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Update: 10.12.2021

W-706 "New league, old wrestlers"

Gallery size: 350 Full HD pictures

M/M and mixed wrestling, 350 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Just when you think you have seen everything, Here comes something new. In this case it is a new wrestling league. And not just an ordinary league. It is for older "senior" type wrestlers. Ages run high and the minimum age is 55 years old. There is no maximum as long as the wrestler is in good shape. Tonight will be the first public event of the new league. There are five matches on the card, it will feature both men and women wrestling against each other. 

Our first match would have filled any arena in the country 10 or 15 years ago. It features. Nick Delgado, the former world champion from the 1970’s taking on The Masked destroyer. The Destroyer, was also a world Champion several years after Delgado. Nick is now 61 years old and The Destroyer is 60, both men were hugely popular with the fans. 

Both men are now in their dressing rooms. Nick Delgado slips off his street cloths and reaches into his gear bag. Nick is very happy to be back in the arena and is ecstatic to be heading back into the ring. He pulls on a very shiny black thong, he then slips into his boots, they too are very shiny and black. 

Across the hall the Destroyer is also getting ready to wrestle. Already out of his street cloths he wiggles in the sheer white tights. His tights are so sheer that they are almost see thru. He then laces on shiny white boots and last pulls his white mask over his head and zips it on tightly. Both men are ready to do battle. 

And battle they do. From the opening bell it is a back and forth fight of champions. Delgado starts very quickly, taking the battle to the Destroyer. Delgado has taken the Destroyer to the mat and is working over his legs. The Destroyers screams of pain fill the arena. "Oh god Nick, you’re breaking my legs. Please Nicky please, my legs, my legs!!!" Nick has no pity for the 60 yr old wrestler. Moving from one leg to the other, Nick is wreaking his opponent. 

Just as quickly as it seems the Nick is in control, the Destroyer is able to kick out and get to his feet. Breathing deeply the former champion is able go on the attack. Getting in behind Nick, Destroyer is able to reach across the front of Delgado’s face and lock on a DRAGON NECK BREAKER. Quickly, Nick’s back is bent and he is stretched over backward. As the Destroyer applies the pressure Nick is slowly forced to his knees. My neck, my neck!!!! You’re twisting me neck!!! Just as Nick had no sympathy for the Destroyer , he now shows Nick the same.   

It takes Nick several minutes to escape the hold. The former champions battle back and forth. One minute it’s Nick in command and the very next moment it is the Destroyer. Both men suffer much pain. Both give and take much punishment. Legs and arms are twisted and bent. The same goes for their arms as well. Hold for hold these two great Worriers fight back and forth. 

As the battle rages, it slowly becomes clear that the once great World Champion Nick Delgado is tiring. The Destroyer has noticed it also. Displaying amazing power for a man his age, The Destroyer lifts Nick off the mat and high over his head. He then slams the former champion down to the mat. The BODY SLAM drains Nick of most of his remaining strength. 

The once proud former champion lies on the mat, legs wide apart, arms out to his sides. His face is a mask of pain, with his eyes open but not seeing. His mouth open gasping for air. The Destroyer stands over his opponent looking down on him. He then lifts one of Nick’s shiny black boots off the mat and rolls him face down. 

Now having his once powerful opponent lying at his feet, the Destroyer steps on the back of Nick’s thighs and lock his boots around his own. He reaches forward grabbing Both of Nicks arms, pulling the up behind his. With a slow rocking motion The Destroyer pulls Nick up off the mat and over, locking on the most painful hold in all of wrestling, The Mexican Ceiling Hold. 

Nick Almost instantly begins to scream very loudly in pain. "He’s got me!!! Dear god he’s got me!!! My back, my back!!!!" Several things happen very quickly, one is that Nicky swiftly get a huge DEFEAT BONER inside his thong. Second is the ref asks the former champion if he’s had enough and does he want to surrender the match to The Destroyer. "How about it Nicky, is that it? Are you all done? Do you want to submit the match? As quickly as he can Nick nods his head and agrees.


The bell rings ending the very first match for the new league. The Destroyer drops Nick to the mat and gets to his feet. The entire crowd is on their feet cheering both men. The Destroyer raises his arms in victory. As for Nick, he remains on the mat stretched out, defeated. This by the way is only the second defeat in his entire career.

The announcer begins:

"Wrestling fans, in the time of 18 minutes and twelve seconds. The winner of the match by MEXICAN CEILLING HOLD. Submission, defeating the former world champion. 61 yr old Nick Delgado is 60 yr old The DESTROYER!!!!!" 

It takes almost 10 minutes for the beaten former champion to get to his feet. As he lays on the mat several of the other wrestlers on tonight’s card come to the ring to assist Nick. Among them are both wrestlers appearing in the next match. 59 yr old Janice Archer will be wrestling 56 yr old Randy Cartwright. With both wrestler already in their gear everyone is just waiting for Nick Delgado to get to his feet and exit the ring. As he finally does get to his feet and huge cheer comes from the crowd, they applaud him all the way out of the arena. 

Match number 2 is about to begin. The wrestlers are back in their corner waiting for the bell. In her corner Janice is using the ropes to stretch. Janice is wearing a light blue one piece. It is very tight and clings tightly to her body. Lucky for her she has a fantastic figure, because her leotard revels everything. She also has on dark pantyhose and light blue boots. 

Across the ring her opponent Randy is wearing a white thong and white boots. There are only seconds before the bell. BONG!!!! there it is the match is on. 59 yr old Janice races across the ring takes a flying leap and plants the bottoms of both her wrestling boots on the chest of Randy Cartwright. Randy’s eyes open wide in shock. He reaches up with one hand grabbing at his throat, it looks as though he is gasping for air. 

A second later, Randy’s knees buckle and he drops to the mat. On his knees Randy has one hand grasping his throat and the other hand holding tightly to the bottom rope. That lasts only another second, when Randy drops face first to the mat. Almost everyone in the arena believes that Randy has been knocked out by the flying drop kick. 

Janice is taking no chances. She grabs Randy’s boots and drags him to the middle of the ring. Holding on to his boots she flips him face up. He makes no effort to fight her off. She very quickly wraps one of his boots around hers. She spins around pulling his other boot out straight.

At 36 seconds of the match 59 yr old Janice Archer has 56nyr old Randy Cartwright locked into a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. For just a second or two Randy does not react to the figure four. Then suddenly his senses kick in and he realizes he is trapped. The pain is instantaneous. OOOOOOOUUU!!! My legs my legs!!!!" He does not even wait for the ref to ask he instantly surrenders to Janice. 

"I GIVE UP!!!! I GIVE UP!!!!! SHE WINS, SHE’S BEATEN ME!!!! LET ME GO!!!! LET ME GO!!!! OH, PLEASE PLEASE!!!! LET ME GO!!! I SUBMIT!!!! I’VE HAD ENOUGH!!! I SUBMIT!!!!!! That’s it the match is over and Randy has been defeated. 

The announcer begins:

"Wrestling fans in the stunning time of just 36 seconds. The winner of this match with a FIGURE FOUR submission. Defeating 56 yr old Randy Cartwright is 59 yr old Janice Archer!!" 

The third match of the night is very interesting. It features the two oldest wrestlers in the league. They are 65 yr old Dean Atkinson vs. 65 Marlene Atkinson. This is a husband vs. wife match. The Atkinson’ have been married for over 36 years and this will be the very first time facing each other in the ring.  

In a strange arrangement both wrestlers will share the same dressing room. Marlene starts first. After almost 30 minutes of putting on her make-up, Marlene removes her street cloths. As she stands there nude, she is very pleased to see he husband of 36 yrs looking at her, still taking an interest. She grabs a pair of very shiny tan pantyhose and wiggles into them. Once again she sees Dean staring at her. 

Noticing him she asks, "Is every all right Dean?" He is very quick to answer her, "Oh yes my love, everything is just fine. You still have the greatest legs in wrestling" She then makes a show of pulling up and smoothing out her pantyhose. Dean is then also out of his street cloths. He stretches and wiggles into light tan tights. 

"Oh, Dean your still so large!!! My god you are all man. No matter what happens I will always love you!!!!" Dean grabs his wife and kisses her, "Yes my love, no matter what, I will still love you!!!" Marlene pulls on her her shiny green leotard on over her shiny pantyhose. Then they booth step into their wrestling boots and lace them up. Dean in his tan boots and Marlene in her shiny green boots. A minute or two later they are called to the ring for their match. 

The crowd gives both husband and wife a loud welcome, as the two wrestler go to their corners. After some instructions and the introductions both are back in their corners. Both Marlene and Dean take the last few seconds before the match starts to fix their wrestling gear one last time. Marlene pulls up her pantyhose and adjusts her leotard. Dean pulls up his tight and adjusts is manhood in them. 

BONG!!!! The bell sends both husband and wife out of their corners and at each other. It’s Dean that makes the first move. Slipping in behind Marlene, he grabs her arm and bends it up into a HAMMER LOCK. Instantly Marlene cries out in pain, "AAAAAAHH!!! OOOOOOHHH!!!" and begins to paw at her shoulder. Even though he loves her, Dean is using the same strength he would have used on a man. Marlene now knows she is in a fight to the finish, no mercy shown. 

After a minute or so, Dean grabs Marlene’s lower leg and pulls up on it. This sends her falling forward face down on the mat. For just a second she is dazed by her fall. Instantly Dean continues his attack. Grabbing one of her boots he bends her leg at the knee. He then takes her other boot and folds it forward. 

Sitting on her boots Dean has his wife trapped in a painful leg hold. Not satisfied he reaches forward and cups his hands under Marlene’s chin and pulls back hard. Marlene is now in big trouble. Both her legs are trapped and now her her back and neck is being tortured painfully. For the second time in the match, Marlene is subject to the power of a male wrestler. 

"OOOOOOOOO!!!! MY BACK!!!! Oh god my back!!!! With her arms free she uses them as the only defense she has. She claws at the mat pulling herself to the ropes. Slow and agonizingly she inches her way closer and closer. Finally after several minutes she is able to grab the bottom rope forcing the hold to be broken. 

Marlene is slow getting to her feet. She needs the help of the ropes to get up. On her feet she remains holding tightly to the top rope, as she holds her back with her free hand. As for Dean, it seems as though he is giving Marlene far more time to recover than he would give any other opponent. The ref sees what is happening and tells both, "Come on you two, it’s time to wrestle. Don’t make me disqualify the both of you!!" They each nod their understanding. 

Dean moves in on Marlene and pulls her off the ropes. Twisting her arm he whips her across the ring and into the ropes. She is instantly shot back toward him. As she nears him, Dean drives his knee into his wife’s mid section. For the next several minutes Dean applies several very painful holds on Marlene. He works her arms, legs and her body. Almost everyone in the arena thinks that Den is only a few seconds from defeating his wife. 

After a powerful whip, Marlene is now in a corner with her arms over the top rope. From across the ring Dean is preparing to finish her off. Running as fast as he can Dean charges at his wife. As he lowers his shoulder to drive it into her mid-section Marlene lifts her legs off the mat. With her legs coiled like two powerful springs, Marlene is waiting for him. 

Suddenly it happens, her left boots crashes into his right shoulder. As it does, Marlene’s her right boot slams into the tip of her chin. Dean is thunder struck as if a bolt of lightning has run thru his body. He instantly topples over face down landing with his head between his wife’s pantyhosed covered legs. 

Marlene now quite clearly has reversed the momentum of the match. She begins to take advantage of the shift. Lifting both of her husband’s tan boots off the mat she drags him to the center of the ring. Now it’s her turn to inflict the punishment. For the next five minutes Dean is battered around the ring. He is pulled to his feet and has his arms bent and twisted. He is lifted off the mat over his wife’s head and powerfully slammed back down. 

After taking a brutal battening from his wife of 36 years Dean is on his back stretched out on the mat. He is making no effort to get to his feet. Marlene once again grabs his boots and she begins to work over Dean’s legs More than just the momentum has changed. It does not take very long for all the wrestling fans in the arena to notice. Dean has an enormous DEFEAT BONER in his tights. 

Marlene then flips her husband over, face down on the mat. Dean offers no resistance to her. Stepping over him, Marlene drops down onto his back. Grabbing his arms she hooks them over her nylon covered thighs. She then cups her hands under his chin. Pulling up and back as hard as she can, Marlene traps her husband in a COBRA CLUTCH.   

Dean’s face shows the enormous pain he is in. It seems to him to be more pain than he has ever felt in the ring before. Dean’s neck is bent back as far as it will go and has him screaming in pain, "My neck, oh god Marlene my neck!!!! You’re going to snap my neck!!! Oh god you’re hurting me!!!! Dean can’t believe his wife, the women he loves is doing this to him. He also knows that if he cannot stop her soon he will lose the match. 

Sadly for Dean the pounding he has taken from Marlene has weakened him to the point where he has very little strength left. After holding him in the COBRA CLUTCH for several minutes, Marlene has drained away almost all of her husband’s remaining strength. 

Grabbing Dean by his arm and hair, Marlene pulls the exhausted male wrestler to his feet. Dean is wobbly and needs Marlene to hold him up. His knees begin to buckle and she must pull him back up to his feet. Both wrestlers having had long and successful careers now how this is going to end. Dean is completely spent, his energy sapped and drained away. Marlene still have the upper hand is now in total control. 

Holding Dean up, Marlene drapes her right arm a cross Dean neck, just under his chin. She knows that her husband of 36 years is too weak to fight her off. Wrapping her arm around his his head she bends it back as hard as she can. Marlene is now holding her husband, Dean in a DRAGON NECK BREAKER. Dean’s neck and back are arched over as Marlene puts pressure on her husband. 

Dean is very quickly overcome by the pain in his neck and back. "Let me go, please Marlene let me go!!!!! Pin me, please just pin me. I’ve had enough!!!!" Dean is very sharply arched. His neck is bent back and so is his back. Everyone in the arena can see that he is in big trouble. His manhood is stretched very tightly against his tan tights. Dean has an enormous DEFEAT BONER rising up in his tights. 

After just a minute or so Dean has had enough!! "PLEASE PLEASE, Marlene let me go!!! I’m finished, beaten me!!!!" Marlene knows that her husband can take no more. He has no choice but to surrender to her. Marlene asks the ref, "Ask him ref, ask him!!! Ask him if he submits to me, have I defeated him or not?!!!   

The ref is already very sure of Dean’s answer. She knows that he has been defeated by his wife. 

"Is that it Dean, do you want to surrender to Marlene? Have you had enough? Are you read to give up?" 

Dean helplessly trapped in the DRAGAN NECK BREAKER has no choice. With his tights stretched to their limit by his DEFEAT BONER he knows that he has been beaten by his wife. 


The ref quickly moves in to protect the beaten male wrestler. "That’s it Marlene it’s over the match is over. You’ve won, you’ve beaten you’re husband. Dean has given up!!!" 

Marlene as gently as she can Marlene lowers her defeated husband to the mat. Dean is now stretched out on the mat unmoving. Although he is conscious Dean can neither move or get to his feet. He has been completely drained of energy. The announcer begins 

"Wrestling fans, in the time of 12 minutes And 17 seconds the winner of this match With a DRAGON NECK BREKER DEFEATING HER HUSBAND 65 YR OLD DEAN ATKINSON. HIS WIFE, 65 YR OLD MARLENE ATKINSON!!!!!"

The next two matches are very good, but never reach the level of excitement of the Husband vs. wife match. As soon as the match was over, the fans began to text and e-mail demanding a rematch. Hopefully it will happen soon. 

As for the wrestlers in the ring. Dean is down on the4 mat on his back. Marlene is kneeling beside her battered husband. "Oh Dean I’m so sorry honey. Are you Ok? I didn’t hurt you too badly did I?" Dean is just barely able to speak. "Marlene, Marlene, you beat me!!! You really beat me!! You made me submit, I haven’t been make to submit since very early in my career. How could you do this to me? How could you defeat me so easily?" 

Still kneeling beside her husband Marlene tells Dean "Lets no worry about that now honey. We need to get you to your feet and out of the ring." Marlene is able to get dean to his feet. The crowd cheers as he does. Dean gives them a wave and slowly hobbles out of the ring and back to their dressing room. Marlene helps Dean onto the training table and gets him stretched out. "Ok, Dean let me help you get your gear off." Dean is reluctant to do so. "No-No, don’t take my gear off!!! Just let me lie hear. It hurts too much!!! My god, Marlene you really hurt me bad. My neck and my back hurt very bad." At this point all of the emotion of losing the match and having to submit to his wife comes pouring out of Dean. His hands cover his face as tears pour down his cheeks. Lying there on the table Dean still has a huge DEFEAT BONER. His sobbing words are full of sadness.

"You crushed me Marlene, you crushed me!! You forced me to submit!!! In front of a full arena you forced me to submit to you!!!!" 

It takes Dean almost 10 minutes to regain his composure. Only then can Marlene help the husband she defeat remove his wrestling gear. first his tan boots. Then his tan tights. Marlene takes great care as she lifts his tights over his boner. She stops for a second or two with his tights at his knees. Then pulls them off. All Dean is left with is the DEFEAT BONER, given to him by his wife.

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