminine curves. I although kept my mobility, my courage, my powerful legs, my self-confidence and enjoyed to be the most well-trained female of our village. I've been training really hard and heavier than ever for the last month and 4 weeks ago I started taking some amazing muscle building supplements test boost elite and max nitric oxide religiously and I can't believe how much stronger I have become. I haven't told my partner that I'm taking them. The other day he walked in when I was finishing my workout and I could see his shock when he looked at me. I am only 4 weeks into the supplements and my muscles are so much bigger and harder than I ever thought could happen and I have just started really!! I can now easily lift the heaviest dumbells and curl them almost as long as I want. The supplements have really made me far stronger and my veins have become really rather huge. I was wasn't sure if I wanted to become this muscular but I find myself wanting to be bigger and really love to look at myself in the mirror. It's weird to say it but it actually makes me turned on. I have become the aggressor, wanting more and more domination actually forcing myself on my partner and pretty much for lack of a better word subduing him".


Keith, the male fighter, says: "The words whimp or weak never enter my mind when I am being controlled in a firm head scissors. What does enter my mind is "damn. This feels good" Those who discount a woman's ability to win must be those who have never tried it out of fear or wires about their manhood. Can real men enjoy women dominating and submitting the wrestling? Absolutely. Legs around your waist or head and arms around your head or neck and you will appreciate big muscles on a girl. Remember there will always be some girls stronger than you. I am 6'4" and 220 lbs and Helen' muscles bigger than mine. I just admire them! The combination of huge muscle power and unbelievable muscle endurance is scary! Her muscles are so big and powerful I know my bones would shatter under her strength if she will want that. Several years ago, I went to a club with a couple of friends. One of them had a 20 ys old girlfriend, Helen, who was a french exchange student. She did also become a good friend of mine and we used to have lots of fun. She was very beautiful, about 5'9" and had a beautiful body, almost like a model, long brown straight hair and pretty brown eyes and a very beautiful face. She was not very girly looking, not overdressed and wearing almost no make up. However, she knew to be well dressed. She was not working out a lot but reasonably fit and in a good shape. She had a kind of genetical strength, although not muscular. I generally like dancing in the club but that evening I just did not feel like dancing. However, the french girl tried to convince me to dance and tried to pull me on the dancefloor. It was all just funny. I offered resistance but she was really strong. I am about 5'9" and 170 lbs during that time, when I was 28 years old. I am rather coach potatoe not working out a lot and not in the best shape. Neither short nor slim but I have somewhat vulnerable knees which cabs can easily dislocate. This might happen if I make too hectic movements or someone kicks at my legs. So I have to be cautious. Due to this fact I do not have much stability when I stand in an open field and do not have a great momentum. Thus, I cannot use all my strength and weight while pulling because I could risk to hurt one of my knees. Thus, in our funny battle the young french girl did clearly dominate and within a few seconds she managed to pull me onto the dancefloor. It had not so much to do with strength, but in contrary to me she could use all her power and momentum to pull me. I could not resist at all... She was just too much and easily overpowered me. While resisting I even realised that my one knee started hurting and moving so that it could have happened that it dislocates. That is why I finally had to give up... However, I somehow enjoyed to be overpowered by her. It also made feel a bit uncomfortable, of course. I imagined what she could have done to me in this funny contest. My knees where already endangered and if she had started kicking me with her long healthy legs at the same time I would have been in serious trouble and could have been seriously injured because one of my kneecabs would have probably been dislocated. I realized that it would have only been a joke for this young beauty to seriously beat me up if she had wanted. And once it happens during our paired gymnastics workout! She had decided to turn violent against me the 20ys old beauty turned our gym routine into mixed wrestling match, it was the nightmare of my life! I was embaressed the first time I could not escape from Helen's head scissors not because she was stinger than me but rather because I got so hard when she did it. It took me some time to just enjoy the sexual turn on. The stimulation is nothin I chose. It just is. Helen and I discussed this and happily shw thought it was great becaus she really enjoys being able to submit me or just control my movements and that turns her on. Something we both enjoy that turns us both on musts adds another dimension to our gymnastic workouts. She loves for me to do a bit of muscle worship right after our workouts and I love it. I used to think that she would be tired and gassed after a workout and I might fare better in our regular wrestling matches. Wrong assumption. I do enjoy wrestling her more right after she works out as she is in the mood to show off her muscles. I also love to wrestle her when she is already sweaty and hot. There is something quite sensual about being trapped beteen a pair of pumped up muscular thighs. She lobes to pulse her thigh muscles in these holds so both she and I can watch the muscles pop and I can feel them flex. You figure me out yet? I love being controlled by rock hard muscles!"

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