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Update: 22.06.2018

F-523 "Tamako vs Craig"

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World light weight championship

Tonight the CFNM fight league presents a World title fight!! It will feature The World Lightweight Champion, Craig Brewin from Ireland vs. Tamako Yamada from Japan. At the moment Tamako is ranked the number 1 contender.  She is currently undefeated and will be making her first challenge for the title. 


Craig the current champion will be making his 12th title defense. He too in undefeated. Most of the “in the know” pundits have picked the Champion to win a hard fought victory over Tamako. As with all Championship fights it will be a three, ten minute round fight. As seen at the weigh in both young fighters are in incredible shape. Craig weighted in at 124lb. His opponent Tamako weighted in at 122 lbs. Both were under the 125lb weight limit. 

In his dressing room Craig is getting ready. He removes his cloths, then pulls on his dark green boots. They are lace up and fit tight to his calf. Next he pulls on dark green fighting gloves. They are very flexible and have no fingers. Finally he wraps the World Title Belt around his waist and buckles it on. They are only a few seconds before fight time.

In another dressing room the challenger is also getting ready. Tamako Yamada is the number one challenger for the title. Tonight she will be making her first effort to win that title. She begin by removing her street cloths, top, bra, jeans panties and shoes. She pulls on shiny black pantyhose. She follows that with  skintight thong cut leotard. Her leotard is white with a large red circle on it. White with the red circle is the colors of the Japanese flag. She also laces up shiny white boots. Tamako is now ready to fight. 

To say that the crowd is excited would be a vast understatement. The Champion Craig Brewin is wildly popular both in his native Ireland as well as in his adopted country the USA. Many of the fans are holding both the Irish flag and the American flag. There are however no Japanese flags in the crowd. 

Tamako enters the cage first, there is some polite applause as she does. She heads to her side of the cage to await the arrival of the Champion. The fact that he is now on his way to the cage is very clear. The crowd has gotten to its feet and are cheering wildly. 

Craig enters the cage and goes to his side. The announcer begins:


The partisan crowd goes wild as Craig is introduced. He raises his arms over his head, making a fist and shaking them at the fans. He points to the World title belt around his waist and again they cheer. The crowd gets a little quitter as the instructions are given. After that both fighters return to their sides of the cage. 


Craig removes his title belt and hands it over the cage. Several seconds later the bell sounds BONG!!! The fight is on. Both fighters come toward each other hands up and arms tucked in tight. As they get close Tamako shoots out a jab the gets between Craig’s guard and lands flush on his chin. She quickly follows that up with a hard body shot to his ribs and a right hook to his head. 

The three very quick punches have stunned the champion and he stumbles backward falling onto his back. The crowd as well as the announcers are completely taken by surprise. “He’s down, he’s down!!! The world champion has been knocked down by his Japanese opponent. For the very first time in his career Craig Brewin has been knocked down.  

Less than 3 seconds into the fight Craig Brewin the world champion is on his back in the center of the cage. The ref has moved in and has begun the count. “ONE – TWO – THREE- the champion has rolled over and is on all fours. FIVE – SIX he has gotten to one knee and is looking up at the ref. “seven – eight Craig has gotten to his feet. “The Champion has gotten to his feet and seems to be OK. He is telling the ref that he wants to continue.” 

The ref steps back and tells both fighters to continue. Tamako is on the champion instantly. Having stunned and knocked him down she hopes to finish him off quickly. JAB, JAB,JAB, HOOK!!! Tamako lands three hard jabs and a left hook to his body. The champion as well as everybody in the arena has learned that Tamako can punch.
With less than a minute gone in the very first round the World Champion has been knocked down, and seems winded and a little dazed. He is holding his hands very high up in front of his face trying to protect his chin. He has his elbows tucked in tightly against his ribs. It is clear that the champion does not want to get hit again. 


Staying in his defensive stance Craig is backing away from Tamako as quickly as he can. This is a completely new tactic for him as he is always the aggressor. However in trying to defend himself he is also letting Tamako pound on him. “BAM!!! BAM!!! BAM!!! Tamako lands three hard shots. All three punches have landed on Craig’s upper arms. She seems to be trying to tire him out and lower his guard. 

For the next several minutes Tamako slams punch after punch into the champions arms and body. It seems clear the her strategy is beginning to work. The champion is breathing hard and looks very tired. With the bell for the first round just a minute away Tamako is now stalking the tiring champion. As she continues to pound on him she suddenly sees an opening. BAM!!! BAM!! BANG!!! Three very hard punches find their way to the champions body. 

The first lands on his left side. The second lands on his right and the third and by far the most powerful punch explodes into his abdomen.  The champions guard drops, and his hands grab at his stomach. His knees buckle and he drops to the mat on his knees. For the second time in the first round Craig Brewin the world champion has been knocked down by his female Japanese opponent.

The closed circuit announcers are again shocked. “A very hard body punch has again sent the champion to the mat. At this point in the fight Craig Brewin is taking a terrific beating at the hands of his female opponent. We don’t know how much longer he can take this kind of pounding.”

Again the ref is standing over Craig, “ONE – TWO – THREE – FOUR – FIVE!!!" Craig slowly regains his feet and is standing up. Before the ref can ask him if he is OK the bell ends the first round. He staggers back to his stool were his trainer is waiting for him. “What’s the matter with you? This girl is killing you. You’ve been down twice. You have to start fighting!!!"

Craig looks up into his trainers eyes, “I know, I know. I’m getting beat. She is so fast and she hits very hard. I’ve never faced anyone that hits as hard as she does. For every punch I land she lands three. I’m scared, she’s going to knock me out!!”    

The rest period ends and the bell for round two rings. BONG!!! Tamako is quickly off her stool and moving toward Craig. As for the champion, he needs to be lifted up by his trainer and pushed toward the center of the cage. Tamako instantly begins to throw punches. Craig just as quickly covers up and backs away from her. 
It looks as though the champions tactic is to stay covered and not get hit. As he continues to back away from his Japanese opponent however, she continues to punch him almost at will. Instead of looking for one big punch Tamako seems content to pound away at Craig’s arms and exposed body. 


BANG!!! BANG!!! BANG!!! BANG!!!! Four hard punches slam into the champion’s arms. Tamako drives him back against the metal cage. She now has the champion trapped, unable to back up any farther and unable to punch his way free. BANG!!! BANG!!! BANG!!!! All three punches smash into Craig’s right arm. The punches have made his arm cramp up and it slowly drops down from his face. BOOM!!!! Tamako lands a crushing punch to Craig’s face. 

Instantly both his arms drop to his sides and he slumps to the mat. He is held up with his back against the cage his legs off to the side and his gloved hands in his lap. From the ringside table the two announcers describe the action.

"OH – OH, the champion has just taken a huge shoot from Tamako!! His arms have dropped and he is on his way to the mat. 

“This may be the end of Craig Brewin as a world champion. His eyes are glazed over and there is now a trickle of blood from his nose."

The ref is on her knees beside Craig and is talking to him. He seems to understand her as he is nodding his head. 

The ref has gotten to her feet and has begun to count over Craig. He has grabbed onto the cage fencing and is pulling himself up. Again from the announcers table. “Craig has begun to pull himself up. It remains to be seen if he can beat the ten count.” 

Beat the count he does!! The ref asks him if he wants to continue the fight. He quickly nods his head yes. At this point in the fight it is obvious that Craig Brewin has taken a tremendous beating. He has been down three times in only a round and a half. But still displaying the heart of a true champion, he wants to fight on.

As for his female opponent she seems to be in complete control of this fight. She is unmarked and has not been down or even hurt thus far. Also she seems not to be even tired after all the punches she has thrown.  

“The champion has gotten to his feet and has signaled his willingness to continue the fight. He has a small trickle of blood coming from his nose and it looks to be broken. Up to this point in the fight 19yr old Tamako Yamada has battered the 32 yr old champion very badly. The only way he can retain his title is to knock young Tamako out!!!” 

The ref signals both fighters to continues. Craig remains with his back against the metal cage. He holds his arms up high and in tightly to his body. It is almost as if he is inviting his teenaged opponent to have at him. If that is the case Tamako is only too happy to oblige him. 

BAM!!! BAM!!! BAM!!! punch after punch slams into Craig. Tamako, who seems still full of energy and is now raining punches down on Craig. She seems very content to pound away on him keeping his trapped against the metal cage. 

BONG!! The bell ends the second round. Tamako turns away from her opponent and heads to her stool. As for Craig his arms drop to his sides and he takes several steps before he slumps to the mat. Craig Brewin lies face down on the mat as his trainer races to him. After a few seconds the trainer is able to get Craig back on his feet and on his stool. 

Sitting on his stool Craig’s arms dangle at his sides. He seems to be just barely conscious. Working on him furiously his trainer tries to revive the battered and dazed champion. The ref comes to Craig and takes a long look at him. It seems as though she will let the fight continue. With the third and final round coming up this is Craig Brewin’s last chance to save his title.

The bell sounds and the two fighters meet in the middle of the cage and touch gloves. They take a step back and begin. This round starts much like the last one. Tamako quickly begins to pound away on the champion. He has his guard up as high as he can and his elbows tucked in tight. He has begun the round back up and moving away from his teenaged opponent. His movements are slow and shaky. 

At about the two minute mark of the third round Tamako moves in close to the dazed and battered champion. She now has no fear of him or his punching power. Everyone in the arena sees that the fight and power of the champion has seeped away. His only hope is one powerful punch, and that hope is fading fast. 

After landing several hard jabs, Tamako has Craig breathing deeply and backing away from her. His face is contorted  in pain and everyone can see that each time Tamako lands a punch Craig grimaces in pain. His once handsome face is now a picture of both pain and fear. 

With about two minutes of round three gone Tamako catches the champion in the center of the cage. She lands a straight right hand to the top of Craig’s head. The punch snaps his head back and stuns him. He seems to freeze for just a second. His hands come away from his face and his arms come away from his body. Tamako has the opening she has been waiting for. 

Her first punch is another straight right hand, this landing flush on Craig’s face. The champion’s mouth opens as if to scream and he has a look of terrible pain. Her second punch is a hard left hand to his ribs. The air rushes out of the champion’s lungs and he grabs at his middle. 

Doubled over with his hands hold his belly. Tamako lands a vicious right upper cut to Craig’s chin. His arms fly out from his shoulders his legs buckle and the world lightweight champion topples over onto his back. Almost everyone at cage side believes that the champion is unconscious before he hits the mat. 

Those at the announcers table are almost shouting into their microphones. "HE’S DOWN AGAIN!!! THE WORLD CHAMPION IS DOWN AGAIN!! HE IS ON HIS BACK STRETCHED OUT ON THE MAT.” 


As the commentators have been going on the ref has moved in on the downed champion. She quickly begins to count “ONE – TWO – THREE – FOUR – FIVE – SIX – SEVEN – EIGHT – NINE – TEN YOU’RE OUT!!!!"  The ref kneels beside the defeated former champion. 


Battered, beaten and now knocked out Craig lies on the mat in the center of the cage on his back!!! His arms are stretched out to his sides and his legs are apart. There is no movement from the former champion. His trainer is kneeling beside him checking him over and trying to revive him. 

Just to the left of were Craig in lying the ref is presenting the world title belt to Tamako. The young female fighter takes the belt and wraps it around her middle and buckles it tight. She raises her arms over her head as she walks around the cage. 

After this she comes to were the former champion is still lying on the mat. As she stands over him she bows deeply in a show of respect. Finally showing some signs of life, the ref and the trainer lift Craig off the mat, With his arms draped across their shoulders they help the beaten fighter out of the cage. 

Everyone wonders if he will ever fight again and will he try to regain his title. 

As to if Craig fights again. Please let us know if you would like to see a second fight between these two fighter and also what would you like to see. Send in your votes.