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mixed wrestling woman throws man out of ring

Update: 08.10.2021

W-697 "Crushed by Russian bear"

Gallery size: 250 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 250 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Tonight is a very big night in Vladivostok Russia. Tonight the Russian Bear, the best young wrestler in all of Russia will be wrestling for the world Heavy Weight championship. Her name is Irina Petrova, she is 22 yrs old, she is over 6 feet tall. She weighs 203 pounds. She has blond hair and the most angelic you have ever seen. She is however a destroyer in the ring. She is undefeated and almost unchallenged. 

Tonight she will be facing the World Wrestling Champion. Tony Angelino is 25 yrs old and has been the champion for 2 years. He is 5 ft 11 inches tall. He weighs 187 pounds. He has dark hair and is extremely handsome. Most say that he had not been a wrestler, he would be a movie star.

In her dressing room the Russian star, Irina is getting ready. She removes her normal cloths and grabs her gear. She slowly wiggles into her leotard. It is extremely tight, and it revels EVERYTHING!! It is thong cut and bright red in color. The stretchy fabric clings to every bump and curve and crevasse. She laces up bright red boots. 

Across the hall her opponent is also getting ready. The extremely handsome 25 yr old reaches into his gear bag. He pulls out his very shiny white thong and wiggles into it. He laces on white boots, then wraps the world title belt around his waist. He is ready to head to the ring. 

With Irina already in the ring, Tony makes his way there. The champion climbs the steps an steps between the ropes. As he looks across the ring he is both stunned and frightened. He can’t believe how powerful his opponent looks. Her arms are huge, her legs are huge. Her shoulders are heavily muscled. She has a stunning beautiful face and a enormously powerful body. 

With all the formalities over, both wrestlers return to their corners. Tony quickly pulls adjusts his thong and removes the world title belt. Across the ring Irina has her hands on her hips and is just staring at the world champion. 

As the bell rings both wrestlers move toward each other. As they get close, Tony very quickly goes on the attack. He lands three very hard forearms on Irina’s chest. They do nothing to the Russian wrestler. Irina’s return forearm however devastates the champion. Irina throws her forearm landing it in the center of the champions chest. 

As it impacts his chest, Tony is lifted off his feet and is throne almost half way across the ring. The world champion lands on his back close to the ropes. He is dazed and seems to be in pain. His face is contorted into a look of both pain and fear. Slowly he tries to get to his feet. It is a difficult struggle for him. He needs to grab the ropes to pull himself up. 

Although he is standing, he is still in trouble. He is clutching at his chest with both hands. He is also gasping for breath. From the looks of him, it seems as though he is having a heart attack. Irina wastes no time getting to her opponent. He is quickly grabbed by the powerful Russian female wrestler. She lifts the world champion off his feet and holds him, face up above her head. Keeping him aloft for several seconds, she then tosses him across the ring almost to the other side landing on his back. Tony is stunned by the toss across the ring. Landing on his back, he remains stretched out on the mat. 

The powerful Russian is after him instantly. Reaching down Irina grabs one of Toney’s shiny white boots. Using just one of her arms, she lifts him off the mat and high into the air. All of his weight is now suspended from his single leg. He is instantly in pain and crying out. "My leg, my leg!!!! You’re going to tear my leg out!!!Put me down!!! Please put me down!!!" 

The Russian continues to hold the world champion high in the air. She holds him up for almost 2 minutes. All the while he is screaming in pain. "OOOOOOHHHH!!! OOOOOOUUU!!! My leg, oh god my leg!!!! Tony twists and turns trying to escape from her. She is just too strong for him. She is almost too strong for anyone. Irina again tosses the world champion across the ring. He lands in the ropes and gets tangled up in them. He winds up, hanging upside down from the top rope. Tony struggles for a few seconds but can’t seem to get himself free. 

Irina solves his problem for him when she grabs him by the shoulders and rips him from the ropes. The fans at ringside are astonished as they look at the champions face. They see something they have never seen before, the world wrestling champion is terrified. The look on his face is of tremendous fear. Also something they have never seen before is the champions beginning to get a DEFEAT BONER. Inside his thong, the world champion is growing hard and stiff. 

The Russian drops the champion to the mat. He lands on his back, now the entire arena can see his rock hard BONER. The terrified male wrestler can do nothing to hide it. Irena comes to where Tony is lying on the mat. She grabs a handful of his hair and pulls him to his feet. Standing behind him she wraps her arms around his middle. She grabs her wrist with her hand and begins to squeeze. 

The world champion’s eyes open wide and look as though they may pop out of his head. He begins to pound wildly on Irena’s hands trying to escape. It’s no use, she has him locked up tight. As her doubled fists press into his belly Tony begins to scream in pain. "My AB’S, my AB’S she’s crushing me!!! Oh god it hurts!!! OH no, oh no!!! OOOOOOO!! AAAAAAA!! OH DEAR god, you’re hurting me!!!!!" 

The World Champion is in desperate shape. The Russian female is squeezing him very tightly. It looks as though he can’t take much more punishment from her. The ref seems worried about him. She does not want him to take undue punishment. "How about it Champ? Are you ready to call it? Do you want to submit? Has she beaten you?" Having the fighting spirit of a champion he says, "no I won’t give up". 

His display of courage angers the giant Russian wrestler. She releases Tony and he drops to his knees. He does not have long to rest or recover. Irina reaches down grabbing the Champ by his arm and twists it into a HAMMER LOCK Using the arm she lifts him off the mat and into the air. Tony is now held over her head by his arm. For the second time the World Champion cries out from the pain. "Oh dear god, my arm!!!! She’s going to break my arm!!!!! Please, Irina oh please put me down!!!! My arm and my shoulder!!!! PLEASE, put me down!!!" 

Much to the champion’s surprise as well as everyone else’s Irina does just that. She lowers the champion to the mat. Even though he is standing his legs wobble and he almost topples over. Trina solves his problem by grabbing his other arm and again lifting him off the mat. Again, she demonstrates enormous, almost inhuman strength.

Again the world wrestling champion is high in the air, hanging from his other arm. "Not again, dear god not again!!! She’s going to dislocate my shoulder!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE put me down!!!!!" Tony is in very bad shape. Now both arms are almost useless. After another 20 or 30 seconds Irina has put the champion back on the mat. 

It’s very clear to everyone at ringside that Tony is almost finished. His arms hand uselessly at his sides. He is in condition to defend himself. Irina drives the helpless champion into a corner with hard forearms into his chest. With his back to the turnbuckle Tony is gasping for breath. Irina is merciless in her attack. 

Using her fist she drives it into the Champ’s midsection. Tony gasps for air and grabs at his belly with both hands. A second punch lands before he can recover. This punch drops the Champion to his knees. Still holding tightly to his belly, the Champ looks up at his female opponent is fear and pain. His face displays both as he look at her. 

Irina shows no pity for the World Champion. She grabs him by the neck and pulls him up. Holding him with her left hand, she drives her right hand into his stomach one-two-three times. His head sags forward and he appears to be unconscious. Irina pulls him out of the corner and to the center of the ring. Jamming her arm between his legs she lifts him off the mat, then slams him down hard. 

The champion lies stretched out on the mat unmoving. His arms, still useless from the holds lie at his sides. His legs a split slightly apart. Inside his shiny white thong, his manhood is stiff and hard as as steel. That the World Champion has a huge defeat boner is clear to everyone in the arena. 

With an evil smile on her face, Irina kneels beside the champion. In a show of disrespect for him, Irina slaps his boner. The Champions body twitches as she does. Now comes the finish, she has decided to end his reign as World Champion. Raising her right arm over her head she forms it into a claw. Instantly she drops it, slamming it into Tony’s already painful belly. As she does she squeezes it as tightly as she can. Irina has the Champion locked into an AB CLAW. 

Instantly the terrified male wrestler screams in pain. "AAAAAAAAOOO!!!! She’s tearing me apart!!! My AB’s my AB’s. She’s going to rip my AB’s out!!!!! Oh god help me!!!! Please someone help me !!!!!! With that the ref comes to his side. "Is that it Champ? You want to surrender to her? Has she got you. Are you all done?" It only takes the World Champion a second to answer as he instantly surrenders to his Russian female opponent. 

"YES-YES, SHE’S GOT ME!!! I’M DONE!!! She’s defeated me!!! I surrender to her!!!! Please Please, get her off me!!!! I Give up!!! I Give up!!! I can’t take any more!!!! I submit, she wins I submit."

That’s it the 25 year old extremely handsome male Champion has admitted defeat and surrendered the World Wrestling Championship. Irina now stands over him as he lies on the mat. 

The Russian fans are going wild. They begin to chant "IRINA-IRINA-IRINA" over and over. She raises her arms over her head smiling at the fans. In an act meant to humiliate the now former World Champion, she places her boot directly in the center of his chest. Not only that, but she puts her weight on it holding him to the mat. With her weight on his chest the beaten male wrestler can’t get up or leave the ring. 

"Irina please let me up!!! I can’t breathe, your crushing my chest!!! Please please let me go!!! I’m begging you!!!! Let me go, I’ve given up. You’ve defeated me!!! Please let me go!!!  The Russian fans are cheering wildly for their new World Champion. 

The now former champion is squirming on the mat trying to escape from his female opponent. It’s then that Irina reaches down and grabs Tony’s shiny white thong and pulls it down his thighs, below his knees and over his boots. He is now on his back struggling to free himself wearing just his shiny white boots. Irina holds his thong high over her head further humiliating her male opponent. All Tony can do now is lie there and take it, on his back with his manhood standing up straight, stiff and rock hard.

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